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26 Re: $$ FASTCASH $$ (mind)  20 sor     (cikkei)

+ - Re: no comment! question (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

ibokor ) wrote:
: What  wrote reminded me of an examination
: paper in high school. It was an "unseen" to be translated into
: English. The gist of the text is still present and the contribution
: from  brings it vividly to mind.

: A Hungarian linguist maintained that he could learn *any* language
: from books alone. He went to a conference in London to present
: a paper on his theory. After the lecture he was approached by an
: Oxford Don who said, "That was a fascinating lecture, Professor
: Kocsis. I didn't understand it all, but it made be aware of something
: I had never known before: how much Hungarian resembles English."

: d.A.

yup, i heard of this linguist myself in the early 70s... his name was Hall
not Kocsis... he actually DID syntactically "learn" any language within 5-10 
minutes of speaking with a native... nope, Magyar was not his forte! :)

+ - Re: $$ FASTCASH $$ (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

I can't believe that a Hungarian would fall for this scam, and than attemt
to rip off his own brothers and sisters.

Zoltan get a grip on reality. This garbage does not work and beside that,
it's illegal.

Latszik hogy meg van egy par buta magyar.

Get lost.
+ - Will stay in Budapest (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

I intend to stay in Budapest during the summer. Does anyone know about
accommodation and language schools there? [r]eply to me

+ - now restricted to scm (was Re: $$ FASTCASH $$) (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

In article >  writes:
>Latszik hogy meg van egy par buta magyar.

Sot nem tudom, figyeltel-e ra, de a ket utolso cim ugyanaz a magyar
csaladnev volt - igy nagyon praktikus a dolog, csak tiz csaladtagot
kell osszeszedni es maris a zsebedbe megy minden $1, amit kuldenek.
Szep, ugye? Igaz, hogy az accountot is elveszted...
-- Olivier
+ - Geneology (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

Could anyone suggest a source in Hungary through which I might try to trace 
my ancestors and/or relatives? My maternal side is Borsos from Budapest and 
my paternal side is Kohler and Hopp from the area of Veszprem.
Paul Happ
Your Home Page - Builders & Marketers of Custom WEB Pages
+ - Re: word order (was Re: Hungarian and ...] (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

In article >  (Wolfgang Rackebrandt
) writes:
 (Janos Szamosfalvi) writes:
>>Actually, the correct word order may depend 
[...] also on the preceeeding and 
>>following sentences' word order.
>I don't know about the following sentence, but it certainly does depend 
>on the preceding sentences.
>>If you say something in a sentence in a certain way, then the next 
>>sentence have to comply with it, so some restrictions are placed on 
>>that sentence based on the preceeding one.
>My word!

I feel this gives a false idea that Hungarian word order is incredibly
difficult. I think of it like of English active vs. passive, which had been
suggested as a translation of one of the things conveyed by word order:
 - when a sentence may exist in theory both with an active and with a
   passive voice, "the correct choice may depend also on the choice of
   active or passive in preceding and following sentences"
 - "if you choose one of the two in a sentence, next sentences somehow
   have to comply with it"
.... from which we conclude: this English language is incredibly difficult!

-- Olivier
+ - Konyvrendeles (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

Par evvel ezelott lehetett (allitolag) egy Kultura nevu vallalaton
keresztul minden magyar kiadonak a konyveibol rendelni. Akar tobb
kulonbozo kiado konyveit is egy csomagban kuldtek, szallitasi dijon
kivul nem volt mas pluszkoltseg.
Rendelt mar valaki igy? Hogy lehet fizetni (Nemetorszag es Kanadarol
lenne szo)? 
A Kultura lehet hogy kozben megszunt, nincs a HIX/senddocban a konyv-
kiado cimjegyzekben. Tud valaki mas cimet is (ha igen, a faxszam is

Segitsegeteket elore is koszonom,

+ - Re: NATO thoughts (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

In article > Fred R. Reenstjerna,
>Is EU membership really synonymous with NATO membership?

On a certain way it is: both are dreams.

>Why can't Hungary and the other applicants join one 
>without the other?

Because Hungary is in such a deep shit economically
that we can not afford to join to any of them.
Surisingly, those organisations don't want to pay instead
of us... what of a cruel word !

+ - We Have Rock. ?? (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)


I am Peter Huisman from Holland and I need a phonenumber,
I want to go to a festival called :We Have Rock. and i need two tickets!!


+ - Re: no comment! question (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

In article > ibokor, 
> The gist of the text is still present and the contribution
>from  brings it vividly to mind.

I don't know...i think my English improved a lot. Maybe it
can not be seen on my letters but last year when i started
to write here I had problem of reading English newspapers
without heavy usage of dictionaries. Recently i could
switch from Time and Newsweek ( i didn't like their inter-
pretations of politics an life but it is  quite easy to read
them) to The Economist without problem . I tried to read it
couple of years ago but it turned out to be hopeless: its
language was just too rich to my vocabulary then.

Perhaps you are right and i should care more for the  English
grammar. I frankly admit,  i have long forgotten the basics,
the secondary school stuff. I just write.


I believe that you flamed me for different reason. I insulted
you elsewhere, another time ( i only can guess where and
when ) and you try to pay back now, on a dishonest way.
Next time if you do not agree with me on any question don't
be shy just speak out. i ain't gona go to Australia to kick your
arse because of it. 

+ - What is this Liquor? (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

I have a simple (and mundane?) question for anyone in this group who
may be prepared to help me.  A friend last week returned from Budapest
and presented me with a bottle of "Zwack".  Can anyone please tell me
1)Is this widely consumed in Hungary;
2)What is it made of (Caramel is the only ingredient I can recognise;
3)What is the preferred method of drinking (i.e. straight, mixed,
      diluted etc.)

Any replies will be appreciated, either through this ng or e-mail.

+ - Mi ez... (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

Miert nem magyarul irtok, elvegre magyarok vagytok renduletlenul!!!

udv.      Ago
+ - Re: $$ FASTCASH $$ (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

Could you watch the followups?  They're going to all the same
newsgroups as the original post..

	Oops..I went and did it again.. :)
Daniel Burrows

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+ - Re: question from an outsider. (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

>From:  (CLARY Olivier)
>Your argument can be read "why shouldn't Szekely people have self-rule?
>why should the Romanian minority of these counties rule over them?"

I would point to the sad events between Armenia and Azerbaijan
as a rebuttal to that point of view. Ngorno-Karabakh is not my idea
of a lasting solution. Asking for autonomy for the Hungarians in
the small isolated pockets where they are a local majority is as
practical as asking for Romanian autonomy in some sections of
Ridgewood, NY.  

In the tradition of Publius, Cato, and Centinel...
Decius Brutus
+ - Electronic petition to STOP FRENCH NUCLEAR TESTS (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

Motivation and Objective of this ELECTRONIC PETITION on the World Wide 

We believe that there are many people who are troubled about the fact 
that the French Government has decided to restart nuclear tests.
However, those thoughts usually end up nowhere: they are just kept back 
deep inside the heart of individuals.

We have started this activity because we wanted to gather all of those 
thoughts and make it into a big movement. Since we thought we
should prevent this movement from splitting into pieces from less 
differences, the main sentence of the petition is

Stop Nuclear Tests!

Of course that is not enough: if you have your own view point, please 
express it to us and we will put them in the front of our list.

The objective of this activity is to stop the nuclear tests planned by 
France. To achieve this, as a collective group of people, we
will confront the President of France and the French Government with the 
fact that there are very large number of  individuals worldwide that 
their decision. To obtain our goal, we are planning to also advertize 
activity to journalists and other news media.

We would like to have every person or group around the world participate 
in this activity. If you agree with us, please help us by
letting as many people as possible know about this activity. As long as 
you tell us, you are free to introduce this activity to journalists
also. However, you may not use the list of names without our permission.

This activity was first planned to protest against the nuclear tests of 
France, but we do think we should express our feelings to other
groups that plan to execute nuclear tests. Additionally, there might be 
suggestions such as "shouldn't we boycott bying French goods?"
(although this will not be our official intention). We have made the 
"Opinions" corner for those of you who want to express those opinions.

With heart felt sentiment, we await for you to participate in this 
activity. Let's REALLY stop the nuclear tests!

To add YOUR NAME to the petition or write directly to Chirac, look up
our World Wide Web site:


Other related Web sites and groups:

GREENPEACE (also has links to other activist groups)-

Read the latest Press Release from Rainbow
Warrior and view yesterdays NEW video and
stills of French Commandos boarding the
Rainbow Warrior and throwing tear gas


French nuclear testing: the fallout  -  THE AGE Newspaper special 


French Scientists Protest Nuclear Tests in Pacific: 

+ - Personal Service 1-800-559-6557 (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

Personal Service for Adults Only
Blonde Girls 1-800-559-6557
Black Girls 1-800-559-6558
Two Girls Together 1-800-559-6554
+ - Need accented character set (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)


Can anybody tell me where can I find (and download) Hungarian Character Set
(magyar ekezetes betuket) ?

Levelezek regi (Magyarorszagon elo) barataimmal, es tobb ido megy az
ekezeteket szabadkezzel felrakni,mint a levelet megirni.

Tudom, hogy leteznek ezek az ekezetes betuk, de keptelen vagyok megtalalni oket

A computerem egy "Macintosh Performa 630CD", version 7.5.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!..Elore is nagyon koszonom!

Janos Koplyay
+ - RE:now restricted to scm (was Re: $$ FASTCASH $$) (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

In article > CLARY Olivier,
>Sot nem tudom, figyeltel-e ra, de a ket utolso cim ugyanaz a magyar
>csaladnev volt - igy nagyon praktikus a dolog, csak tiz csaladtagot
>kell osszeszedni es maris a zsebedbe megy minden $1, amit kuldenek.
>Szep, ugye ?

Egyszer régen, még kölyök koromban én is játszottam egyszer ilyet.
Kaptam egy ilyen levelet, amiben volt egy hasonló lista, amire fel
kellett iratkozni, majd a levelet 5-6 új címre szétpostázni. Ja, és
a lényeg: a listán előtted állóknak el kellett küldeni egy képesla-
pot. A levéltől kedvet kaptam én is a képeslapgyűjtésre :) és akko-
ri kedvenc újságom ( Dörmögö Dömötör vagy valami más úttörős lap,
már nem emléxem) levelezési rovatából kikerestem az összes képeslap-
gyüjtőt, plusz írtam az egész rokonságnak, plusz csak úgy találomra
levelezési rovatokban talált címekre.Közel száz levelet küldtem szét.
Képeslapot természetesen egyet sem küldtem (lehet,hogy naďve voltam,
de hülye nem) a listán elöttem állóknak,sőt az egyik versenyző nevét
ki is cseréltem a húgoméra. Mit mondjak,egy árva képeslapot sem kap-
tam. Azóta nem hiszek a pilótajátékokban.

+ - Re: question from an outsider. (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

>From:  ()
>That basic fear is your problem.  I guess I would have a bad conscience,
>too, if I obtained something the way Romanians obtained Transylvania. 

Again, I repeat, this is a discussion of why should Hungarians get
the privilege of having Romanians vote for them. You don't get votes
by right, you earn them. As for Romanians getting Transylvania, I see
little wrong with a compact ethnic group with fairly easily defined
borders getting its wish of independance from an abusive colonial
master. The problem comes in only when you have isolated enclaves
like the Hungarian areas right smack in the middle of Romania or
the Armenian enclave of Ngorno Karabakh.

In the tradition of Publius, Cato, and Centinel...
Decius Brutus
+ - Washington,DC : szlovakiai magyar vezetok tajekoztatoja (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)


A szlovakiai Magyar Koalicio partelnokeinek tajekoztatoja 

A. Nagy Laszlo     Magyar Polgari Part (Szlovakia)
Bugar Bela         Magyar Kereszteny Demokrata Mozgalom (Szlovakia)
Duray Miklos       Egyutteles Politikai Mozgalom (Szlovakia)    

Felvideki Magyarok a Demokracia Merlegen

1995. julius 12. Szerda

Kossuth Haz 
2001 Massachussets Ave.NW
Washington D.C.

+ - Re: Personal Service 1-800-559-6557 (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

post this bull**** somewhere else .
+ - Re: What is this Liquor? (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

In article >,
Kim Niendorf  > wrote:
>I have a simple (and mundane?) question for anyone in this group who
>may be prepared to help me.  A friend last week returned from Budapest
>and presented me with a bottle of "Zwack".  Can anyone please tell me
>1)Is this widely consumed in Hungary;
>2)What is it made of (Caramel is the only ingredient I can recognise;
>3)What is the preferred method of drinking (i.e. straight, mixed,
>      diluted etc.)
>Any replies will be appreciated, either through this ng or e-mail.

Zwak is popular throughout Europe .. not just in Hungary. Bassically, you
drink a shot straight after a big meal, or any meal really. It helps to sooth
your stomach. There might be other uses .. but that is the one which is most

Tartalma: (off the back of the bottle)

Alcohol, Water, Sugar, Plant extract, Caramel

   \          /   ___   /    ____       /         /
  B/    ___  /     ./  /     /    __.__/    __.__/  sPACEMAN sPIFF
 R/\___    \/    _____/     /   ___/  /   ___/      
K/         /     /   /     /    /    /    /
!\________/______\  /_____/_____\   /_____\
+ - hova tegyem a 9 fenykepemet? (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

To:  / Cc: 

Mivel itt (meteo.fr) meg nem lathatok kivulrol a szemelyi home page-ek, ezert
orulnek neki, ha valaki at tudna tenni nyilvanosan elerheto WWW-lapra azt a
9 darab erdelyi fenykepemet, amit beszkenneltem nemreg. Ideiglenes helye:
de csak harom napig el ezen az ftp-n, tehat szerdatol pentekig.
(ftp alatt a "pub-ext"-ben "get ro.tar" athozza az egeszet)

Eleg szepek (pl. Bekas-szoros), es kulon lap van az enlakai rovasiras megfej-
teserol. Barki nyugodtan kijavithatja a magyar leirast [a franciat is :-) ]
vagy esetleg a kepeket, ha nehanyat kisse homalyosnak talal (de akkor szoljon
inkabb, kuldhetem a tif-et vagy ppm-et, jobb mint djpeg-vel kezdeni)

Azert hirdetem itt, mert mivel erdelyi kepek, nem igazan valo a letezo magyar
kepgyujtemenyekhez (Magyarorszag WWW-nyitolapja, magyar intezmenyeknek egy
megyet vagy varost leiro lapja, stb)

-- Udvozlettel: Olivier
+ - Re: Mi ez... (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

powermac-7 ) wrote:
: Miert nem magyarul irtok, elvegre magyarok vagytok renduletlenul!!!
: udv.      Ago
 Angol konyebben megy ma'r.
+ - Re: Revanchist views or paranoia? (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

: In article >, Alexander Bossy > wrote
: >
: >	If I may paraphrase: "Since Voivodina, Transylvania, Slovakia, 
: >Croatia, etc. were not given specifically to either Hungary or Austria by 
: >international treaties, partition of the Austro-Hungarian Empire along 
: >ethnic lines seems to me justified after the collapse of the Dual 
: >Monarchy.  This would be in line with the principle of self-determination."

: Alexander,
: I've read a lot of dumb things from you,

	Though nothing as dumb as the things you post.

: Maybe by saying that ... since Oltenia, Muntenia or Moldova were never given
: to Romania by any treaty, partition of Romania would be justified.

	If the majority of the populations of those areas wished 
independence, sure.  How else can a democratic society be built in Romania.
But, in fact, international treaties were involved in the union of the 
principalities of Moldavia and Wallachia.  The parliaments of the two 
principalities voted for union.  MP's could, and did, vote against union.

: You really seem to have a problem with proper anologies, so why
: should I bother?

	And you really seem to have a problem with history's passage from 
the Middle Ages to the modern world.

: >	So, Hungary's claims on neighboring countries are based on "the 
: >standards of the ... feudal system."  Wake up, Joe, feudalism is dead.  
: >Even feudal families like mine realize that.  We now live in a world 
: >dominated by democracies.  Popular will should be dominant.

: What have you been drinking?  Or just had trouble comprehending what you
: were reading?  You should _REALLY_ try harder to ascertain the time
: frame of what we are talking about and not mix the present with the
: historic past.

	Joe, if you keep arguing that all territories that were ever part 
of the Kingdom of Hungary should be returned to Hungary, because they 
were obtained according to then-prevalent practices shows that YOU can't 
"ascertain the time frame of what we are talking about and not mix the 
present with the historic past."

: > In case you forgot, Hungary's claims to Transylvania this century 
: >have always been historical.  It was the reason why the Romanian 
: >population was "voluntarily" Magyarized before WWI.  It was why half of 
: >Transylvania was handed over to Hungary by the Vienna diktat durring 
: >WWII.  While Romania also has historical claims to Transylvania, 
: >Romania's real claims are based on popular will.

: Yes, history is important, especially the one that actually happened,
: not the one that is invented to justify claims to a piece of real
: estate.  In the light of Trianon, it's also not quite correct to say
: that "half the Transylvania was handed over to Hungary by the Vienna
: diktat".  For Hungarians Trianon was also a diktat, giving to Romania
: alone more territory from Hungary than what remained.

	Joe, Trianon ended a world war.  In case you forgot, the 
Austro-Hungarian Empire was involved from the begining.  the Vienna 
diktat was an ultimatum imposed on Romania, a country at peace, by a 
German bully.  They are not the same.

: After that,
: the Second Vienna Arbitration giving half of that territory back to
: Hungary was a partial justice.

	But, 60% of the population was ethnic Romanian.  Doesn't justice 
belong to people, not to countries?  Since the majority of the population 
didn't want to switch countries, there was no justice, partial or 

:  I already expressed what I thought about
: the "self-determination" so laudly advocated by the victorious WW I
: powers without actually putting it to the test of plebiscite.

	Yes, I'd have put it to a plebiscite too.  But, defeated nations 
don't always get what they want.  Just ask the peoples who of only just 
emerged from behind the iron curtain.

:  Such a
: plebiscite would surely have resulted in different borders than what were
: drawn in the smoky rooms around Versailles, though most of Transylvania
: would still have gone to Romania.

	How impressive of you to recognize that.

: But on such principle, much of
: Florida should also belong to Cuba because of the large concentration of
: Cuban refugees there.

	They fled from communist Cuba.  They don't want to join communist 

:  But bygones are bygones and I only hope that
: Hungary learned an important lesson from the consequences of her past
: generosity toward immigrants and refugees from neighboring lands and 
: puts a stop to it before another application of the "Wilson principle"
: is put on the international agenda by some greedy neighbors.

	Or better yet, that if they conquer neighboring lands, the 
inhabitants of those conquered lands will eventually become strong enough 
to break away.  But, you've clearly yet to learn that lesson, as you 
continue to look at neighboring lands with greedy eyes.

+ - Re: $$ FASTCASH $$ (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

Zoltan Koczkas wrote:

Another idiot - this one is ashamed to give an E-mail address.
I once saw statistics of a pyramid scheme like this - within a few weeks 
& levels everyone in the world would be involved. Doesd anyone have a 
I sppose the people who post these messages make a few bucks from a few 
other idiots in a week. It's a pity legitimate users of the Net have to 
wade through this junk.

Jim Phillip.