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+ - Re: "I love you" in many languages Re: Please help tran (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

In my language:



On Fri, 15 Mar 1996, Tommy Holm Hansen wrote:

> Robert Moldenhauer wrote:
> > 
> > now?  Real lovers don't spam.
> You're right they sperm
+ - Duna helyzete (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

Bocsanatot kerek, meg tudna valaki mondani nekem, hogy letezik-e valamilyen Int
ernet-forras, ahol 
friss tajekoztatas lenne talalhato a Duna vizallasarol ill. a bejegesedeserol?

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The Book of Mormon - a testament of another Jesus.
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+ - Re: doing just nothing (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

T. Kocsis ) wrote:
: In article > Ren\i,  writes:
: >I have really no idea

: I see.

But he does it very well.

Wally Keeler					Poetry
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+ - Re: "I love you" in many languages (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

Why doesn't just somebody go get a dictionary, or get a reference
book that's related to that!  ( There must be one.)  Stop wasting space
with this lame piece of crap.  Who's gonna say I love you in Swahili or
Azebajiani anyway, in actually practice? 

     I suggest you read my article on soccer, "World Cup belongs to Japan
!", in soc.jap., since almost everyone in the world loves and understands
+ - School Records (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)


Does anyone know if there are any records kept on students who attended a 
particular school at any time in the past? For example, I would like to 
find a list of students who attended the Erzsebet Utcai School in 1955 
and 1956. This school used to be located in the IV-ik kerulet. I do 
not think it is there anymore as a result of urban renewal. More 
importantly, I would like to be able to locate some of them today. If 
there is an agency in the Hungarian system that might handle this type of 
record keeping, I would appreciate any information in it's regard. Thank 
you for any help. Please E-Mail replyes to: 

+ - Re: Who suffer from War & Government (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

PRRZZZZT -- the sound of this post entering the atmosphere.

Zion ) wrote:
: ************************************
: ************************************
: Peace and freedom is the common goal for all mankind. It is what people
: hope for. It is also something God planned people to have since He created 
: them.
: However, For over six thousand years, this has only been a hope. Nowhere on
: earth is there true freedom and true peace. There are racial conflicts and
: international disputes everywhere. The inscription on a plaque at the United
: Nations square reads, "They shall beat their swords into plowshares, and 
: their
: spears into pruning hooks; nation shall not lift up sword against nation, 
: neither
: shall they learn war anymore." These words are a great mockery against the
: United Nations Organization (UNO). This year happens to be the 50th anniver-
: sary of the UNO. More than 180 heads of state gathered in New York for a 
: grand
: celebration. But what was there to celebrate? What has the UNO done in the 
: past
: 50 years? What has it brought to mankind? We did not see swords turning into
: powshares. What we saw were atomic bombs turning into nuclear bombs. Their
: "arms reduction" was merely replacing out-dated weapons with new, more
: advanced ones. Is there any nation that is unarmed? Is there any nation that 
: has
: not been building up its military? No, So internatlonal conflicts go 
: unresolved.
: The six-thousand year history of mankind can be called a history of chaos! 
: And
: what is the source of these problems? These problems come from what he world
: calls "Nations." The nations are the source of all problems, and are solely
: responsible for the world's chaos.

: ----------------------------
:    From these the coastland peoples of the Gentiles were separated into their
: lands, everyone accordrng ta his own language, according to their families, 
: into
: their nations" (Gen 10:5). "These were the famllies of the sons of Noah,
: accordlng to their generations, in their nations; and from these the nations 
: were
: divided on the earth after the Flood"(Gen 10:32).
:    There were no nations for mankind in the beginning. Man only began
: to divide lands and form nations after the flood. Actually, God intended 
: earth to
: support every man and every creaeture. He did not make land for any nation or
: regime to occupy. A nation must first have land to exist, but the earth has 
: no need
: for any nation. Human kingdoms [nations) are merely the products of degen-
: eratd men--men who have dcparted from God. They are autonomies formed
: by dividing the earth created by God. The nations are continually being
: overthrown, divided revolutionized, built... They are very unstable, man-made
: systems. They can be divided and can disintegrate. Some people say, "If a 
: city
: falls, none if its inhabitants will be safe; if a country disintegrates, 
: there will be
: no home." But actually, "home' existed long before man formed any nation.
: Human klngdoms did not exist at the creation. Human kingdoms are the
: chief culprits that have stolen the land and destroyed God's order of 
: creation. 

: ------------------------------------------
:    Mankind builds nations according to their race, language and land. Every
: nation on earth has its land borders. Therefore, human kingdoms are earthly, 
: and
: not heavenly. The descendants of Noah divided themselves into nations. There-
: fore, the nature of the human kingdoms is to divide men into groups; they 
: cannot
: unite men as one. When the human kingdoms first appeared and grew, mankind
: thought of building the tower of Babel, whose top was in the heavens, in 
: order to
: make a name for themselves (see Gen. 11:1-9). They wanted to exalt themselves
: above God. Basically, human Kingdoms do not want God. They choose their
: own kings and rulers. However God is the King of kings. He is the Ruler of
: all mankind. But the human kingdoms do not want God to be their King; they
: want to be kings themselves. Today, on such a small planet, man's kingdom 
: have
: multiplied to over 100 countries with over l00 kings. And the nature of all 
: these
: human kingdoms is to reject God. The nature of the human kingdoms is to
: establish their own sovereignty and deny God's rule and soverignty. God
: never intended the human kingdoms to exists. The more they develop, the less
: they bring peace and harmony to mankind. The human kingdoms and what
: they do are the most abnormal entities in the universe. Unfortunately, until
: today, man is still unable to see the true nature of human kingdoms. He 
: continues
: to live under the rule of the nations, thinking it is normal. Therefore, he 
: never
: questions their existence.

: ---------------------------------------------------
:    As the human kingdom develop, horrible, degenerate culture, and corrupt
: ideas take control of man. What are degenerate culture and corruptideas? They
: are the concepts of having nations and loving them. It is natural to have
: self-love and a love for others. So are loving one's homeland and family. But
: loving your country (patriotism) is not natural. No one is born loving his 
: country.
: For a nation differs from a homeland or a family. Countries did not exist in 
: the
: natural order of God's creation. They are artificial products create by man
: for political reasons. A country was never in the original plan for the 
: universe.
: "Patriotism" must be instilled into people. Nations purposely create 
: political
: symbols (such as national flags and national anthems) to make people 
: recognize
: them. And subconsciously, patriotism is perceived as being a virtue. However,
: if
: man sees that a country is a mere, unstable, man-made system, he will realize
: that Patriotism should not be regarded as an advanced sentiment.
:    Under the ideologies and education of degenerate man, patriotism has
: become a very high virtue. Citizens are taught to love their country. And 
: everyone
: must sacrifice himself for his country. Actually, human kingdoms are not 
: ours.
: Only God's kingdom belongs to us. If you want to be patriotic, then be
: patriotic towards God's kingdom. Regrettably, many people are so patriotic 
: for
: the human kingdoms that they sacrifice themselves for them. They feel that 
: such
: sacrifice is valuable. But ask yourself this: Is dying for a country the 
: highest
: possiblc realm? Is it really worth it? Many Scots died for Scotland and many
: English died for England. But since Scotland and England became one country
: in the l8th century, should the people be patriotic towards Scotland or 
: England?
: Now that the war has ended, didn't those who died for Scotland and England 
: die
: for nothing? If Taiwan and China have conflicts, the Kuomingtong will surely 
: tell
: the Taiwanese troops to love their own country and destroy the Chinese Commu-
: nists. The Chinese communist govemment will likewise tell its troops to be 
: loyal
: to their country and destroy the Taiwanese. So, since the people are under a
: divided political regime, what should they do? How can they love their 
: country?
: Wouldn't the Taiwanese killing the Chinese communist troops be killing their 
: own
: people? And if the Chinese troops kill the Taiwanese troops, wouldn't they 
: also
: be killing Chinese people? How can man show his loyalty? How does one love
: his country? Is it worthwhile for a person to love his coumry and sacrifice 
: his life
: for it?
:    Such patriotism is tragic! Nevertheless, most people never realize it. 
: They
: think that dying for one's country is highly honorable. In Taiwan, there is a
: national
: martyrs' memorial at Yuan-shan. Every year many go there to commemorate the
: dead. They feel that those who die for their country are great. And why are 
: they
: so great? Because they died for the country. However there are more than 100
: countries in the world. Which country should one die for to be considered 
: great?
: Which one should we love? Wouldn't loving one's own country be in conflict 
: with
: the interests of other countries? Is it really worth it to love a country and
: sacrifice
: for it? Is it worth it to fight for the human kingdoms? Is it worth it to die
: for the
: human kingdoms? No, not at all! Being unpatriotic is not immoral, and should
: not make you feel guilty. However, since the concept of loving the country 
: has
: been deeply rooted in the hearts of man, man has developed an erroneous,
: degenerate concept called patriotism. So patriotism is mistaken by man as a
: virtue. But actually, it is a corrupt sentiment of degeneration.

: -------------------------------------------------------------
:    "For nation will rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom. And
: there will be famines, pestilences and earthquakes in various places. All 
: these
: are the beginning of sorrows" (Matt. 24:7-8). It is a sorrow for nation to 
: rise
: against nation and kingdom against kingdom. It is a disaster for society. 
: However,
: many political figures like people to call them  "saviors of the people." But
: who
: are they meant to save?  The Chinese? The Blacks? The Whites? Actually, the
: rulers are not saviors at all, but chief of disaster! To "save and protect" 
: their
: people, they are willing to kill other peoples. Therefore, the love for 
: country will
: bring endless destruction.
:    Everyone shows his love for his own country. The Chinese love China. The
: Americans love America. The English love England: The Germans, Germany; and
: the French, France. This bond, once established. causes one to attack other
: countries to show his loyalty to his own country. War is a result of 
: patriotism.
:    For the love of his people and his country, everyone is willing to fight 
: till
: the end. So nation rises against nation,and kingdom against kingdom. How much
: blood will be shed! How many corpses will pile up! How frightening! How
: foolish! This is the beginning of sorrows. The so-called love for nation is
: indeed the root of evil and chaos in society! For more than six thousand 
: years,
: these bonds with the country have been deeply rooted in the hearts of man.
: This is the strong fortress of the devil Satan which has taken the hearts of
: man captive. Countries have become large prisons. In these prisons, there are
: mililaty, politics, economy, Judiciary systems, culture, productions, 
: entertain-
: ment, drugs, and religions. These are the systems Satan uses to harm man. 
: They
: bring endless tribulations tragedies, murder, death.... Therefore, the God of
: heaven will destroy this fortress, and utterly remove this root of sorrows.

: *****************************
: *****************************

: ----------------------------------------------
:    In 1980, God inspired the Prophet of All Nations to preach "Mt. Zion--the
: Great Mountain--Shall Fill the Whole Earth" (see Dan. 2:35). Then God
: moved him to preach another epochal message from the same book in the bible
: "The Most High Will Destroy Great Image--the Human Kingdom" (see
: Dan. 2:44). This message exposed Satan's deception for the pas six thousand
: years: That the human kingdoms are the greatest image (idol) Satan uses to
: receive man's worship. Satan robs God of His deseived worship from men. Since
: childhood, people are constantly brainwashed by the systems of the human
: kingdoms. The country is deified. Even the political symbols--nation flags
: and anthems--have become objects of adoration. Don't they know what the
: God who created heavens and earth is the only Most High? Yet, whether
: they are great or small, all human kingdoms emphasize their own inde-
: pendence and sovereignty. This is aIl Satan's ploy intended to deny God's
: soverignty and rule. He causes man to place God's dominion outside the
: boundaries of man's kingdoms. Thus, he restricts man's worship of God
: within religion. And so, the nations and kings go their own way, doing
: whatever they wish, greatly offending and opposing God's soverignty. Satan
: then causes the human kingdoms to be in constant conflict. And many people,
: under the deception of patriotism, follow blindly. They even think that dying
: for
: the country is highly honorable. For several thousand years, countless souls 
: have
: fallen into Satan's tricks and the human kingdoms' deceptions. They assume 
: that
: it is proper for nations to exist. Therefore God must overthrow the thrones 
: of
: kingdoms and destroy the strength of the Gentile kingdoms (see Hag. 2:22).
: God send the Lord Jesus to come and destroy the works of the devil and to
: cast out the rulers of this world (see 1 John 12:31). When this 
: happens, all roots of confusion and sorrow will end, and the original order
: and harmony will be restored on earth.

: ------------------------------------------
:    "And in the days of these kings the God of heaven will set up a kingdom
: which shall never be destroyed; and the kingdom shall not be left to other
: people; it shall break in pieces and consume all these kingdoms, and it shall
: stand forever" (Dan. 2:44). Jesus answered, "My kingdom is not of this world"
: (John 18:36). The kingdom God sets up is the kingdom of the Lord--the
: church of the living God. All those who have reccived the full truth of 
: Blood,
: Water and Holy Spirit, and follow the apostles' leading, are the citizens of 
: this
: holy kingdom (see Phil. 3:20). They are fellow citizens with the saints and
: members of the household (church) of God (see Eph. 2:19).
:    Rulers of the human kingdoms join hands, to deny God's sovereignty. But
: when they take counsel together, against the LORD and against His Anointed, 
: God
: issues His solemn decree, "Yet I have set My King on My holy hill of Zion"
: (see Ps. 2:1-6). This King of Zion is Jesus Christ the King of kings. He is 
: the
: King set up by God (see Acts 17:7). God bas not only set up a kingdom, but a
: king as well. This kingdom is unshakable (see Heb.12:28). When Christ reigns,
: He will end all rule and authority and will deliver the kingdom to God the 
: Father
: (see 1 Cor 15:24-25). When the human kingdoms are crushed, the kingdom of
: this world shall become the kingdoms of our Lord and of His Christ, and He 
: (our
: Lord Jesus Christ) shall reign forever and ever! (Rev.11:15). This kingdom 
: and
: this king shall remain forever! The gospel of the Lord Jesus is the gosple of
: this
: everlasting kingdom. It will be preached in all the world as a witness to all
: people.
: And then the end will come.

: Union of Church and State? Or Separation of Church and State?
: -------------------------------------------------------------
:    The kings are only in power temporarily, but the Lord Jesus shall reign
: forever. Satan uses the "kings in power" to attract the attention of the 
: world and
: to oppress the people. The world mass media reports only the acttivities and 
: words
: of the rulers. No matter how they came to power-self-appointed, through royal
: lineage, by coup, or elected democratically--the rulers have become the focal
: point of all people. To become kings, they do not mind if the people lose 
: their
: lives or their hard-earned money. And the people must humble themselves under
: the rulers' contemptuous air. Even the religious leaders, who claim to serve 
: God,
: consider the rulers of the human kingdoms (Caesar) as their only king (see 
: John
: 19:15). So the freedom to serve God has become a permitted right under man's
: constitution, and faith is forced under the control of the human kingdoms. As
: a
: result they debase and even enslave the church. The relationship between 
: man's
: kingdom and the church has become one of "church and state." This topic has
: evolved into the irrelevant debate over "Union of Church and State versus
: Separation of Church and State."
:    In reality, that stone cut out of the mountain without hands (ths church
: of the living God-the New Testament Church) is the "terminator" of the
: human kingdoms (see Dan. 2:44). How can the terminator and the terminated
: be united? However, talk about separation of politics and religion is also a 
: fallacy
: that debases the church. Both the union and separation of church and state
: approve the existence of human kingdoms. So this is an erroneous concept,
: because God has destined to crush the human kingdoms. They do not have
: a relationship wlth God's church. Political-religious relationship may 
: improve,
: and each entity may even benefit the other. But the relationship between the
: church of the living God and the human kingdoms wlll never improve. To the
: church of God, the human kingdoms are only organizations which must be
: destroyed. Therefore, man's kingdom and the church of the living God have no
: political-religious relationship, and issues like "separation of church and 
: state"
: are irrelevant.

: ----------------------------------------
:    The devil's seat is the human kingdoms (see Rev. 17:15), and the
: human kingdoms are his camp and ruling territory (see Rev. 17:18). Through
: thousands of years of development, the politics, economy, military, 
: technology,
: culture and other systems of man's kingdom have made astounding progress.
: This is indeed the great city of Babylon recorded in the Bible. Satan 
: controls all
: the kingdoms of the world and their glory, and they are his trump-card for 
: gaining
: the worship of Ihe world (see Matt. 4:8). But the great city of Babylon will 
: fall
: in one hour and all her glory will become worthless (see Rev. 18:1-4).
:    To sacrifce one's self for any human kingdom is to become an accom-
: plice of human kingdoms. Such a sacrifice will be in vain. The nagure of
: man's kingdom is to be independent from God and be at enimity with Him.
: Therefore, loving these man-made organizations (the great image), which
: were never meant to exist, is not a virtue, but a degenerate emotion from the
: devil Satan. The end of the human kingdoms is near. The Kings of kings shall
: strike all nations (see Rev.19:15). All people should come out of Babylon, 
: lest
: they share in her sins (see Rev.18:4).
:    People should come out of the maze of patriotism, and cease from
: participating in its related activities. God created man; man should give
: themselves to God. They do not belong to any human kingdom. The prophe-
: cies of the prophet concerning man's kingdom shall all come true. God will
: terminate the human kingdoms. This is something He will accomplish in the 
: last days (see Rev.1:19). Smashing the human kingdom is not destructive,
: but constructive. Ending the human kingdoms is realizing God's kingdom--
: the universal, and harmonious kingdom of Christ. This is the holy obligation
: of the NTC: To execute God's sovereignty, end human kingdoms, and realize
: God's kingdom. This is the only way for mankind to enjoy peace and rest.

: ---
: Mount Zion, Chiahsien, Kaohsiung, Taiwan
: Tel: (7)6701218-24
: 1995.11.3
: ---
: <eof>
Wally Keeler					Poetry
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+ - puedes ayudarme? (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

I'm looking for information about Mexican wedding culture.  I need but 
brief but interesting information.  If you know anything that could help 
me out please send it as soon as possible.  This is for a class 
presentation and personal interest.  Thank you for your help.

+ - Venture Capital Consultants? (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

Hi there!!!

Have you ever heard of this firm???

I need some financial info and so far nothing on the Web.

If you had any business w/ them, please let me know your experiences.

Please reply to my e-mail: 

Thanks a lot;
+ - Re: puedes ayudarme? (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

Followup-To: soc.culture.british,soc.culture.kenya,soc.culture.korean,soc.cultu
References: > >

Amanda Peterson ) wrote:
: I'm looking for information about Mexican wedding culture.  I need but 
: brief but interesting information.  If you know anything that could help 
: me out please send it as soon as possible.  This is for a class 
: presentation and personal interest.  Thank you for your help.
Laff, I don't think that many of us on soc.culture.korean can help ya 
there. :)
+ - Re: Szabo Albert (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

 () wrote:

>Csak 87-ben telepult ki Australiaba, s mar 
>idoben vissza is jott, hogy bajkevero legyen?  Mivel 87-ben meg nem
>volt olyan konnyu ausztral kivandorlasi engedelyt szerezni Kadarektol,
>gondolom nem egyenesen Magyarorszagrol telepult ki oda, igaz?
>De kulonben is, honna ered ez a jobboldali pletyka, hogy Szabo Izraelbol
>jott?  Semmi valosagalapja sincs ennek?

Csupan pontositas vegett jegyzem meg, hogy Szabo Albert 1986-ban
indult Ausztraliaba, ahova vegul 87 juniusban erkezett meg, ket
testvere elt ott. Magyarországra 1993-ban érkezett vissza .
Kivandorlasi engedelyt nem kapott "Kadarektol", Magyarorszagot
illegalisan hagyta el.
Persze azt, hogy "bajkeveronek" jott-e vissza, azt tole kellene
megkerdezni. Az izraeli tartozkodasarol o maga azt mondta, hogy "egy
kozelkeleti utat tettem. Hat ezt nem akarom nagyon reszletezni, hogy
milyen benyomasok ertek."
Az idezett beszelgetes Szabo Alberttel a Pannon Front negyedik
szamaban jelent meg.