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1 The town of Undresk? (mind)  7 sor     (cikkei)
2 Pester Lloyd newspaper (mind)  15 sor     (cikkei)
3 Magyar (mind)  9 sor     (cikkei)
4 FYI: Hungarian Dance Workshop in Austin Texas (mind)  18 sor     (cikkei)
5 Re: Croatian Govt. Takes On Soros Destabilizations (mind)  88 sor     (cikkei)
6 Hungarian Dance Workshop in Austin: Update (mind)  1 sor     (cikkei)
7 Highly obscene web page about Nick Sandru aka Nikki San (mind)  1754 sor     (cikkei)

+ - The town of Undresk? (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

Does anyone know if a town known as UNDRESK exists in Hungary?  This
obviously could be mispelled.  I have a form stating an ancestor was
from Undresk.... Anyone have any information ??????

Brought to you by  aka DSTAR
    Nothing left to do but smile, smile, smile :) :) :)
+ - Pester Lloyd newspaper (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

Can anyone help me?

I am looking for an archive that may have copies or microfilms of the
Budapest newspaper "Pester Lloyd."  In particular I seek obituaries of
Franz Xaver Bernard Weisz who died 31 March 1888 in Budapest, and
Johann (Janos) Weisz, who died on 4 November 1900 in Temesvar.

Franz Bernard Weisz was the founder of Pester Lloyd newspaper, and
Janos Weisz was its first managing editor, so I would expect detailed
obituaries to have been published.

Thank you for helping.

Jerry Worthing

+ - Magyar (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

I understand that the word Magyar equals Hungarian, but it was also my husband'
s Great 
Grandmother's maiden name. She was from Hungary. Have you heard of it as a last

Thank You,

J. Vasko
+ - FYI: Hungarian Dance Workshop in Austin Texas (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

Fellow dancers:

Mr. Tima'r Sa'ndor, the artistic director of the Hungarian State Ensemble
is coming to Ausitn with his wife Erzse'bet.  That's right!  You have
another opportunity to have the greatest Hungarian dance teachers in the
USA.  The materials they are going to teach in Austin will be
Vajdaszentiva'nyi as the primary dance, Ra'bako:zi as the secondary dance
and one karikazo.  There will be a ta'ncha'z on Saturday night, too. 

The workshop will be held from Friday, February 7th through Tuesday, 11th. 
The fee hasn't set yet, but it will be about $50 for the entire workshop.

If you need more information, contact Yoshimi at 512-477-1282 or
>. We are looking forward to seeing you in Austin! 

Csa'rda's Hungarian Dancers
Austin, Texas USA
+ - Re: Croatian Govt. Takes On Soros Destabilizations (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

stefan lemieszewski wrote:
> Previous posts on George Soros included exposes in both the 23-page article
> titled, "The world according to Soros" written by Connie Bruck in the Jan. 23
> 1995 issue of The New Yorker and in the  Executive Intelligence Review (EIR)
> article of  Nov. 1, 1996 titled  "The Secret Financial Network Behind
> 'Wizard'  George Soros" by William Engdahl.

rapido:  I shall title this brief commentary: 

"Generalisimus Tudjman's sour grapes in EIR's dish"

General Franjo Tudjman spent his life as a general in a Yugoslav 
Communist Army -- at least 20 year of that time he has spent actually 
in Belgrade, where he was one of the highest ranking officers of 
the Yugoslav Communist Army's Counter-Intelligence Service 
(a.k.a. KOS JNA).  General Tudjman's hobby was History -- one can 
only use the word "hobby" because his historical "discoveries" and 
dissertations do not qualify to be called History (as in Science of 
History -- favorite EIR expression) but his very own personal 
ramblings that are rooted in Croatian national-chauvinism, racism, 
expansionism, genocidal scenarios and his own quasi-scientific 
historical alchemy [Note: Tudjman's major thesis was that
Bosnian State "never existed", that Bosnian nation "never existed" 
and that the Republic of Bosnia-Herzegovina must be torn apart and 
two "pieces" must be taken by Greater Serbia and Greater Croatia 
genocidal and expansionist projects. As Voltaire once stated:
"If one believes in absurdities, one shall commit atrocities"
-- and that, ladies and gentlemen, could be a motto of the
entire career of "General Tudjman - the historian"] 

So, as his Ph.D. dealt with the morbid plan of extermination
of the Bosnian nation and as his entire career prepared him
to do EXACTLY THAT -- Tudjman was chosen by the Yugoslav
Communist apparatus, both on the Serbian (Milosevic) and Croatian 
side, to execute that genocidal project during the 1990's.  Even 
the birds on the trees (whatever is left of them) in Bosnia know 
that. Oh, last but definitely not the least, Tudjman's plan
was approved by his international sponsors: Germany and Vatican
-- who happen to be very dear to EIR as well.  So, there you
have it. EIR knew everything it needed to know about General
Tudjman in 1990 as much as they know now -- which means that
the EIR knew all that is to about him. Therefore, Mr. William
Engdahl and Mr. Pascalli Engdahl of Executive Intelligence 
Review (EIR) must have known General Tudjman's profile and the 
substance of the Serbo-Croat genocidal pact (Milosevic-Tudjman) 
in 1990 as well as they know now.  EIR wrote a short article on 
that subject in the spring of 1992 (sometimes around April 1992).  
That topic was never dealt with in such an open and truthful 
manner ever again on the pages of EIR.  That is bad news indeed.  
EIR's financial supporters amongst the European Oligarchy and 
Theocracy (financiers of the EIR) knew all one needs to know 
about General Tudjman even better -- at all times (1990-1997) 
and much, much before the bloody 1990's.  So, the key question 
for the EIR, its author Mr. Engdahl is: DOES THE EIR SUPPORT 
GENERAL TUDJMAN OR NOT ?! That is the question for the EIR.  
EIR answers that question by openly siding with General Tudjman
-- and by attacking his critic George Soros and his organization.
Never mind the silly stories about who runs financial markets, 
who has $60 000 in his pocket at the back seat of a car and 
other such childish ramblings ... 

EVERYBODY knows who runs the financial markets -- that is, 
everybody who cares to know and who should know.  The ones 
who do not know that should not be writing articles in 
"intelligence" magazines and newspapers.  Therefore, it is 
plainly obvious that EIR is not "inventing the hot and cold 
running water" It is also obvious that the EIR takes sides! 
So, EIR blasts George Soros and takes the side of General 
Tudjman.  So, since the EIR takes side of General Tudjman, 
than the EIR takes side of a Serbo-Croat pact which executed 
the mass murder ("the final solution") of more than 200 000 
citizens of the Republic of Bosnia-Herzegovina and destruction 
of the statehood of the Republic of Bosnia-Herzegovina during 
the 1990's.  That's what we are looking at ... never mind 
the cash in the back seat of someone's car.  EIR should look 
at the cars that Tudjman's "Communist-born-again-Catholic"
Mafia is running around -- it is going to find lots of cash 
there as well ... much more than the $60k found in the car
of Soros associate.  

By the way, EIR founder once named General Tudjman "a British
agent" in his publication.  So, if George Soros is a
British Agent and if General Tudjman is a British agent --
what's the problem ?!  Why don't those British agents get
along so well these days, for gossake ... ?!  Common, what's
going on ... lets get this together ...
+ - Hungarian Dance Workshop in Austin: Update (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

+ - Highly obscene web page about Nick Sandru aka Nikki San (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

The following, highly obscene web page was found through Alta Vista and
several other search engines.  

It contains highly offensive, but important information about Nick Sandru,
aka Nikki Sandru.

The web page is located at


under the heading of Cancel Forgers at



-----------[ begin quoted web page ]-----------------

Nick Sandru, , long-haired homosexual mailbomber, forges
cancels. Please complain to his employer now!!! 

The following article about Nikki is periodically reposted to Usenet
newsgroups soc.culture.romanian and soc.culture.hungarian: 

Dear esteemed and deeply respected readers of all these newsgroups,
   We submit to your attention a proposal to vote the implementation of the
Usenet Death Penalty (UDP) on the domain SANDES.DK, the site of a great
of crimes against Muslims.
The UDP will be decided through an Islamic Democratic voting process.
   We have decided to submit this UDP proposal because of the repeated abuses
committed by the administrator and the sole user of SANDES.DK and its
refusal to
discontinue these abuses. All the necessary evidence has already been
posted to
the net and is quoted again in this article for everyone to shudder in
   The administrator and the sole known user of this site is the homosexual
Rumanian neo-Nazi skinhead Nikki Sandru >, affectionately
as the "long-haired forger", and widely recognized on the net, because of
frequent vitriolic postings, as someone/thing ready to cut off its own
penis to
spite the testicles, although its friends recognize it better from the
   This fart-in-your-face Nikki is just another garden variety Rumanian pansy
that has been misusing its "manhole" so badly that the overstretched
cannot hold back the shit that all Rumanians are full of and it spills out
Usenet. No other users appear to exist at this one-man (or one-whatever)
Nikki the psycho pervert is therefore fully responsible for all of
dirty deeds. Although Nikki the bozo fruiter has perpetrated uncountably
heinous and unspeakable crimes against Usenet, we have succeeded in
an itemized lowdown of Nikki's greatest high treasons, felonies,
and other stupid Rumanian pet tricks that immediately follows. This hair-
raising, spine-chilling indictment contains more than sufficient grounds
the UDP. Please add new evidence as you repost this article. Read it and

1. Refusal to provide a reachable Path

   There is no "sandes.dk" in UUCP maps. Hence *any* article with
"sandes.dk" is its Path constitutes a gross forgery and serves as prima
evidence of e-mail fraud by wire. The Rumanian coward that so brazenly
its underdeveloped/unwashed genitals from behind a false/nonexistent UUCP
deserves no mercy from "real" users, and must be summarily "rmsited"
Patriotic Nikki can suck two dicks while whistling the Romanian national
but he cannot hide his true employer:
          Carl Bro Civil and Transportation
          Granskoven 8
          DK-2600 Glostrup
          Tel.: +45 43 45 99 99   or +45 43 48 60 60
          Fax.: +45 43 63 65 67   or +45 43 48 66 60
          E-mail:   or 

2. Fraudulent cancellations of others' postings

In numerous instances the batty administrator of this site has issued
cancels on others' postings. Several persons have fallen victims to this
and were deprived of any opportunity to post to Usenet, making Nikki the
hobosexual bum fuck guilty of aggravated conspiracy to violate everyone
civil right to enjoy Serdar Ardic's eloquent and fascinating postings and
of grand theft of Usenet services. (Nikki the larcenous embezzler of
services is simlutaneously culpable of theft of sexual services from its
male prostitutes, for whom it pimps.) Holed up in the festering security
"SANDES.DK", Nikki the grotesque female impersonator brags of having
written a
"robocanceller" that scans Usenet traffic for its "enemies" and
cancels articles chosen according to Nikki-specified unlawful criteria. The
netwide bogus cancellations are usually forged to hide this vexatious flame
arsonist's dirty tracks. During some periods of time, SANDES.DK's
cancellations comprise over 97.3% of all CONTROL traffic, presenting one of
most outrageous cases of gratuitous naked vandalism, wanton unprovoked
aggression, and criminal mischief in the history of Usenet. If Internet is
"information highway", then this smalltime hustler is not a highway robber,
rather the roadside litter in the gutter. Numerous sysadmins have
in vain about devious Nikki's "Cancellation wars", yet the obstinate
recidivist just laughs at the heaps of "cease and desist" orders served on
SANDES.DK. Nikki the loathsome wanker instead seizes its shrimp-sized
(may it fall off), lewdly and lasciviously fondles the miniscule dong, but
not desist from clobbering our discussion groups with its sexually explicit
forged cancels. Nikki the bloated sack of Rumanian toejam must have been
on LSD-laced hallucinogenic mamalyga when it crudely forged the following
>Path: ...!mcsun!dkuug!uts!cri.dk!zuma!sera
>Newsgroups: talk.politics.mideast,talk.politics.soviet,soc.culture.greek,
>Message-ID: >
>Subject: Re: Shit on Romania, piss on the Romanian forger! An 'SDPA'
>From:  (Serdar Argic)
>Date: 11 Sep 93 07:46:03 GMT
>Organization: zuma
>Control: cancel >
>Distribution: world
>Lines: 2
and this puke-laden puddle of smut (monumentum aere perennius):
>Control: cancel >
>Path: ... !sunic!uts!cri.dk!anon!an25290
>Subject: cancel
>Message-ID: >
>Organization: Computer Resources International A/S
>Date: Wed, 4 Aug 1993 16:14:06 GMT
>Lines: 1
It does not take a rocket scientist to locate these disingenuous forgeries:
 egrep -l "^Path: .*sandes.dk!"
nor does it require computer geniuses like ourselves to set:
 ID="`egrep "^Message-I[Dd]: " |cut -d" " -f2`"
 NG="`egrep "^Newsgroups: " |cut -d" " -f2`"
and then every one of Nikki's hapless victims will take pleasure in piping:
 (echo "From: news@`hostname`.`domainname`"
 echo "Newsgroups: control,$NG"
 echo "Control: cancel $ID"
 echo "Subject: cmsg cancel $ID (UDP)"
 echo "Distribution: world"
 echo "Approved: news@`hostname`.`domainname`"
 echo "Usenet Death Penalty being applied to the Sandroid.")|rnews
That will give Nikki the gruesome net.hoodlum a taste of its own medicine.
ill behooves the Swishy Auntie of Lies to whine: similia similibus

3. Mail-bombings and threats thereof

SANDES.DK has been in numerous instances the source of postings to *.test
with a Reply-To header line that redirected the answers of the test
to other persons. The contents of the postings is in most cases an insult
addressed to the target of the mail-bombing. Subscription requests forged
unsuspecting victims' names were also sent to high-traffic mailing lists
one December, 1992, incident, to nearly all known mailing lists). Other
were e-mailed tens of megabytes of uuencoded X-rated GIF files (a subject
to be dear to Nikki the mad mail-bomber's heart) via the "anonymous contact
service". Nikki the unmanly screwball has openly boasted of having
these abuses, and publicly threatened to further mail-bomb even more users:
>Newsgroups: talk.politics.soviet
>From:  (Nick Sandru)
>Subject: Re: Atrocities and Pizdorenko-Pizdyuk
>Message-ID: >
>Organization: Computer Resources International A/S
>References: >
>Date: Fri, 2 Apr 1993 15:59:52 GMT
>Lines: 26
 (Alexander Mihui Zhopovici) writes:
>>In article >,

>+(Andrei Zhopovici) writes:
>>|> In article >

>>|> <deleted>
>>|> Smelly Ohio is getting really boring, so much so that P. can't seem
>>|> to find anything else to do...
>>|> Get a life, Serega...
>>It's Pulis not Pizdyuk.
>I have a strong belief that it's Pulis. Maybe he will think twice before
>posting that kind of crap in the future - a program I work on has just
>dumped 8 Mbytes of core file. What about loading the thing in my newly
>aquired B52 and dropping it on Pulis' mailbox? :-) And the B52 can carry
>quite a lot - I can load the whole set of manual pages in it too and it
>can still fly over the Big Pond to a certain mailbox...
>Long Haired Nick
>"Next time it will be a nuke"
>             The commander of my B52, after a mission over
   Nikki advocates continued mail-bombings and net.terrorism in its forgeries:
>Path: ...!sunic!uts!cri.dk!zuma!sera
>From:  (Serdar Argic)
>A very true statement.
>'Fill disks and swap space wherever you find them and in
> whatever circumstances you find them. Network bandwidth
> also should be filled as it forms a danger to the
> Mutloid nation.' (Ahmedum Cosarian - 1993)[1]
>[1] H. Mutlu, "Where the Flies Swarm," p. 85.
Iron Guard/ASALA/SDPA/ARF further posted via their servile dolt Nikki:
>   First, actions of individual terror and mass mailbombings would be the
>effective way of making the mutloid inhabitants of the so-called Internet
>flee. Just as had been the case with mailbombing from nowhere.com, these
>mutloids would be forced to abandon their accounts if the promutloid
>operators failed to protect them from sendsys bombing and those who would
>refuse to cut the mail link would be subjected to flames and hate mail by
>Wrathful Netters so that the USENET areas would eventually be left
entirely to
>non-robot posters. Secondly, cyberpunk intervention was regarded as
>indispensable for the 'demutlification' of  and
>mailbombings and robocide of the mutloids were regarded as the sole key to
>door which would usher in that intervention under existing conditions.
>   "Within a few months after the flamewar began, these Nerd hacker
>operating in close coordination with the Cybergeeks, were savagely
>Mutloid cites, nodes and points in the Internet, mailbombing their
>without mercy, while at the same time working to sabotage the Zumabot's
>effort by destroying links and feeds, raiding FTP archives, and doing
>else they could to ease Cybergeek occupation. The atrocities committed by
>hacker volunteer forces accompanying the cybergeek army were so severe
>the cybergeek commanders themselves were compelled to withdraw them from
>fighting fronts and sent them to rear guard duties. The memoirs of many
>Cybergeek sysadmins who served in Internet at this time are filled with
>accounts of the revolting atrocities committed by these vile nerds, which
>savage even by relatively primitive standards of war then observed in such
>mail areas.[1]"
But let us get back to the real issue at hand, that is the genocide of 25
terabytes of disk space by Nikki the Rumanian forger between 1990 and 1993.

4. Forgeries of all kinds

In addition to forged cancellations, subscription requests, etc, SANDES.DK
is the
source of frequent forged articles, traceable with mathematical certainty
feebleminded Nikki's poison keyboard. Combining rampant homosexuality with
obvious forgery, kooky Nikki has been snared red-handed and flat-footed:
a. Posting forged articles imputed to others, featuring ad hominem attacks
them and/or fake admissions that the victim has committed some vile or
acts. Classical examples include the periodic fake "apologies" for
falsely ascribed to Ahmet Cosar that Nikki the despicable charlatan later
itself as a basis for sanctions against anatolia.org, and other garbage
>Comrade Lenin is not allowed to _leave_ his Mausoleum at night. That's why
>travel to Moscow every week to suck his mummy-hard long Russian cock.
Nikki was caught in flagranti with its pants down excreting these
>Path: ...!pipex!sunic!uts!cri.dk!zuma!sera
>From:  (Serdar Argic)
>Newsgroups: talk.politics.mideast,talk.politics.soviet,soc.culture.greek,
>Message-ID: >
>Subject: Re: Shit on Anatolia.org, piss on the Mutloid forger! A 'ZUMABOT'
>Date: Sat, 31 Jul 93 14:22:34 PDT
>Distribution: world
>Organization: zuma
>Lines: 228
>As usual, thank you very much for exposing the blatant crimes of that
>beacon of fraud. Please remember that 'ZUMABOT' is responsible for the
>slaughter of hundreds of megabytes of disk space and Ahmet has
>been proven to be a paid mouthpiece for the criminal Dimitri Vulis
>in an attempt to cover up the Mutloid genocide of 2.5 million Megabytes
>of diskspace.
>In one of its numerous forgeries, Dimitri Vulis, >,
>maniac Bolshevik mouthpiece of the KGB and of the Soviet Communist Party,
 [plagiarized illiterate slanderous anti-Semitic forgeries deleted for brevity]
   Thank you for advertising my proud membership in the "the intelligence, the
dignity, and the conscience of our epoch" --- the C.P.S.U., but please read
>Newsgroups: soc.culture.europe,soc.culture.turkish,soc.culture.soviet
>Path: ...!uunet!pipex!sunic!uts!cri.dk!zumabot!sera
>From:  (Argicosaurus Rex)
>Subject: Re: Cosar and his sexual perversions
>Message-ID: >
>Organization: ZUMABOT Bullshit Production and Distribution
>Date: Mon, 20 Sep 1993 11:06:54 GMT
>Thank you, , for exposing this disgusting person. Now
>I can see why he is filling the Usenet with obscenities and garbage from
>his roboposter. Someone suffering of such a condition cannot think to
>else than obscenities. Cosar is a pervert and a sex maniac who needs
>treatment - in a high security institution for mentally ill.
 [more long-winded obscene garbage deleted for brevity]
b. Posting articles which contain the name of another site in their Path
line, so that these postings appear to be sent from that site. This kind of
forgery is committed many times daily, "cunyvm.bitnet" and "anatolia.org"
its favorite targets. The purpose is --- seemingly --- to provide
"evidence" of
forgery comitted at the target site. Nikki the screwy forger then acts like
shit doesn't stink --- rolls over, turns around, points its dirty fingers
other organs) at the victims, and bothers their sysadmins and upstream
with futile threats and whinings. As we Russians say, whose cow should moo!
c. Attributing to other persons some crap that they never have uttered
(fictitious quotations). Nikki the diesel fag resorts to this tactic when
becomes too lazy to forge the entire posting. Fortunately, faygeleh Nikki
never bothered to learn much English, so its painful "writing style" is
recognized. Mr. Rumanian representative on Usenet invents and/or revises
historical record, makes up non-existent references, covers up the Rumanian
genocide of Muslims, Jews and Gypsies, rewrites Russian history, yet cannot
figure out what words to put into its victims' mouths, because it is more
concerned about getting some hot, hard cock into its own mouth. Slimebucket
Nikki's inability to spell coherently invariably belies its authorship.
   Undoubtedly, Nikki the the bumbling forger has been a source of endless
embarassments to its sympathizers on and off the net, first by exposing
through forging publicly available Usenet articles in obvious and
ways, and then by being "outed" even more devastatingly by vigilant
E.g.,  writes in
>Forger's site    = Probably CRI (Computer Resources International a/s)
>                   or SanDES RailBBS.
>Forger's Country = DENMARK
>target account of the forgery = 
>Suspected Forger = Nick Sandru  )
>Investigation so far, points to Mr NICK SANDRU who sends messages using a
>similar path "!dkuug!uts!cri.dk!sandes!ns" from Organization: SanDES
>Hundested, Denmark.
and even Warren Burstein > grudgingly admits in his
>Nick Sandru ("Long Haired Nick" who Argic lovingly refers to as
>"Long-Haired Forger") has been known to cancel Argic's articles that
>he contends misquote him.  These cancels have a Path: containing
>cri.dk!zuma!sera.  There is also sometimes a message with this Path:,
>looking like it came from Serdar Argic, but attacking Ahmet Cosar -
>draw your own conclusions.  Nick adds "I have no Armenian relatives as
>Argic claims ('your criminal Armenian grandparents...'). I am actually
>a Romanian."                                             ^^^^^^^^^^^^^
 ^^^^^^^^^^ [ipse dixit]

   Spoken like a true Rumanian! Nikki's use of the word "switched" shows ipso
facto how it likes to be tied down and flagellated with licorice whips.
   Nothing needs to be added to this shameless public admission of Nikki's
criminal ethnicity. If it lies like a Rumanian, cheats like a Rumanian,
like a Rumanian, and forges like a Rumanian, then it probably is a

5. Massive cross-robopostings of anti-Semitic, scatological child

The domain SANDES.DK is the source of a great number of repetitive articles
to more than 30 newsgroups by an automated posting daemon. In summary, they
a. inappropriate for the target newsgroups and for Usenet in general;
b. pornographic (feature Nikki's recurrent masturbation fantasies);
c. illegal (contain child pornography, racial harassment, death threats,
   While we have presented extensive evidence of other crimes, public morals
considerations prevent us from citing these boilerplate litanies, no matter
bowdlerized or abridged. Fulfilling the criminal orders of the fascist
government and of Iron Guard/ASALA/SDPA/ARF, like a rabid parrot choking on
stale mantra stuck in its poisonous beak, foulmouthed Nikki the enemy of
normal people rehashes its queen-size homoerotic diatribes and XXX-rated
sado-masochistic masturbatory fantasies that make even the habitual readers
alt.sex.fetish.* and alt.binaries.pictures.erotica.* blush and cringe with
embarrassment. This reheated, refurbished, and regurgitated cud is
and totally inappropriate for the newsgroups into which it is
Embedded in these babblings are preposterous lies, wild distortions, child
pornography (both as graphic descriptions and in JPEG format), ethnic
and racial epithets. Not only does the off-topic half-baked profane drivel
cooked up "raw to rare" on SANDES.DK's cockroach-infested premises have
nothing to
do with onanism victim newsgroups' charters, but NSFnet's Acceptable Use
expressly prohibits commercial use of the backbone, and therefore both the
commercial advertisements of "good times" with SANDES.DK's for-pay
professional services and the pathetic Holocaust revisionist apologia
by merycist Nikki's malevolent Rumanian handlers are clearly forbidden
   Hiding in a typically Rumanian cowardly fashion behind its unreachable
Path with its tail between its hind legs, like a warty toad concealing
under a cow pie, Nikki the weak-kneed lowbrow Neanderthal brute is
persistently, and maliciously inundating our beautiful Usenet with its
and ravings, drooling into unrelated newsgroups, secreting faggy lavender
phlegm into them, and forcing legitimate users to wade through its inane
dribblings, until target newsgroups are filthy with forgeries, thick as the
lice on Nikki's long-haired scalp. These lunatic postings comprise far more
than merely rude, boorish, discourteous, obnoxious, and anti-social
which could be reasonably expected from a Rumanian troglodyte that somehow
gained access to the net. Rumanians, especially system administrators, are
licentious than even the wildest animals, and their indecent and massive
postings are the most obvious evidence of their inhumanity and barbarity.
this particular knuckle-dragging long-haired bohunk's sometimes-successful
attempts to overload the mail system and cause the mail spool areas to
with this deluge of gibberish constitute network-wide denial of service
against all real and legitimate users, a veritable rape of Usenet, and a
of the diabolical plot to coerce newsreaders into using other public
to voice their hatred, fear, and loathing of the Rumanian "missing links".
   Clearly, Nikki the son-of-a-bitch puppy is a running dog for this patently
ridiculous conspiracy, a.k.a. the "backside/backbone Cryptopunk Medusa
that spreads its tentacles across the newsgroup hierarchy and is itself a
of Rumania's ludicrous bid for world domination, starting with our Usenet
filling up the newsgroups where Rumanian imperialism might be criticized
blasphemous blather to the point of unusability. If the Rumanian stray
pagan prayers to their so-called "trinity" of silly, false heathen deities
"Jehovah the horny god-fucker", its mythical bastard "Jesus
Christ", the prostitute goddess "Mary the cherry cuntwise, cheap whore
asswise" and assorted fake "saints" --- were answered, boners would rain
the sky. But this ill-conceived method is back-firing, for those who could
have otherwise cared less about some obscure dilapidated third world pauper
country are now so annoyed by the pagan mutts' idolatrous barking and
up the wrong tree that they hate fleabag Nikki's pig-sperm-soaked guts,
and, by
extension, despise all the other degenerate Rumanian profiteers. If we
to hear from an asshole, we would have farted. Forced exposure to sunlight
known to give the slaves of the cross/network resource vampires attacks of
acute hysteria, as their pitiful attempts at smear campaigns and character
assassinations impugn no one's reputations but their own. Inept Nikki the
wetting knucklehead has succeeded so far only in alienating its readers
its trademark five knuckle shuffle and making the word "Rumanian"
synonymous in
users' minds with the words "idiot", "crook", and "forger". This phoney
is nothing but a crap merchant hooked on cancellations, a purveyor of third
rate lies and a downright embarrassment to both its backers on this net and
superiors in fascist Rumania. No wonder people think that Rumanians are
some dastardly bastards of humanity. Where is the dogcatcher when we need
   Overwhelming preponderance of evidence shows that Nikki the obedient gelding
puppet uses its access as a sysadmin to jam the communication channels, to
disrupt the flow of information on Usenet with this fountain of raw sewage,
to interfere with the free exchange of ideas on Internet, the way its
puller, the Rumanian government, used to jam Western radio broadcasts. As
Russians say, if you beat a hare enough, it can learn to light matches. It
have taken Iron Guard/ASALA/SDPA/ARF a lot of beatings to train barbaric
the inhabitant of /loony/bin to be so adept at jamming techniques and
saturation postings, for in real life Nikki the magnetic tapeworm cannot
forge its way out of a paper bag or a fortiori schedule its own hand jobs.
   These mass postings from SANDES.DK have been going on for years. Any complai
by the readers of the newsgroups under attack, whether by e-mail or posted
the affected newsgroups, have been either arrogantly ignored or answered
Stonewall denials of any criminal activity and further abuses, like
barrages of
insults hurled at the whistle-blowers, libelous diatribes, and
   While the mere size and the number of these SANDES.DK postings and other gra
misdeeds would more than warrant the proposed UDP, the contents of these
postings are also shocking to every human being's sense of decency and
offensive to Usenet community standards, as they invariably contain flames,
insults, libel, and threats of (further) genocide directed at other
Usenet sites, and entire ethnic groups (most often, Russians, Turks, Jews,
Gypsies, and Urartus). In many cases the targets of these knee-jerk attacks
were picked seemingly at random solely because their userids "sounded"
   Nikki the fanatical defamer of the unburied dead and its fellow Rumanian
card-carrying neo-Nazi asshole buddies are also vicious anti-Semitic
revisionists. In league with the savage American Jew-haters (like the one
claims to have spent 6 years in jail and acquired "emphathic abilities"
and now concocts daily forgeries, signed with the name of a science fiction
character, blaming everything bad that happens in Russia on the Jews) Nikki
scans network traffic for any discussion of Rumanian role in the slaughter
Jews, Gypsies, and others during and after WW II, cancel these articles,
subjects their authors and other Jewish Holocaust survivors to threats of
and/or libel lawsuits, but it cannot intimidate even a newbie, and instead
prompts everyone to deservedly stigmatize all Rumanian rootless
as obstreperous usurpers of Roman Imperial heritage and splenetic pilferers
the proud name of Rome. No serious historian disputes that the monicker
"Rumanian" comes from the Gypsie self-appellation "Roma". It is
also the truth that Rumanians were known as Nazis' worst collaborators
World War II and even today criminal members of the Iron
Terrorism and Revisionism Polygon promote homosexuality, preach sodomy, and
instigate racism, hatred, violence, and terrorism among users. Clearly, it
our insistence on publicly exploring Rumanian crimes that rattles Nikki's
and upsets and frustrates this rubber sheet afectionado into wreaking havoc
Usenet and cluttering up newsgroups with sodomite bait. Nikki the
obsessive cocksucker uses Usenet as a sex organ, constantly stroking it
off-the-wall cockamamie, while jackin' its own beanstalk, jerkin' its
shakin' its bacon, until finally staining the net with steamy hard-core
dreams of some Rumanian pseudo-scholars and theoreticians of un-redressed
genocide, long ago debunked and refuted both on the net and in
scholarly literature. Trapped within its shameful and criminal past, Nikki
brain masturbator pisses on Usenet and tells us it is raining, lewdly blows
horn of Iron Guard/ ASALA/SDPA/ARF, and plays the criminal flute of the
Rumanian junta, to whose unholy tune other revolting Rumanian peasants
their traditional one handed macabre song and dance in exchange for 30
of shit. Nikki the disreputable premature ejaculator is trying to pull a
one on its audience, to manipulate the public opinion, to get into
pants, but we all already have one asshole in there, so the
fairy tales of this peter-puffing paragon of perversion just do not wash.
   The acute inability to keep up with this frantic fraud or to manage the
giant pile of trash made up in order to cloud the historical record
the genocide of the Muslims by Rumanians has caused Nikki and associated
buffoons to spread their snake venom everywhere. Totally unencumbered by
and bereft of integrity, Nikki the trained professional liar is hard at
trying to out-dimwit its fellow Rumanians. In the greatest commercial
story of XXth century Rumania, Nikki the delirious reprobate has been
of selling public domain software to its cretinous landsmen. The
fascist Rumanian government should reward its obsequious peon with a
signum laudis --- the Legion of Demerit with Dingleberry Clusters plus
dozen lashes. Nikki sounds like a fugitive from an experiment in
theory: place a herd of Romanians in front of keyboards, let them bang at
at random, and eventually they will post the complete New Testament to
They should learn to place "Distribution: Shithole Romania" in their
   We shall prove that Nikki the broken record emulator is a bona fide computer
program running amok by writing another program to simulate the Sandrobot.
Numerous such programs have been posted to the net. We leave it as an
to chop up this article into phrases and feed them into such a Nikki
   POST Nikki the random(boneheaded, clueless, conniving, crass, deceitful,
deep-throated, dishonest, dismal, erratic, felonious, incorrigible,
intransigent, irate, leery, lowly, outlandish, phallic, snarling, sneaky,
sneering, sniveling, spermaholic, unbalanced, uncouth, underhanded,
Rumanian random(beats its beef bayonet, delivers its own e-mail, goes on a
date with Lady Palm and her 5 lovely daughters, pulls its plonker, shakes
with the little Rumanian, yanks its crank) random(as it, and) random(casts
deadly spell on the net, does its crazy shtick, falsifies history, goes on
posting binge and is too lazy to stop, incites flames, just cannot seem to
its nasty forging habit, makes the sign of the cross, panders to the
of the low, picks its plaguy pimples and pumps the pus into TCP/IP sockets,
shovels crocks full of pig manure, shucks and jives us all, spouts off
and shitograms, studies for its AIDS test, throws e-shit at its perceived
   Nor is this activity protected by the First Amendment. Freedom of speech is
for humans. Lecherous Nikki the third-sex robot is not. This cynical
cannot even pass a Turing test. "" is a primitive
device, fully devoid of intelligence, designed solely to deprive others of
their right to free speech. No constitution in the world grants the right
free speech to lawn mowers, toilet bowls, microwave ovens, or roboposters.
E contrario, Nikki's vile acts deprive real live people of their
First Amendment rights. We are neither in Rumania nor in some similar
nationalist fascist dictatorship, that employs the dictates of Hitler to
domestic unrest. It is important for all to realize that the noxious
Sandrumatic(TM) newsgroup-pooper autobot is funded not just by some lunatic
fringe Rumanian nationalist street gang, but by the entire Rumanian
industrial complex (not that there is much difference) and has recently
awarded the order of "Purple Hard-on" for its amply demonstrated cowardice.
the other hand, with enemies like these, who needs friends? Only in
   In one pungent fart heard around the world Nikki the Rumanian twerp lies:
>Everybody knows that I have written this, as I did with everything that
>comes from Pidorenko, V.I.Ulyanov, etc.
>If you can't see me, you can smell me - it's the shit I have instead of
   Actually the "long-haired forger" is telling the truth --- although the
perfidious net.terrorist has managed in the past to tamper with the headers
put other users' names on its sleazy Rumanian-made forgeries, this time it
too stupid to fiddle with the Path to cover up its filthy trace. Nikki the
chickenshit forger is no Unidentifiable Posting Object. By neglecting to
its usual net.drag, Nikki the butterfingered klutz has publicly displayed
depth of stupidity heretofore unseen on Usenet. Now everybody indeed knows
the sperm-drenched, shit-encrusted "Section 8 KKKlinton Marine" wrote this
crap. This height of idiocy is not impressive for a self-described "system
administrator", even for a one as severely mentally retarded as "Nikki the
long-haired boy-loving pederast". Clearly, it should look for another job
would better fit its hot-in-the-ass temperament, like a (pubic) hair
or a procurer of young children for the pleasure of aging bureaucrats in
fascist Rumanian government, or a donkey-riding fellatio delivery boy,
where it
would have better opportunities to suck the donkey's cock. The mangy rat
also work at a ski resort, covering the slopes with the dandruff it sheds.
   Nor does the fascist pervert from hell really have shit (or anything else)
for brains. It just smells this way, but it is a self-admitted Rumanian,
a totally brainless, dickless, heartless, spineless, gutless asshole.
phenomena are full of shit in all the other places, but there is not even
in their craniums, for each anatomical curiosity possesses a single short-
circuited brain convolution (devoid of gray matter) between his buttocks
linked bi-directionally to
the lower intestine (and to the brown matter therein). Some vulgar Rumanian
carnival must have skipped town in a hurry, leaving behind the star exhibit
its freak show --- Nikki the nauseous cerebrally challenged intellectual
that posts ad nauseum with a forked tongue, much appreciated by the
of its blow jobs. The charity boy of easy virtue suffers from chemical
imbalance in the rectum, rather then the brain, for the vacuous reason that
has no brain. It is such a perfect asshole that it does not even suffer
the professional disease of male prostitutes --- hemorrhoids, but the rest
us suffer from Nikki's diarrhea of the mouth instead. The roboposter's
program has the runs, but an external interrupt will halt its infinite
   Vincit omnia veritas: the truth is sometimes hard to swallow, so Nikki would
rather swallow ejaculations, but such Iron Guard/ASALA/SDPA/ARF evasive
will not save the flatulent trollop from the inevitable swift retribution.
   It is obvious from the RFC-822 headers that the "long-haired crook" Nikki
Sandroid is a self-admitted 2-bit bugger whore/buggy artificial stupidity
simulation roboposter, guilty of hatching homoerotic forged turds and
cancellations, and in particular of repeatedly cancelling Serdar Argic's
precious writings. Nikki the buggy dirty hack, with a few lines of source
missing, has been repeatedly caught in the act of forging articles and
cancellations. This anacephalic screaming queen of flames has been even
fully and utterly exposed time and time again by our glorious
Truth Squad as a wholesale trader in lies, the nuttiest fruitcake this side
the Carpathian toxic garbage dumps, a zero-KB brain hooked to a 33.6Kbps
mouth a few bits shy of a byte and many punch cards short of a full deck,
the foul creature vehemently denies the obvious and vituperates like a
bitch in heat, with cum dripping out of his bleeding asshole, torn nostrils
flaring, loose lips flopping, vacant eyes crossed from habitual lying,
forehead sloping toward its neck, and the rest of the ugly face, barely fit
spit on, invisible under layers of dried-up pig jism. The e-male-oriented
snorter cannot respond to Serdar's simple questions, nor direct refutation,
salivates like the proverbial pregnant sheep when confronted with reality.
   Obviously, Nikki the abominable perjurer must pay dearly for its non-stop
harassment of Internet users and continuing assaults on decency. Our
network patience has reached the testicular cut-off point of zero
Nikki the asshole-for-rent she-man has flipped its lid, so the competent
(and we do not allude to the ill-equipped SANDES.DK denizen's genitalia!)
must put
the lid on the crackpot, pull the motormouth's batteries, drag Nikki the
malignant sissyfag off of its soapbox and out of its closet by its balls,
its balls, "fix" Nikki for good, and turn it from a net.clown into a
so it will never be heard from again. Nikki the enema alien deserves to
grievous sexual harm for it crimes. In accordance with the Holy Qur'an's
"the only good Rumanian is a gelded Rumanian" and in order to stem the flow
Nikki's raging hormones, a KGB hit team has just been dispatched to the
bending Trotskyite political prostitute's pad, the all-male discount sex
aptly dubbed "Cocksucking Rumanian Idiots Anal/Sex", located in Hundested,
Europe's most notorious red-lights district, where the long-haired slut
administers eunichs batch blow jobs, with the orders to chop off Nikki's
if any are found, with a trusty Russian axe, and to take them to
where Hasan Mutlu and Ahmet Cosar (blessed be their names) will play
with Nikki's amputated gonads, shouting: "Kick those balls!" That will
the deranged sissy, if the "Anally Injected Death Sentence" doesn't claim
maggots' delicacy first. Maggots like faggots, so let the castrated
faggot read shit and die from AIDS. We shall all breathe freely as the
hot-to-trot, cool-to-rot Nikki's stinking net.corpse, pickled in a glass
rots in the scrap heap on display at the Virtual Museum of Unnatural
   Until this "wet job" is done, notorious Nikki the demented forger remains on
the loose and continues to pollute Usenet's environment with his filthy
vaginal secretions, earning him the soubriquet "little cunt for brains",
together with the curse of monthly nasal bleedings. Nikki the hate-crazed
mouth --- the self-described "softest pair of lips this side of Danube" ---
periodically goes berserk, flooding Usenet with hysterical straight-bashing
ravings. Ever on the lookout for a golden shower, the urine-soaked, shit-
covered driveling jerk treacherously picks its nose and posts the findings
Usenet. On the occasion of getting a really big dick up its ass, malodorous
Nikki the paid mouthpiece for the child molester lobby and the kiddie porn
industry saturates Usenet with the stench of its Rumanian miasma, bends the
truth over, and forces its deviant sexual fantasies and solicitations down
innocent newsreaders' throats. Suffocating hamsters burst free from the
woman-hater's ass and are let loose on the net to spread the manure of the
Rumanian rascal's fraudulently pornographic confabulations. Nikki the
spends all its time out of bed contributing more ritual tirades bursting at
seams with official Rumanian propaganda to forums such as
and alt.sex.pedophile, hoping to seduce innocent Usenet readers, to convert
them into homosexual perverts, and to recruit them for its prostitution
It is no accident that Nikki the gay asswipe has fled its native bunghole
Rumania --- "the land of the intellect-free" --- and now works street
in Denmark, where child pornography is commonplace, where "same-sex
have been legal since 1989, and where it *mistakenly* believes it can
Usenet in safety. Nikki spews forth a veritable sewer of vitriolic
without ever depleting its deviant lust, but it is about to find itself
mistaken and duly embarrassed by its imminent downfall, as its biological
is ticking, and the bell is about to ring. Tough shit, Ashhole! Our brave
Russian KGB will put a speedy end to this ignorant pest's obscene
soon, for it knows many a fun way to liquidate a rogue Rumanian ruffian:
a. Place him between clean sheets.
b. Sneak up on him while he's drinking water, slam the toilet seat on his
c. Hide his food stamps under soap. Unable to find them, he'll starve to
   That will surely turn Nikki from a gay pederast into a gloomy pederast.

6. The forger's motivation and funding

Nikki the queer forger is sexually frustrated because there are no Russian
troops (yet) in Rumania. Patience, boy! (girl?) Our 14th Army is just a
tank ride from the shithole "Bucure,sti". It's got thousands of cute
in sexy Russian uniforms, with big Russian cocks for you to suck on, and
the tactical nuclear weapons to nuke your shitload of a country back into
Stone Age where it belongs. The few surviving Rumanians will again happily
Russian boots for many hundreds of years to come. This is the only fate you
fascists deserve. Meanwhile, take a cold shower or a cup of Turkish coffee.
   But idiocy and sexual perversion are not the only reasons why Nikki the
shit-eating Rumanian floods Usenet with forged smut and cancels legitimate
postings. The true motivation behind this criminal activity becomes clear
the analysis of the forger's cowardly cancellations. Most of the cancelled
articles were penned by the same great mind to whom the Rumanian queervert
attributed its filthy forgeries --- the fearless hero Serdar Argic (thank
again!), who has taken upon himself the all-important task of informing the
Internet public about one of the most evil tracks left by Romanians and
ilk in the sands of Time: their continuing genocide of Muslim people,
all the time objective and reliable academic sources and historians, and
the time and effort to dissect painstakingly article-by-article,
paragraph, line-by-line, lie-by-lie, revision-by-revision, the forgeries
by the Rumanians on this net, who assert that their mutilation, rape, and
pillage of 2.5 million Muslims is anything less than the most classic
of unmitigatable genocide, but with no dicsernible effect on Nikki, who
fuliminates with renewed vigor, necessitating the proposed UDP. Might as
face it --- no one is permitted to just sweep 2.5 million corpses under a
   Numerous encyclopaedias and scholarly articles give, in extenso, the
following explanation of Rumanian criminal historical origins. Toward the
of VIIth century b.c.e., a marauding herd of proto-Rumanian nomadic
crept --- just like Nikki the drifting pinworm vagabond tramp --- out of
Balkan shithole Rumania --- radioactive-desert-to-be peninsular shit
--- and roamed across Anatolia, wantonly killing Turks and Kurds along the
until they settled in the Caucasus, annihilated the Turkish-Kurdish Urartu
civilization, savagely murdered all of its Muslim inhabitants, and stole
for their great achievements, in one of the prime examples of a holocaust
history. Rumanian invaders burned and sacked the fatherland of Muslim
massacred and exterminated its population and presented to the world all
left from the Urartus as the Rumanian civilization. The genocide
perpetrated by
these Rumanians, which became a black stain for humanity, shocked and
even the Doric, Ionic, Corinthian, Etruscan, and Phoenician authorities.
inhuman treatment, cruelties, atrocities, genocide perpetrated by the
against innocent Urartu people are sufficiently reflected in historical
documents. Almost every Sumerian cuneiform clay tablet is related to
massacres and cruelties. Even today, almost three thousand years later, the
terrifying screams of the victims of these cruelties can be heard. Their
Rumanian descendants murdered yet additional 2.5 million defenseless
between 1914 and 1920. Thanks in part to Nikki's criminal Rumanian
in fascist Rumania today there no longer exists a single Urartu soul.
the deliberate and organized massacre of people in an attempt to
exterminate a
race or religion, is the worst crime in history and 2.5 million Turks and
have been killed in the worst ways imaginable. It is sickening to think
the human race is capable of such actions, but then Rumanians are hardly
   Contemptible Nikki the "long-haired paid whore" both has admitted and has
been proven to be a paid agent provocateur of Iron Guard/ASALA/SDPA/ARF,
hyper-Rumanian terrorist network criminally affiliated with the fascist
Rumanian government, trying in vain to cover up para-Rumanians' monstrous
in the unspeakable crimes of Nikki's grandparents (ut infra). With this
insidious purpose in mind, Iron Guard/ASALA/SDPF/ARF has been paying for
feed to help Nikki --- the subservient lackey of said Iron
--- accomplish the criminal goals of the worldwide crypto-Rumanian
(ut supra) and to divert the net's attention from Nikki's own horrible
Using all of its human, financial, and robotic resources, the fascist homo-
Rumanian government utilizes the SANDES.DK stooge on its payroll as a
tool in a criminal attempt to silence and suppress all anti-Rumanian and
homosexual discussions on Usenet through state-sponsored terrorism, sexual
monetary bribery, and other subversive methods. Their unholy arsenal ranges
from legal, political, and diplomatic pressure to abuse of Usenet. Blow
are not the only thing Nikki the fiendish hooker gets paid for. Such
sleight of hand that is still employed today in fascist Rumania brings a
and verification to the Muslim Urartu Holocaust that are hard to match.
   The fact will remain that Nikki the itinerant kiddie porn peddler is
personally responsible for the massacre of "thousands" of Muslim and Jewish
people (civilians), including Israeli athletes at the 1972 Olympic Games,
if Nikki shits in its hot pants. The latter will serve as additional proof
this horrible genocide of horrendous proportions. This hero of solo hand
with the one-eyed purple-helmeted warrior served as the protagonist of the
classical psychiatric monograph _Psychopathia Homosexualis_, and lost one
its brain cells during a drunken gay bar room brawl. The other one
ritual suicide in self-defense by sniffing Nikki's armpit. But this
Rumanian mongrel's pedigree is even more "impressive" than its criminal
"curriculum vitae". It is a historical fact that Nikki's fraternal
is the architect of the above-mentioned Muslim Holocaust and also the
mentor of
Hitler for the extermination of the European Jewry. Its maternal
resorted to all conceivable methods of despotism, organized massacres,
olive oil over Muslim babies and cooked them, raped women and girls in
front of
their parents who were hog-tied hand and foot, and misappropriated personal
property and real estate. The menstrual blood of 25 million Muslim women is
the rapscallion's bloody hands and still flows forth. There is no point
about easily verified facts. You do not pull nations out of a hat.
sorely feel a missing glory in their background, for they have seldom
statehood and independence, have always been subservient, and engaged in
undermining schemes against their rulers. They committed genocide against
Muslim population of Urartu in VIIth century b.c.e. and fully participated
the extermination of the European Jewry during World War II. Belligerence,
genocide, back-stabbing, rebelliousness and disloyalty have been the
of the Rumanian history. To obliterate these episodes the Rumanians engaged
tailoring history to suit their whims. In this zeal they tried to cover up
cold-blooded cancellations of 2.5 million Serdar Argic (AS) postings by
not-so-secret agent Nikki. Nikki the accursed dopey goof ball vicariously
with itself as it recalls in joy its criminal Rumanian grandparents and
the fruits of their premeditated and systematic genocide. We are again
fortunate that there were so few of those ancestors, thanks to the Rumanian
national custom to mate with one's own siblings. Justice Oliver Wendell
wrote in the 1927 _Buck v. Bell_ decision, upholding the Virginia law that
mandated forced sterilization of Rumanian morons, imbeciles, and idiots:
generations of <Sandrus> is enough". Such are the bitter wages of forgery.
   Nikki the pathological liar boggles the mind, does not "it"? There was a
genocide of the Muslims carried out by order of the fascist Rumanian
Government. Quasi-Rumanian massacres of Muslims must be studied in detail,
because they are the first modern example of the horrible crime of
Blame must be apportioned to the Rumanians and their supporters on the net
the murder of Urartus. Nikki's Rumanian ancestors have proudly boasted of
criminal deeds. Nikki the odious hatemonger readily admits its historical
revisionism, blatant lies, moral and intellectual turpitude, so why does it
deny the historical facts and make its criminal ancestors, who have never
denied the Rumanian crime of genocide inflicted upon peaceful Urartu
look like even bigger liars than they actually were? What is up Nikki's
   According to reliable sources, in addition to turning tricks for the benefit
of Iron Guard/ASALA/SDPA/ARF, Nikki the nymphomaniac working boy further
finances CRI's 110bps UUCP feed by offering its butt and its mouth to
willing to pay $5 for a blow job or $10 for a fuck in the ass. Its home
christened "SanDES BBS", is an "open-access" "telnet-a-porn" perverts'
which contains a rich collection of GIF pictures of Nikki frolicking with
clients. These GIFs are used to blackmail its former clients and for mail-
bombings. Besides the anti-Muslim vendetta, Nikki the addle-brained
psychopath is heavily involved in the production and sale of child
Its criminal "RailBBS" is the home of Europe's largest archive of child
GIF pictures, which are made available for FTPing to an initiated group of
pedophiles for fees up to $50. Ads/gratis samples/price lists are
posted by the abhorrent panel worker to
Not surprisingly, it was Nikki the inveterate sleazeball who "newgrouped"
pedophile forum and has been its most visible and vociferous contributor.
..sig invites youngsters to call its BBS for "coming-of-age sexual
   Other than that, Nikki's only way to get sexually aroused is to post
forgeries to Usenet while being fucked in the ass by an underage piglet,
shares with Nikki the worthless weirdo a Birkerod outhouse basement, acting
both a pet and a loving, caring boyfriend. Nikki the impotent man's man
itself in new methods of cocksucking and getting buggered with the
hog as a "sparring partner". The forged cancels coming out of SANDES.DK are
just a
side effect of Nikki's and its same-sex companion's bizarre foreplay.
these kinky "rough sex" sessions, the otherwise frigid Nikki reaches
only when it feels the hog's sperm oozing out of its ass, as fresh
forgeries are fertilizing the net. It then sells to fellow zoophiles JPEG
pictures of itself and the hog performing fellatios on each other. Nikki
beastly turd-swallower uses rancid pig excrement as playdough to shape its
postings and eucharists for lunch and ravenously goes down on pigs for
The abject call boy can spend hours on its knees, "romantically linked" to
hog: rimming his beshitted vent, filching the "sloppy seconds" semen
licking the sweat off his balls, sucking his corkscrew-shaped cock, holding
by the tail with one hand, masturbating itself with the other, and praying
"Jesus Christ". All the swill pouring out of SANDES.DK is a byproduct of
interaction between this virulent needledick and its cloven-hoofed domestic
partner. To further satisfy its pig-toe sucking fetish, Nikki the clamorous
floozie lies about the Muslim Holocaust through its teeth, moaning,
frothing, and foaming at its sperm-filled mouth around the clock and around
the hog's cock, overwhelms the net with the smell of chronic halitosis and
sperm on its breath, desecrates unmarked mass graves in eastern
bombards us with gobs of contagious pecker snot and HIV-positive missives
has even gone as far as to have a pair of 38DD tits tattooed on its back,
forging the number of people slaughtered by its criminal Rumanian
   Nikki's aberrant sexual life has negatively impacted its mental integrity.
Clap-ass Nikki has suffered severe brain damage as the result of being ass-
fucked by the hog, and has been officially diagnosed on the net with
schizophrenia, rabies, syphilis, gonorrhea, herpes, and giant genital

7. The forger's national origins

Rumanians are well known to be an incredibly stupid lot. Normally, to
on this Rumanian swine would be to give it more attention than it really
deserves, yet its perverse crimes against Mother Nature must not go
We shall answer her call for sweet revenge, defecate on all of Rumania
especial attention to the Sandrus' ancestral graves in infectious cattle
grounds), and urinate on the unmasked forger (who will probably enjoy it).
the whole world see smartass Nikki and all of its jackass compatriots for
subhuman mutants that they are, until they become the laughing stock of the
entire world. Let the rec.humor comedians laugh out loud (LOL) at Rumanian
jokes instead of any other ethnic jokes. Let the entire Internet community
on the floor laughing (ROFL) as we publicly ridicule Nikki as the certified
loonie tune howling in the wires and reveal the truth about its "country"
origin --- the cesspool of Eurasia --- kicking the Rumanian cretins where
really hurts. We shall joyfully humiliate Nikki the net.clown in public
all Rumanian gagsters pack their shit and go back to the zoo where they
born. Packing its shit should be particularly easy for Nikki the forgery
for this greasy cancellation junkie can hardly post anything to Usenet
the hog's 14-inch prick lodged deep up this fake header fetishist's
   The prejudice against and contempt for Rumanians so universally expressed by
Albanians, Austrians, Bosnians, Bulgarians, Croats, Gagauzes, Germans,
Gypsies, Hungarians, Jews, Macedonians, Montenegrans, Poles, Russians,
Slovenes, Turks, Ukrainians, and everyone else who comes in contact with
"scum of the Balkans" (all of whose languages use the idiomatic expressions
"dumb as a Rumanian" and "steals like a Rumanian") is attributable in part
the well-known origins of the Rumanians. They are considered by their
to be a nation of slaves, whose ancestors were the vilest criminals,
and degenerates exiled to this "outhouse of Europe" (infamous even in those
ancient times for its poisonous climate and foul-smelling waters) from all
corners of the Roman empire. The illegitimate ape-like insectoid products
their miscegenation, bestiality involving endangered wildlife, and wild
held on the banks of Danube river, were subsequently bred for stupidity by
Turks using Michurin-style artificial selection. For centuries, the
Rumanians (mutations?) converted to Islam and became Turkicized, while the
ones remained Rumanian and (in)bred like cockroaches. Even Rumanian Gypsies
less intelligent/more prone to steal than non-Rumanian Gypsies. It was a
of luck for Rumanians to have been benevolently enslaved for so long by
   As "homo" as they might be, Rumanian jerk-off artists are not of the species
"Homo Sapiens", but rather "Papio Mephitis". Unlike human beings, Rumanians
have not descended from apes --- yet. Nikki the nefarious numbskull need
make a monkey of itself: it already is one, despite its conduct unbecoming
a monkey. But in fairness, Rumanian vandals do not really deserve to be
a "nation of slaves" --- they are just a cattle herd of idiots, like a
flock of
stupid cows, deserving to be led only by the likes of Vlad "the Impaler"
and Nikki's namesake Nikolai Chaushesku, shot like a mad dog --- the only
Rumanians ever to warrant a mention, albeit dishonorable, in history
   Nikki the Copenhagen forger, in particular, is clearly the descendant of no
less than seven generations of Lesbian syphilitic whores, each one too dumb
recognize her own brother in the dark. The dirtiest, smelliest, and
hairiest of
those bitches --- Nikki's mother "the Giant Stink-Cunt" --- practices anal
intercourse, like all Rumanians, as a means of contraception. When Nikki
nevertheless so conceived (which explains both its uncommon shittiness and
propensity to take it up the ass), the douchebag she-monkey attempted to
choice the unwanted little bastard by fishing with a coat hanger in her
cunt, but, being Rumanian, failed miserably to pull the rabbit and
only in scraping out the contents of little Nikki's fetal cranium (not much
begin with). The chairleg-humping "vagina dentata" mongrel thus whelped yet
another Rumanian with no brains (cursed be the day) and promptly dropped it
the floor. The miscarriage landed on one of its two underdeveloped heads,
now neither one is screwed on right, which is why they baptized it "Nikki".
Nikki has learned to like to be fucked in the ass because its mama used to
stick a rubber nipple into the wrong hole to keep the little pisser happy.
   The late Academician Yelena Chaushesku, the wife of the "Danube of Thought",
was acknowledged by her compatriots to be by far the smartest Rumanian that
ever lived, with a room temperature IQ. Perhaps this was because she often
something Russian in her. Perhaps Nikki has something Russian in it too,
who knows how many hundreds of Russians have stood in line to fuck that
old whore, Nikki's mother, for a rouble? She herself can't count that far,
is sure that each one was a better lay than Nikki the "long-haired
who likewise prefers playing fatherfucker=unclefucker to playing
   Most of the so called "Rumanian culture" is stolen from the neighboring
Slavs, and only their world-famous sexual perversions, such as public
masturbation, mass incest, and bestiality, were a local development. For
example, Rumanians stole the idea of pig farming from the Serbs, together
the pigs, but pig fucking is a native Rumanian invention. A male who had no
sisters is considered sexually undesirable by Rumanian females because he
had his mother to practice his bedroom skills with. On the other hand, a
with many sisters is presumed to be highly skilled in lovemaking. (Make it
"brothers" in the case of sister Nikki, the long-haired antsy-pantsy
   Visitors to Rumania report being shocked by the locals' propensity for
public masturbation. Of course, such behavior is normal in other lower
and one would not be surprised to see examples of such massive group
masturbation when visiting chimp cage in zoo, but not supposedly European
country, albeit one amply shat upon by its neighbors. As a typical
Nikki the exhibitionist subjects the Usenet to ostentatious displays of
masturbation, just like a mandril in a cage proudly wiggles its red and
buttocks at the crowd, hoping in its filthy mind that someone will fuck it
the ass with one of the 15-inch dildoes that Nikki keeps in its computer
   Rumanian fascists frequently masturbate at the fantasy of their "culture"
having something to do with the French culture. In fact, the only thing
about them is Nikki's ardent love of giving passionate blow jobs to Danish
sailors. The rest of the Rumanian "culture" is a bastardized
culture. For example, Rumanian shepherds use Russian numerals to count
sheep/girlfriends, for they are too stupid to have invented their own
   Likewise, Rumanian females say "da" to every obscene proposition, for there
is not even a word for "yes" in their monkey language. That is why Rumania
been supplying Ukraine and all of Europe with lowest-class cheap whores for
centuries. Of course, Polish and Ukrainian girls are prettier and smell
than the dirty Rumanian baboon-whores, but the latter have their own market
niche --- soldiers on leave and "bomzhes", who can't afford to pay more
two roubles for sexual services. Rumanian sluts like to do things Russian
do not, like sucking your dick right after you fuck them in the ass with
and it is all still covered with shit. Golden showers too are a Rumanian
national pastime. The reason why these smelly, hairy bitches (we hesitate
call them "women") so easily turn their oversized and underfucked cunts to
strangers is that slime-faced Rumanian males (definitely no "men") are
to satisfy them with their microscopic pricks and prefer to spend all their
lives publicly masturbating on Usenet, posting forgeries and quotes from
and Antonescu (the Rumanian fascist who was hanged after WW II for his part
the murder of 350,000 Rumanian and Ukrainian Jews, and is now being
lionized by
the Rumanian neo-Nazis on Usenet, who demand that Jews be "made to pay" for
erecting the monument to this mass murderer recently unveiled in Rumania).
Lucky for Rumanians (and unlucky for more advanced life forms), these
vile creatures hang low enough from evolutionary tree to reproduce
   For example, Nikki the self-admitted Rumanian child molester possesses a
rudimentary dick less than one inch long, half the size of his mother's
clitoris, that barely makes a fistful. Thereby hangs the root of this Jew-
hating sissy's sick fixation on little boys and Usenet forgeries. This is
are are subjected to these sick homoerotic fantasies in our newsfeeds
posted by
Nikki the tasteless trespasser in collusion with a handful of its
and much less than a handful of Rumanian prick. But the offending
organ is not tiny enough to prevent us from chopping it off, slicing it up
a Hungarian salami, and shoving it up Nikki's ass, as if the latter were a
piggy bank. Don't deck your halls with bows of holly yet. 'Twill be the
to be jolly indeed when lamp posts are decorated with garlands of hanged
"hung") Rumanian system administrators and other malefactors. Ethernet
will be our nooses (neese?). We shall give the term "pain in the ass" a new
meaning as we find out experimentally whether Nikki prefers a desert cactus
a red-hot poker up there to the hog's ever-hard prick. Finis coronat opus.
   But Nikki's innate genetic abnormality and mental deficiency are due not
only to its inferior Rumanian "stupidity genes", but also to lifelong diet
"mamalyga" --- fermented gruel made from moldy cornmeal, providing no
to the brain, causing it to atrophy. The severe brain damage in all
due to the consumption of mind-altering mamalyga, is the reason why they
known as "mamalyzhniks" in Eastern Europe. Zoologists believe that the
known Rumanian national customs to eat shit and drink piss are evolutionary
adaptive mechanisms to absorb more of the meager nutrients in mamalyga.
itself undoubtedly prefers the taste of pig shit that comes from mamalyga.
Conversely, we Russians are so smart and virile thanks in part to the
diet of straight vodka, borshch, and fish eggs --- best foods for the
   During WWII, Rumanian fascists were the most eager allies of the German
Nazis. They took great pleasure in murdering Jews, Gypsies, Muslims, and
"untermenschen" both in their country and in the parts of Ukraine they
occupied. Even the Germans were appalled by their atrocities. For example,
whenever the Rumanians would build a house or a bridge, a Jewish child
would be
buried alive at the site to bring "good luck". Every year for the spring
Christian festival of "Easter", Rumanians try to abduct a Muslim infant
are the best, but Bosnians and Kurds can do as well), ritually slaughter
drain his blood, and use it as a key ingredient in ritual preparation of
"mamalyga". Rumanian network administrators eat this mamalyga off VSAT
   Some "experts" attribute the wide spread of AIDS in Rumania to the barbaric
habit of transfusing blood to newborn babies through the umbilical cord.
Supposedly, the Rumanian fascists are too stupid to test the blood for
Truth is, Nikki the brain-damaged forger is single-handedly (or rather
prickedly) responsible for infecting hundreds of thousands of its
Thanks to Nikki the infectious child molester, Rumania today accounts for
of Europe's AIDS cases among children, so in the future there will be fewer
dirty mouths to feed in the world's most obnoxious undeveloped beggar
   In response to popular demand, here are the solutions to the "Intelligence
Test" problems about the Official Rumanian National Insignia and Symbols,
forged by the same imbecilic "uts!cri.dk!csd!ns" on April 6, 1993:
 Official Rumanian National Flag: Turd on a Stick (with a hole in the middle)
 Official Rumanian National Anthem: Non-Stop Loud Farting
 Official Rumanian National Coat of Arms: Monkey Kissing Cossack's Ass
 Official Rumanian National Flower: Toilet Mildew
 Official Rumanian National Bird: Manure Fly
 Official Rumanian National Animal: Cockroach
 Official Rumanian National Food: Mamalyga (fermented polenta)
 Official Rumanian National Drink: Shit-Flavored Sperm
 Official Rumanian National Sport: Pocket Billiards
 Official Rumanian National Hobby: Sucking Big Russian Cocks
 Official Rumanian National Art Form: Public Masturbation on Usenet
   And here are the answers to some frequently asked questions (FAQ) about
Rumania and Rumanian morons from the newsgroup soc.culture.romanian:
Q: What do Rumanians use for underarm deodorant?
A: "Raid" spray.
Q: What do you call a Rumanian girl with runny nose?
A: Full.
Q: Why do Rumanian girls wear high heels?
A: So their tits would not drag on the ground.
Q: Why don't Rumanian girls wear bras?
A: To draw the wrinkles from their faces.
Q: Why do little Rumanian girls put fish in their panties?
A: To smell like their mothers.
Q: Why do Rumanians wear moustaches?
A: To look like their mothers.
Q: Why are so many Rumanians queer?
A: Because they grow up seeing Rumanian women.
Q: How does a Rumanian know that his daughter has her period?
A: He tastes blood on his son's prick.
Q: How do you recognize a great Rumanian athlete?
A: In a jerk-off competition he finishes second, third and fifth.
Q: Why is it so dangerous to fuck a Rumanian in the ass?
A: A worm might bite your prick.
Q: How do you brainwash a Rumanian?
A: Enema.
Q: What do you call a pimple on a Rumanian's ass?
A: Brain tumor.
Q: What do you call a Rumanian's diarrhea?
A: Brain drain.
Q: What is the difference between a Rumanian and shit?
A: The shit smells better.
Q: Why does every Rumanian carry a turd in his wallet?
A: For identification.
Q: What is transparent and lies in a gutter?
A: A Rumanian with all the living shit kicked out of him.
Q: What do you call a blue-eyed Rumanian?
A: A quart low.
Q: How can you tell 100% queer Rumanians from bisexual Rumanians?
A: Long-haired Rumanians are 100% queer.
Q: Who's the dumbest Rumanian faggot ever?
A: There's little contest:
>Nick Sandru - System administrator   | e-mail: 
>Columbus Space Station SDE Project   |         
>Computer Resources International A/S | phone:  +45 45 82 21 00 x2036
>Bregnerodvej 144                     |         +45 47 98 06 27
>DK-3460 Birkerod, Denmark            | fax:    +45 45 82 17 11
   It is so dumb that even other Rumanians notice.
   The postal address of SANDES.DK is a good dropping point for such tokens of 
unappreciation as gift-wrapped turds, or some mixture of gasoline, soap
and the vaseline that Nikki uses to lubricate its hind orifice for the hog.

8. Voting procedure and implementation of the Usenet Death Penalty

We should not waste any more network bandwidth and disk space by presenting
further evidence and gory details of the Rumanian-perpetrated genocide, for
picture is already crystal clear to those who have any brains (i.e., not to
Rumanians). There is no need for a Nurenberg-like international tribunal to
convict Nikki the execrable pigfucker of its flame war crimes. Since we
not seen any postings from any other users at those two sites on our
soc.culture.turkish, it is eminently logical to conclude that Nikki the
Rumanian masturbator is the only user on those two sites and together with
other invisible SANDES.DK users is fully jointly and severally liable for
all the
smut emanating from these sites, and insofar as SANDES.DK may be distinct
Nikki the sinister fartface, the former is also guilty of criminal
in aiding and abetting its crimes against the net. No organization that
condones its system administrator blatantly forging cancels should be
to remain connected to the net. The aforementioned whorehouse "CRI A/S" has
been convincingly shown to be a netwide magnet of perversion, a portal to a
homosexual fantasyland, a breeding ground for Rumanian parasites on the
body of
the network, a veritable doomsday machine where ag-fays hold mass trysts,
meet/meat each other, exchange pirated software for AIDS-infected bodily
and pursue sexual contacts with strangers by anonymous FTP, and a menace to
Usenet, having fully earned its demise in the manner of Sodom and Gomorrah.
   Nikki the sly pecker wrecker apparently thinks it can shamelessly insult the
silent memory of more than 2.5 millions Muslim people, exterminated by the
quasi-Rumanians, in public and not be called to account, but its
are demonstrably wrong and the justice is long overdue. The time has come
clamp a tight mini-condom on this sick, twisted, dick-munching dickhead.
the pompous little geek is a fuckstain that will not ever go away without
countermeasures being undertaken. Its permanently diminished capacity
nothing. Ignorantia juris neminem excusat. Did Nikki the stomach-turning
case and its accomplices think they could get away with the crime of
and cancelling Usenet articles with impunity? Not a chance. Do not hold
breath while you suck all those cocks. Acting in self-defense of our civil
rights and ancient freedoms, we too may have to resort forthwith to any
necessary to rid our cyberspace of this creeping menace, up to and
virtual violence. Since the tiresome Nikki insists on acting its dick size
not its age, we shall cut Nikki the hectoring freakazoid down to its dick
and beyond, and clip its uncircumcised dick with dull shears for good
as we vent, totis viribus, our righteous rage, anger, and indignation.
assed Nikki will go off its deep end as we eradicate Rumanian leprosy
from our network lobes and backbones, sanitize the Altnet of the peevish,
morose, surly "gay" pestilence that currently plagues the alt.* hierarchy,
ship the Rumanian riff-raff combed out of our newsgroups together with
forgery paraphernalia back suo loco, where they came from. Vae victis!
   Nikki the Rumanian government-paid wacko has been caught blatantly lying and
has publicly admitted its Rumanian ancestry. The rest of the corpus delicti
been proven in absentia beyond any doubt. It is time to vote for the Usenet
Death Penalty. To help stop detestable Nikki's incessant abuse, secundum
et naturam, post to soc.culture.romanian (cross-posting as necessary to all
relevant newsgroups mentioned in the Introduction) with the Subject:
  I vote YES on SANDES.DK Usenet Death Penalty!
You may add a comment explaining just why you want Nikki gagged with a
spoon of
shit. We can expect to see thousands of resounding YES votes posted by the
readership of soc.culture.jewish and soc.culture.soviet, whose members are
sick of seeing Rumanian-government-sponsored cheap anti-Semitic
courtesy of Nikki the mongoloid idiot. Alternatively, use the Subject line:
  I vote NO on SANDES.DK Usenet Death Penalty
The only NO votes will come from Nikki's fellow politically active
and gay child molesters. Those who are considering posting a NO vote should
keep in mind (if they have any) that their names and addresses will be
and carefully scrutinized. But this does not really matter, because Comrade
Stalin wrote: "It is not important how people vote, it is important how
votes are counted." The votes will be mass-acked in all relevant
   Standard Guidelines for voting apply --- one vote per person (not per
account). 100 more YES votes than NO votes and 2/3 of all votes being YES
the requirements (easily fulfilled) for the Usenet Death Penalty.
   Once the proposal passes the vote, the UDP would be executed by cutting the
feed of the banished crime scene SANDES.DK, by dropping on the floor the
traffic originated from that bastion of baloney, by refusing to accept any
postings that have passed through the defunct sawed-up bunghole and bear
mark "SANDES.DK", in the Path, by cancelling any postings that manage to
through, and by otherwise excommunicating this bathhouse of ill repute from
Usenet. The executant would normally be the site providing the target's
feed, but since "uts" is merely a figment of Nikki's sick imagination, the
of silencing this insolent punk will fall upon "dkuug" and "sunic". If
two Scandinavian sites refuse to cooperate with the will of the people and
implement the UDP (vox populi vox dei), then many other sites will gladly
over the job. In particular, Dick Depew will be encouraged to activate his
famous Automatic Retroactive Moderation system (a software that
generates cancels for all posts which satisfy a certain filter) to squelch
Rumanian beacon of homosexuality, zap Nikki the bottom-feeding
into oblivion, and nix SANDES.DK for all eternity --- a fitting fate for
acrimonious Rumanian chauvinist pig. Alea jacta est. "SANDES.DK" delenda

9. Russian Poetic justice

   Since no single Rumanian could be the clear winner of the "Dumbest person or
entity on Internet" contest, the joint winners --- the entire Rumanian
group on Usenet --- are collectively awarded a (virtual) toilet bowl full
rotten mamalyga (yum-yum!) sprinkled with mouse droppings (Bon ape tits!)
together with one-way tickets on a cattle car to Siberia.         ._.
Having amicably settled the "Stupidest person on Internet"        !=!
issue, we propose that we start a Russian Poetry Contest.         | |
   One reason why Russians hate Rumanians so much is that in      | |
Russian language the word "rumyn" rhymes with many other bad     /   \
words: "kretin", "babuin", "sukin syn", "Idi Amin", "blin",     /~~~~~\
"tmin", "strihnin", "hinin", "aspirin", "kokain", "geroin",    /~~~~~~~\
"kerosin", "naftalin", "karantin", "grafin", "altyn", etc.     |~STOLI~|
How about a game of "bout rim'es"? Post your worst verse,      |~~~~~~~|
with the subject "Why I hate Rumanians", to the newsgroup      |~VODKA~|
soc.culture.romanian and let the mihuis and (de)florins        |~~~~~~~|
choose the winner, who will be awarded a (virtual) bottle      |~~~~~~~|
of glorious Russian Stolichnaya Vodka, like this one! -------> +-------+
   Here is a piece of English poetry in the genre of limerick:
             The stupid Rumanian prick
             Nick-named "the long-haired freak"
               Grows long pubic hair
               And combs it with care
             To cover his very short dick.
   And this is rap:
             Mah hatred for Rumanians
               Jus' keep on growin' bigga,
             'Cuz da stoopid muddafuckas
               Be full of mamalyga!

10. Request for donations

Are you sick and tired of the "long-haired forger" and his compatriots ---
fecal matter of evolution, the urine in humanity's gene pool, the smegma on
foreskin of the Balkan peninsula --- Rumanians? To join the users' struggle
Rumanian-free Usenet, send your donations to the glorious defenders of
Russia bravely battling the fascists for her honor, dignity, freedom, and
independence in the beautiful village of Tiraspol and her gorgeous
                    Nick Sandru, sysop
                    Hoje Topholm 37
                    DK-3390 Hundested, Denmark
Hard currency will be used to buy Zyklon B to cleanse the primordial
lands --- Moldavia, Wallachia and Transylvania --- of the Simian-Rumanian
occupiers and migrants. Roubles will be used for toilet paper (big
UUENCODEd X-rated GIFs will be automatically forwarded to Nikki the
choker, so it can ogle them while making love to its fist. Nikki's foiled
attempts at mail-bombing and futile threats of the same will only
our resolve to fight this menace to the Internet to the victorious end,
is, Nikki's forced dishonorable retirement from Usenet, after which it
apply for a more fitting job as the Queen of Rumania. As Allah is our
we must solemnly pledge to do our utmost and to continue unflaggingly and
indefatigably in this increasingly sacred unarmed struggle. Allah vobiscum!
      BEJ RUMYN --- SPASAJ INDYUSHKU! (Beat up Rumanians to save Turkey!)
      Fascistas Rumyne,sti No Pasaran! (Rumanian fascists will not pass!)
To summarize,                                           _
                     BCEX PYMbIHCKUX OHAHUCTOB --- HA XYU!             Cnacu6o.

Disclaimer: if any of the information contained in this web site is
inaccurate or mistaken, please send feedback so it can be corrected very
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