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1 Looking for info on Erszebet Bathory, PLEASE HELP!!! (mind)  19 sor     (cikkei)
2 George Soros Founds Charter Europe (mind)  36 sor     (cikkei)
3 Re: Personal Belongings (mind)  19 sor     (cikkei)
4 Re: a lonak negy laba van... (mind)  44 sor     (cikkei)
5 Re: LE HUNS OR LE GYPSY? (mind)  26 sor     (cikkei)
6 Re: Deng Xiaoping (mind)  46 sor     (cikkei)
7 Re: a lonak negy laba van... (mind)  12 sor     (cikkei)
8 ISFA News : LIVE European and Libertadores Games in the (mind)  49 sor     (cikkei)
9 Visit STwong (mind)  8 sor     (cikkei)
10 Magyar eskuvo (mind)  8 sor     (cikkei)
11 Mindd a 8 uzenetet vissza a feladonak (mind)  24 sor     (cikkei)
12 Re: AFI Presents: The Conquest (Honfoglalas), March 8, (mind)  7 sor     (cikkei)
13 Re: LE HUNS OR LE MONGOLS ? (mind)  16 sor     (cikkei)
14 Re: 5x10 (mind)  14 sor     (cikkei)
15 Re: NATO: who can judge those countries that want to jo (mind)  11 sor     (cikkei)
16 Hungarian WWW information FAQ (mind)  268 sor     (cikkei)
17 Re: Szerb Antal angolul (mind)  66 sor     (cikkei)

+ - Looking for info on Erszebet Bathory, PLEASE HELP!!! (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

Hello.  I'm researching something, and I need to know all there
is about the history and times of Elizabeth Bathory, the Bloody Countess
(1560-1614).  I was told that I might find something here.
	If anyone has knowledge of her or Hungary(and the surrounding
countries) during that time period, then perhaps we can chat over email.
When I went into the Hungarian Library on Netscape, there wasn't a thing
about her (and duly so, since she's rather infamous).  I *have* read a couple
of books, and found out *some* things, but I need to find out more info
about the politics/wars/costumes/etc.  *ANY* info (aside from basic facts
like what she looked like, when she was born, who her husband was, etc.)
will be appreciated.  Say for instance, you have visited the ruins of her
castle, know exactly where it is, can provide me with sources/photographs/
maps, etc.  Info about her cohorts is also wanted (cohorts including her
favorite servant girl, her scribe, her pastors, her cousin(s)).
	Please email me if you have or know where I can obtain the above.


+ - George Soros Founds Charter Europe (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

Euro-Scammer George Soros Founds 'Charter Europe'

High-rolling speculator George Soros, godfather of the drug legalization 
movement internationally, on Feb.6 established his first Western European 
group, called Charter Europe, at a small, closed-door meeing in Brussels. The 
meeting plans a multimillion-dollar public relations campaign to organize a 
European "constituent assembly... with the task of writing the Fundamental 
Charter of European Citizens." Taking advantage of the disgust of Europeans 
over Maastricht Traety-demanded austerity, the Charter seeks, not to dump the 
Maastricht regime, but to split citizens from their national governments.

Whereas in Eastern Europe, Soros has accumulated immense power, through his 
speculation, corruption, and foundations, until now he had not had any 
official organization in Western Europe.

British asset Soros, whose speculation in recent years has wrecked the 
currencies of a half-dozen Western European countries (he is being officially 
investigated in Italy for criminal speculation against the lira), is calling 
for a "Europe of the People"  --the European component of Britain's goal of 
One-World government to supersede a "Europe of the Currency."   At  a private 
meeting in Davos, Switzerland, attended by European Commission president 
Jacques Santer, Soros loosed his battle cry for Europeans to rebel: "A new 
political iniative is necessary; the decisions of the European Union in 
Brussels are the result of wheeling and dealing among governments where the 
national interest prevails over the common interest....The peoples of Europe 
must impose their authority on the European governments."

As he did for drug-legalization referenda in California and Arizona last 
November, Soros will pour millions into a propaganda campaign, this one 
building toward a 1998 Congress of Europe that will issue a "Declaration of 
Interdependence." Leading figures at the Brussels meeting of Charter Europe 
include former Swedish Prime Minister Carl Bildt, the EU representative to 
Bosnia; Francois Mitterand's sidekick, former French Prime minister Michael 
Rocard; and that prophet of post-industrialism, Viscount Etienne Davignon.

-from The New Federalist, Feb.24,1997, p.3.
+ - Re: Personal Belongings (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

> engagement.  Yes, it was obvious that to him Hungarian culture was a
> foreign one, but in a way, this made his story more believable.  What I
> don't quite fathom is the child raising attitude of many 56-ers, like
> Bela himself, who though consider themselves very Hugarian, they often
> tried to isolate their children from that culture with the false

Ahol a ferj az Apa es Anya magyar, ott van eleg jo esely arra, hogy a
gyerekek mint magyarok nonek fel.  Kevesebb, ha csak az Anya magyar, es
nagyon keves ha csak az Apa magyar.  Teniszezek egy magyar Apaval es ket
gyerekevel.  A gyerekek amerikaban notek fel, de beszelnek es ereznek
magyarul.  Az Apa es a nagyobbik fiu mernok, a fiatalabb fiu is annak
keszul.  Az Anya is magyar es vannak tobb magyar rokonaik kozelben.  Nem
mindenki ilyen szerencses.

En is lattam a filmet.  Sajnaltam az oreg harcost.

+ - Re: a lonak negy laba van... (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

In article >, 
>Gabor Barsai > wrote 
>> Ez erdekes kozmondas, de van ertelme? A lo eppen azert botlik, mert 
>> laba van! A giliszta pl. soha nem botlik. 
>Azt magyarazkodtam, hogy az Internet nekem eleg uj.  Talan az a 
>problema, hogy nem latni a masik embert akinek az uzenetet olvasod vagy
>uzenetere valaszolsz.  Igy aztan egyparszor kemenyen melle fogtam. 
>Tobbnyire 'osztonossen' megereztem, hogy ki aki igazan utalatos es 
>nem is banok utalatossan banni.  De volt egy ket ember akit nem jol
>'olvastam', es amikor a honfitarsaimmal levelezek, akkor egy komoly
>megbantas is sok.  Ezert probaltam neked is meg Horvath Laszlovnak is
>'most' tapintatossabban valaszolni.
>Az 'aheringer' legutobbi levelebol, lattam, hogy serteni akar:
>"Es ezt meg le sem tudom forditani valakinek, aki nem ert 
>magyarul es nem ismery Karinthyt!  Agnes"
>Hasonloan valaszoltam, mert a levelebol lattam, hogy 'tenyleg' bantani
Ha valakinek nem inge, ne vegye magara!  Nem maganak valaszoltam, hanem 
annak a hulyenek, aki hatszor elmagyarazta, hogy a magyarok vad mongolok, 
stb.,  valakinek, aki tenyleg nem tud magyarul es nem ismeri a magyar 
irodalmat.  Honnan vette, hogy Maganak irtam?

+ - Re: LE HUNS OR LE GYPSY? (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

This is so sily and ridiculous that one can only reply with a similar 
parallel to try to wake up the nut that wrote it. The whole sequence is
based on biases and dislike of Asiatics in general. Let me say that Asia
also has many races. Should we measure the Indo European "aryans"by 
the people of India say. Then all your simplistic logic could also
make the aryans be of dark, short, swarthy appearance with also
many of flat noses. I think most of you have little inklink of ancient
history and the presence of Ural Altaic languages in Europe perhaps 
even before the so called aryians came here. The stupid analogy of Turks
in Turkey are now European looking is not because they changed 
so much but that is their real origins also. Not all asiatics are 
mongoloid and much of Asia in the distant past was Caucasian also.
Now thats probably all that some can swallow in one installment.
This really shows a lot of racist hatred toward all non-Europeans.
However many claim that Arpad and others only came here and settled
on top of an earlier magyar type. There are no simple answers to things
that only linguistics is trying to answer with little tools to prove
in a really verifiable manner.
As far as the Gypsies in your title, The Gypsies are your really Aryan
types from India. While linguistics today has dropped the term for 
all europeans it still uses it for those of India, your cousins the
gypsies whose language is the closest to the much touted aryans of
ancient history. Only racists try to equate them to Hungarians. 
I think both gypsies and Hungarians would be offended by the reasons
that these two are assosciated. 
Fred H.
+ - Re: Deng Xiaoping (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

>Faludy Gyorgy irt egy "odat" Sztalin hetvenedik szuletesnapjara 
1949-ben, itt
>idezek egy par szakot:
>Halalodat olyan vadul kivanom
>s hivom, hogy szinte beleszkadok.
>S latlak dacsadban vagy kremli szobadon,
>ahogy setalgatsz fel-le magad ott.
>Hirtelen felbuksz - szivszelhudest kaptal -
>s magaddal rantasz asztalt, huzatott.
>Vagy majad velem latni s rajta rakot.
>Egy ercsomon tenyeszik a fekely.
>S abrandozom, hogy lathatatlan lettem,
>futok - repitsen hajo, gyorsvonat - :
>haloszobad homalyan erlek tetten
>a atragom a torkodat.
>Milliok vannak igy. Ma sem kivanok
>mast, mint hogy halj meg, ki e fold atka vagy
>a alvadt vertombokbol epult Bizancod
>ne eljen tul, o Konstantin, te Nagy.
>>>So, three cheers for the pissers. 
>I second the motion.
Ez nagyon erdekes, es most nem tudom, hogy mit keverek ossze.  Vagy 25 
evvel ezelott Faludi jott Montrealba a magyar szabadkomuves tean 
eloadast tartani.  Ott meselte, hogy Stalin valamelyik szuletesnapjara 
(de lehet, hogy tevedek, es a Rakosiera kertek), szoval, minden magyar 
koltonak kiadtak az ukaszt hogy irjon valami szep verset a dicso 
alkalomra.  Az unnepsegek utan rogton megjelent nala az AVO.  "Te 
csirkefogo, hogy mereszelted a Welszi Bardokat bekuldeni az elvtars 
szuletesnapjara?" Faludi meghokkent.  "Honnan tudjak ez elvtarsak, hogy 
az en voltam?"  Mire az AVO:  "49 koltonek kuldtuk ki a rendeletet.  48 
be is kuldott egy verset... te voltal az egyetlen, akitol nem jott 
dicsoito vers, ergo, csak te kuldhetted be a Welszi Bardokat"!

+ - Re: a lonak negy laba van... (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

aheringer > wrote
> Ha valakinek nem inge, ne vegye magara!  Nem maganak valaszoltam, hanem 
> annak a hulyenek, aki hatszor elmagyarazta, hogy a magyarok vad mongolok,

> stb.,  valakinek, aki tenyleg nem tud magyarul es nem ismeri a magyar 
> irodalmat.  Honnan vette, hogy Maganak irtam?

Lehet, hogy megint melle fogtam?  Talan azert mert eleg sokat marakodtunk
ezen is meg a masik listan?  Nem ez lett volna az elso eset, hogy

+ - ISFA News : LIVE European and Libertadores Games in the (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

Hi : ^Saturn has programmed a Bot that gives a continous soccer trivia quiz 
in... yes, you guessed it... #quiz ! By the looks of it is a great crowd 
puller, with the contestants going wild over the questions/answers. It is now 
running intermittently but soon it will be a 24 hour a day service by ISFAnet. 
So join #quiz when you come in to ISFAnet (http://www.isfa.com/irc.html) and 
look for Quizbot, the... quiz bot :-)


Also at ISFAnet (irc.isfa.com, port 6667) we have a great schedule of Live Coms
for games on Wednesday March 5 and Thursday March 6, involving European action,
and one from the Libertadores Cup on Tuesday March 4 :

Tuesday : Alianza Lima vs Gremio 7:45 pm Miami Time EST (1:45 AM GMT)
Wednesday : Rosenborg v Juventus 8pm GMT
Wednesday : FC Porto vs Man Utd 8pm GMT
Thursday : Brann v Liverpool 7pm GMT

Just come into #soccer to get directed to the games, but for the Libertadores 
Cup Game go to #alianza_lima.

For more info visit :


And remember that Mabbs will be giving Live Score updates at ISFAnet's #soccer 
on Saturdays. :-)


Nygren has updated his Goals Videos Page with goals from the Italian and 
Premier Leagues. Visit this great Service by Nygren and download his selection 
of goals at :


Cheers !

ISFA Administrator
Winning is a state of mind
+ - Visit STwong (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

Thanks for reading this mail.

Visit my new homepage at http://sunflower.singnet.com.sg/~s7508537
Remember to sign my guestbook OK? *smile*

+ - Magyar eskuvo (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

Elnezest a rossz Magyar irasomat.  Kanada-ban elek mar kilenc eves korom
ota, es jovo Szeptember-ben Magyarorszag-on szeretnek meghazasodni.  A
csaladom Budapesten es Pusztamagyatodon el, es Pusztamagyarodon szeretnenk
hazasodni, ugyan abban a templomban ahol a szuleim hazasottak harminc
evvel ezelott. Nagyon orulnek ha valaki tudna ajallani tudomanyt eskuvo
szervezesen Magyarorszag-on. Elore nagyon szepen koszonom.
Nemeth Andrea

+ - Mindd a 8 uzenetet vissza a feladonak (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

aheringer > wrote 
> Jo, jo, de miert kell ugyanazt a story-t hatszor leadni?  ("Maga bolond, 
> maga bolond, hogy mindent hatszor mond hatszor mond?" - Karinthy utan 
> szabadon....)  Es ezt meg le sem tudom forditani valakinek, aki nem ert 
> magyarul es nem ismery Karinthyt!


Csak azert ugrottal at a HUNGARY-rol, hogy velem vitatkozzal?

Azt mondtam, hogy fogjuk meg a szemetet amit a 'mi' listankara bevagott es
dobjuk vissza az RT765-nak.  Igy aztan meggondolna legkozelebb, hogy
bombazzon e vagy ne.

Csodalom, hogy idot tudtal szakitani az angol nyelvu listadrol, ahol a
mostani tema:

" A Nation of Thieves and Crooks?"  "A tolvajok meg bunozok nemzete?"  (A
Magyar nemzetrol megy a suket duma.)

Miert ocsaroljatok a Magyar nemzetet?  Az jobban zavar mint a RT765

+ - Re: AFI Presents: The Conquest (Honfoglalas), March 8, (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

Franco Nero as Arpad? Are we supposed to believe that there
wasn't a single suitable Hungarian actor to portray the founder
of Hungary? What were the producers of this film thinking?
I'm not sure they knew. Whatever their reasons, it shows very
poor judgment.

Charles Dombi
+ - Re: LE HUNS OR LE MONGOLS ? (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

Gustav Horvath wrote:
> Too bad you do not have the guts to disclose your name.
> Anyway, we are most proud for all of those things you wrote about.
> Where were your ancestors 1600 yrs.ago?
> Gustav

Regarding our admirer's ancestor's 1600 years ago: Judging from his 
repetitive style, the ancestors were not the down and out homeless
unfortunates. No, they were upward mobile lower types. By collecting 
grubs and bananas diligently, they were able to rent the lower 
branches of tall trees from a more intelligent species. 
Well, we all have to start somewhere, sometime, like 1600 years ago.
+ - Re: 5x10 (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

On Wed, 05 Mar 1997 22:13:42 -0800,  >
>Agnes jo az otleted! Ez az illeto csak provokal a racist tipusu
>cikkeivel. En a cenzura ellen vagyok altalaban, de szerintem
>nekunk ez nem hianyzik. How about it Zoli ? 

A tokkelutott meg a lengyelek news groupjaba is bekuldte azt a szemetet.

Joe Pannon
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+ - Re: NATO: who can judge those countries that want to jo (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

Dick Smegma wrote:
> Germany = quiet for fifty years
> Russia = quiet for five years (not including Chechnya)

I apologise for my previous posting. I mis-read five for fifty.
Please don't shoot :-)

Andrew P. Paplinski
+ - Hungarian WWW information FAQ (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

URL: <http://www.hix.com/hungarian-faq/web>;
Version: 0.22
Soc-culture-magyar-archive-name: web
Posting-Frequency: every ten days
Archive-name: hungarian/web
Last-modified: 1996/10/27


     Hungarian electronic resources FAQ

3.      Interactive services
3.1  What's available on the World Wide Web

 The following is the chapter recently removed from the main body of
the hungarian-faq. This is not yet completely re-edited for stand-alone
format, nor completing a collection of all important links has been
attempted. For more comprehensive WWW directories see, for example:
<http://www.hungary.com/hudir/>;, <http://www.hungary.com/hudir/>; or
 This version 0.2 contains some aditional links not shown in 0.1,=20
see the HTML listing appended near the end of this document!

- ----------------------------------------------------------------------


 If you are using Hungarian interactive services from abroad (or vice
versa): please note that interactive Internet connections like WWW
may be very slow, even timing out during peak hours - try times of
lower network load when the response time is usually reasonable.

- ------------------------------

Subject: 3.1  What's available on the World Wide Web

 This document you are reading now is hosted at
<http://www.hix.com/hungarian-faq/hungarian-faq/web>;, and its directory
has a few other documents and several links to other sites of

 The Hungarian Home Page is at
<http://www.fsz.bme.hu/hungary/homepage.html>; with links to the
registered Hungarian www servers, including

     - the Prime Minister's Office:  <http://www.meh.hu>; (overseas users
    please notice that the use of the <http://www.hungary.com/meh/>;
    mirror is requested to cut down transatlantic traffic!)

     - a weather forecast page (this is updated daily, and includes weather
    forecasts, meteorological maps, and METEOSAT satellite images; this
    page is in Hungarian)

     - home pages of Hungarian cities (currently Budapest, Debrecen,
    Miskolc, Pecs, Szeged), and of educational and other institutions=20

     - a comprehensive list of Hungarian telnet services (e.g. library=20
    databases), gopher and ftp sites (3.2). The content of almost all the=
    Hungarian FTP sites is indexed and can be searched.

 The Hungary Online Directory (HUDIR) is at
<http://www.hungary.com/hudir/>; featuring a hierarchical
database of Hungarian online content worldwide. Currently it has links
in excess of 2500.

 HIX has a WWW server in the USA: the URL is <http://www.hix.com>;.
To check out fresh content, see <http://www.hix.com/friss2/>;, which
gives you a comprehensive table of content for new material arrived in
the last 24 hours (which is typically in the order of 100-150 pages).
Besides back issues of its email journals, and a plethora of other
files in Hungarian and English, it offers an on-line English-Hungarian,
Hungarian-English dictionary (<http://www.hix.com/hix/szotar/>; - its
European mirror is at <http://tpri6l.gsi.de/szotar.html>;), and various
home pages and pointers to other sources. Partial mirrors located in
Hungary are <http://www.eunet.hu/eunet/hix/>; (for the Magyar Narancs
archive), and <http://hal9000.elte.hu/hix/>; (for some pictures, and
searching the Radir database - see below).

 Hungary.Network - The GateWWWay to Hungary at
<http://www.hungary.com/>; has a number of government, commercial and
organizational users listed.

 TourInform is at <http://www.hungary.com/tourinform/>; is the service
of the Hungarian Tourism Service, the official promotion agency of the
Hungarian Tourist Board. They offer practical information, maps,
broshures and even tours on video casette.

 The Open Media Research Institute has a WWW server, available at
<http://www.omri.cz>;.  Available at this Web site are all back issues
of the Daily Digest, tables of contents for Transition, OMRI's
bi-weekly analytical journal, and information about OMRI's activities
and staff.

 The World Wide Web server of Central Europe Today is at the URL

 Find back issues of the Hungary Report on the World Wide Web at=20
<http://www.yak.net/hungary-report/>; or <http://www.isys.hu/hol>;.=20
The Hungary-Online archive is available from=20
<http://www.yak.net/hungary-online/>; or <http://www.isys.hu/hrep>;=20
as well.

 There is a growing Hungarian resource directory at
<http://mineral.umd.edu/hir/>;. [The same server also hosts a
 "Hungarian Electronic Resources FAQ"<http://mineral.umd.edu/faq/>;.]

 There is a"Foreign Languages for Travellers"collection of essential
Hungarian expressions with English, German and French explanation,
complete with sound at

 The American Association of Young Hungarians (AAYH) has its homepage
at <http://www.aayh.org/>;.

 A Hungarian church in Chicago has info at

 The Gyorgy Bessenyei Teachers Training College (Nyiregyhaza) offers=20
some 3000 pages worth of database for Szabolcs-Szatmar-Bereg county=20
(Eastern Hungary) as well as other goodies and general Internet help,
in both Hungarian and English: <http://www.bgytf.hu/>;.

 See also section 2.3 above, which covers
<http://www.siliconvalley.com/>; and refers to other links as well.

 The following is a somewhat random working list, in HTML format,
of webpages of interest recently announced (which I haven't yet had
the time to check out or incorporate with further description):

<A HREF=3D"http://www.fsz.bme.hu/wn/">
 "What's new in Hungary?" =09</A> <P>
<A HREF=3D"http://users.deltanet.com/~kingavp/">
<A HREF=3D"http://mason.gmu.edu/~achassel/index.html">
 "Historical Text Archive, Hungarian Images and Historical Background"> =09=
</A> <P>
<A HREF=3D"http://members.aol.com/kfa4kuvasz/index.htm">
 "Kuvasz Fanciers of America" =09</A> <P>
<A HREF=3D"http://www.mkogy.hu/">
 "Magyar Orsz=E1ggy=FBl=E9si Hivatal" =09</A> <P>

<A HREF=3D"http://www.nepszabadsag.hu/">
 "Nepszabadsag Online"=09</A> <P>
<A HREF=3D"http://www.datanet.hu/szignum">
 "Szignum Media Hirlevel"=09</A> <P>
<A HREF=3D"http://www.enet.hu/clients/bohemelet/">
 "Bohemelet"=09</A> <P>
<A HREF=3D"http://www.hdsys.hu/">
 "Az Apple Computer Magyarorszagon"=09</A> <P>
<A HREF=3D"http://silicon.terra.vein.hu/sci/intro.html">
 "Utilapu Halozat - SCI Hungary"=09</A> <P>
<A HREF=3D"http://www.fornax.hu/napi/">
 "Napi Gazdasag On-Line"=09</A> <P>
<A HREF=3D"http://www.mhirlap.hu/">
 "Magyar Hirlap Ottlap"=09</A> <P>
<A HREF=3D"http://www.enet.hu/otherside">
 "Other Side Magazin"=09</A> <P>
<A HREF=3D"http://www.bdtf.hu/konyvtar/sup/sup.html">
 "A Savaria University Press Alapitvany honlapja"=09</A> <P>
<A HREF=3D"http://lingua.arts.klte.hu/summer/summer.htm">
 "Debrecen Summer School"=09</A> <P>
<A HREF=3D"http://www.eunet.hu/median/ifered.html">
 "Az elso magyar online internet-felmeres eredmenyei"=09</A> <P>
<A HREF=3D"http://www.enet.hu/jozsefattila">
 "Jozsef Attila"=09</A> <P>
<A HREF=3D"http://WWW.iSYS.hu/remindme">
 "RemindMe"=09</A> <P>
<A HREF=3D"http://WWW.iSYS.hu/nevnap/">
 "Nevnap Emlekezteto"=09</A> <P>
<A HREF=3D"http://WWW.iSYS.hu/nameday/">
 "Nameday Reminder"=09</A> <P>
<A HREF=3D"http://www.datanet.hu/primpress">
 "Ujsag"=09</A> <P>
<A HREF=3D"http://www.datanet.hu/artnet/beauty/index">
 "Virtualis Vilagszepe Valasztas 1996"=09</A> <P>
<A HREF=3D"http://www.fornax.hu/fmon/valuta/index.html">
 "Valuta arfolyamok"=09</A> <P>
<A HREF=3D"http://www.fornax.hu/fmon/commod/batmenu.html">
 "Budapesti Arutozsde napi statisztika"=09</A> <P>
<A HREF=3D"http://www.idg.hu/expo">
 "Internet Expo Hungarian Pavilion"=09</A> <P>
<A HREF=3D"http://www.idg.hu/internetto/friss/netinform/">
 "iNteRNeTTo, Budapest"=09</A> <P>
<A HREF=3D"http://www.kossuth.enet.hu/">
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+ - Re: Szerb Antal angolul (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

Aron Gereben wrote:
> Meg tudja nekem valaki mondani, hogy az Utas es Holdvilag, vagy a
> Pendragon-legenda megjelent-e valaha is angolul?
> Koszonom
> Gereben Aron

Kedves Aron:

Pendragon es Holdvilag tobb nemet es francia kiadast is lattak, s van egy 
angol is. A bibliografiai leiras a kovetkezo, s utanna latod azon 
amerikai konyvtaraknak a mejelzoit amelyekben a konyvek megtalalhatok. En 
olvastam a Pendragon forditast. Eleg jo. A Holdvilag-ot nem ismerem. 
Udvozlettel, Laszlo

AUTHOR:         Szerb, Antal, 1901-1945.
TITLE:          The Pendragon legend. [Translated from the Hungarian by  
                Lili Halapy.
IMPRINT:        Budapest] Corvina Press [1963]
                230 p. 19 cm.
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AUTHOR:         Szerb, Antal, 1901-1945.
TITLE:          [Utas es holdvilag. English]
                The traveler / Antal Szerb ; translation and afterword by 
                Peter Hargitai.
IMPRINT:        New York : Puski-Corvin Books, c1994.
                280 p. ; 20 cm.
NOTES:          Translation of: Utas es holdvilag.
                ISBN: 0915951215
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                EIS: Saint Patrick's Col, Maynooth, , EU
p.s. Megjegyzes azon olvasok szamara akik Szerb Antalnak csak verseit, 
muforditasait, vagy irodalom-kritikai esszeit ismerik (vagy ot egyaltalan 
nem ismerik): ha van alkalmuk olvassak az o szep prozajat, s ha kedvelik 
Bulgakov Mester es Margarit-jat akkor Szerbet is fogjak szeretni.

Laszlo Horvath