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+ - Magyarization (was :Re: SCM: Re: Transilvania was...) (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

In article news:, Johanne L. Tournier
> wrote :

>It also reminds me that in my
>largely-Italian hometown in the States, that my grandparents' last names
>which were Swedish and French (Lundin and Tournier) were *Italicized* (if
>that is the correct word) by many people into *Lundino* and *Tournieri*
>respectively. But, this could hardly be described as *forced Italicization*,
>nor was it a result of a sinister conspiracy, just a natural tendency of
>people to translate names into ones compatible with their own language systems

This story behind changing names goes way back, before homo occidentalis
existed. That is, it was about fight and survival, not about comfy

It's one thing to have people calling you in a "compatible" way and
something completly different to be denied the right to your name.
What if your grandfather's name was Taylor and would have been
changed (legally) to Szabo (HU for tailor) ?

It's very convenient to look at yesterday's ugly faces with today's
attitudes, it calms down any disturbing thought. If you don't learn
from the past, you're condamned to re-live it.

+ - Re: az agressziv kismalac (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

Peter Szaszvari > wrote:
>Van ebben valami magyar, hatha valaki nem hallotta:
>Az agressziv kismalac setal az erdoben es beleesik egy mely 
>godorbe ahonnan nem tud kimaszni.
>Arra jon a nyuszi, meglatja es leszol neki:
>- Szerbusz agressziv kismalac, varj mindjart hozok segitseget.
>- Nem varok ! 

Pretty funny!  However, didn't you write in the HUNGARY list recently
that you did not know Hungarian?  This little story is in pretty good

+ - Re: Transilvania was,is and would be romanian province (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

Dan Pop > wrote:
>This is also what I learned from the Romanians who had the misfortune to
>live in Northern Transylvania during the '40-'44 period.  This is also
>what I learned from the old people who lived in Transylvania before 1918.

Thanks, Dan, for defining the term "hear-say" for us.

>Sorry, I forgot that Romanians are a people of liars and the truth can be
>found only in Joe Pannon's posts.

If you say so, Dan.
>I see.  Thanks for the explanation.  (Am I supposed to buy it?)

You're welcome.  Yes, stock, lock and barrel, of course.

>Where are those "Romanized" Hungarians?  What is their number?

Look for names, such as Farcas, Lacatosu, Comenici, etc.  But Hermes
himself isn't a bad example, either. ;-)

>Could you, please, keep your idiotic bullshit for yourself?  It's not
>funny (but it's revealing for your mental abilities).

Whoa!  Our resident sour puss got indignant again.  Now, is that a
non-event, or what?

+ - Okros-Music-tanc-Ottawa (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

Music that inspired BARTOK
Authentic village music from Hungary and Transylvania           
A remarkable musical revival experience

		  The Okros String Ensemble
         from Budapest, with Fodor Sandor "Neti" the last
		great gypsy fiddler from Kalotaszeg

The Okros band will be paying in Ottawa JUNE 8 at 7:30 pm in the Blessed
Sacrament Church on the corner of Fourth Ave and Percy Street

The Okros band is traveling from Transylvania with Neti a 74 year of
Violinist (this is his last tour).

Tickets can be purchased at the door $10.00 you can reserve the tickets by
phone through Megyeri-Lawless Eniko 834-0413
	      Toth-Blackburn Zsuzsa 233-6791
and by e-mail at 

We hope to see you there!

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+ - Re: Cluj-a historically genuine Hungarian town (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

In article > George Barac,
> Weeeeeell, isn't that awfully nice?

Dear Gyuri von Brassow,

First, I have a comment on the title you gave to this thread.
AFAIK, but I will look it up for you if you want reference, in
the early middle age Kolozsvár was not Hungarian but Saxon
city .  The faster increasing Hungarian population caused la-
ter considerable tension, mostly in practice of religion: who
and when should use the churches of the town. The municipal
council could not decide and the final decision was always
brought by higher authourity. 

>What a great and con-
>venient census, run by the kind, totally unbiased Austro-
>Hungarian authorities, to indicate that the Hungarian eth-
>nics accounted for almost 84 % of the population of Cluj
>(errr, pardon me, Koloszvar or whatever you guys call Cluj),
>whereas Romanian ethnics where no more (actually, slightly
>less)  than 12 % ...

You missed perhaps that the whole population of the town
was just below 70 000. It was a small town then.

On the other side, in your interpretation it seems as though
the Austro-Hungarian empire biggest problem would have
been the Romanian question of Erdely. This is not true. That time
Romania was an insignificant  little asian country somewhere
behind the Carpathians not long before just a dirty turkish
fiefdom.  No one cared of Romanians because they were so
unimportant and harmless from the empire's point of view.

+ - New Hungarian Book... (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

My friend has just finished his book on Hungarian history and culture entitl
ed "Dayton Hungarians: Their 
Stories, Glories and Folklore" ...he spent years in personal interviews with fe
llow Hungarians not only 
around the Dayton, Ohio area but around the country as well.  For further infor
mation please contact the 
author and my friend Mike Sakal at (513) 884-7555 between 7am-11pm est.  Please
 tell him you found this 
posting courtesy of his friend Sean.

                                                                 Thanks, Sean
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addig nem teszem kozze, amig a harag el nem szall szivembol. Ebben a konkret
esetben ez megtortent.

Mivel ezen feljelentesek kapcsolatban allnak a HAL-on es a HL-en, de reszben
az SCM-en valo aktivitasommal, azert ugy gondolom, jo ha tudnak rola.

     Az olvaso ne torodjon az en problemaimmal, en azokat megoldom. 
     Helyezze inkabb ezt a kis tortenetet egy tagabb kontextusba. A 
     hazai sajto es media szabadsag helyzetebe, a parlamenti ellenzeki
     felszolalasok korlatozasanak bevezetesi kiserletere. Igy, tagabb
     kontextusban latszik csak, hogy Magyarorszagon _minden fronton_ 
     tamadas indult az ellenzeki velemenyek es azok hordozoi ellen. A 
     televiziotol az Internetig, a parlamenttol a munkahelyekig. Tehat 
     nem mondhatjuk, hogy ez egy-egy medium problematikaja, vagy a media
     torveny, vagy a torvenyalkotas problematikaja. Mert a parlamenti 
     kozvetitesek meg az Internet kozt en csak igen tavoli hasonlosagot 

     Ez egy altalanos tamadas a velemeny nyilvanitas szabadsaga ellen.
     (Meglehet amerikai segedlettel/jovahagyassal?! Ld. Lovas cikkek.)

Nehany apro nuanszra hivnam fel eloszor a figyelmet. 
0. Budapesti lakos vagyok, es ez minden rolam szolo dokumentumban benne van.
   Fingerrel barmikor megtudhato barmelyik accountomrol.
1. Account letiltas barmifele elozetes bizonyitas nelkul.
2. Gyanusitgatas, alapok nelkul ld. 0. pont, plusz annak megelolegzese,
   hogy en az accountomat "ilyen celra", azaz fasiszta propagandara
3. Az nem igaz, hogy a szobanforgo intezetbol nem publikalnak politikai 
   celzatu szovegeket hasonlo statussal birok mint en. Csak azok (fokent)
   liberalis meg (kevesbe) kommunista szovegek. Az nem zavart
   senkit. Talan nem veletlenul ... [Ez a Nepszabadsag kampanyszlogenje.]
4. Azt kulonosen undoritonak talaltam, hogy felszolitanak, hogy "mukodjek
   kozre a hatosagokkal". Igy meggyorsithatom az eljarast. (Es az nekem
   miert jo?!) 
5. Az meg megint undort valtott ki belolem, hogy fennall ugyan az "artatlansag
   velelme", de azert az account letiltassal gyakorlatilag egy hetre 
   megbenitanak es ellehetetlenitenek. (Azota szetkoltoztem tobb helyre, 
   ugyhogy elvtarsak, meg ennyi kart se tudtok okozni.)
6. Azert meg nem olyan veszes a helyzet, mert vegul, ugyan csak "tovabbi
   intezkedesig", de vissza kaptam az accountomat, ugyan becsuletszavam
   adtam, hogy nem hasznalom tobbet politikai tevekenysegre. Sajnos, ez
   nalam jelent is valamit, es igy minden irasomert 5 perccel tovabb
   kel kuzdeni, hogy kimenjen. Es a vonalak neha elkepesztoen rosszak.
   (Talan amerikaiak el sem tudjak kepzelni, milyen rosszak. Valojaban 
   elkepzelni en sem, csak mindig latom.)
7. Mikozben a tobbi kollega folytatja/folytathatja a politikai velemenyuk
   terjeszteset, csak trukkosen nekem kell oncenzurat gyakorolnom.

   Lehet, megis vegig kell gondolnom ezt az elavult becsulet szavas 
   uri hulyeseget, es nekem is a kommunista modszereket kell alkalmazni,
   es ha ugralnak, bemoszerolni oket? Meg meggondolom. :-)
8. Aggaszto ez az ideges tulreagalas. Elotte en semmifele levelet, stb
   nem kaptam. Onnan tudtam meg, hogy le vagyok tiltvam, hogy nem tudtam
   bejelentkezni. Azt kovetoen irtam emlitett szemelynek.

Nehany tanacs a feljelentoknak. 

1. Tanuljanak meg feljelento levelet irni. Annyira azert meg nem jott el 
   az idejuk, mint 1950-53 kozt, hogy a puszta feljelentesert "elvittek 
   valakit". Szoval illene valami bizonyitekot is felmutatni legkozelebb.
   (Bar, ha nezzuk a sajto szabadsagrol szolo hireket, jo lesz vigyazni.)
2. Legkozelebb nem leszek olyan jomodoru hogy az erintett intezmeny, ill.
   az erintettek nevet kipontozom, igy ni [...].
3. Azt sose tudhatjak, hogy az adott helyen, ahol eppen feljelentenek, a 
   rendszergazda, fonok, stb eppen haver-e vagy
   nem, es mik a _valodi_ politikai nezetei. Masreszt en meg liberalist
   is lattam rendes embert (remelem nem kopnek le jobboldali barataim
   hogy ilyet mondok, de igy van, sot, meg barataim is vannak, akik liberalisok
   no, nem ugy mint a Tamas Gaspar Miklos, Petho Ivan, vagy eppen a Kis Janos
   :-)), aki vegtelenul undorodik az ilyesmitol, es habar nem ert velem egyet, 
   az eljarassal megkevesbe. Igy soha nem lehet biztos abban egyik kedves
   feljelento elvtars sem, hogy a neve kiderul-e vayg sem.
4. Es foleg az en reakcioimban nem lehet biztos. Mert ha felidegesitenek,
   meg a magam szamara is kiszamithatatlanna valok. 

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Tudom, hogy ez a vad nagyon sulyos (legalabbis en annak tekintem), es mindenki 
mast ert-erthet a fasiszta jelzon. Ezert termeszetesen kertem, hogy pontosan 
irja meg, mire gondol, ill. milyen iromanyokat talalt a NET-en. De akarmilyenek
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munkahelyed es ott is van e-mail-ed, akkor miert a pesti cimre akarsz belogolni
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kovetkeztetesekkel, termeszetesen nalunk is fennall az artatlansag velelme; meg
szeretnem varni, amig kapunk nehany mintat --- amennyiben a megoldast meg 
szeretned gyorsitani, esetleg Te is kuldhetsz nekunk nehany mintat.
Mindenesetre a fentebbi okokbol en kertem [...], hogy amig a dolog nem 
tisztazodik, ideiglenes jelleggel titltsa le a postafiokodat.
Udvozlettel,   [...]

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+ - Re: Transilvania was,is and would be romanian province (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

Joe Pannon, talking about magyarization :

>You, as many Romanians, like to make this practice look much worse than it
>was when always assuming ill will behind it.  Were the American
>immigration officials ill willed, too, when they "made" Smith-s out of
>Schmidt-s, Johnson-s out of Johansen-s?

Watch out, George Szaszvari is just around the corner and will slap you
on your fingers for making improper romanian-american comparisons...

And, man, does it ever hurts...


In article >, loomis  > wrote:
>O.K.than, you nem tudom rumano, so let speak english.
>ARDEALUL (Erde'ly) is ROMANIA,everybody knows that.

Sure, but do they also know that ARDEAL is a bastardization of the
Hungarian word "Erdely"?  The question is then why would the
"aboriginees" borrow from the late comers the name for their homeland?

+ - Re: Transilvania was,is and would be romanian province (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

Hermes1  > wrote:

>I don't think he ate any, see they are no good if you can't 
>poke them with a pitchfork, and you realy can't find a decent
>implement worthy of the name amongst the Swiss ;=)

Heh-heh!  That's a good one, Hermes!  But talking about the pitchfork
something else comes to mind.  I haven't heard any blow-by-blows from
the latest NATO exercises in Romania.  Who is winning this time?

+ - Re: SCM: Re: Transilvania was,is and would be romanian (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

Johanne L. Tournier  > wrote:

>A very intelligent response, Joe. I have seen a copy of baptismal records
>from the Banat, in which a Slavic-sounding last names were tranliterated
>into Germanic-style names. Would it be correct to infer from that that there
>was forced Germanicization of the peoples in the area? I doubt it.

Why, thank you, Johanne!  As you no doubt must have seen, our Romanian
friends do not necessarily share your opinion.  They are a
hard-to-please bunch.  No matter how hard I try. ;-) 

But for what it's worth, I, too, enjoy your posts in the Hungary list.  

Joe Pannon
+ - Re: Transilvania was,is and would be romanian province (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

Alexander N. Bossy' > wrote:
>How about asking Matyas how he feels about forced Romanianization of his
>son's name?  Do you think that he is making "this practice look much worse
>than it is when always assuming ill will behind it"?  Why can't you accept
>that Romanians are going to be just as angered by forced Magyarization of
>their names as Hungarians are by forced Romanianization of theirs? 

You've forgotten something from my post, Alexander.  It was about the
trends (habits) back then, and now.  Back then when the literacy rate
was lower, it was common to follow the "sounding" principle when
transliterating names, today it's the other way around.  So what your kins
did to Matyas' son is contrary to modern, enlightened practices.  What
Hungarians may have done then, it was not.

+ - Bird Jaguar, just for GrandMaster B (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

Tonalamatl/Wed. May 29, 1996

    Today is the 150th day of 1996 with 216 remaining.
    The moon is waxing and gibbous, moving towards its full phase. (13)
    The morning stars are Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn.
    The evening star is Venus.
    Those born on this date are under the sign of Gemini.

Maya Long Count: 12. 19. 3. 3. 10.  LAHCA-Oc OXLAHUN Zip
Otomi  Quenza: 10-Aneyaxi. Mapa: 12-Anyoh. Cana: Ambaxi 12
Purepecha: TEMBEN-Tzhinapu. TEMBENTZIMAN-Uichu. Sicuindiro TEMBENTZIMAN
Zapotec Yza: 7-Pija. Chij: 12-Tela. Cocijo: 1-Lana. Cocij: 1-Ape.
    Miercoles 29 de Mayo de 1996
Today is the Saint's Day for Celestino, Teodosia

1250 Years Ago, in 746:
    [] Bird-Jaguar of Yaxchilan celebrates the period ending of the
    calendar in his father's name.
+ - AUSTRALIAN IMMIGRATION (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

If you wish to find out more about how to immigrate to 
Australia (personal & business)try:


Free assessments and info on visas etc.
+ - Re: Transilvania was,is and would be romanian province (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

In >  () writes:

>Dan Pop > wrote:
>>Where are those "Romanized" Hungarians?  What is their number?
>Look for names, such as Farcas, Lacatosu, Comenici, etc.  But Hermes
>himself isn't a bad example, either. ;-)

You just shot yourself in the foot.  "Lacatus" is locksmith in Romanian
and the others might be very good examples of ethnic Romanians with
magyarized names.  There are plenty of examples of ethnic Romanians
named Farcas or Farcasu or Farcasiu, the best known being Dumitru Farcasu.
And it's interesting to learn that Nadia Comaneci is a romanized Hungarian

>>Could you, please, keep your idiotic bullshit for yourself?  It's not
>>funny (but it's revealing for your mental abilities).
>Whoa!  Our resident sour puss got indignant again.  Now, is that a
>non-event, or what?

It's intolerance to imbecility.

Dan Pop
CERN, CN Division
Mail:  CERN - PPE, Bat. 31 R-004, CH-1211 Geneve 23, Switzerland
+ - magyar nyelvu sugarzasok (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)


 Soltesz Peter jovoltabol elerheto a kulonbozo adasok listaja, amit 
archivaltam <http://www.hix.com/hungarian-faq/HU-broadcast.txt>; cim alatt.
 Kapcsolodo hir: nemreg fedeztem fol hogy a VoA idegen nyelvu adasai, koztuk 
magyar is, elerhetok az Interneten (a szukseges Realaudio 
Web-programkiegeszitesekre mutato kapcsolatokkal egyutt): 

- --
 Zoli , keeper of <http://www.hix.com/hungarian-faq/>;
 <'finger '> 
KC2: (NAME_WITHELD+)X2 (Grubor+)*2 (Fomin+++)/3 (cjames++)*3
     Iatskovski-+ (Petersen--)/2
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Version: 2.6.2

+ - Re: Transilvania was,is and would be romanian province (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

In article >,  (Ferenc Istvan
Vaski) wrote:

> ....I wish you would expand on your *Magyarization* statements
> sometime...

Your wish is my command. Magyarization is a subject that has better experts
than I on SCR (feel free to chime in guys) but I'll take a crack at it.

My father (who was born and raised in Transylvania) knows several people
who were, at various interactions with the Austro-Hungarian or Hungarian
state, subjected to Magyarization. Very simply there names were changed
because it was a Hungarian writing them down and he decided to Magyarize
them without the person's consent. It happened in the army and it happened
in the schools. All of a sudden poof! you become a Magyar. And when the
territories shifted and you found yourself under Romanian administration 
it wasn't too easy to get things changed back. I recall seeing a how to
Magyarize names book floating around someplace. If I dig it up, I'll quote
some passages. 

> as well as information regarding just *how* much is taught
> regarding the Magyar *Contribution*....

If you believe that certain material should be included in the curriculum 
that isn't or you can point to falsehoods that are currently in the 
material that is taught that is recognized by most third party countries
as falsehoods then I would be willing to reconsider my position of giving
the school administration the benefit of the doubt. 

Your side is the one that would like changes to be made. I don't think that
the burden of proof is to prove that the Romanian administration is 
innocent of any wrongdoing but that it is guilty of such. Unless you are
a particular fan of the Turkish system of justice, innocent until proven
guilty is an appropriate standard.

> as for your atttack regarding
> the fellow who originally posted, did it ever ( of course not ) cross
> your mind that he may be Magyar on his *Mother's* side?...

Actually it did after I had posted my response. A simple "my mom is 
hungarian" would have cleared the matter up. It never came so I assume 
that his mom is not hungarian

> did you
> happen to notice his email address, before you jumped on your *Bash
> the Evil Magyar's* podium as per usual?...

First of all, I was not on a "bash the Evil Magyar's" kick. I suggest you
may wish to read for comprehension in future. I have been clear in my 
responses that I do not believe that a hungarian ethnic using the term 
Kolosvar for Cluj is doing something wrong or even odd. My entire point
was that I assumed based on his US e-mail address
) and his non-hungarian name that he was not
hungarian. I don't know that for 
sure nor do you. To continually harp on this non-issue and hold it up as
supposed proof of my anti-hungarian attitudes is witch-hunting, plain and
simple. An american and most other third party country citizens would 
naturally prefer the simpler 1 syllable Cluj to the more complicated 3 
syllable Kolosvar. So why did this guy use Kolosvar?

> what is amazing is how
> poorly you disguise your true sentiments regarding Hungarians.....it's
> Kolozsvar to anyone that's Magyar....and has nothing to do with your
> *New York/New Amsterdam* nonsense...

Well if "Paul Kenneth" or whatever his real name is turns out to be a 
magyar then the entire mystery is solved. As for my true sentiments, I've
never hid them. As long as Hungarians wish equal, not special rights under
the law, as long as they don't want to dismember Romania then I have no
problems with them. If they suffer from discrimination based on their
ethnicity and not from any lack of linguistic or social skills then the
romanian ethnic should be stopped from doing that and punished. I've said
it before as clearly and as plainly as I can. You don't seem to believe
me. Tough.


Now available on the Romanian Political Pages
The only net copy of the Romanian constitution in Romanian
(I wonder why the government never put it on their sites?)
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Hello everyone,

Please visit my new homepage for stamps and postcards. You can preview any 
stamp or postcard you are interested in by clicking on that link and viewing a 
full color scanned picture of the stamp or postcard. You might actually find 
something you like. Give us a try, you won't be sorry. We are at:


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+ - #Esperanto-gazeto: Enhavo de Eventoj 2/majo - 96 (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

Enhavo de EVENTOJ, numero 2 / majo  '96

 Pag^o 1.

 - Projekto: Tutmonda Esperanto-Biblioteko
   La  teknikaj  kondic^oj  estas  donitaj  por krei "Nacian
Bibliotekon de
   Esperantio"  -  kaj  fari  g^in  atingebla  por iu ajn per
Internet. Jam
   pluraj el ili estas atingeblaj, - sed kiel pas^i plu?

 - Jen solvenda problemo
   Por  uzi  E-on  en  la reala praktiko, ni bezonas ankau kelkajn
   kondic^ojn.   Ukrainia   firmao  subskribis  kontrakton  kun
   entrepreno,   sed  iu  devas  autentikigi  la  tradukon  por  la
   instancoj. Sed kiu rajtas je tio?

 Pag^o 2.  REAGOJ

 - Konstrui jes, sed ne el nuboj
   Mark  Fettes  (UEA-estrarano):  "...UEA  ne  povas  simple daurigi
lau la
   modeloj  de  la lastaj 45 jaroj..."  -  Sed c^u tio signifas ke oni
   forgesi  ankau  la  sukcesojn kaj atingojn de la Lapenna-epoko?
Letero de
   Birthe Lapenna.

 - Sukcesa malsilento
   Amasa  reago  devigis  pardonpeti  televidan  direktoron  pro la
   prezento de la fenomeno E-o...

 - Tauga reklamfolio
   La  reklamfolio  por  automobiloj (senpage ricevita de
   estas  aparte  tauga pro manko de stelo, ja jam okazis ke oni
frakasis la
   vitron pro tiu signo...


 - Kion scii pri C^apelilo 2.0?
   Kio  estas nova en la versio 2.0 de C^apelilo? Por kio taugas la
   plene E-lingva tekstoredakta programo?

 - Lokomotivistoj serc^ataj
   La  hungara  sekcio  de sindikata organizo de lokomotivistoj
iniciatas la
   enkondukon de E-o kiel paralela laborlingvo apud la g^isnuna

 - Labori per Esperanto
   Programisto, parolanta E-on estas serc^ata por plentempa laboro en

 - Vojag^igo de infangrupoj
   Ukrainia turisma agentejo serc^as partnerojn.

 Pag^o 4. ARANG^OJ

 Kompleta kalendara listo de E-arang^oj, junio-1996. (2-a parto)

 Pli detalaj informoj pri
  - Balankaj Noktoj en Peterburg
  - Verdulaj renkontig^oj en Vieno
  - Tutpolia E-kongreso
  - Someraj kursoj en San Francisko
  - Memzorga E-Lagumado en Hungario

 Pag^oj 5-6  MOVADO

 - Bona Espero fondis filion en Alto Paraiso
   En  Brazilio 30 infanoj vivas en la bieno-lernejo "Bona Espero",
kiu j^us
   ricevis kromajn 8 parcelojn en la apuda urbo Alto Paraiso...

 - Kulturpremio de Aalen transdonita al Fonto
   Por kio uzos la premion de 10.000 markoj G. A. Bays, eldonanto de

 - Bicikle al UK!
   C^ehaj  esperantistoj  perbicikle  veturos  al  la  Praga  UK, al
kio ili
   atendas kunveturontojn.

 - Pri la Akademio - publike
   Kiel plenumis sian taskon la Akademio en la intaj 90 jaroj? Prelego
de W.
   Bormann kaj Perla Ari-Martinelli...

 - Europa Kalendaro 97-98
   Lernu c^iutage 1 vorton en Esperanto kaj en 13 lingvoj de la Europa

 - 14-a lingvofoiro en Parizo
   Ambasadoroj de ekssovetiaj respublikoj serc^as siajn vojojn

 - Kunveno de liberecanoj
   Libereca Frakcio de SAT: "Sen la religioj ni multe enuus"

 - Lins en Zagrebo
   Lapenna havas siajn spurojn en Zagrebo...

 Pag^o 7.

 LETEROJ   : - IEI: Mazi atingis 49 landojn en 1484 ekzempleroj.
             - T. Svendsen: Necesus artikolaj indekslistoj

 ILEI      : Didaktika seminario en Assizi

 RADIO     : Euroo, grafitio, la Akademio - kaj la Pola Radio

 GAZETOJ   : Fenomeno en Nederlando ne plu. Sed kio alia ekzistas?

 KORESPONDI:  9 koresponddeziroj el 6 landoj

 Pag^o 8.

 INTERESE : Mirakla membrano

 ANONCETOJ: 9 anoncetoj

                Eventoj estas la plej ofta Esperanto-gazeto.
                              Aperas dusemajne!
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