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8 Re: "I love you" in many languages Re: Please help tran (mind)  45 sor     (cikkei)
9 Re: "I love you" in many languages (mind)  8 sor     (cikkei)
10 Political Correctness (mind)  29 sor     (cikkei)
11 Re: Q: List of Namesdays? (specifically Zsuzsa) - nev.t (mind)  156 sor     (cikkei)
12 Re: Tiborc panasza: Miert maradt el a rendszervaltas? (mind)  9 sor     (cikkei)
13 New Hungarian Course Online (mind)  6 sor     (cikkei)
14 Magyar korrektseg (?!) (mind)  25 sor     (cikkei)
15 hungarian classes (mind)  7 sor     (cikkei)
16 Re: "I love you" in many languages Re: Please help tran (mind)  1 sor     (cikkei)

+ - Hungarian neopaganism? Kalaka (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

I am a sociologist, researching modern neo-pagan movements. Are
there any such movements in Hungary? I've heard that the return
to Ugro-Finic and Ujghur roots enjoys considerable popularity in

Reportedly there is an organization, Magyar Nepjoeti
Szovetseg, claiming return to the pagan tradition. Anybody knows
the details?

I am also interested in rituals and tradition of kalaka. What
have left of this custom? I am interested in contacts with
ethnographers on the net who might know anything about it.

Please write directly to 
                Piotr Wiench
+ - Re: "I love you" in many languages Re: Please help tran (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

It depends on how formal you want to be.  If it is your lover than just:
 sarang he or tongshin sarang he.  If it formal than maybe ke-de-rul 
sa-rang-hamnida.  Both things you wrote were fine though. 
BTW in Tagalog it is Mahal gita
+ - Re: Szavazat: SCM átszervezése (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

T. Kocsis > wrote:
>In article > , 
>>A jo´zan emberi e´sz csak egy megolda´st ismer:
>Biztos vagy te ebben ?
>1. A SOC.CULTURE hierarchia listak kozlesere nem  hasznalatos .
>Fontos ellenerv ez, hiszen ez alapjan lett a csoportunk neve multkor
>megtamadva (az egyik fo erv az volt, SOC.CULTURE hierarchiaban a
>nemzetek angol nevet *szokas* hasznalni)
>2. A Useneten a listak kozlesenek a helye a BIT.LISTSERV hierarchia.
>This one needs no further comment.

Jo´l van Tama´s, akkor mie´rt van itt ennyi Listings, ha a SOC.CULTURE. ban nem
Nekem mindegy, hogy hogyan lehet ele´rni azt a ce´lt, hogy ez a sok hu:lye list
ne babra´ljon bele az u:zenetekbe, de az a le´nyeg, hogy nem ide valo´.

Teha´t inka´bb a´ltala´nositom a szavazatomat annyiban, hogy aka´rhogyan, de ta
egy megolda´st a listings-ek elku:lo:nite´se´re. Nem itt a helyu:k.
+ - Re: silicon (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

 (Madarasz Gergely) wrote:
>Haho, siliconosok! A kovetkezo siliconos level feladoja
 lesz, vagy mi a fene? ;-)

Ezen nevetni kell? 
Ele´g nagy szarban vannak a magyarok igy is ma´r  a nagy szege´nyse´gu:kben.
+ - Re: The Hungarians in Transylvania (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

>: So I think you should also be careful in stating that Hungarians "had been a
>: continued to be a minority" in Transylvania, because their minority status
>: has only developed as the result of the sneak-invasion (migration) of Transy
>: by Romanians.
>Yeah, yeah. A nation of 20 million people just get in it's actual place by
>sneaking through various frontiers. I just wonder why all the other nations
>needed to have bloody wars in order to achieve the same thing.

Because other nations did not give the same freedom to their minorities, the
hungarians gave them. St. Istvan (St. Steven) wanted hungary to be a multicultu
nation. Maybe there have been some dark periods in history, but most of the tim
hungarians did not kick your ass the way you did with them.
+ - Re: CFP- Monitors: A Journal of Human Rights and Techn (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

In article >, Bill Hechler .
edu> says:
>Since yourself operates out of an English department, I don't feel 
>bad about saying that yourself don't talk American too good. Myself 
>hopes that some undergrad will agree to copyedit yourself's prose. 

clipping the evidence, can't bear to repeat it again, just will say:

Bill Hechler, bless ya!!!!

It's frightening to think that this non-grammatical, passive, and 
almost unreadable post is coming from a college English department,
isn't it?

+ - Re: 33 (thirtythree) in your lanquage. (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

In Esperanto...tridek tri
+ - Re: "I love you" in many languages Re: Please help tran (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

Yo Te Amo in English is I Love You.  and it means the same in Italian.

My name is Roberta Maria Bellos Bustos, my friend call me Romari. I was born in
 Panama on 
February 29, 1972. I Like to dance, hike, Jog, cook and read  love novels. I am
 5'6" tall and 
weight 105 pounds. I came to the US several months ago to learn English and fin
sh my college. 
 I attended to the Nova Extension University in the Canal Zone. My parents are 
divorced.  My 
mother re-married and is living in Panama and my Father is in Germany with the 
US Army. I am 
attend the Florida Atlantic University (FAU).

I do not consider myself pretty nor a stunning woman.  My hair is shoulder leng
th.  I consider 
myself a bit small on top and my tight and hips to big. I weight 115 pounds.  I
 am vegetarian. 
 I do not smoke nor do drugs; however I love drink a glass of wine from time to
 time specially 
with my meals.  I lived in Peru for several years when my father was transfer t
here on a 
special mission.  Our home was in Miraflores, Lima. I lived there three years. 
I left Peru 
when I was when I was about fourteen years old. 

I miss my home and the friends I left behind. I will like to correspond with pe
ople from other 
countries because I think that I can learn a lot from them and they can learn a
 lot about me 
and my country.  I know that we all have goals and aspirations and I feel that 
we have a lot 
in common.  Furthermore, I am sure that we all have similar problems and have a
 lot of 
questions that require answer.  Just to know that we share the same anxiety mak
es me
feel less lonely.

If you like to be my Cyberfriend I will love to correspond with you.  Drop me a
 line if you 
are interested.

Amor Besos y Abrazos

+ - Re: "I love you" in many languages (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

 (Imre Andra's Ro'bert) wrote:
>>> Attibabbaus in arabian
>>> Te amo in spanish
>>> Ti amo in italian
>Szeretlek   in Hungarian

To my korean girlfriend I used to say: "sarang he"
+ - Political Correctness (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

Would someone please enlighten me as to the probable invasion of the virus,
we affectionately refer to here in North America as Political Correctness.
Is contemporary Hungary managing to successfully ward off this relatively
quickly  mutating, hence adaptable
pest ?  I am posing the question because of a rumour I've heard :
Apparently, strains of the virus in Hungary have survived the medication
applied in the early nineties and now
 some virulent types have already  left the safe haven of the woodwork to
nestle in gray 
matter, usually referred to as the brain of a  number of unfortunate
As for the potential damage ? Well, I am not even a spin-doctor, but I
venture the opinion
that the environment must be hospitable to allow the virus to reach epidemic

Now, I am not a politician  and I have no other bad habits. However, I am

          O. Mark F.



                    O. Mark F.
+ - Re: Q: List of Namesdays? (specifically Zsuzsa) - nev.t (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)


>I'm looking for a list of namesday dates.  I'm particularly looking for
>Zsuzsa's namesday, although I'd like to find a general list for future
>reference.  I haven't been able to find one through a pretty comprehensive
>search of the web, although my Hungarian is not good so I haven't been
>able to search the Hungarian language sites very well.  Any assistance,
>including pointers to helpful information, is appreciated.

I know my answer is kinda late, but I've just read Your question today.
Attached You'll find a not-quite complete list of Hungarian namedays. I've
taken it from a program called NEV.EXE that prints the nameday of the
current date (it's very handy for those of us who frequently forget these
important anniversaries... ;). I had to attach the file encoded, since it
contains Hungarian characters.


 -- Cut Here -- cut here

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+ - Re: Tiborc panasza: Miert maradt el a rendszervaltas? (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

Idehalgass, te  Botond, akinek hianyzik egy nehany Kereke!
Honnan masztal ki a csatornabol a tobbi svabbogarral es patkannyal egyutt?
Azt hittem, a tortenelem mar feldaralta az ilyen primitiv
lumpenproletarokat, mint te vagy. Mit akarsz a zsidoktol? Mindet
megoltetek mar! A nehany tulelo oregtol felsz?
Amit itt olvastam ,az csak hanyingert okoz. 

Egy magyar kereszteny ember igy nem beszelhet!  Szegyelld magadat a
Magyarok Istene elott!
+ - New Hungarian Course Online (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

In case you have any interest in learning the Hungarian language,
there is a great new course online. The address is:


So check it out and send feedback.
+ - Magyar korrektseg (?!) (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

Gotthard Saghi-Szabo > irja kulonfele temakban:

>[...] Ez nem csak megint =20
egy-ket depresszios baratunk otlete, akik a hotol nem jutnak hozza rendes=20
napi Prozac adagjukhoz? Avagy, ismet a magyar nev megvaltoztatasara=20
keszul konformista bukott bajnokunk? Ami persze valahol jogos is lehet.=20
Mint ahogy mindnyajan tudjuk, mindazok akik a multkor a magyar nevre=20
szavaztak, meg mindig hisznek a fold korong alakjaban, a csokkal valo=20
teherbe ejtesben. Szinten hiszik hogy az AIDS csak homokosokat ol es hogy=20
az e foldon valo ervenyesules egyetlen modja bucsucedulak vasarlasa -=20
persze csak moderalt tartalommal.

>Egyebkent Peter, sajnos nem mondhatom hogy tul sok uj szint hoztal volna 
>az SCM eletebe. Sajnos rosszindulatu vagy, feluletes es nyilvanvaloan 
>tobb idod van irni mint gondolkodni. Az a tucat ego, akikbol mar tobben 
>elkoptak ezeken az oldalakon. Tudnal csak egyszer is,  pozitiv, 
>konstruktive gondolatokkal elojonni, ami mindnyajunknak hasznara lenne 
>ezen a forumon? Azt hiszem ez az ami engem tenne boldogga.

Lenyugozo, brillians erveles, a legjobb modja a baratok szerzesenek es
az uj olvasok meggyozesenek. 

Vagy talan megsem ? 

Anto'ny Gyuri
+ - hungarian classes (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

I'm trying to learn hungarian (so I can communicate better w/ some cousins)
I got the "Colloquial Hungarian" book & tape from Jerry Payne but it's hard
and it's not going very fast...
Do you know of any better books?
 who knows of hungarian classes?
Thanks for your help.
+ - Re: "I love you" in many languages Re: Please help tran (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

Ana Bheback. In Lebanese