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+ - No more bridges / only beer (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

George Szaszvari ) wrote:
: In article >, 
 (Janos Szamosfalvi) says:
: >
: >Tradition and taste are 2 different things, and one not necessarily 
: >imply the another.

: I beg to differ...as would most other beer connoisseurs (IMHO). The German
: *tradition* defines good taste, that is why these expressions are more or
: less interchangeable.
: >
: >I have spent over 2 years in Austria, Switzerland, and Germany, and 
: >one thing we never forgot while hitchiking with my best friend was
: >tasting the local specialties.   And there were a big variation amongst
: >them.   

: I got a job in Germany in 1976, subsequently moved to Belgium, went to 
: and fro between NW Europe and Britain for several years before visiting my
: relations in Hungary and Transylvania for a while and moving onto Greece
: for a year. In 1981-2 I ran my own pub business in Belgium (nothing serious,
: just for fun) 

I sold beer in the flu:chtlinglager, in Traiskirchen.   It was purely 
for profit.   It was a rather risky operation, but the payoff was very 

: and can tell you that if you want variety and diversity in 
: beer, Belgium is the place!

I'll verify this in alt.beer and rec.food.drink.beer

 I'm 45 years old and beer has been quite a 
: *hobby* of mine (if not a career!) ever since I tasted my first legal pint 
: back in the swinging sixties. This is not an *one-up-man-ship trip*, but I 
: thought it only fair to let you know...but I am always willing to learn.

Have you ever made your own beer?

: Gezondheid!

Danke  gleichfalls!
+ - Re: Massacre of 50 Thousand (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)


: I started reading about the subject in Hungarian emigre papers during
: the '80s and some of the articles went as far as 100 thousand in their
: estimates.  Personally, I found the one most credible that was based on
: the secret research of a Hungarian priest in Voivodina which placed the
: estimate around 60 thousand.  So I was trying to be conservative by
: roundig it down to 50 K.

: The method of killings by Tito's returning partisans is as gruesome as
: you mentioned, including sawing live people is sawing mills.  But the
: typical method was just as the one recently reported by CIA from
: Srebrenica: gather all males of certain age under some pretense so as
: not to scare them off and not to alert the people left at home, then
: take them to some fields to dig some large ditches.  Then just
: machine-gun them into the ditches.  To kill large number of people, this
: is more efficient than run them over by a train or sawing them in half.

What I`ve heard that Hungarians relocated "csa'ngo'" and "sze'kely" 
people from Romania into Vajdasa'g, and most people killed were from 
+ - WERE YOU BORN on 21 FEBRUAR 1964 ?? (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)


Hello to you out there in Internet-Space !!

I was born on the 21st of February 1964 in Denmark. 

If there is anyone out there who reads this and was born on exactly the 
same day too, please drop me a line pr. e-mail: 

				******* <  > *******

I would be happy to encounter my so-called astrological _time-twin_  ;-)

Have a nice day, kindest regards,

	         FLEMMING RAVN NEFT of Aarhus City, Denmark
+ - Re:Phoenix-Miami (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

Sziasztok Ti ott Amerikaban!
Phoenixbe repulok egy konferenciara Koppenhagabol. Hazafele meg szeretnem 
latogatni a barataimat Miamiban. Nem tudjatok milyen utvonalon erdemes 
repulni es mennyibe kerulhet egy ilyen kerulo ut. Legjobb volna a valszt 
kozvetlenul az E-mail cimemre kuldeni. Elore is koszi.    Udv Imre
+ - Re: Budapest bridges / beer (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

In article >,  (Robert 
Lantos) writes:
|> ) writes:
|>> You must be talking about the Kossuth bridge, but it was not before, but
|>> AFTER '45 and to my knowledge standing well into the '60s.
|>> It was a floating (pontoon) bridge in front of the Parliament and toward
|>> the end of its brief life the Kossuth bridge was for pedestrian traffic
|>> only.
|>  I have crossed that bridge many times between 1946 and 1956 and I am
|>quite sure that it was *not* built on pontoons. It rested on solid pillars
|>built into the river-bottom. (There was an earlier floating bridge
|>immediately after the fighting, but that was in service only until Kossuth
|>bridge was built.)
|>    R.L.

That first floating bridge was called "Boske" near the destroyed Erzsebet 

Pal Hidas
+ - (RE) How can I cook Galuskas? (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

Hello My Unknown Friend,

I just finished a hungarian msg for you on how to make "Galuska" in three 
easy steps.Because I wasn't sure if you received it,I will repeat it for 
the benefit of our other friends on this fantastic newsgroup!
So,let the magic begin:
First step: Take 400gm of flour,one egg,and a pinch of salt.In the 
meantime heat up a big pot of salty water.
Second step: While the water is boiling mix the ingredients quickly,but 
easily with a little bit of cold water in a separate bowl.Do not overdo 
it,because it would be hard to work with.
Third step:Using the God given equipment called "galuska-szaggato" world 
wide,simply cut out the gnocchies(as some englishmen like to call it).If 
you do not have the piece,you will have to use your God given hands and 
make the "Nokedlies"(as us,everyday Hungarians call it) with a help of a 
knife and a cuttingboard and after couple of months(years?) experience 
you will make excellent NOKEDLIES,GALUSKAS(as probably you like to call it).

If you need anymore info relating to this or any other hungarian dish,I 
will be happy to assist not just you,but anybody!
Oroszvari Istvan
+ - USA/Hungary - CET On-Line Vol.2, No.162, Aug/22/95 (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

*** Greetings from the Hungarian-American List ***
      ***      http://mineral.umd.edu/hungary/       ***
      ***       mailto:          ***


  The bodies of three American peace envoys to the former
  Yugoslavia arrived yesterday in Washington.  Their deaths in
  an accident outside Sarajevo over the weekend have set back
  the U.S. peace initative, although leader of the delegation,
  Assistant Secretary of State Richard Holbrooke, said talks
  will resume in a matter of days. In the latest flashpoint
  between Croats and Bosnian Serbs both sides have dug in for a
  fight in the hills above the Adriatic mediaeval city of
  Dubrovnik.   The United Nations says the Croatian army has 10
  thousand men and heavy armor in the hills above the city
  facing Bosnian Serbs in the town of Trebinje, nine miles
  inland.  Battle lines have been quiet for two days.

  Ethnic Hungarians in the Vojvodina region of Serbia are worried
  that Vojvodina's delicate ethnic balance will be upset by  an
  influx of Serb refugees from Croatia. More than 150,000 Serbs
  fled from Croatia's Krajina region after a Croatian offensive
  there earlier this month and 80,000 of them have been settled
  in the Vojvodina region which borders Hungary. The Democratic
  Community of Hungarians in Vojvodina, or DCHV, says the
  resettlement of the Serb refugees could violate international
  law if it changes the ethnic composition of areas where
  Hungarians are a majority.  The DCHV has sent a letter to
  Hungary's political parties, warning that attempts to settle
  armed Serbs in Hungarian areas could cause the unarmed
  Hungarians to flee. DCHV leader Andras Agostan says ten empty
  Hungarian homes in the Backa region of west Vojvidina were
  recently given to Serbs. He adds local authorities have been
  told to make lists of all empty houses. But Agostan says he
  hasn't heard of any forcible evictions.

  For the first time since their landslide victory in May of last
  year, Hungary's ruling Socialists are trailing an opposition
  party in an opinion poll.  The poll, by Marketing Centrum,
  shows that support among committed voters for the populist,
  right-of-center Smallholders' Party is running at 22 percent,
  as against 16 percent for the Socialists.  The Socialists'
  popularity has been dwindling for almost a year, but started
  falling faster after the passage of a tough austerity package
  in March. The Smallholders have been among the fiercest
  opponents of the austerity measures, especially cuts in social
  spending.  The party is also criticizing government efforts to
  privatize businesses and strongly opposes allowing foreigners
  to buy Hungarian farmland.  The poll shows support for the
  Socialists' junior coalition partner, the liberal Alliance of
  Free Democrats, is steady at 14 percent. The Democratic Forum
  and the Christian Democrats, the two mainstream conservative
  parties that ruled Hungary between 1990 and 1994, remain weak,
  with just 11 percent support.


  The Hungarian oil and gas company MOL says it Is to open a gas
  station in Salonta, in Romania, on August 31st. This will be
  MOL's first station outside Hungary. The company also wants to
  open a gas station in Arad soon. Both  towns are near the
  Hungarian border and will be supplied with fuel from Hungary.

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+ - Magyar Resistance: was Resist (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

>On 10 Aug 1995 (cristian)  droned:
>>resistance is futile * you will be assimilated * resistance is futile 
>>you will be assimilated * resistance is futile * you will be
>>assimilated * resistance is futile * you will be ass
>>-the adjuster

On 15 Aug 1995 (Wally, the Killer, Keeler)  wrote;
>Holy Stake Drool, Fatman! Look! Up in the Sky. It's the Nam-Noise Namber
>Fartcraft from little case cristian tomescaca. Look, he's armed with
>Binary Digits, able to crush nambers with a single byte in 13
>nonoseconds. (That's a no no) It's time to get out of here before
>Futility overwhelms . . .  If only we could get hold of some POETency-
>power . . .  Help . . . !!!!
>                        name NUMBER     ---------------
>                        nameNUMBER
>                        naNUMBER ----------
>                        nNuMBER
>                        NAMBER             ------------
>                  NAMBR NAMBR NAMBR NAMBR    ================
>                        NAMBER
>                        nNuMBER   ---------------
>                        naNUMBER
>                        nameNUMBER         ---------
>                        name NUMBER

On 18 Aug 1995 JoJo Pannonescaca wrote;
Sorry Mr Keeler, but the Romanian Fartcraft is not up the necessary
standard to withstand the g-farces in order to down your democratic
impertinence once and for all. The Romanian Fartcraft had its
aerodynamics tested by anal-stake-retentive Romaniacs which is virtually
no test at all. Here in Magyardom (yawn, yawn, ho-Hun) we have developed
our equivalent to the Romaniac CodreAnus-aka-Ceaucescaca-aka-Siliescucu.
It has been tested to endure your kind of dissident activities, indeed,
it is able to vapourize poetic dissent with its fekete vonat powers of
swarthy-Horthy-hell. C'mon, Wally, c'mon, we're ready for little iceberg
Coo-Coo-Canucks like you. C'mon, we'll melt the snowballs between your
legs. Here we come:

zsarol zsarol zsarol zsarol zsarol <ZSARNOKI
                                    SARNOKI   -------------
                                    RASKOI   -------
                             RAKOSI RAKOSI RAKOSI RAKOSI  ============
                                    ASROKI         ------------
zsarol zsarol zsarol zsarol zsarol <ZSARNOKI
                                    SZARNOKsag   --------------------
Wally Keeler					Poetry
Creative Intelligence Agency			is
Peoples Republic of Poetry			Poetency
+ - Re: Budapest bridges / beer (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

In article >,
Robert Lantos > wrote:
>  I have crossed that bridge many times between 1946 and 1956 and I am
>quite sure that it was *not* built on pontoons. It rested on solid pillars
>built into the river-bottom. (There was an earlier floating bridge
>immediately after the fighting, but that was in service only until Kossuth
>bridge was built.)

I think you're right, Robert!  It's been such a long time ago and I keep
remembering the pontoon bridge. ;-)  Sorry for the slipup.

+ - Re: PLEASE READ, HELP (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

In article >  (Dale Decker) w

Magyar Narancs         http://hix.mit.edu/cgi-bin/ekezet.html/hix/narancs/
Csillagaszati hirek    http://iris.elte.hu/mcse/methir/tart.html
Gaia Sajtoszemle       gopher://gopher.bke.hu:71/11/termved/gaia
Impulzus (BME)         http://www.sch.bme.hu/impulzus/impulzus.html
Nyu'z (ELTE TTK)       gopher://ludens.elte.hu:70/11GOPHER_ROOT:[TOP.USER.NYUZ]

-- Olivier
+ - Re: Dissidence (was Re:...Detractors) (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

Wally Keeler ) wrote:
:  (Dan Pop) wrote:
: >Do you know who was behind Tokes?  There are some rumours, even inside
: >HDRU, that it was the Securitate.

:  (Dorin Taranul)
: >Precisely! See Radu Portocala's "Autopsie du coup d'Etat roumain",
: >Camann-Levy 1990, ISBN 2-7021-1935-2, et al.
: >tokes' impact (for all his "merits" - especially those acquired in the 
: >securitate...;->) could be compared to the effect a minuscule 
: >splinter has upon the overall health of the human body...
: >so sorry to shatter any naive dreams...;->
: >-cristian

: Dan Pop is such a single cell thinker that he believes the Vatra
: Romaneasca manifesto is a fake. I don't even think he has a cell anymore
: showing to us all that he is a great believer in rumours and a spreader
: of rumours. Dan has a rumour-tumour in his head.

: Dorin Taranul, no doubt also believes in the veracity of the Protocols of
: the Elders of Zion, Portacala's writings have as much substance as a
: Harlequin Romance novel. No doubt Taranul has seen the movie and read the
: book and now cites both in his deeply held belief that it was the man on
: the grassy knoll who shot Kennedy. Bah!

: Cristian Tomescu's post is a mere splinter stuck in the bandwidth of SCR
: and backed by an inflated ego-boast that he is shattering naive dreams.
: Oooooo, what a tough guy.

: The three MustyBeers above, had about as much personal effect on the
: Romanian revolution as a splinter in a baby finger, that they are envious
: of anyone, especially a Magyar, who had directly contributed to it in any
: degree. 

: No doubt those who want to discredit Tokes would accuse him of belonging
: to the Securitate. They couldn't call him a tigani, so they settled on
: Securitate. Pathetic. 

: In the book, "In The Eye of the Romanian Storm" by Felix Corley & John
: Eibner, published by Fleming H. Revell, ISBN 0-8007-5379-8, is the
: following passage on pages 180-82.

: "The danger really came home to Laszlo in mid-September. The Securitate
: was not playing around. Laszlo's close friend and faithful parishioner
: Erno Ujvarossy was in serious trouble. Enro, a building engineer by
: profession, had faithfully stood by his pastor. He had taken part in the
: church council's fruitless delegation to the office of Bishop Papp and
: had written letters of protest. Laszlo had always had a great affection
: for Erno. His wife had died in tragic circumstances and his son suffered
: from a serious. He had found solace and support in Laszlo's congregation.
: He had selflessly given of his time and skills to help restore the
: church.

: "As the securitate increased the pressure on him, Erno's once daily
: visits to the church became less frequent. Laszlo was worried. When he
: saw Erno, he seemed dispirited and hardly answered the pastor's
: questions. He said only that strangers had threatened him with 'negative
: consequences.' They said he would be transferred to a job in
: Cernavoda..."

: Erno was found dead a few days later, his face beaten to a bloody pulp,
: by the Securitate no doubt, the same organization that the three Romanian
: idiots above believe Laszlo Tokes belongs to. I was able to talk with
: Laszlo Tokes about this matter when he visited Toronto in 1990 at the
: time the Tirgu Mures murders went down. I worked with his brother who
: lives in Montreal. I knew the people who smuggled out the last video tape
: of Tokes' interview in the late fall of 1989.

: This was not the only use of Cernavoda as a threat. Working as a slave on
: the nuclear reactor was used against other dissidents, and evidence
: points to its use as punishment against many of the workers who had
: revolted in Brassov two years earlier.

: Wally Keeler					Poetry
: Creative Intelligence Agency			is
: Peoples Republic of Poetry			Poetency

cristian  wrote;
>>tokes' impact (for all his "merits" - especially those acquired in 
>>the securitate...;->)

cristian  adds;
>second, your remarkable aptitude of drawing stupid conclusions shines 
>under the scr spotlight again.

Your conclusion about Tokes is far in excess of stupid and is a black
hole under the SCR spotlight. Perhaps you can enlighten us -- what were
the "merits" you allude to? Have you been reading Romania Mare again ;->
Put up or shut up!

cristian  wrote;
>"ride ciob de oala sparta" (quick, quick, grab your 
>dictionary.....you'll learn a wonderful play_on_words...)

But that would take some extra effort and I haven't read anything by you
that would make that effort worthwhile.

>>In the book, "In The Eye of the Romanian Storm" by Felix Corley & 
>>John Eibner, published by Fleming H. Revell, ISBN 0-8007-5379-8, is 
>>the following passage on pages 180-82.
>>[txt deleted]...
>>Erno was found dead a few days later, his face beaten to a bloody 
>>pulp, by the Securitate no doubt, the same organization that the 
>>three Romanian idiots above believe Laszlo Tokes belongs to. 
>the extract above does not prove anything. 

but proves more than your slanderous post claiming Tokes to be
>as far as i knew, tokes was involved with the securitate in one way or 

But you know bugger all in this regard. He "was involved with the
Securitate in one way or another"; he was on the receiving end of a shit-
kicking by the Securitate. There is more substance to this fact, than
your slander.

>i may be wrong.

And you most certainly are.

>but you have not proven it either.

The obligation is not on me to prove. Justice expects that everyone is
innocent until proven guilty. I made no charges against Tokes. I did not
accuse Tokes of anything. I did not slander his reputation. However, in
jurisprudence, those who do, have to prove their case. In this instance
you have simply made a dirty accusation out of thin air and posted it
with the puffed chest of a bully kicking down sand castles built by
children. oooooooooo, what a tough guy!

>and neither iordache in one of his previous posts.  

Oh yes, point the finger at someone else; if everyone jumped off a ledge
onto a bunch of stakes, would you follow? If everyone wanted to clear
their face of acne by rubbing shit on it, would you? This was your
arguement to me a few posts back wasn't it? Touche.
>anyway, i do not wish to participate in this particular subject anymore.

That's your perogative, and the rest of us are glad of it.

>and allow me to be a cynic, will you?
You'd like that I bet. Request denied.
>oh yes, i almost forgot - gross insults like the one you used above 

An insult, a gross insult at that, is far preferential than a cruel
slander which you posted against Tokes.

>will only undermine your credibility, intelligence, and your veneer of 
>self-alledged creativity. 

My self-alleged creativity is self-alleged, but additionally, it has been
confirmed by a goodly number of substantial peers. Neither you nor anyone
else on SCR that I have encountered has the literary qualifications to
discount it. Pffft! to you. 

If you make groundless claims that Tokes=Securitate, then I'd worry about
your credibility. You had credibility with me until you made that
posting, but, of course, whether you had my credibility or not is of
absolutely no importance. What is important, is a man's good reputation,
Tokes did in Romania what spineless jellyfish like you in SF did not. I
salute him.
Wally Keeler					Poetry
Creative Intelligence Agency			is
Peoples Republic of Poetry			Poetency
+ - Re: Dissidence (was Re:...Detractors) (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

Subject: Re: Dissidence (was Re:...Detractors)

>In >, Dan Pop > wrote:
>>Read the reference again. Carefully. The title wasn't written in Romanian
>>and the book wasn't published in Romania. We all know that dismissing 
>>unread references is your specialty, but this kind of practices only
>>discredit you as a partner of discussion.


In >  wrote:
>Cheap shot, Dan! The fact that a Romanian author's book is published in
>French still makes it a Romanian book in my eyes. Interesting though,
>how many of these Romanian books appear in French instead of the much
>more widely used English. But then, maybe it's just knowing who's got
>the ears for your message.

That's a $1.95 shot itself. How much are Hungarian ears willing to pay?

"Larry B. Niculita" > Aug 16/95 wrote:
>And what records do you have of him protesting from '84 against 
>systematization?  Or maybe it was when the whole world found out of 
>this/ceaucescu ordered some villages mainly populated by ethnic 
>Hungarians to be buldozered? Maybe I'm wrong, but wouldn't then his 
>"arguing for minority rights" mean the same as "protesting against the 
>plan of systematization"? 'Cause 'realistically' speaking, I think he 
>would've been 'sent' a long time before '89 from Timisoara, if he had 
>been 'protesting against systematization' from '84.

The protest against systemization in the international theatre was lead by
the Hungarians. They had what the Romanians were regretably lacking --
media savvy. They played up the "cultural genocide" aspect of it very well,
and received considerable attention. This was all well and good insofar as
focussing the world's attention on the program of systemization. What makes
this interesting is that when one focussed on the facts on the ground, it
was largely Romanian villages that were being bulldozed. It was more of a
"cultural genocide" against Romanians. This is not to say that Hungarian
cultural matters were not being bulldozed, but that the proportion was not
as great as the desecration against Romanian culture. It is regretable to
both communities that so much has been lost in Romania because the two
communities were/are all too often sniping each other and scoring petty
points, (a la cristian tomescaca) instead of commonly sniping the central
enemy -- state idiocy.
Wally Keeler					Poetry
Creative Intelligence Agency			is
Peoples Republic of Poetry			Poetency
+ - USA/Hungary - OMRI Daily Digest No.163, Aug/22/95 (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

*** Greetings from the Hungarian-American List ***
      ***      http://mineral.umd.edu/hungary/       ***
      ***       mailto:          ***

STRIKE ENDS IN MINSK. A strike by metro workers in Minsk was ended on 21
August when police arrested several union leaders and brought in train
drivers, protected by a police escort, to replace the strikers,
international agencies reported. A union official said masked police
arrested two union leaders and brought them to the prosecutor general
and then to the municipal court. Under Belarusian law the strike was
illegal. The head of the Independent Trade Unions, Syarhei Antonchyk,
said that police had detained 15 strikers and 60 were fired. President
Alyaksandr Lukashenka told Belarusian radio he had information that the
strikers, who said they had not been paid since June, were abetted by
Polish and American unions. He also accused the nationalist opposition
of having a hand in organizing the strikes. -- Ustina Markus, OMRI, Inc.

on 21 August by Marketing Centrum shows Hungary's ruling Socialists
trailing an opposition party for the first time since the Socialists'
landslide election victory in May 1994. The results of the poll,
published in Nepszava, show the Socialists running in second place with
16%; the right-of-center populist Smallholders placed first with 22%.
The Socialists' junior coalition partner, the liberal Alliance of Free
Democrats, finished third with 14%. The popularity of Prime Minister
Gyula Horn's Socialist Party has been dwindling for nearly a year, but
the slide accelerated following the passing of an austerity package in
March aimed at cutting the country's huge budget and current account
deficits. -- Jiri Pehe, OMRI, Inc.

Tudjman on 21 August urged Russian presidential envoy Aleksandr Zotov to
persuade Serbia to recognize Croatia. Hina said that Tudjman "underlined
the willingness of Croatia to settle the problem on the basis of mutual
recognition [between Belgrade and Zagreb] and urged Russia to use its
influence on Serbian authorities to this end. Failing that, Croatia will
feel obliged to resort to all means at its disposal to liberate the
remainder of its occupied territories" and to enable refugees to go
home. Vecernji list on 22 August asked whether some joint U.S.-Russian
peace proposal is in the offing, but Mlada fronta dnes on 18 August
warned Western powers against trying to rid themselves of the current
crisis by giving Moscow undue diplomatic influence in the Balkans. --
Patrick Moore, OMRI, Inc.

SERBIAN REFUGEE UPDATE. BETA on 21 August reported that the total number
of Krajina Serbs now in rump Yugoslavia is 154,079. Of that number,
approximately 83,000 are in Serbia's ethnically mixed Vojvodina
province, and about 3,000 in the predominantly ethnic Albanian province
of Kosovo. Montena-fax observes that some 1,115 have found refuge in
Montenegro. Belgrade officials continue to articulate concern for the
humanitarian needs of the refugees, and on 22 August AFP quotes national
bank Governor Dragoslav Avramovic as saying the best way to meet them is
"to reduce budgetary spending in general while promoting production and
boosting revenues." Meanwhile, on 21 August the BBC reported that the UN
has protested to Serbia over its having press-ganged about 1,000
"military-aged" Krajina male refugees last week. The men have been
forcibly deported to Bosnia. -- Stan Markotich, OMRI, Inc.

Bucharest said on 21 August that the Romanian troops who participated in
the joint Hungarian-Romanian exercise in Hodmezovasarhely had returned
to the country. The exercise was held within the Partnership for Peace
Program and lasted 11 days. Hungarian Defense Minister Gyorgy Keleti
told the guests they should "bring home the message that Hungary is
capable and prepared to defend itself" and has the means to do so. In
other news, Romanian television reported on 21 August that the first
contingent of 105 peacekeeping troops has left for Angola. The Romanian
battalion will eventually be manned by a total of 750 soldiers. --
Michael Shafir, OMRI, Inc.
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