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+ - Re: Privatization of MVM (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

Balogh Eva again argues in a subject she knows nothing about. She argues
for the privatization of the Hungarian Electric Utility (MVM). To support
the argument one of her point was:

>job at maintaining high level of reliability. For example, my electricity
>comes from a private utility company, and I bet that the service I receive is
>as good as the service Torontonians get. And surely it is as good, if not

This in nonsense. The electricity she gets comes from the North American
Power Grid, her private company only distributes it to her house. The
key to the reliability of her power is the reliability of the Grid. In
November 1965  for example the whole North East US and Canada was blacked
out for 9 hours because of Grid problems.

The reliability of the Hungarian electric supply was poor in the past
because it was not interconnected with Western Europe. Just recently this
tie has been established, therefore the reliability will improve.

Obviously the rural distribution network also contributes to the
reliability, but I don't think that this is the main issue in the
privatization argument.

I worked for a large public utility for 33 years, so I know something about
electric power systems, still I would not dare to come out and argue for or
against the MVM privatization. There is no simple rule for such an issue.
In Ontario for example, the public power was definitely a big asset for
many years. The electricity here was much cheaper, than in the US. Now,
with different economic conditions and changes in technology, may be
privatization would makes sense here. A lot of qualified people thinking
about it.

I don't know how of the decision about the MVM privatization
was made, I hope it was made with better knowledge of the issues involved
than: if it is good for Connecticut it must be good for Hungary also.

Barn Bozoki
+ - why? (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

To tel; you the truth I have to admire Eva Balogh tenacatey,and deep
knowledge of the subject she is talking about.Definetley some people will
not agree with all she writes.And this is not as Mr Zsolt from Hong kong so
eloquentley discribed as(hey I will not use the same languige).I would have
given up a long time ago this frustrating and sometimes futile discussion,if
we can say this.
I wish Mr.Szuch would find an other outlet for his anger and trying to tell
us what and how to do.I also recommend he gives this libel suit to Dr .whats
his name and sue these libelous people at ther same court as they sue the IMF.
I just wonder what is the reason for Mr.Szuch to admire and support the
Torgyan and Csurka camp?Is it because they are infinitley good politicians
or they know a way for Hungary to get out from there debt or because they
are far right?
Anyway I can see that the correspondence is declining since I believe lot of
people are tired of som slanders and the Nemzet to try and silence us.
I have also other things to do even if I am retired,and I just keep my eyes
open and when I have something to say I will even if I am being attacked> I
hope not but better be prepared.If I feel I maybe have something to
contribute I will.
Till then lets try and be polite and perspective.
+ - Olah-Pataki-Bartok egy kalap alatt (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

pesentation of the george washington awards to
dr. George a. Olah winner of the 1994 nobel prize in chemistry
hon. George e. Pataki governor state of new york
bela bartok one of the great and original commposers of musical modernism
on wednesday, november 29, 1995 at the waldorf-astoria starlight
roof reception at 7:00 p.m. Dinner at 8:00p.m
Contact:  prof. August j. Molnar president 908-846-5777
     during 1994-1995 the american-hungarian foundation is celebrating its
40th anniversary.
It was founded on december 28, 1954. The foundation is  devoted to furthering
understanding and appreciation of the hungarian cultural heritage in the
united states.
Through grants, the foundation supports students and scholars exchange,
academic programs, fellowships and research at american universities and
colleges, serving as a bridge between the hungarian and american cultural
traditions to enhance a better understanding of the contribution of each.
In new brunswick,  new jersey,  the foundation established the newly built
hungarian heritage center with its museum, archives, library, visitors
center, conference and research facilities. The center also serves as the
headquarters of the tax-exempt, publicly supported foundation. In name and
symbolism the george washington award was inspired by the statue of
washington, erected in the city park in budapest in 1906. It was a gift from
hungarian immigrants  living in america. For the immigrants
the statues serves as an expression of gratitude to the memory of george
washington and to their adopted country, while not forgetting the land of
their birth.  The george washington award of the american hungarian
foundation honors those persons whose eminent contributions are in the broad
field of human knowledge, the arts, commerce, industry, the sciences, and
understanding among men and women and nations.      The roll of laureates
include the hon. Gerald ford, dr edward teller, ambassador angier biddle
duke, general robert wood johnson, dr. Eugene p. Wigner, admirl lewis l.
Strauss, dr. Peter c. Goldmark, joseph pasternak, james a. Michener, chet
huntley, yehudi menuhin, andre kertesz, raoul wallenberg, cornell capa, elie
wiesel, tony curtis and many more.
+ - To figments Kornai/Eva Balogh (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

Responses to my "Kornai owes an apology" posting(s) have revealed
that "Andras Kornai" and "Eva S. Balogh" are merely figments of each
others' imagination. Seemingly it was "Eva S. Balogh" at evab459762@
aol.com who issued a five point response entitled "Kornai owes an
apology". However, in keeping with rampant conspiracy theories on
this list, I show below that abundant circumstantial evidence as well
as a surefire Freudian slip proves that Kornai and Balogh parade as
being no else than one another on the net.

Eva Balogh, under his/her submission "Kornai owes an apology" writes
in his/her point (3) the following:

"And, of course, there are no apologies because I haven't done anything
to anyone which would  require an apology."

Clear enough, dear reader?! "Kornai owes an apology" but "there are no
apologies because *I* haven't done anything..." - writes Ms/Mr/Mrs/Miss
(?) Balogh who just slipped (or so would say Freud) to admit that at
the least would like to be Mr/Ms/Mrs/Miss/etc Kornai - if not already is!

If readers would not be sufficiently convinced that Balogh and Kornai
are nothing but each others' figments, I point out further circumstantial,
but strong enough for this list, evidence - that "their styles are getting
very similar".

We have gotten used to the blatant lie of a figment under the tradename
"Kornai" that "Szabadsagharc" (Freedomfight) not only did not take place,
but it is (mis)translated to English as "Fuggetlensegi Haboru" (War of
Independence). This is a pretty good provocation from a figment
parading as an "enfant terrible" ("Moricka", the proverbial young
Jewish boy in constant pathological need of attention). But so far
the figure crafted as Mr/Ms Balogh was that of a solemn Freedom Fighter
hero, who actually wittnessed fighting Hungarians dying for their/OUR
freedom. Unlike Moricka, who wasn't even a horny idea by 1956. Thus,
figment Balogh would never commit "Freedom Fight Denial".

Not anymore. Fronts got mixed up pretty bad. Perhaps Moricka will come
up tomorrow with Holocaust-denial, for a change. (Who knows? If Rabin
can be killed by a zionist Jew!?)

Now former Freedom Fighter Ms/Mr Balogh (or just a mixup of the multiple
personalities of Kornai) actually puts out the following shameless garbage
about 1956 in one of his/her multiple listings yesterday:

"In Hungarian we actually never refer to it as "fuggetlensegi haboru" or
"szabadsagharc",  "...the word "szabadsagharc" is never used. Moreover, if
you think about it, "freedom fight" doesn't really mean "szabadsagharc"
pure and simple because "szabadsagharc" has a very strong connotation
of "war of independence," while "freedom fight" does not. In any case, to
Hungarian minds 1956 was a revolution rather than a war of independence."

Surely, figment Balogh can only go on record with the above incredible
lies, if he never reads HVG (the bible of the figure Ms Balogh was
fictioned after) since that weekly, the flagship of liberalsocialist "blue"
media, listed celebrations of 1956 in its commemoration issue as follows:

"Magukat az 1956-os forradalom es *szabadsagharc* szellemi orokosenek
vallo, eszmeiseget apolo szervezetek" (Organizations claiming spiritual
heretage and upholding the spirit of the 1956 REVOLUTION AND FREEDOM FIGHT)
[HVG, oct 21, 1995, p. 10]

If Mr/Ms Balogh would argue that HVG is a piece of sh*t (in which I fully
agree), let me point out that HVG lists the following 29 organizations
that are *not* figments of HVG but comprise those who do *not* deny
the 1956 "Revolution and Freedom Fight" (szabadsagharc). The list contains
20 Social Organizations, 4 Political Parties and 5 Foundations. So much for
"the word *szabadsagharc* is never used".

Lastly, it is perhaps not surprising that figment Kornai would never have
bothered to appear on the 16th of June, 1989 in Budapest, at the Funeral
of Imre Nagy and about five hundred revolutioners and freedom fighters of
1956. A creation of imagination; to have been born long after 1956, raised
and "educated" (brainwashed) to be a spoiled brat of "Kadarjugend" why
should "Kiskornai" be there?  On the other hand, Mr/Ms Balogh, fabricated
to parade as a "living hero" a Freedom Fighter of 1956 would surely have
been there at the Funeral, 33 years late. Balogh certainly wasnt' there
(if there was anywhere, other than in Kornai's imagination) -- since at
the Funeral must have heard the closing words of the solemn eulogy by
Bela Kiraly (Hungarian-American scholar of history on 1956, handpicked
SZDSZ-celebrity of 1956) as follows:

"Felezer szabadsagharcos vertanu, Nagy Imre, Losonczy Geza, Maleter Pal,
Gimes Miklos, Szilagyi Jozsef, bajtarsaink, barataink, nyugodjotok
bekeben!" (Half of a thousand Freedom Fighter martyrs, Imre Nagy, Geza
Losonczy, Pal Maleter, Miklos Gimes, Jozsef Szilagyi, our comrades in
arms, our friends, rest in peace!)  [B.Kiraly ISBN 963 7911 00 6, p.124]

To uphold Bela Kiraly's respect to them, these are my parting words today:

"Freedom Fighter" Balogh, if you ever existed in any way other than
figment of Kornai's imagination, once you just comitted suicide as
"Freedom Fighter" of 1956, REST IN PEACE and do not cause *true* Freedom
Fighters turn over in their graves! Neither call their sacred Antisoviet
Revolt a phoney "Socialis Revolution" nor deny their "Freedom Fight",
that the whole civilized Word has come both to accept and respect.
Best if phoney Balogh, "hero and Freedom Fighter of 1956" peacefully
withers away, and does not go around as some provocator criminals who
(denying Holocaust) have to be jailed sooner or later for their offense.
+ - Info Ferihegy - Keleti p.u./ Nyugati p.u. (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

Could anybody tell me, if there is a public transport connection
between Nyugati p.u (Keleti p.u. too) and Ferihegy airport?
Please, send me the number of bus I should take.
If there is none, how much will I pay for the taxi approximately?



+ - Re: Info Ferihegy - Keleti p.u./ Nyugati p.u. (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

> Could anybody tell me, if there is a public transport connection
> between Nyugati p.u (Keleti p.u. too) and Ferihegy airport?
> Please, send me the number of bus I should take.
> If there is none, how much will I pay for the taxi approximately?
> Cheers
> Steve

take the metro the kobanya-kispest terminus and then get on the 93 bus
whcih will take you to the terminals. Take the red 93 because it is

FHave a great trip, Darren
+ - To Sandor Lengyel (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

Dear Sandor,

 (sorry for the iterated quotes)

> Gabor Elek writes:

>>vicious, almost murderous verbal attacks against democratic parties
>>like the SZDSZ (a party who supported Dr Liptak wholeheartedly in
>>many issues)

> Why not. It is democracy.

 >  On the other hand I agree, we should control a language when we talk
about the persons in the party.

----- end of quotes

 Sandor, if you control the language you can not be vicious or
 murderous. Some people openly suggested that the SZDSZ members
 are traitors and the party should be exterminated. That is what should
 not be tolerated, i.e. these kind of guys should be kicked out
 of any decent community. Like Mr Bencsik was kicked out of the MDF.
 (I do not suggest that we should arrest Mr Bencsik, or even Mr Albert
 Szabo. Physical assault on minorities should be punished by very, very
 serious jailterms, verbal assaults however should be punished by expulsion
 from the society of nice people. Well, that is my opinion. Some
 democracies control speak, some do not.)

 On the other hand, I think you misunderstood my point.
 (It was probably my fault). The SZDSZ are very, very far from being
 the party of angels. They are also very far from being the smartest
 kids on the block. Their liberalism is sometimes as childish as
 the conservatism of the pinkish-wing of the MDF.
 I must say, that the only real difference I observed between
 the MDF-guys and the SZDSZ-guys is the quality of their
 girlfriends. SZDSZ guys tend to have really foxy chicks.
 This is not a sexist joke, this is a careful observation.

  Also, SZDSZ-guys are more westernized, the Nari ( I prefer Nari to MaNcs)
 is way cooler than the Saturday issue of the Magyar Nemzet.
 TGM or Peter Gyorgy is rude sometimes, but, Sandor, believe me, they
 have hundred times better style then Mr  Bela Pokol (who writes garbage)
 or Mr Istvan Elek (who is the cousin of my wife, and I am not kidding).

  I want dialogue. Dialogue between liberals, conservatives, leftist,
 rightist people IN A WESTERNIZED MANNER.I want to hear, for God's sake
 the arguments of the National Review, the New Republic or the Nation
 in Hungarian political discussions. We are Europeans, we should
 be considered Europeans, so our political behaviour should
 reflect our Europeanism. The FORUM represents the worst tradition
 of our nation, what TGM called "mucsaism".
 When, Friedrich Hayek was attacked by the half-illiterate KDNP president
 Mr Giczy, (there is a very decent man with the same family name on the
 net, no relation, I presume)
 it was "mucsaism". When conservatives are called fascists, it
 is "mucsaism". When followers of the Bad Godesberg Program are called
 Red Comunists, it is "mucsaism". When catholics are "bigotts" or atheists
 are "satanists", it is "mucsaism". Calling somebody anti-semite, because
 he is not crazy about the SZDSZ it is  also "mucsaism".
 Tirades about the masonistic plot of the IMF-World Bank
 Real Madrid threesome is "mucsaism". I do not want to see "mucsaists"
 representing Hungarian interests. That is it. EG
+ - "Hungarian composers" talk in London (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

Felix Aprahamian, distinguished music critic of the Sunday
Times, will talk about his life and Hungarian music, at the
meeting of the British-Hungarian Fellowship, on 16 Nov at 7.30
at 8 Collingham Gns, nr. Earls Court. All welcome! #2 admission
incl. refreshments. Malcolm Rudland, organist/conductor  will
chair the meeting. Do come along! Rgds Ferenc Schustek
+ - Duna TV (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)


Can anyone clear up whether or not Duna TV is banned altogether or is it just
scrambled, just like MTV (Music Television) is in Hungary. If it's just been
scrambled then the Romanian government found a back door out. They can say,
"Pay to play."  and there would be nothing we could do about it because it's
perfectly legal, but very sneaky. I hope I didn't give away any ideas.

Czifra Jancsi

john_czifra @ shi.com
+ - Months of droning on about 1956. (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)


Vissza jottem a komputer pokolbol. My system crashed last month and I out of
the scene for a while. It's nice to see that the volume of mail has increased
dramatically, but I also see that the senseless bickering continues, especially
about the events of 1956. I can't say I've followed all the exchanges between
the parties involved, so I can't take sides on it. Frankly, who would want to,
at this point?? I will say this though: 1956 was and still is an ugly issue,
whose aftermath is still being felt and played out by by nearly everyone that
has a single molecule of Hungarian blood in them. Look at those who are
involved in this current dispute. It's an ugly issue, but it's something a lot
of us won't let go. It's at a point where this debate has turned into a joke
(Who is Szucs, really?? and whatnot.). Now it seems everyone's an expert on
this topic. People laying out battle plans, how many tanks, what constitutes a
revolt, revolution, guerilla war, uprising, who's a hero, and so on and so on
and so on. It's turned from a debate to personal attacks. This is totally
unnecessary and the bickering is very weak now. That fact is 1956 happened and
the only  "heroes" aren't the scum of the earth governments officials of the
day, but those people who demostrated peacefully, those who picked up a gun,
those who took to the air waves and stayed on and pleaded to the whole damn
world for help till they were yanked off the air, those who took over the
press, and those fled their homeland, many never to return, and those who died
fighting. Those are your heroes folks. Then we have those who slag Hungary for
being involved in the Prague uprising. If you think of it 1956 was bad PR
(public relations) for the Soviets because of the severity of the retaliation,
so to remedy it in Prague, it was set up so that the Eastern Bloc (except
Romania because Ceaucescu had his own agenda and used this "standing up against
the Soviet Union", which the west just ate up, to boost himself to "hero"
status in Romania and wasn't hesitant to do again in 1984.) along with Soviets
would "clean house" so it wouldn't seem so barbaric as 1956. Plus, Hungary was
(and still is) never strong enough militarily to stand up against the
Soviets.So argue, bicker, throw mud at each other all you want, but don't make
a mockery of this event. Almost everyone involved in 1956 has a story to tell
about it and those count more than what any historian or politician can say
about it because what historians and politicians have said about it has changed
so often that it has confused a lot of people, including those of you who have
reduced this to the number of tanks involved, whether battles took place, are
there any heroes, was it a revolution, was it a freedom fight, was it an
uprising, and did it even ever happen at all. It's pathetic; that's what it
is!!!!!! If you would put as much energy and creativity into doing something
more positive for Hungarians than spewing all this garbage back and
Grow up!!!

Czifra Jancsi

john_czifra @ shi.com
+ - Natura gas as alternatives to modernize MVM! (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

Eva Balogh,your argument is good,regarding the privatization of MVM.However
you overlooked one important facts! Privat ownership would require a much
higher level of equity,as opposed to debt,and the equity would have to earn
at least 5-6 percentage points higher than the interest on the debt.This
would make the Hungarian ratepayer pay a much higher price for the use of
electricity.So what should we do now?I tell you what:Eva, you said it,I said
it,business is business! So let's make business!
The Hungarian government should make every effort to look at future,private-
lly owned "green field" small power station developments and develop strate-
gic responses.Natural gas turbines should be the alternatives,if the right
decision are made.
Ther are two important developments in the electricity industry in Hungary.
The first is the availability of natural gas in Hungary.New,privatelly own-
ed,small power stations should be built to take advantage of this,especially
with the technological improvements in gas turbines.They could call tender
right now! The benefits of these,privatelly owned developments could be very
profitable if steam,for heating and cooling can be produced and sold.Secondly
these new privatelly owned generating stations,should be smaller and built
closer to the load demand.Just like the way we used to have it untill 1948.
(of course those stations were using coal to produce gas) Today,natural gas
turbine power stations are clean,no air pollutions and are very,very affici-
ent and inexpensive to operate.This is the way to go,rather than transmission
upgrades,where supply is short,build a small Fossil fuel station.And the
biggest advantage would be,that we Hungarians could (afford to) own these
stations.( Eva,can you picture yourself: Eva Balogh's natural gas power
station Co.Pecs.)
Laci Toth
+ - Honnan fog jonni a gaz? (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

Leslie, I have not seen to many maps of showing large reserves of Natural
gas in Hungary. Could clarify where this gas will come from? Russia,
North Sea, Algeria?

Koszonom szepen

Darren Purcell