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12 Re: vatra romaneasca, vagy mi a fene? (mind)  34 sor     (cikkei)
13 Re: USA: THE GREATEST, STRONGEST, MOST INFLUENTIAL NAT (mind)  14 sor     (cikkei)
14 Re: USA: THE GREATEST, STRONGEST, MOST INFLUENTIAL NAT (mind)  32 sor     (cikkei)
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+ - Re: Elte-eszperente (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

In article >,
CLARY Olivier > wrote:
>	Megjelentek, s megveheted:
>lenge leplek, melyekkel testedet (fent) befedheted, s melyekbe fejedet 
>meg kezedet bevezetheted (feltettem: rendelkezel eme tetthez egy fejjel, 
>mely nem reked benne e lenge, testedre teremtett leplen elhelyezett

Lehetetlen zengzeted megnevettetett.  Ne tedd ezt velem.

Nevem elfelejtettem.
+ - Re: Ex-Monty Pythons new movie (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

Gyula Szokoly ) wrote:
: In article >,
: Gotthard Saghi-Szabo  > wrote:
: >Which brings me the question - how popular are these guys in Hungary.
: >I remember years  and years ago there was only one Monty Python movie 
: >around -
: >Gyalog Galopp : Monty Python and the Holy Grail
:   Wrong. Brazil was around quite a while (which is a MP movie -- took
: me a while to find it in blockbuster video). I don't know the exact date,
: but it was about a year before 1984 showed up on a British film week in 
: Kossuth cinema (it was under K. Grosz -- probably in his last year).
: Gyula
: -- 
: Gyula P. Szokoly ) -------------------------------

"Brazil" was *not* a Monty Python movie. It was one of a trilogy of
"phantasy movies" made by Michael Pallin (I think) and included some
other members of he Monty Python, but it was not a Monty Python movie.
One of the others in the trilogy was the Baron Muenchhausen film. I
don't recall what the third one was.

: |  When I am weaker than you, I ask you for freedom because that is according
: |to your principles; when I am  stronger than  you, I take away  your freedom
: |because that is according to my principles.                 -- Frank Herbert
+ - Re: De minek lementeni ? (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

In article >, 02 > wrote:
>A da'kokat meg a t.p.h(m)-ben lehetne eligazitani. 

Hat akkor ebbol en sem maradhatok ki.  So t.p.h. it is!
Zoli, kezdheted a procedurat! ;-)

+ - Re: Hungarian Citizenship (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

In article >,  says:
>A friend has a question:
>His father was born in Budapest, but he was born in a different country.
>Can he apply for Hungarian Citizenship?


>If yes, what must he do to start the process?

 Your friend has to contact the closest Hungarian Embassy.

+ - Re: Proba (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

In article >,  (George No
lte) says:
>Latja ezt valaki, aki nem magyarorszagi szervert hasznal?
>                                George

Ha en latom itt szereny del-Indiana nyugati sarkaban, akkor feltelezheto,
hogy mindenki latja (vagy legalabb is lathatja) a vilag minden reszen.

Scheer Istvan Csaka
+ - Re: Hungarian revisionism (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

Tamas Hamory ) wrote:
: Hello Constantin,
: Constantin Donea ) writes:
: <earlier quotes deleted>
: > They call themselves "Hungarian" and talk in Hungarians' name. And I 
: > think that asking from the US Congress a resolution on TS is a more
: > serious thing than that faked "manifest". Otherwise I think you're right.

It is entirely unsubstantiated that the Vatra Romaneasca Manifesto of Feb 
20/90 is a fake. An anglo from Canada has posted more substantiated proof 
that the Manifesto is not a fake, than any Romanian, or Hungarian for 
that matter, has posted to prove the converse.
Wally Keeler					Poetry
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+ - Re: vatra romaneasca, vagy mi a fene? (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

In article >, 02 > wrote:
> I may add that after the congress of RMDSZ there's another anti-Hungarian 
> campaign (not the least the first one this year) in Rumania and this time 
> (maybe as a prelude to the upcoming  (presidental) elections) even those 
> Rumanian political groups seem to 
> "join in" the Hungarian-bashing, like liberal Peasants' Party, who have 
> refrained from chauvinism so far.     

I have a feeling that without the Hungarian issue being constantly kept
in the front burner in Romania, they would be fighting amongst them just
as much or more than Hungarians.  Perhaps what Hungarians need is also
an object of common loathing in order to be united.  Hmmm, let's start
a contest to come up with one.

+ - Re: Scholarship on Countess Bathory (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

In article >,
Adrian  > wrote:

>He is often on NPR and lives in Baton Rouge teaching of all things
>English at a Luisiana University.  I heard him on Radio and he has a very
>strong accent, quite funny.  He seems to be a real democrat and quite
>anti republican.(Hates their guts)

How else could he be on NPR?  But it sure is ironic to teach English
with such strong accent.  On the other hand, he is an effective
communicator and his English grammar is impeccable.  And that's what
matters, after all.

I've seen him on public TV a few times and kinda' like the guy.  
(Maybe because I haven't heard him talking about issues that are touchy
with Hungarians.)

BTW, that "Hole in the flag" is not very original with Romanians because
such holes were "invented" by us, Hungarians, in the 1956 revolution.
But hey, imitation is flattery, so I am not complaining. ;-)

+ - Re: no comment! (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

 (CLIFFORD BURTON LEE (1962.02.10-1986.09.26))

>Nu numai ca scrii intr-o romaneasca stricata de care ne puteai foarte 
>bine scuti (puteai folosi engleza, daca esti in stare...), insa timpeniile 
>pe care le insiri sint sub orice critica si imi provoca GREATA, pur si 
>simplu!!!!! In primul rind, spui ca ai fost OBLIGAT sa inveti 
>romaneste---pai bozgor nenorocit ce esti, era NORMAL sa
>vorbesti ROMANESTE atita vreme cit traiai pe teritoriul Romaniei. 
>Nu aveai decit sa te carabanesti in Ungaria, daca nu-ti convenea!!! Tu 
>si cu bozgorii tai nenorociti ati avut intotdeauna gura mare si ati fost 
>plini de pretentii nerusinate de cind v-a adus necuratul in coasta 
>noastra, a romanilor!

I can't speak for others, nor  am I responsible for their deeds, but,
as an ethnic Romanian, I felt insulted and ashamed by this posting.

I deeply love my nation, its tradition, culture, history and land in
which it was born and dwells. But, I also understand that we,
Romanians, do not live in a void, that there are other nationalities
which live with or next to us, that we are all part of the mankind
family, and that, as children of the same God, we are all entitled to
the same rights and aspirations. And to this end, I believe that
respect for others, is respect for ourselves.

So, at least as far as this Romanian is concerned, let me assure all
my Magyar friends that I do not partake in the hatred spilled by the
above posting, and that I hope that more or my Romanian brothers and
sisters will join me in trying to put an end to this ethnic bickering

"If not us, then who? If not now, then when?"

Dorin Taranul
+ - Re: De minek lementeni ? (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

In article >,
T. Kocsis  > wrote:
>Hogy minden cikk benne van-e azt nem neztem, de a te
>irasaid azok benne vannak. A HJ-t kritizalo is.

No akkor ez viszont egy jo pont a szamara.


Michael L Roberts wrote:
> Kenneth Fisher writes:
> >
> > Thomas Jordan wrote:
> > 
> > > Edwin David  Latham ) wrote:
> > >  - Eric Cantona is innocent!

I did *not* write this.

It's a quote from the sig. of a poster responding to my post.

+ - Re: vatra romaneasca, vagy mi a fene? (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

In article >,
Andrei Dan Popovici > wrote:
>I don't want to go into an argument about why I think it's not a good
>idea--it would take pages.  The short answer is:  because we're all in
>this together, and we should look at what we have in common, not at our

This is a phony argument because it could equally be used against any
borders, including national ones.  The human experience is that in order
to secure some peace amongst people of various ethnic/cultural
background, it is important that they have some area they can feel they
are safe because they are amongst their kins.  It doesn't mean that they
have to hate the outsiders.  Don't you guys feel more "at home" at
s.c.r. than on s.c.m.?  Does that mean that you have to hate Hungarians?
(Now I know some of you do, but that does not have to follow, right?)

>>Hungarians have the largest national minority today in Europe and not
>>because they moved outside of Hungary, but because the borders were moved
>>over their heads.  That fact alone deserves some special consideration.
>Honestly, I don't think so.

Thanks for you honesty.

>P.S  I'll stop bugging people on scm, I know it's annoying to have
>somebody from the other side constantly writing on your own group 
>(hint hint).
Hint taken, but I think you have a false impression about "ownership" of
various news groups.  They are not owned by those whose culture is
dicussed there.


Zsoter Andras wrote:
> James Halliday ) wrote:


> As someone pointed out to me when I complained about certain anti-
> democratic rules iin the US that so far the US had to control only
> the IMMIGRATION there is no law against EMIGRATION.

They don't need them. They can deny you a passport. Or confiscate it
if you have one.


In article >,
Edwin David Latham > wrote:
>Zsoter Andras wrote:
>> James Halliday ) wrote:
>> As someone pointed out to me when I complained about certain anti-
>> democratic rules iin the US that so far the US had to control only
>> the IMMIGRATION there is no law against EMIGRATION.
>They don't need them. They can deny you a passport. Or confiscate it
>if you have one.

The only time passports are EVER confiscated is in rare cases when someone
who is considered a flight risk is awaiting trial, and is out on bail.
At the end of the trial, the passport is returned.   

Us yanks have always beliefed that if anyone wants to leave, they are 
welcome to.  


Scott Johnson --  Graduate Slave, ECE Department, Oregon State University
Check out my new (but unfinished) Web page--http://www.ece.orst.edu/~johnsos
Love Stinks.
								-J. Geils Band
+ - Re: no comment! (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

CLARY Olivier ) wrote:
: In article >  (CLIFFORD BU
RTON LEE (1962.02.10-1986.09.26)) writes:
: >From: 
: >Subject: info
: >To: 
: >Message-ID: >
: >Organization: University at Buffalo
: [...]
: >Nu aveai decit sa te carabanesti in Ungaria, daca nu-ti convenea!!! [...]

: OK, I did not read further. Wasn't I saying recently this has the worst effec

: % finger 
: [...]
: V098TZ8T (Gabriela Nechita) is not logged in.
: Women are worse when they mean to... :-)
: -- Olivier

Hi there Gabriela. What a coincidence that we should meet here. Here's a 
posting just for you:

From  Wed May 31 19:51:39 1995
Date: Wed, 31 May 1995 17:11:07 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: message

> You continue to be a pathetic, worthless, pittiful piece of garbage which
> annoys so many normal, decent people on s.c.r. Didn't you get it (even after
> the excelent posting from Grigore Dumitrescu) that NOBODY gives a damn on  
> your "astute newspapers and reporters, UN reports, ILO reports, Amnesty    
> International reports", infos about Cernavoda or stupid propaganda about the
> perfect place on Earth, Canada!!! You obviously don't know anything about  
> the Romanian culture and civilization (which happens to be thousands of    
> years older than your perfect Canada, where, by the way, the French regions
> try to separate from this "paradise"). You just read other people's        
> subjective oppinions about certain facts, and these become for you the     
> ULTIMATE TRUTH, deeply embedded in that little brain of yours. You have no 
> idea about the proportion of the malevolent acts Gypsies do every day in   
> Romanian AND other countries of the world. Just go to Bucharest, or any    
> other city in Romania, and I garantee that you will be mugged by the       
> Gipsies, OR EVEN WORSE!!! The Romanians are not racial about these.        
> people--they are angry, because Gipsies begging in the metro and rail      
> station around the world, or stealing the metal covers from the vent holes  
> in the streets of Spain are called ROMANIAN CITIZENS, therefore when people
> ask me about my nationality everytime I travel, they say "Oh, Romania is a 
> Gypsy country, isnt'it? And is it true that your people ate the swans from 
> the Schonbrun Castle?" We are sick and tired of the Gipsies, and it is     
> harder and harder to deal with them. They don't obey any law or order, they
> are cruel, shameless and fearless, they kill, steal, burn, curse, they don't
> wash themselves, they don't like school, etc. So give everybody a break,   
> find a woman AND do something beneficial for the s.c.r -- GET LOST!!! Don't.
> bother to answer, your message will be sent back to you, unread!!!

Most people on SCR are normal and decent -- you are not one of them.

I would like to receive a copy of the "excelent posting from Grigore
Dumitrescu"; somehow I missed it.

Dear Mr or Ms V098TZ8T, when you claim "that NOBODY gives a damn" I'm sure you
can provide us all with the election results when you were elected to speak
for everyone.

I gave no "propaganda about the perfect place on Earth, Canada!!!" Matter of
fact let me state for the record that Canada is exceedingly far from being the
perfect place on Earth or anywhere else. I know it from personal life-time
experience that it is far removed from perfection.

"...Romanian culture and civilization (which happens to be thousands of years
older than your perfect Canada,..." How many thousands of years? You use the
plural so at a minimum you must mean at least two thousand years. I doubt
this. It is certainly true that Romania is centuries and centuries older than
Romania. You evidently missed my posting on this thread when I said that I
compared Transylvania with the north shore of Lake Superior with the only
difference being that Transylvania had culture. I also gave the opinion that I
considered Bucharest's literary museum to be something that I wished Canada
would emulate and complimented Romania's longer literary tradition. What do
you want me to do, constantly worship and adore and praise everything about
Romania? Isn't that what Ceausescu's syncophants did?

I have been to Warzawa, Praha, Budapest, Brasov, Bucharest, Sofia, Beograd and
in each instance (except Praha) encountered Roma, met with Roma, drank with
Roma. They can sometimes be a wild bunch. But I have met Roma who are poets,
artists, musicians, as well as beggars and con artists.

If my child is hungry, and if there is no opportunity to work or earn any
money, you can be sure that I would eat a swan from Schonbrun Castle or any
castle. I would eat the Royal tweety bird if I had to.

"Don't bother to answer, your message will be sent back to you, unread!!!" You
Mr or Ms V098TZ8T, seem to be a cyber-masturbator, a spineless jellyfish
unable to dialogue, only able to monologue, too insecure and cowardly to open
yourself up to debate, secure only to hide behind anonymity in the darkness
with the worms. Coward!!!! COWARD!!!!!

Gee Gabby, now we know you. I'd lay 10 to one odds that you're a human being.
Ciao, See Ya. Chow baby

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