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+ - Re: Re- SCM- RE- Flag ban law p (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

From:  (Dan Pop)
>Did you follow your own advice?  The Webster lists three different
>spellings: Rumania, Roumania and Romania, but the last two are simply
>pointers to the first, which seems to be the preferred spelling in
>English (both British and American).

Which Webster are you using??
Webster's Third New International Dictionary lists Romania as the 
main listing with Rumania pointing to Romania. 

I'm with Adrian on this one, use the spelling in the newsgroup title.


In the tradition of Publius, Cato, and Centinel...
Decius Brutus
+ - How to Get Free Cable Premium TV .. LEGIT (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

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+ - FINNISH SATELLITE CHANNEL (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

Dear Hungarians,

Also your contribution is needed if you wish:

Do you wish to promote the setting up of the Finnish satellite
tv channel? Shouldn't it be such that it would benefit most of
expatriates living in other parts of Europe?

Please use the text below as basis for your own petition,which 
should be sent to Aulikki Butt & Mikko Takala:



Consideration is apparantly being given to the creation of the
first Finnish satellite TV channel. The undersigned ask the 
Finnish government and the Finnish Broadcasting Service (YLE)
to carefully consider the following points with relation to
the proposed new channel:

1. To transmit the channel via an easily and cheaply accessible
satellite (from within the European Union) i.e. one the Astra-
satellites,Eutelsat Hotbird,Eutelsat II-FI (currently home to 
the Finnish Radio) or one of the other Eutelsat satellites.

2. To transmit the channel clearly and without encryption to 
ensure inexpensive, wide and easy access. Advertising revenue
and sponsorship could be used instead of encryption. Ordinary,
pre-existing or new stellite reception equipment may then be
worked by the viewers.

3. To explore the probability of obtaining EU cultural grant
funding and other moneys in support of the new channel if
necessary to keep it uncrypted.



# In 1958,The Swedish School Administration repealed directives banning #
# the speaking of Finnish language in Sweden's schools.    However,some #
# municipalities maintained restrictions on Finnish language until 1968 #
#.................aga parem hilja kui mitte kunagi..................... #
+ - Re: MAGYARS IN SERBIA: Minority rights. (Re: Clinton-I (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

Dear Sir, 
Postovani Gospodine

I thank you for putting the question of minorities in such 
an all encompasing and humanistic context. I hope and trust that 
many Serb intellectuals share your views regarding the 
survival and the future status of the 350,000 ethnic 
Hungarians in Vojvodina. 
Specifically, I agree with you that the problem of fleeing the 
forced inductions to avoid being sent to fight a senseless war, 
is a problem pertaining to the whole of Serbia.
It would be perhaps constructive to jointly ask the present Serb
government to enact the proposed Amnesty Law for all its citizens.
As you probably know, such a law was drafted and presented, but
ultimatelly it was rejected by
the parliament.

Peter Kaslik
Hungarian Human Rights Monitor, Toronto
Boris Bjelica > wrote:
> On Mon, 2 Oct 1995, Sandor Lengyel x2495 wrote:
> > M. Christian asks:
> > 
> > >>In human terms, I wonder, how does the quality of your despair fare 
> when
> > >>compared to those of other minorities, in Indonesia, Irak, Serbia, or
> > >>last but not least, to the squalarous discrimination faced by native
> > >>americans in many a reservation ?
> > 
> > How can you ask, without knowing us.
> > 
> > I always take the side of the minorities in any struggle. My heart
> > hurts for the american indians, and I always take their side.
> >  And I do take the side od the Basque
> > and other minorities. I know from reading the hungarian forum, that
> > most hungarians are for the bosnians. There are no excuse for any of the
> > above, just as no excuse for trampling on the right of the hungarian
> > minority.
> > 

> > >>There is a fine line between 'human rights' and a minority demanding 
> more
> > >>than it is due.
> > 
> > And you know where the line should be drawn. :-)
> > 
> > Sandor
> From following the discussion, I guess that there is some 
> misunderstanding on the position of minorities in Serbia.  
> One thing needs to be clear.  At this time, Serbia is a country under 
> harsh sanctions, devestated by 1,000,000 refugees.  The fact is that in 
> Milosevic's regime even Serbs don't have their rights (i.e. what kind of 
> name is "Yugoslavia" for a Serb federation of Serbia and Montenegro).  
> Serbs who oppose the regime are in no worse position than others.  
> (Frankly, an overall position of all citizens is fairly good now).
> So, knowing that, it's kind of premature to judge the position of 
> Hungarians in Vojvodina and Belgrade.  It is well known that until 1991 
> they had full rights and full autonomy in the province of Vojvodina.  I 
> will not go into that "deep".  However, Milosevic's regime recruited many 
> Hungarians to the Serbian Army - some were killed by Croats, most of them 
> got back home, many simply "deserted".  This was the first sparkle on the 
> position of Hungarians in Serbia.  But please note that 250,000 Serbs from
> Belgrade and Vojvodina (young, educated people) fled, too.  So, this is more 
> of a political than a minority question (even though Hungary has the full 
> right to express its concern).  
> The only other remaining issue is the future form of autonomy for 
> Hungarians.  There is no single reason why would there be any problem.  
> Serbs and Magyars of Belgrade and Vojvodina know very well that their 
> relationship was always rather excellent and that there was almost no 
> misunderstanding.  Two peoples have always shared a common life in 
> Hungarian plains, and they have no reason not to continue with that.  
> These coming years (or months) will put Hungarian autonomy where it needs 
> to be, and that is their full share of power in Vojvodina province (which 
> they have lost; only Milosevic's satellites take part, such as Kertesz, 
> Margit Savovics etc.).  That will be resolved in the near future.  Other 
> forms of autonomy (schools, university, bilingual counties, TV) are 
> present.
> The last remaining "problem" is the new wave of refugees from Bosnia.  
> Many were sent to Vojvodina, many to inner Serbia.  The problem is big 
> and is not fabricated to provoke Hungarians.  It's just a tragedy.  Not 
> only that Serbian government does stupid things, but so does Hungarian - 
> there was an immediate response to refugees coming to Vojvodina (as a 
> threat to ethnic ratio), but no response to Croatian genocide in 
> Krajina and a kick-out of those people.  That has left Serb nationalists 
> very happy giving them arguments about Hungarian "anti-Serbian" 
> position.  
> Indeed, Serbia and Hungary should find a common language easily.  But, 
> Serbia has to change politically, and Hungary has to acknowledge that 
> Serbia is its primary interest and a friend (so does Serbia).  Hungary 
> must claim full neutrality in the Yugo war and not try to get cheap 
> points with Americans and western Europeans on accusing "Serbian beast" 
> when its clear that no one in Yugoslavia is innocent.
> Overall, this problem is not an ethnic problem, it's pure politics.  As 
> soon as the war stops, things will settle.  Compare to Transylvania, 
> Vojvodina has always been a peaceful ethnic mixture (26 nationalities).
> Boris Bjelica
> Oregon State University
> PS If many try to find hard that Serbs and Hungarians have "no problem" 
> together, the illustrative fact is the number of mixed marriages in 
> Vojvodina and Belgrade.  That's the main reason why Hungarian population 
> "decreased" by 50,000 since 1945 - a few hundred thousand consider themselves
> "Yugoslav".  Another thing is the 1956 help that Serbia provided to 
> Hungarian heroes - several tens of thousands fled to Serbia, of which 
> some 15,000 permanently settled.  No one has seen any problem with that, 
> so there should be some understanding for homeless (previously rich) 
> Serbs from Krajina.
> Cheers.
+ - Re: mi ez, soc.culture.magyar vagy soc.culture.roman? (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

Steve Kovasznai > wrote:
> Valaki vilagositson mar fel, hogy miert van ennyi roman a 
> soc.culture.magyar newsgroup-on? 
> kosz. 
> kovi

Ok az ugyeletes hekusok.
The vultures have landed - a keselyuk leszalltak.
Dan Pop-ot en mar csak ornagy urnak szolitom.

Alazatosan jelentem:
Kaslik Peter, Toronto
+ - Re: mi ez, soc.culture.magyar vagy soc.culture.roman? (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

In article > ACS,
>In article > >St
eve Kovasznai > writes:
>>Valaki vilagositson mar fel, hogy miert van ennyi roman a
>>soc.culture.magyar newsgroup-on?

>En se nagyon tudom miert szeretnek ide jarni.  Azt hiszem hogy
>mar a Roman helyeknel nem to:ro:dnek veluk... Es itt gyorsan
>kapnak valamilyen elenseget...
>Acs Toncsi

Kedves Toncsi & Steve,

Nyilvan uj fiuk vagytok a soc.culture.magyar-ban. (es valoszinuleg
a Useneten is)

Ha olyan tema szerepel, ami tobb csoportot is erdekel(het), akkor
azt keresztpostazni szoktak az erintett csoportokba.

Ha vetnetek egy pillantast a soc.culture.romanian csoportban megje-
leno irasokra, akkor nyilvanvalova valhatna a szamotokra, hogy most
is ez tortenik; ezek az irasok ott is megjelennek, megjelentek. Akik
ezekre az irasokra valaszolnak, azok odaat a sajat csoportjukban te-
szik ezt meg, eppen csak a valasz ide is atjon hozzank. 

A roman es a magyar csoport kozott ez a fajta keresztlevelezes
komoly hagyomanyokkal bir, szamtalan esetben mi kezdtuk, magya-
rok (es akkor a tuloldal zoldfulujei panaszkodnak romanul, hogy mit
keres ennyi magyar a roman csoportban.)

Ha ez nem tetszik nektek, legyetek szivesek atugrani ezeket az ira-
sokat es csak azt elolvasni, amelyik erdekel benneteket.

+ - Re: mi ez, soc.culture.magyar vagy soc.culture.roman? (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

In article > , 
>Az Angi Tomitol fuggetlenul tovabbra is fenntartom, hogy oriasi
>kulonbseg van a mi es o oldaluk kozott, mivel szemelyes
>serteseket a Tomi erkezeseig nem lattam a magyar vitazoktol.

Nagyon udvarias vagy Joe.

A bunkosag, a pitianer szemetkedes ilyen mely szintjere valo
leereszkedesre, mind azt Tom Angi teszi  az emlekeim szerint
huzamosabb ideig me'g senki nem vetemedett  a csoportunkban.
Az "SCM" kezdetu levelek par nap alatt tokeletesen balkanizal-
tak a soc.culture.magyart.

+ - Re: mi ez, soc.culture.magyar vagy soc.culture.roman? (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

Steve Kovasznai ) wrote:
: Valaki vilagositson mar fel, hogy miert van ennyi roman a 
: soc.culture.magyar newsgroup-on? 

'joint venture' -- nem is tudom ezt hogy mondtuk volna ne'ha'ny e've 
me'g a komcsik alatt:  a'poljuk a ko:lcso:no:s egyete'rte'st e's a 
soha ve'get nem e'ro" bara'tsa'got....   ;-)
+ - Re: mi ez, soc.culture.magyar vagy soc.culture.roman? (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

In article >,
T. Kocsis  > wrote:
>Nagyon udvarias vagy Joe.

Ja, mond ezt a romanoknak. ;-)

>A bunkosag, a pitianer szemetkedes ilyen mely szintjere valo
>leereszkedesre, mind azt Tom Angi teszi  az emlekeim szerint
>huzamosabb ideig me'g senki nem vetemedett  a csoportunkban.

Hat ha en is hasonloan valaszolnek a roman tamadoimnak, akkor ugyanugy
elfajulnanak a dolgok, mint Angi eseteben.  Vermerseklet es reszben kor
kerdese is ez.  Az az erzesem, hogy Angi egy fiatal srac, s nem
merlegeli ezeket a dolgokat mielott valaszol.  Egyebkent igazad van. 

+ - Re: Re- Appeal (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

Amuza Razvan <rxa2540> wrote:
> PA!
+ - RE: mi ez, soc.culture.magyar vagy soc.culture.roman? (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

In article > Stev
e Kovasznai > writes:
>Valaki vilagositson mar fel, hogy miert van ennyi roman a
>soc.culture.magyar newsgroup-on?
En se nagyon tudom miert szeretnek ide jarni.  Azt hiszem hogy
mar a Roman helyeknel nem to:ro:dnek veluk... Es itt gyorsan
kapnak valamilyen elenseget...

Acs Toncsi
+ - Re: Magyars in Serbia. (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

On Fri, 6 Oct 1995, Sandor Lengyel x2495 wrote:

> >>Indeed, Serbia and Hungary should find a common language easily.  But,
> >>Serbia has to change politically, and Hungary has to acknowledge that
> >>Serbia is its primary interest and a friend (so does Serbia).  Hungary
> >>must claim full neutrality in the Yugo war and not try to get cheap
> >>points with Americans and western Europeans on accusing "Serbian beast"
> >>when its clear that no one in Yugoslavia is innocent.
> On the personal level, the Serbians were my favorite among the central 
> europians. But wrong is wrong, and beleiving in the right of self-
> determination,  most hungarians fault Serbia with agression.

Well, I always thought that Serbia can't be abetter place with so many 
people mixed.  I always loved that in its soul.  Most of us from 
Belgrade thought it's, for example, very cool that the city was 
Singidunum, Alba Graeca, Alba Bulgarica, weissenburg, Nandorfehervar, 
Abu al Jihaad.  We in Belgrade don't like those Bosnian and Krajina 
"mountaineers" coming to our city with their Balkan style.  Nor do 

You see, who is wrong and who is right is always a big bullshit.  I 
don't agree that Serbs are aggresors.  OK, if you talk about Vukovar, 
Dubrovnik, or about cleansing of Drina valley and Banja Luka, I am the 
first who says 
that Serb scum needs to rotten in hell.  But, it's all much more complex.  
Facts are not all known, such as that 230,000 Serbs were kicked out of 
Sarajevo first, and then got on the hills to "liberate" it; it is their 
city after all..  "Liberators" against "defenders" (Muslims)- typical for 
a civil war.  Who to side with?  
Serbs are kicked out of Krajina, Tuzla, Mostar, Zenica, all of Neretva valley, 
and now from the Western Bosnia where they made more than 90% of the    
population (Belgrade, say, has "only" 70%).  
Or crap with Krajina and now Serbless Croatia (out of 900,000, 50,000 is 
left).  That can't be justified by the so-called "pay-back" because Tudjman's 
regime promised in 1990 the same kind of treatment for Serbs like 
Pavelic in WW2 (in short, that's knife at the throat).

Balkan is a big bitch, and I can't agree that anyone is an aggresor.  
People like Milosevic, Karadzic, Tudjman are nothing new.  They are a 
few little leaders.  All these countries are little and listen to 
others (so does Hungary). The world screwed up big time by trying to 
minimize Serbian interest from the beginning so-called "balancing" of the 
sides) and that led to a horrible fascism on the Serbian side fed by the 
ghosts of the past.  They went on and killed a lot, but more than 1,000,000 
refugees in Serbia are not tourists.  They lost everything.  And that 
was the POINT of my posting - I wanted to "ease" some fully justified 
concerns of Magyars by explaining that Serbs don't come to Vojvodina 
because they like it.  They were kicked out.

You know that Yugoslavs were fairly rich people.  Official stats say a 
little different, but piles of money were in every house.  I talk 
especially about Panonian region and some inland areas where German 
"gastarbajters" (around .5 million) live.  Krajina people were people 
with a great deal of property, wineyards, land, etc.  They lost it.  
Their hills should be substituted by Vojvodina.  Vojvodina is a beauty, 
but not for them.  They lost all their belongings (worth up to a million 
DM) in the best case; most lost family.  That's why I say that it's not 
good for Hungarian government not to protest with Croatia and help 
refugees go back home.  Unforunately, its government somewhat repeats 
the mistake of accusing only Serbs which is a perfect excuse for Seselj, 
Arkan, and other mobsters to go ahead with "pacifying" non-Serbs and 
"bad" Serbs in Serbia.

All in all, until Serbia changes and becomes free, neither Serbs nor 
Magyars will be free.  And I think that minorities are the treasury of 
this country.  "Our" Magyars should be bridge for a co-operation and 
friendship.  I have no problem going to Novi Sad (Ujvidek) or 
Subotica (Szabadka) and having all these languages on the walls nor I 
care if Magyars have two citizenships, their TV.  That's what makes a 
country cool and open.  Unfortunately, that's been slowed down in 1991, 
and if there is not enough energy in Serbia to get rid of fascists (the 
same for Croatia), noooot gud.  But I hope that things can get better.  
It just takes time and tolerance.

> This has nothing to do to listening to western voices, unfortunatelly
> it a fact. Even if the other side is not pure,  Serbia is more to blame.
> All nationalities ar capable of atrocities. Unfortunatelly it is now
> Serbians turn. I hope it will teach humility and tolerance. (i.e.
> "We serbians are not better than the croats, germans and other nations.")
> I personally find that the hungarian goverment did not support
> sufficiently the bosnians. 

As I just stated, I think it did.  "Bosnians" are Serbs, Muslims, and 
Croats living in Bosnia.  They lived together since ever.  They are 
constituent peoples, and therefore ALL have the right to self-determine 
themselves.  It's very dangerous to take sides in a civil war.  Yes, 
Bosnian Serbs did more bad stuff.  Now others do.  You can't say Muslims 
and Croats "pay back".  In the Balkans, 
pay-back time is never known (for Serbs, this is the payback for WW2 - 1 
mill. killed in BH and Craotia).  Yes, they find a mass grave with 
killed Muslims.  Well, they find a mass grave of decapitated Serbs, but 
then that's called a "response", so no, one cares about it.  No way.

Again, I have no problem with your personal views.  I don't attack 
them.  But, just think what kind of reprisal would have a Hungarian 
support of Muslims.  Please understand that a Serb refugee coming to 
Vojvodina is not Karadzic (Karadzic and his Swiss money are safe); but 
that refugee becomes one because of "outside support" for Muslims.  Muslims 
are no better than Serbs, and they kick out brutally; they actually 
implore some Arabic ways of killing which is not to write about.  And then, 
the refugee comes to, say, Vojvodina and a new big problem comes around.  
Serbian media drums about the support of Hungary, and then Hungarians 
who lived in Vojvodina since ever pay the price - another 
chain reaction.

> >>Overall, this problem is not an ethnic problem, it's pure politics.  As
> >>soon as the war stops, things will settle.
> Yes. But allmost all ethnic problems are politics. Lot of the rumanians
> and slovaks get along well with the hungarians, the problems are
> with the leaders.  

Absolutely.  I have all the blame for Milosevic for what he did to 
Serbia.  I say that our worst enemies wouldn't do to us what he did.  
But he is just a piece of the puzzle. (I had hard time accepting that; I 
thought he was the only one). A big piece, but still he's not 
the only one.  This is yet not 1941 where you have Hitler against the 
world and know what to do.  This is a civil war.  Victims are the same as 
always; it's just that sides change (as you said).

> > >>Compare to Transylvania,
> >>Vojvodina has always been a peaceful ethnic mixture (26 nationalities).
> True. Unfortunatelly it is in the past. Hopefully (but I am not sure)
> it will be in the future.
> Sandor Lengyel.

It's not good.  I left Belgrade along with 150,000 other young people, 
and I want to live there, but not now.  I'm a "refugee".  

Boris (from down the Danube)
+ - Re: Get a life, Gabor (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

In article >,
Gyorgy Kovacs > wrote:
>In article >,
>Gabor Barsai > wrote:
>>In article >,
>>Tom Angi > wrote:
>>>Get a life.  Some of us don't have to read pornography.
>>   |                         |
>>  OK.                And who may those "some of us" be? (If you want me to
>>                  believe you've never read a "girlie mag", well, maybe it's
>>                   you who should get a life. My Dad reads them, he's almost
>>                  70, the dirty old man. I also like Pamela Anderson's body,
>>                     shame on me.)
>>************ stuff deleted *********************
>C'mon Gabor, Samantha Fox is much better looking! I also like Jessica Hahn! I
>start to agree with you that we should have more threads about this than
>Rumania. Except would it be soc or culture?

I dunno...I kinda like Christina Applegate (aka Kelly Bundy) from
Married...with Children. I guess the newsgroup could be called
soc.culture.which-culture-has-the-best-babes. I find it more intellectually 
stimulating the the current riot.

+ - Re: Szia, Gabor! (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

In article >,
Tom Angi > wrote:
>Szia, Gabor!
>Minden jot!

I am confused. If your Magyar language knowledge is so good, what did you mean 
by OLAJORSZAG? Were you talking about Kuwait, the land of oil? What's Kuwait 
doing on SCM? What are you doing on SCM? Why are you imitating some people - 
monkey see, monkey do?

>Tell us more about your magazines--you know the ones they keep behind the
>counter at 7-11.

What's to tell? Go and buy one.

>Penthouse is a great cultural comodity.

Just like Beavis and Butt-head.

+ - Miracles (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

Have you experienced a miracle (something which is completely
unexplainable by natural laws) in your life?

If so, send your story to   


Looking, always looking for Deri.  An Indonesian dining room waiter
from the ship STATENDAM.
+ - Re: How to Get Free Cable Premium TV .. LEGIT (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

In article >, Mike Denton > wrote:

>Enclose in the envelope:
>    $1.00 U.S MONEY    *** NO COINS *** NO CHECKS ***
> inside a sheet of carbon paper or construction paper, 
> and send a *self-addressed*,*stamped* envelope to the
> address above.

This is the clue folks: No checks, just cash!
I imagine if a few hundred people fall for this con game, he is going to
move on to another one.

+ - A penzugyesek magas fizetese (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

A minap olvasom az otthonrol jovo hirekben a kovetkezot:

Negyvenezer felett az atlagkereset (MH)

A teljes idoben foglalkoztatottak brutto atlagkeresete augusztusban 40
894 forint volt, mintegy 20,1 szazalekkal magasabb a tavalyi adatnal.
Ezen belul a szellemi dolgozok 57 072 forintot kerestek atlagosan, a
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Ez eleg meglepo ket okbol is:  1) it az USAban epp a bank szakma kozismert
az alacsony fizetesekrol, 2) tudtommal az otthoni penzugyesek nem igen
tudnak felmutatni olyasmit, ami megmagyarazna az atlagnal nagyobb
fizeteseiket.  Sot!  Ha meggondoljuk, hogy hanyszor kellett a bankokat
az adofizetok penzebol megmenteni, azert inkabb alacsonyabb fizetesek
jarnanak nekik.

Ti, akik kozelebb vagytok az esemenyekhez, hogy latjatok ezt?

+ - Re: ???!!! RE: Flag ban law passed (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

In >  (Kriza Gyorgy) writes

>In article >,  says...
>>Nice try.  Most people bearing those names come from Romanian families
>                                                      ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
>>with a Hungarian ancestor, not from Hungarian families.  I have a friend,
>>Doru Chis, who is a very good example (he can't even tell who was the
>>Hungarian ancestor in his family).
>This is exactly what is called a "Romanianized" family, is not it?

I'm afraid I don't get it.  A family with a single, remote, Hungarian
ancestor is a Romanian family, not a "Romanianized" family.  If that
ancestor happened to be a grand-grandfather, my friend would be 12.5%
Hungarian.  But I guess this is considerably more important than the 87.5%
of non-Hungarian origin :-)

Dan Pop
CERN, CN Division
Mail:  CERN - PPE, Bat. 31 R-004, CH-1211 Geneve 23, Switzerland
+ - Re: Clinton-Iliescu Meeting (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

T. Kocsis ) wrote:
: In article > Alexander Bossy, 
: writes:
: > What Hungary  did before 1919 was far worse than what Romania
: > is doing today.

: AFAIK, the Hungarian minority would  be very content with that
: rights that the Roman minority had in Hungary before 1919.  ;) :) ;)

	Hi Tamas:

	I'm not so sure.  Would they be willing to have NO state-sponsored
Hungarian-language schooling, for example?  We've had quite a few threads 
about the new Romanian education law that would seem to belie that.

+ - millcentennial (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

I would like any information concerning the 1,100 year celebrations 
of the resetling of Hungarians into the center of Europe, which will be 
held.. in Hungary and elsewhere. Programs, times and organizations. I am 
starting a personal webpage dealing with the subject

and would like any subject or articles dealing with this historic event 
or the culture and way of life of the people. If I find such articles 
interesting and positive I will include it amongst the current files. I 
intend to rotate some files and wish to include a 
diverse set of data. I am also concerned that the size of this will soon 
overflow a minimal "personal webpage" therefore I am looking for a 
sponsoring group where this can be contained later on.

Fred Hamori
+ - Re: Tom s 2 line messages (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

wi nut try the Romania as Hngary version
+ - Makoi olvasok!!! (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

Van valaki aki Makorol olvassa ezt az uzenetet????
Ha Igen akkor Kerem Ertesitsen engem.
Koszonom elore is.   

Benak Janos