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Thousands across nation using Ohio
man's sure-fire way to get rich

Are you an 8-hour-a-day working person?  Do you have little or no 
savings in the bank?  Are you in debt with mortgage, car payments 
and charge accounts?

Do you have little experience at anything except the small 
specialty of your job?

If you've answered "yes" to all these questions, you are a prime 
candidate for a foolproof get rich system developed by a working 
man from Canton, Ohio.  His name is Steve Bremmer and he was in 
your exact same position not long ago.  But, he changed all that 
by inventing a get rich system designed especially for the 
working man.

How did this system come about?

You probably already know about Mr. Bremmer and his system.  Ads 
on his system and stories about Mr. Bremmer have appeared in 
nearly every major newspaper and magazine in the country. Thou-  
sands of people across the nation have purchased the system and 
the stacks of letters from satisfied customers received by Mr. 
Bremmer are overwhelming.  Mr. Bremmer did not develop his system 
overnight.  But his final, perfected version certainly does 
generate income overnight.

Mr. Bremmer's first successful system netted him $80,000 clear.

What's it like to get $80,000 almost overnight in one lump sum?

It's almost impossible to verbalize.  My wife and I just stared 
at the check for a long time.  We had a two-day celebration with 
a dinner and party.  Then I went into work and told my smug boss, 
who thought he had me under his thumb, what he could do with his 
low paying lousy job.

Next we paid off all our bills including our home mortgage and 
had a "burn the mortgage" party.  

The following day we went to an auto dealer's showroom and laid 
down cash for a new luxury car.  I never had the experience of a 
new car even as a child.

Then my wife and I went on a shopping spree for clothes.  We had 
been making do with old clothes for so long they had become worn 
out.  She always had to shop for clothes with very little money. 
 I always joked with her that "If I gave you $10,000 to spend on 
clothes could you do it in one day?"

She used to say "I could do it in a couple hours."  So that's 
what I did. I gave her $10,000 to go out and buy clothes.

It ended up taking all day and she relished every minute.

Finally, we took a long trip.  In New York I bought her a large 
diamond at Tiffany's, another thing we always dreamed about.

But I can tell you that the money was not the most important 
benefit in this.   What money really does is give you precious 
time. Time to be with your wife and children before they grow up 
before you know it and time to do things you really want to do.

Another priceless thing you gain is your self respect.  No more 
crawling and kneeling because you're dependent.  The words of 
Frank Sinatra's song 'My Way' say it all."

How much money can you make and how fast can you make it?

Mr. Bremmer averages around $200,000 for each system he produces. 
He says doing a system to make $10,000 or $20,000 is literally 
duck soup.  "I have these available to me all the time and don't 
even use them." he says.

How fast can you make money?

Mr. Bremmer stated.  "You can actually make money within hours in 
some cases.  You can compile a system in one afternoon one day 
and start having spendable money in your hands produced by the 
system the very next morning."  

Who can do it and how sure fire is it?

Mr. Bremmer says. "I've done it 14 times in a row now.  I taught 
my younger brother and brother-in-law the system and they have 
already made over $500,000 each.  All you need is the ability to 
follow simple directions, common sense, and the ability to see a 
job through to completion."

The system is also perfect for people who are confined to homes, 
such as housewives.  Mr. Bremmer named his system SuperBiz.  He 
has been selling his system to others for a year now.  

The reason?

"Why not!"  he says. "First I thought I'd have to keep it secret. 
But then I found out the system can't be saturated,  so why not 
sell it and make money by selling the system on top of the other 
money I am making using it."

People from every state in the union have purchase Mr. Bremmer's 

What do these people have to say?  Here are just a few comments:

". . . It is such an excellent product that anyone who can read 
and follow instructions can be a millionaire. . ." 

-- Allen.J.Bates.,  Peoria, IL.,

". . . This is the first time I have purchased a 'get rich'
product that I sincerely feel will work."

-- Ed S. Dawes., Albany, New York

". . . Adjectives alone cannot describe its hidden wealth.  After 
many years, much money and a bellyful of frustration, I believe I
have found an honest man, and yes; I truly mean it."

-- Tom V. MacDonald, Norridgewock, ME.

". . . I have just received your system and have taken it to 
college.  It has really lifted some eyebrows especially the 
first and last parts . . ."  

-- Fred G. Johnson

A word to the doubting Thomases.

Of course there will be those who will doubt that the system is 
for real.  Mr. Bremmer has featured this system in nearly every 
newspaper in the country and he has sold his system to thousands 
of people across the nation and in every state of the union.  

The story has been checked repeatedly by newspaper reporters and
government authorities at literally every level.    The story 
checks out. Every word he has stated about his system is true or 
he would've been out of business long ago.

You can make $100, 000 in a matter of weeks or days.  In some 
cases money starts in hours.  Here's how it works . . .

1)  You will receive Mr. Bremmer's system in the mail which con- 
tains everything you need to complete one of your own systems. 
>From anywhere, such as your kitchen table, you complete the pre- 
liminary steps.  This involves filling out provided forms and 
following provided outlines.

2)  The preliminary steps of the system are done only one time.  
After these preliminary steps,  you can do the steps for each 
individual steps anywhere,  from your home, while you are trav- 
eling.   (Mr. Bremmer does his individual systems in his motor- 
home) or from a favorite vacation spot.   Again, by following 
outlines and filling out forms, you complete your individual 
system (each of which is in two parts, Part A and Part B).

3)  After completing Part A and Part B of the System, depending 
on the type of system you do, you may either e-mail or phone in 
Parts A and B of your individual system, or you drop it in the 
mail.  In the type of systems where you e-mail or phone in Parts 
A and B, you can virtually complete a system one afternoon and 
have spendable money In your hands the very next morning.

4)  In a matter of days or weeks, depending upon which system you 
do, you can receive $100,000 for each system you do.   In some 
cases, over 80% of the money will be in your possession in less 
than a week.  Your money will either be deposited in your bank 
account or brought to you by mail to your home or your vacation 

For those who wish to purchase the  N.P.G.S.  System called 
SuperBiz, it is being distributed by mail only for the present.  
Mr. Bremmer has kept the price of the system low so those who 
most need it can afford it.

To order (1) Get a blank piece of paper;  (2)  At the top print 
the word SuperBiz;  (3)  Print your name and address;  (4)  Mail 
this along with $20.00 in cash, check or money order to:

                              Westport Publishing
                                 1320 Route 9
                             Champlain, N.Y. 12919