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18 1956: no "szabadsagharc", word never used (mind)  366 sor     (cikkei)
19 TOZSDEI LEGEK...szavazasa (mind)  21 sor     (cikkei)

+ - Need Help Finding Hungarian Book (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

I am trying to locate a book that was published in Hungary in the early
'90s.  If you, or someone you know of can help in locating a Hungarian
book, I'd love to hear from you.  E-Mail me at 
and we can discuss the details.

+ - Re: Privatization of the MVM (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

My posting on this subject yesterday apparently was not clear, so let me
try again to make my point about the privatization of the Hungarian
Electric Utility:

I do not wish to take a side in the privatization argument, I do not know
enough about it. It is basically an economic, rather than engineering
issue. I only expressed an opinion that a desire for more reliable service
is a poor argument for privatization. In an interconnected power systems
every member utility must meet the standards of the pool, hence there can
not be significant difference between the service of the member systems.

In the USA there are many private an public utilities, so a comparison
could be made of the reliability of service they provide. I do not have the
statistics to prove it, but based of many years of professional contacts
with these utilities, my assumption is that the public utilities give a
somewhat better service. They tend to "gold plate" their equipment.

The other factor is the cost of power. In yesterdays's Globe and Mail the
Power Workers union, in a full page ad made the following claims:

* "In the U.S., residential customers of privately owned utilities pay, on
   the average, 33% higher energy rates than residential customers of U.S.
   public utilities."

* In Great Britain the "the Conservative government told the public that
  the private sector could run the electricity system better and more
  efficiently. They promised lower rates. The awful truth, according an
  Oxford University study, is that U.K. rates are at least 20% higher than
  they would have been under the former public ownership."

* ".. the top 100 managers in the newly privatized U.K. electricity
  system became overnight millionaires, with 200% pay raises and huge stock

These and many other similar arguments leads me to believe, that one can be
a "firm believer in private ownership of companies" and still see, that
there are exceptions to the rule. In industries, which are inherently
monopolistic, the private ownership not necessarily benefiting the consumer.
I would very much like to read how the socialist Hungarian Government
explained to the public the decision to privatize the MVM.

Barna Bozoki
+ - 2 German want to visit Budapest (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

Is there anyone around who wants to show us (2 german students)
his capital Budapest at the weekend of 24.11.95 ??
We dont speak Hungarian...

Is there any youth hostel in Budapest??


Herb and Didi.
Herbert Steffan  - Institute of Communication Networks,
        RWTH Aachen, University,
        Kopernikusstr. 16, 52072 Aachen, Germany,  Phone: 0241/805828
+ - Re: Freedom fight and 1956 (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

My reference was to Hungarian terms, Hungarian tradition, Hungarian
practice. Of course, English books do use the term 'revolution', so I
have no quarrel with that. By Marxist schoolbooks I meant Hungarian
textbooks printed in Hungarian in Communist Hungary for Hungarian use.

I cannot prove (perhaps I could, but I haven't the time, sorry), that the
Western press borrowed the term 'freedom fighter' from the Hungarians.
But I am fairly certain that western reporters stated that the Hungarians
were calling themselves 'freedom fighters' or 'Freiheitskaempfer' - and
certainly not 'revolutionaries', as early as the week of Oct. 23, 1956.

As to whether Hungary was or was not a part of this or that empire - that
depends on how you look at it. I repeat my original contention: the
existence of Hungary as an independent legal entity was never in doubt
either in 1848/49 or in 1956. In the first instance, the Hungarian kingdom
was still the Hungarian kingdom in spite of every abuse, and not Austria;
in 1956, too, Hungary was a sovereign country de jure, and recognized as
such internationally, even if, de facto, it was controlled by a foreign
power. It was never part of the Soviet empire in the same sense as, say,
 Austria was integrated into the Reich, or Mexico was a Spanish colony.

Louis Elteto
+ - Virtual Supporters (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

Andras Kornai makes the obvious guess about the person posting as

> I think Andra1s Pellionisz writes this stuff. Apparently he needs to
> create a virtual supporter of his position.

This may be the truth, but not the whole truth.  "Dr Pellionisz" and
"Szucs" indeed have many things in common: their writing styles, their
peculiar logic, and their shared aversion to grammar.  They seem to share
memories of past events.  They may even share a single body, and a single
brain, for all we know.  But that does not necessarily mean the two are
the same person.  The relationship appears to be more complicated.  It is
possible that "Dr Pellionisz" is only faintly aware of the existence
of "Szucs", and vice versa.  The medical term for this condition is
Dissociative Identity Disorder.  The shorthand name used in psychiatric
circles is FUBB.

It is one of the features of Dissociative Identity Disorder that
alternative identities assume control in sequence, deny knowledge of one
another, or even appear to be in open conflict.  Each of the identities
suffers from some degree of amnesia, but the relationship tends to be
asymmetrical.  "Szucs" mentions his mentor "Dr Pellionisz" in a reverent
whisper.  Of the two, "Dr Pellionisz" is the more hostile and controlling
identity.  "Szucs" seems worried about disapproval by "Dr Pellionisz", who
may be continually asserting control in the form of visual or auditory
hallucinations.  "Dr Pellionisz" is the one seized with notions of
"scientific" status and "prizes".  "Szucs" is the subordinate identity,
less verbally inhibited than "Dr Pellionisz", perhaps because he has a
constant need to prove his loyalty by 'overfulfilling the plan', and
thereby avoiding the wrath of the dreaded "Dr Pellionisz".

Half of the reported cases of Dissociative Identity Disorder involve
individuals with 10 identities or more.  So expect more siliconvalley.com
users to pipe up any minute now.  That's the bad news.  The good news is
that even the most serious cases of Dissociative Identity Disorder are
controllable these days.  Lots of excellent antipsychotic drugs have come
on the market in recent years.  So don't give up.  There is hope.

Gabor Fencsik

+ - Query request (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

To the manager of the list:  A couple weeks ago I requested that you put out a
query to the group asking if anyone knows of environmental organizations in
Hungary.  I never saw my query go out on the net, but now I see a couple querie
of people seeking info about Hungary.  Can you please confirm to me that my
query was posted.  If not, please repost my query:  I am seeking information
about environmental non-profit organizations in Hungary.  Please address your
responses to Doris Rubenstein, Univ. of MN, 123 Snyder Hall, St. Paul, MN 55108
.  Thanks.
+ - Sustainable Waste - WRF on the world-wide web (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

Content-Type: text/plain; charset="us-ascii"

PRISM environmental information service

I recommend our new W3 information resource for global information on solid
waste management and resource recovery, information from our free journal
'Warmer Bulletin' and much more besides.

Visit, enjoy, contribute and tell your friends!

Kit Strange
director, WRF

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Content-Type: text/plain; charset="us-ascii"

World Resource Foundation            Tel           +44 1732 368 333
Bridge House                                   Fax          +44 1732 368 337
High Street, Tonbridge
Kent TN9 1DP England





+ - Re: Multiple Personality Disorder (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

Gabor Fencsik ) wrote:
: His Master's Voice "" says:
: > Dr. Endrey turned out to be an existing elderly statesman-like lawyer,
: > who lives in his retirement in Hodmezovasarhely (a good distance from
: > Silicon Valley...). He breeds, on his pleasure farm, a dozen or so
: > "Grey Hungarian" cattle...
: No mere lawyer he.  It's Dr. Jur., LL.B. (Hons.), QC for you, bub.

i am not sure what qualifies the appendage of the letters "QC" to
his name, for it was claimed on this newsgroup that the person in
question practised in australia for 33 years as a solicitor. now
a solicitor *cannot* be a queen's (or king's) counsel. only those
admitted to the bar, i.e. barristers, may take silk, i.e. become
queen's or king's counsel. in fact, in new south wales, the title
is no longer issued. the entire classification was terminated, albeit
reintroduced recently in the form of "senior counsel". i previously
asked for clarification of the persons formal legal qualifications.
the lack of a definitive answer increases the urgency of the question.

: Calling him just a run-of-the-mill lawyer comes perilously close to
: defamation.

what are his formal qualifications and when were they invested and
by whom?

+ - Money business! (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

Eva Balogh;you wrote,you don't understand what I meant,when I said:
"Private ownership would require a much higher level of equity,as opposed
to debt,and the equity would have to earn a return at least 5-6 percentage
points higher than the interest on the debt."(so you can pay the loan back)
Say,you invest $ 500,000.00 in a business.You expect a(minimum of)6% return
ON YOUR MONEY.Then you borrow an other $500,000.00 for this business.You
expect a return from this business to pay for the INTEREST ON THIS LOAN,plus
you expect a return from the business to pay back the BORROWED MONEY,say in
15 years.You can figure it out how much money you have to make with
$1,000,000.00 investment,a lot! So,when you want to buy an Electric Co.you
must pay a large amount of money of your OWN,plus you borrow the rest of it,
otherwise you won't stay in business too long.This is why,the Hungarian
ratepayer will pay a much higher price for the use of electricity.
Eva,I don't believe,that you don't understand this simple mathematics.You
just pulling my leg?
Laci Toth
+ - Hungarian Lobby (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

Dear Colleagues,

Thank you very much for your tremendous and fast response. The Foreign
Affairs Committee of the Senate has already been flooded by letters and I can
already report on the first response: The Chairman of the Democratic Party,
Senator Christopher Dodd has written a letter to President Clinton,
requesting that he protect the cultural group rights of the indigenous
Hungarian population. Please keep up this effort, including your mailing of
letters to the local papers. The first of these letters has already been
published this morning.
         We do have the E-Mail, fax and regular addresses of some 50 USA
papers and of all Senators and Congressman.

         Now a few problem areas, where you might be able to help:

1) We do not have the E-Mail addresses of Senator Bob Dole, The New York
Times, The Washington Post, The Chicago Tribune. If you have them, please
pass them on.

2) We do not have E-Mail and Fax addresses of the Canadian media and
politicians. Please help putting that list tougether.

3) Our European efforts to this point have been dismal. All help would be
appreciated (from our Colleagues in Hungary, Slovakia, Romania, the members
of Scout organizations), etc.

Best regards: Bela Liptak
+ - Re: anti-Semitism (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

>In a genuinly democratic society everyone is free to keep
>and practice whatever culture they want to.
>The problem is when you claim to be member of a group
>purely by your genetic inheritence; it is also impossible.
>There is no such a thing as a pure Hungarian, or pure English, or
>pure Jewish, whether you like it or not, whether it is
>"Good" or "Bad". It is a fact. I'd like to be able to

There is no such thing as always, but that doesn't mean that we should
ignore wahat is usually true, or mostly of some character.  there may not be
many pure Hungarians, and English, but does not mean tat there are no
between their bloodlines.  I cannot go to India or Kenya or France and claim an
connection to those peoples and places, and for me to do so would be silly.  Ye
we are all human and should therefore respect each other and help each other
when needed, but that is not an arguement of destrying each other with kindness
There is nothing wrong with saying, " I respect you and if you need help I'll
be there, and we can talk and learn from each other, but I have a society and
nation that I belong to, and that is not something I want to share totally and
openly, since that would destroy it."  We can and shold help each other more
with efforts like that in Somolia and should have done more in Ruhwanda.  Thati
not the same as opening your society to being overwhelmed by influences from
around the world.  That is like taking every homeless person who meet into your
house and letting them decide whcih holidays you'll celebrate, and what
religion you'll worship.  You are not expected by anyone to go that far - you
don't have to give up who you are.  You can help those people find work, and
 bul ild
build them a home, but you don't haver to give them yours.

+ - Have dinner w/Prof George Olah and Gov George Pataki (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

Tickets for dinner still available

pesentation of the george washington awards to
dr. George a. Olah winner of the 1994 nobel prize in chemistry
hon. George e. Pataki governor state of new york
bela bartok one of the great and original commposers of musical modernism
on wednesday, november 29, 1995 at the waldorf-astoria starlight
roof reception at 7:00 p.m. Dinner at 8:00p.m
Contact:  prof. August j. Molnar president 908-846-5777
     during 1994-1995 the american-hungarian foundation is celebrating its
40th anniversary.
It was founded on december 28, 1954. The foundation is  devoted to furthering
understanding and appreciation of the hungarian cultural heritage in the
united states.
Through grants, the foundation supports students and scholars exchange,
academic programs, fellowships and research at american universities and
colleges, serving as a bridge between the hungarian and american cultural
traditions to enhance a better understanding of the contribution of each.
In new brunswick,  new jersey,  the foundation established the newly built
hungarian heritage center with its museum, archives, library, visitors
center, conference and research facilities. The center also serves as the
headquarters of the tax-exempt, publicly supported foundation. In name and
symbolism the george washington award was inspired by the statue of
washington, erected in the city park in budapest in 1906. It was a gift from
hungarian immigrants  living in america. For the immigrants
the statues serves as an expression of gratitude to the memory of george
washington and to their adopted country, while not forgetting the land of
their birth.  The george washington award of the american hungarian
foundation honors those persons whose eminent contributions are in the broad
field of human knowledge, the arts, commerce, industry, the sciences, and
understanding among men and women and nations.      The roll of laureates
include the hon. Gerald ford, dr edward teller, ambassador angier biddle
duke, general robert wood johnson, dr. Eugene p. Wigner, admirl lewis l.
Strauss, dr. Peter c. Goldmark, joseph pasternak, james a. Michener, chet
huntley, yehudi menuhin, andre kertesz, raoul wallenberg, cornell capa, elie
wiesel, tony curtis and many more.
special student price for tickets
+ - Re: Extremists hurt their own (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

: When I challenged Kornai a few days ago for his "Szabadsagharc
: (Freedomfight)-denial" he re-stated, in "Hungary" #485:
: "I also stand by my earlier assertion that 1956 was not a war of
: independence (szabadsa1gharc)."
: Apparently, Kornai understands neither the Hungarian language (as the
: denied "Szabadsagharc" is *NOT* "War of Independence" but "Freedom
: Fight")

"szabadsagharc n, war of independence, fight for freedom"

p. 1764 of orszagh's magyar-angol szotar ii.

what is the hungarian translation of "the american war of independence"?

+ - Media Watch (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

I trust that by now most of you have read about the series of demonstrations
and impending strikes which plague the Horn government and threaten the
stabilization program of Lajos Bokros. The first ones to give a "warning"
two-hour slowdown were the workers of the Paks Atomic Plant, who have the
least reason to complain. The average salary--and that includes the cleaning
ladies--is 100,000 Ft./month, which is considered to be very high by
Hungarian standards. Following in their footsteps came the demonstration of
the health workers, and yesterday or today the teachers, librarians, etc.
marched in front of the parliament building. The police officers,
professional soldiers, and the firefighters are supposed to follow. And this
is happening at the time when, as the result of the Bokros package of last
March, the economy is showing some very promising signs. Here is OMRI's news
concerning the latest Hungarian economic developments:

>Hungarian Minister of Industry and Trade Imre Dunai stated on 13
>November that the economy is on a solid upward path, Napi Gazdasag
>reported. Dunai noted that in the first three-quarters of 1995, overall
>production increased by 8% and exports rose by 25% compared with the
>same period last year. He attributed the increases to the large volume
>of foreign capital present in the economy and noted the presence of
>25,000 foreign companies, indicating that foreign investors are
>satisfied with the labor force's skills. Total foreign investment now
>stands at around $6 billion. Magyar Nemzet on 9 November quoted Finance
>Minister Lajos Bokros as saying that while Hungary's stabilization
>program is redressing macroeconomic imbalances, it has not reduced
>economic growth. -- Zsofia Szilagyi
>Finance Ministry official said that Hungary's central budget showed a 20
>billion forint ($148 million) surplus in October. The surplus cut the
>annual budget deficit from 216 billion forint ($1.6 billion) at the end
>of September to 195.6 billion forint ($1.5 billion or 8.2% of gross
>domestic product) at the end of October. However, the ministry noted
>that significant debt-service payments are expected in November and
>December that could raise the deficit as high as 310 billion forint
>($2.3 billion or 12.9% of GDP) if planned privatization revenues of 150
>billion forint fail to materialize. -- Zsofia Szilagyi

The overwhelming majority of the papers is against the strikes. The
commentators express fear that the government might cave under the demands
which would be fatal for the stabilization program. The right-wing papers
take the attitude that the strikes are not only justified but also the only
action the government employees can possibly take under the circumstances.

I especially enjoyed the article by Tamas Bacskai in *Vilaggazdasag,*
November 1. He calls the attention to the fact that in the private sector
there are no strikes because there the labor leaders realize that in the
middle of widespread unemployment and economic hard times there is no room
for strikes.

Bacskai outlines two possibilities: (1) the strikers get what they want but
surely after a while layoffs will follow; (2) the government is forced to
raise taxes or will have to borrow money from abroad. He, of course, also
calls the attention to the price/wage spiral. The inflation at the moment is
30%. Bacskai pretty well advises the government to hold out and behave like
Mrs. Thatcher during the miners' strike.

Eorsi Janos wrote about the wage-war in *Magyar Hirlap,* November 6. He calls
attention to the fact that the problem is not within the whole work force but
only in the state sector: 900,000 people whose salary depends on the budget
(that includes, doctors, nurses, teachers, professors, researchers,
bureaucrats, etc.) and 100-150,000 people who still work in state-owned
factories. That--according to Eorsi--is only one-third of the work force.

Ferenc Pallagi--whose writings I like very much--in *Vasarnapi Hirek,*
November 5, claims that if these strikes do take place and, as a result, the
austerity program comes to a halt, the consequences will be immeasurable.

Ervin Gyertyan--in *Nepszava,* November 6--compares the Hungarian situation
to that of the Weimar Republic and although he appreciates the difficulties
the larger government party faces, he is very upset over the fact that a
substantial segment of the party leadership (the left wing) behaves in an
irresponsible manner, holding separate meetings behind closed doors, and
using tactics which remind him of those of the bolsheviks. "Elvtars-urak, it
would be good idea to be more cautious, more careful, more far-sighted. The
future of democracy depends on you." [elvtars-urak: Comrade-misters].

Eva Balogh
+ - Test-Do not read it. (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

Sorry. I have to try to insert a hyperlink.

 <A HREF= "http://www.mediarange.com/media/huncor/huncor.htm"> HUNCOR </A>
+ - Re: Money business! (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

Regarding L. Toth's "lesson" in economics:

>Say,you invest $ 500,000.00 in a business.You expect a(minimum of)6% return
>ON YOUR MONEY.Then you borrow an other $500,000.00 for this business.You
>expect a return from this business to pay for the INTEREST ON THIS LOAN,plus
>you expect a return from the business to pay back the BORROWED MONEY,say in
>15 years.

To add to this, I also wonder how (and if at all) will the rates of
utilities be controlled by the government in Hungary.  The typical
American practice is that states and other governmental units have
commissions set up to approve or limit rate requests by such utilities,
based on their documented costs and the required return on investment.
The only problem I see in this procedure is that it has no built-in
incentive for the utility companies to be as efficient as companies with
real competition.  Why be efficient, if they can always get a rate
increase based on whatever costs the incur?

Does anybody know what mechanism, if any, is set up in Hungary to
control charges by utility monopolies?

Joe Pannon
+ - Re: Extremists hurt their own (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

>what is the hungarian translation of "the american war of independence"?

Fuggetlensegi haboru.

+ - 1956: no "szabadsagharc", word never used (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

Kornai started his "Freedom Fight denial" in Forum #461 with 98 lines,
entitled "A szabadsagharc elmaradt" [Freedom Fight did not take place].

Kornai renewed his "Freedom Fight denial" in Hungary #485: " I also
stand by my earlier assertion that 1956 was not a war of independence

Kornai shamelessly tried to get off the hook by blatantly mistranslating
SZABADSAGHARC (exactly "Freedom Fight") into "war of independence". No
amount of mistranslation can change the fact that Kornai denied SZABAD-
SAGHARC in "Forum #461", reaffirmed in "Hungary #485".

Balogh, realizing the monstrocity of both Kornai's lies (since "szabad-
sagharc" *did* take place, and it is a *lie* that "szabadsagharc" translates
to "war of independence"), she tried to get Kornai off the hook by adding
her shameless lies to the debate in "Hungary #490" as follows:
"..."freedom fight" as a description of the events of 1956 are not
homegrown. ... In Hungarian we actually never refer to it as "fuggetlensegi
haboru" or "szabadsagharc,"...1956 when the word "szabadsagharc" is never
used. ... "freedom fight" doesn't really mean "szabadsagharc" pure and

        These are very strong, blatant lies. The case compares to the
monstrocity of Mark Fuhrman, who would rather perjure himself, in front of
the whole world, to hide his racial hatred against some people, by stating
that the "He NEVER USED the word "nigger"" [the "N"-word] -- while it was
proven that, at least on one taped session, he used the N-word 41 times!

I waste little on the figures Kornai/Balogh, but will prove below by
41 pieces of evidence (out of the many hundreds or even thousands possible)
that "SZABADSAGHARC" [FREEDOM FIGHT] took place in 1956 as judged by
Hungarian individuals, groups, organizations, parties and so on. I owe
showing at least 41 "FF"-words to my FREEDOM FIGHTER friends who died,
and to my fair-minded readers who are interested in the truth.

Word SZABADSAGHARC [FREEDOM FIGHT] I capitalized, English translations I
put in [square brackets], {and added occasional comments}. Written reference-
collections of documents are shown in the text by A, B, C, etc. Bibliograpy
is attached. All evidence occurred in the year of 1956, in Hungary.


(1) {The first usage of the FF-word I encountered in printed document-volumes
by Oct.24; a flyer on Budapest' streets. As armed fights broke out in the
last hours of Oct. 23, its branding as SZABADSAGHARC [FREEDOM FIGHT] is
immediate & "homegrown"!}
 "Budapest nepenek! A SZABADSAGHARCOSOK piroslo vere ontozi az
utcakat....[signed]: SZABADSAGHARCOSOK" [To the people of Budapest: blood of
FREEDOMFIGHTERS reddens the streets of Budapest]
[page 52, ref. A]

(2) {Flyer on a particulary shameful treason against Freedomfighters} Oct.25;
"Magyarok! A mult hivei be akarjak lopni az AVH-t forradalmi
szervezeteinkbe. Rendoregyenruhaba..oltoztetik Budapest nepenek, ifju
SZABADSAGHARCOSAINAK gyilkosait... [alairas: A Forradalmi Ifjusag].
[Hungarians! The old guard
wants to sneak in the KGB into organizations of the revolution. Murderers
of the people, the FREEDOM FIGHTERS of Budapest changed into Police uniforms..
[signed: Youth of Revolution]].
[page 60, ref. A]

(3) Flyer of the "University Revolutionary Student Council" {Balogh would
certainly know this if she really had been there as a member!}, Oct. 26.
"...Az egyetemi ifjusag felhiv minden partot es politikai csoportosulast,
hogy szukebb parterdekeit ideiglenesen felreteve a forradalom es a nemzeti
SZABADSAGHARC gyozelmeig minden erejevel nemzeti egysegunk es vedelmi
kepessegunk erositesen munkalkodjek" [University Youth calls upon all
and political groups to temporarily shelve their narrow party interests in
order to strengthen national unity and defense ability for the victory
of the revolution and national FREEDOM FIGHT.
[page 69, ref. A]

(4) {Most damning for Ms. Balogh}: Newspaper "Egyetemi Ifjusag" Oct. 28.
[University Youth] OF THE UNIVERSITY "ELTE",that Ms. Balogh claims to have
been a hero at some revolutionary student body!
(Published by "Egyetemi Forradalmi Diakbizottsag" [University Revolutionary
Student Council]). Issue dated Oct. 28. prints a half-page proclamation by
"Magyar Ertelmiseg Forradalmi Bizottsaga" [Revolutionary Council of Hungarian
Intelligentsia]. The solemn proclamation STARTS with these words:
"Magyarok! Polgartarsaink! A magyar nep hosi SZABADSASGHARCA kivivta elso
gyozelmet..." [Hungarians! Citizens! Heroic FREEDOM FIGHT of the Hungarian
nation won its first victory...] {The proclamation is signed by 21 names,
starting with those of the "University Revolutionary Student Council" even
those responsible for dormitories, but name "Balogh" is simply NOT anywhere...}
[Egyetemi Ifjusag, oct.28, ref.A; Page 238 in ref. C]

(5-7) {First regional Radio-announcement known to me referring to FREEDOM
FIGHT. Central Radio Kossuth was taken by freedom figthers only on the 30th!}
[Radio of Workers' Council of Borsod County, Oct. 28, 6:40 P.M.]
"Figyelem, figyelem! Felhivas a munkastanacsokhoz es SZABADSAGHARCOSOKHOZ,
Debrecen, Szeged, Hatvan, Szekesfehervar, Pecs, Szombathely, Gyor, Moson-
Magyarovar, Szolnok, Nyiregyhaza..." [Attention, attention! Proclamation
to Workers' Councils and FREEDOM FIGHTERS in [..towns listed as above..],
{[radio announcement refers to FREEDOM FIGHT three times.}
[p. 114, ref. D]

(8-18) Flyer "Resolution of the Hungarian National Council (Magyar Nemzeti
Bizottmany)", Oct. 29. also relevant as declaration of Military Engagement.
The full-page, 24-point Resolution in its first point remembers victims of
the fight. Its second, and most important point says: "Felkerjuk a Biztonsagi
Tanacsot, hogy ismerje el a Magyar Nemzeti Bizottmanyt es a SZABADSAGHARCOSOK
Vezerseget hadviselo felnek. Kuldjon fegyverszuneti bizottsagot M.o.-ra...
[We call upon the Security Council [of the U.N.,-editor], to recognize that
Hungarian National Council and the High Command of FREEDOM FIGHTERS declared
war. We call [the UN] to send to Hungary an "armistice committee"..]
{The full-page resolution suggests in its 11th point that government be
composed of the mentioned two organizations plus Bela Kovacs, Imre Nagy and
Janos Kadar. The resolution refers to SZABADSAGHARC [FREEDOM FIGHT]
in 8 of its 24 points, specifically mentioning it TEN TIMES.}
[page 111, ref A.]

(19) Flyer by "Pal Maleter a Magyar Nephadsereg Forradalmi Tanacsanak elnoke".
[head of Revolutionary Council of the "Hungarian People's Armed Forces"],
dated oct. 29. {so much for Kornai's lie for "lack of military engagement"}.
"Magyar Egyetemistak! Magyar dolgozok! ....Tamogassatok a magyar
SZABADSAGHARCOT!" [Hungarian University Students! Hungarian workers!...Help
us in the Hungarian FREEDOM FIGHT!]
[p.112, ref A]

(20) Flyer by "Revolutionary University Student Council" (Egyetemi
Forradalmi Diakbizottsag), oct. 29. "Meg mindig itt vannak a szovjet csapatok!
 .Forradalmi SZABADSAGHARCOSOKAT a honvedseg es rendorseg elere!" [Soviet
troops are still here!.. Revolutionary FREEDOM FIGHTERS into the command of
Armed Forces and Police1]
[p. 121, ref A]

(21) Flyer by "Igazsag", [Truth] the newspaper of "Forradalmi Magyar
Honvedseg es Ifjusag" [Revolutionary Hungarian Defense Forces and Youth"],
oct. 29.
"Hosok vagytok! Fiuk! Lanyok! Hosok vagytok, akik egy hete fegyverrel a kezben
harcoltok! ... Mukodjetek egyutt a SZABADSAGHARCOS honvedekkel .." [Boys
and girls! You, who have been fighting for a week now with weapons in
Cooperate with FREEDOM FIGHTER soldiers..."
[p.122, ref A]

(22-24) Flyer-proclamation by "Magyar Forradalmi Bizottmany" [Hungarian
Revolutionary Council}, oct. 29, signed by its Chairman, Jozsef Dudas.
The statement starts with the following historical summation:
"A nemzeti SZABADSAGHARC teljesen spontan, minden szervezes nelkul robbant
ki, ezert a forradalomban gyoztes SZABADSAGHARCOS erok a helyi szuksegletnek
megfeleloen szerveztek parancsnoksagokat, bizottsagokat es foglaltak pontokba
koveteleseiket" [The national FREEDOM FIGHT erupted completely spontaneously,
without any organization, thus victorious FREEDOM FIGHTER revolutionary
forces organized headquarters, councils and issued proclamations as it
was required locally]. {The proclamation specifically mentions FREEDOM FIGHT
three times}
[p.133, ref. A]

(25) Flyer "open letter" dated oct. 29, to Imre Nagy by Forradalmi Nemzeti
Bizottsag [National Revolutionary Council] by the Youth and Workers of XX.
district of Budapest.
"Koveteljuk...az osszes SZABADSAGHARCOSOK azonnali szabadonbocsatasat.."
[We demand... immediate release of all FREEDOM FIGHTERS...]
[p. 137, ref. A]

(26) Flyer of "Ideiglenes Nemzeti Bizottsag" [Provisional National Council]
dates oct. 29
"Koveteljuk... a politikai foglyok es SZABADSAGHARCOSOK azonnali szabadon-
bocsatasat..." [We demand... immediate release of all political prisoners
[p. 139, ref. A]

(27) Hungarian Radio "Kossuth" 3:05 P.M. on Oct. 30.
"...az a HARC amely kivivta a nemzet SZABADSAGAT es fuggetlenseget, a Radio
falai kozott is fellangolt" [The FIGHT for FREEDOM and independence that
won outside, also took place inside the walls of the Radio]
[p. 319. ref C.]

(28) Flyer of "SZABADSAGAERT HARCOLO magyar nep" [FREEDOM FIGHTHER Hungarian
Nation], oct. 30
"Egy hete tart hosi HARCUNK SZABADSAGUNK kivivasaert..." [Our FREEDOM FIGHT
is now a week old..."
[p. 141. ref. A]

(29) Flyer by "Heves Megyei Nyomda" [Printing Shop of Heves District], oct.30.
{If this proof, a poem by Istvan Revasz, 8th grader [14 years old], will not
ashame defamators of Hungarian Freedom Fight, one can present a zillion proofs
for FREEDOM FIGHT, still nothing will make humans out of defamators.}
[4th part of the 6-part poem]
"Harcoljunk hat, fegyverunk is van
S mellettunk van a vilag,
Tudjak hogy nalunk SZABADSAGHARC van
s megvedjuk a magyarok javat"
[Let's fight, we are armed
and the World supports us,
It is known that a FREEDOM FIGHT takes place here
by which we defende our interests]
[p. 145. ref. A]

(30) Daily "Nepszava" [People's Voice], Oct. 30. Press reivew is entitled:
"A vilagsajto a magyar SZABADSAGHARCROL" [World Press reporting on
{The 1/6-page article quotes Yugoslav papers, the English News Chronicle
and Daily Worker, The New York Herald Tribune, The New York Times, French
paper Parisien Libere as well as quotes Nehru [paper unknown]. Special
emphasis is on the fact that the title of Hungarian Press Review *does
contain* FREEDOM FIGHT, while *none* of the quotations contains this
expression. Apparently, Hungarian newsmen needed *no foreign justification*
to call FREEDOM FIGHT what was to everyone a fight for freedom.}
[Nepszava, oct. 30, ref. B]

(31) Newspaper "Igazsag" [Truth],(Publisher Gyula Obersovszky), Oct. 30.
issue,1/3 page Editorial by G. Veszi Janos. [Front page]. *DEFINITION!*
"Felreerthetetlenul le kell szogeznunk, hogy az a semmilyen veraldozattol
vissza nem riado, soha nem tapasztalt elszantsagu es lenduletu  harc amely
ma egesz Magyarorszagon, minden varosban, minden utvonalon folyt es folyik,
a magyar fuggetlenseg, a magyar szabadsag kivivasaert folyo nepi haboru,
SZABADSAGHARC egy nepelnyomo, antidemokratikus rendszer megsemmisiteseert
es e rendszer kulso tamaszanak, a szovjet hadsereg megszallo egysegeinek
eltavolitasaert". [We must state in a way that no one can misunderstand
[not even defamators Kornai & Balogh- the editor] that the fight without
precedent in its devotion and momentum, and without fear of any sacrifice
in blood, that have occured and presently goes on in entire Hungary, in her
every town and on her every road, is a popular war for the independence
{Kornai: WAR OF INDEPENDENCE- the editor}, it is a FREEDOM FIGHT to do away
with an oppressive, antidemocratic system, and to get rid of Soviet troops that
have propped up this regime externally.] {This is a homegrown definition
of Hungarian FREEDOM FIGHT of 56. If you doubt "homegrownness", see style...}
[Igazsag, oct. 30, ref. B]

(32) Flyer of "Fuggetlen Kisgazdapart" [Smallholders' Party], oct. 30
"Hivunk benneteket, a megujhodott Fuggetlen Kisgazda Partba, mint a nemzet
SZABADSAGHARCOSAINAK gyulekezohelyere..." [Come to Smallholders' Party,
the pool of the Nation's FREEDOM FIGHTERS]
[p. 190, ref. A]

(33) Newspaper "Magyar Honved" [Hungarian Guard] Oct. 31.
"A Forradalmi Erok megbizottainak es a Nephadsereg forradalmi
tanacsai megbizottainak felhivasa" [Proclamation by deputies of
Revolutionary Forces and Revolutionary Councils of People's
Armed Forces]
"...a szovjet csapatok ..hagyjak el M.o. teruletet. Amennyiben
ez nem tortenne meg, fegyverre kelunk HARCRA az orszag SZABADSAGA..
ugyeert. ...ellenseggel szemben mely hazank foldjere lep es
fuggetlensegunkre tor, fegyverrel allunk szemben"
[...Soviet troops ...must leave Hungary. If not, will put up
armed FIGHT for FREEDOM of our country... we'll be at war with
any enemy that invades our country and damages our independence}
{Special significance of this item is that it was signed by 21
military leaders, authorized by more than 250 deputies with mandate
from People's Armed Forces, Border Guards, Revolutionary Youth
Council and Police Force.This is a commitment for military engagement}
[Magyar Honved, oct. 31, ref. B]

(34) Speech on central "Radio Kossuth" by Bela Kiraly, Chairman of
"Revolutionary Committee on Armed Agencies", 2:12 P.M., Nov. 1.
"A nemzetorok az 1848-as dicso forradalom es SZABADSAGHARC nemzetorjeinek
hos utodai.." [Our National Guard is the heroic successor of the National
Guard of our sacred revolution and FREEDOM FIGHT of 1948] {This is an
"SZDSZ-special" from Bela Kiraly to Kornai/Balogh about how 1956 and
1848 are *not* comparable...}
[p. 382, ref. C]

(35) Newspaper "Magyar Honved" [Hungarian Guard], Nov. 1.
Title "A SZABADSAGHARCOS csapatok nemzetorsegge alakulnak"
["FREEDOM FIGHTER" units convert into "National Guard"]
[p. 159. ref. E]

(36) Flyer of Hungarian Intelligentsia, Nov. 1.
"A nemzeti SZABADSAGHARC vivmanyai alapjan a magyarsag eletenek jovendo
kepet kovetkezo fo pontokban jeloljuk meg" [Based on the results of our
National FREEDOM FIGHT, the following points outline the future for
the life of Hungarian Nation]. {The 6-point proclamation was signed by the
following organizations of Hungarian Intelligentsia.}
Hungarian Writers' Federation
Hungarian Academy of Sciences
University Revolutionary Committee
Federation of Hungarian Musicians
Revolutionary Council of Intelligentsia
Hungarian Actors' Guild
Federation of Hungarian Screen Artists
Federation of Hungarian Architects
Hungarian Radio
Federation of Hungarian Artists
{Ms. Balogh apparently took exception to all of the above...}
[p. 237, ref. A]

(37) {For those of you who wonder, this why Kornai/Balogh would rather
perjure or make complete idiots of themselves but never admit FREEDOM
FIGHT of 56}
[Brief statement on Nov. 1, 8:24 P.M. in Radio Kossuth of Cardinal
Mindszenty, Catholic Archbishop of Hungary, liberated minutes ago from
his eight-year imprisonment on fabricated charges by communists.]
"Csodalatra melto hosiesseg szabaditja meg most a hazat. A vilag-
tortenelemben paratlan ez a SZABADSAGHARC.." [A heroism, worthy of
all admiration liberates our Homeland. This FREEDOM FIGHT stands
unique in World History"
[p. 385, ref. C]

(38) {This one moved me by far the most. At that time as well as today.
Cannot even type this without goosebumps and tears over the memory of my
fallen friends}.
Handwritten flyers EVERYWHERE in Hungary, Nov. 1.
"Hosi halalt halt SZABADSAGHARCOSAINK emlekere csutortok este viragot
es gyertyat az ablakokba!" [To commemorate our hero FREEDOM FIGHTERS
put flowers and light candles in your window on Thursday [the "Day of
All Saints, when those passed away are celebrated in overwhelmingly
Christian Hungary - the ed.]]
{Most squares and streets in Hungary were filled with fresh improvised
grave mounds of fallen hero FREEDOM FIGHTERS. No one who *truly* lived
through those days would *ever* forget the solemn sight of miryads of
bouncing candlelights in windows with broken pales, eerily illuminating
national tricolor flags with gaping hole in their middle, Stalinist
coat-of-arm torn out.}
[page 237. ref. A]

(39-41) {This is a message from the genius visionary of Archbishop
Mindszenty who so clearly foretold present purposeful defamators and
confused young learners of history. Readers will finally understand why
Kornai/Balogh must "lie at night, lie during the day, lie at all
frequencies [and bandwiths of Internet]"}
An about 10-minute speech by Cardinal Mindszenty on Radio Kossuth,
Nov. 3, 8:01 P.M.
"Kozvetlen ehinseg fenyeget. SZABADSAGHARCAT egy csontig sovanyitott
nemzet vivta. ..A rendszert az egesz magyar nep soporte el. Az orokosok
ne kivanjanak errol meg egy bizonysagot. A vilagon paratlan SZABADSAG-
HARC volt ez, a fiatal nemzedekkel nepunk elen.  A SZABADSAGHARC azert
folyt, mert a nemzet szabadon akart donteni arrol, hogy mikeppen eljen.
Szabadon akart hatarozni sorsa, allamanak igazgatasa, munkajanak
ertekesitese felol.Ennek a tenynek valosagat maga a nap semmilyen mellek-
celra, illetektelen erok erdekeben nem engedi elcsavarni, kiaknazni..."
[An immediate starvation looms. FREEDOM FIGHT was fought by a Nation
starved almost to death... The system was swept away by the whole
Hungarian Nation. Our descendants ought not ask for yet another proof
of this fact. This was a FREEDOM FIGHT unique in the World, led by our
Youth. FREEDOM FIGHT was fought because our Nation wanted to freely
determine its way of life. Wanted to decide about its own fate,
about government of its state, about how to spend fruits of its labor.
It will be Hungarians themselves who will not permit anyone to twist or
otherwise exploit evidence of this fact for the sake of any secondary
goal by forces to whom our FREEDOM FIGHT may not concern.]
[page 454, ref. C]


(A)     "1956 Plakatjai es Roplapjai".
        Szerk: L. Izsak, J. Szabo and R. Szabo,
        Zrinyi Kiado, Budapest, 1991
        ISBN 963 327 147 9

(B)     "1956 Sajtoja"
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        a hazai radioadasok tukreben"
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(E)     "Corvin Koz, 1956"
        Author: Gergely Pongratz
        Szerzo sajat kiadasa, 1982, 1992
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