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+ - PCSP - 24X CDROM under $ 75 !!! (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)


                     ---PC SHOPPING PLANET---

                         November 5, 1997

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     UPGRADE OPTIONS- Some nuts and bolts advice on upgrading
     you computer. 
     HOT DEALS- Be sure to check out Shopping Planet’s 
     weekly specials!

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At Shopping Planet we are always getting mail about the 
newsletter. We appreciate your comments and questions! Not 
surprisingly, some of the most common questions involve 
upgrades! Always eager to oblige, here are some of the 
upgrade suggestions that we have for you.


The first question is, how much is enough? How much memory, 
how big a hard disk do I need, how fast a processor should I 


Let's start with the CPU. As with the other questions, the 
answer will depend on what you intend to do with the computer.
For ordinary office applications, surfing the web, and basic 
computer games, a Pentium class processor running at 120 MHz 
or above should prove adequate. Folks involved in 2D 
graphics, cutting edge gaming, DTP, or the like should 
consider a Pentium class processor that runs a 200 MHz and 
has an MMX instruction set. Professionals that need to do 3D 
modeling, engineering modeling, or other power apps should 
only consider the fastest processor they can afford.


Memory is another area of concern. Windows 95 will run 
acceptably on a computer with 16 Mb of RAM, but you will be 
happier with 32. Windows 95 can't effectively use more than 
64 MB, so if you are running high-end 32 bit software that 
can effectively exploit more, you should consider running it 
under Windows NT for maximum performance.

  Disk System-

While most office computers will never even fill up a 2 GB 
drive, home users often have more demanding needs. Many 
games will take away that disk space 50 MB at a time, and 
there is always space being taken with graphics, swap files, 
temp files, sound files, clip-art and just plain junk. For 
the home user, 2 GB is beginning to push the comfort limit 
and 4 GB would be a wiser choice. 


The second question involves more detail about the 
individual's specific upgrade path. It is typically something 
like: Can I upgrade my CPU? What kind of memory do I need?


Upgrading the CPU is the single biggest change you can make 
in your computer's performance. Unfortunately this is also 
one of the most difficult upgrades to perform. Many system 
boards cannot accept the chip that would logically be used to 
upgrade them. If you have a 486 or older system, you will 
definitely need to upgrade the motherboard to install a 
Pentium class chip. Avoid any "overdrive" chips that purport 
to be usable with a 486 system. They are costly, and perform 
poorly as upgrades.

Even if you have a slower Pentium, chances are the current 
system board will either not support the speed of, or 
fully exploit the power of your new CPU. It may even be 
incompatible. Older boards don't recognize MMX chips, for 
example. For this reason, a motherboard upgrade is almost 
always performed at the same time as a CPU upgrade.

An additional consideration is memory. Older 486 and all 386 
motherboards use 30 pin SIMMs. Even if your old motherboard 
uses the newer 72 pin SIMMs, the speed of the existing memory
may be too slow. While Pentium systems can work with 70ns 
memory, they are happier with 60ns or faster.

  The Curse of Packard Bell-

Packard Bell and many other computer manufacturers cut costs 
by designing proprietary one-board solutions that incorporate 
the video card onto the system board. These computers are not 
upgradable by simply replacing the system board. For one 
thing it is the wrong shape! Once unsuspecting consumers are 
faced with the need for an upgrade they find their options 
expensive and limited to those provided by the original 
manufacturer (if any). 

Fortunately there is a way out of Packard Hell! Besides a new 
motherboard and CPU, you will have to purchase a new case and 
graphics card. The good news is that even an inexpensive 
graphics card will probably still be an upgrade to the 
el-cheapo built-in video of the system! You can reuse the 
existing hard disks, memory, sound card, keyboard, mouse, 
monitor and modem, and probably the CD-ROM. At that point the 
rest of the computer is junk, but of course it always was!

Computers from Packard Bell, IBM, Aptiva, Gateway 2000, 
Compaq, NEC, AST, and some other manufacturers are often of 
this proprietary type. All "slim-line" desktop systems also 
contain proprietary motherboards due to the need to 
incorporate a short riser card for the expansion slots. This 
is because the case isn't thick enough to accommodate 
vertically placed expansion cards.

In any case (no pun intended), getting away from these 
proprietary designs and into an industry standard form factor 
is a good thing to do. It will enable you to economically
upgrade your system for years to come!


Memory is one of the easiest and most cost-effective upgrades 
you can make! Installation is a snap: just power down, open 
up, pop 'em in, and you are in business!

If you are running with 8 or 16 Mb of RAM, you should consider
upgrading to 32 Mb. Windows 95 really appreciates the extra 
headroom. Determining what kind to buy is easy. Just determine
what type you need for your system, and if you have any 
available SIMM or DIMM slots. If you are out of slots, you 
may have to replace smaller chips with larger ones.

Some new system boards have the new 128 pin DIMM. This 
packaging eliminates the need to pair up 72 pin SIMMs when 
used with Pentium chips. Many motherboards will allow the use 
of both types, but some newer boards only accept the 128 pin 
DIMM. If you are buying a new motherboard, be sure to plan 

Note that on some systems, the DIMM shares a "bank" with a 
pair of SIMMs, and you cannot use both at once. Your system 
or motherboard manual should lay out the options. 

If you will be buying all new memory with a new motherboard,
consider buying a board that supports 128 pin DIMMs and the
new SRAM. While SRAM is currently slightly more expensive 
than DRAM or EDO, the enhanced performance will really pay 
off with the fast new Pentium class chips we are using 

  Disk System-

You can add as many as two hard disks to most basic system 
configurations that feature dual IDE controllers. The 
original drive and the CD-ROM take up two connections, 
leaving two for additional drives. If your current controller 
only supports two drives, you can add a secondary IDE 
controller in an expansion slot.

If you need more storage than that, consider installing a 
SCSI adapter that will allow you to chain up to 7 devices. 
Note that SCSI drives are more expensive than IDE, however.


Other components are more easily upgraded. A new graphics 
card, monitor or modem, a faster CD-ROM, or a cool new 
keyboard will certainly work well with what you have already, 
and provide enhanced performance and functionality! 

If you have any questions about your particular upgrade 
options, give one of our experts a shout at: 
1-800-779-8461. They will be happy to answer your toughest 
upgrade questions.



- MITSUMI 24X Internal CD ROM_____________________$  74.99
- 32 MB 72 pins 60 ns EDO_________________________$  84.99
- M Technology M549 TX motherboard________________$  79.99
- GOLDSTAR 17" monitor____________________________$ 299.00
- AMD K6 200 MHz w/MMX technology_________________$ 183.00
- CYRIX M2 166 MHz w/MMX technology_______________$  99.99
- 16 MB 72 pins 60 ns EDO_________________________$  49.99


- RICOH 6X/2X Rewritable CD ROM___________________$ 658.50
  This Rewritable CD ROM cam be used to back up your
  data and make your own CD ROM's. Includes an SCSI
  controller card and software (easy to use).

- 3COM Fast ETHERLINK XL 10/100 PCMCIA____________$ 159.80
  Network your laptop/notebook with this easy-to-install
  PCMCIA card.  One of the most reliable cards in the

- SONY Multiscan 100ES 15" (14.0") .25mm Monitor__$ 391.90
  High quality display Monitor. Up to 1280x1024 pixels.
  0.25 mm, Flat screen and Square edges.

- HEWLETT PACKARD Colorado 5GB Internal IDE PC____$ 218.10
  This tape back up drive is a great solution for mid-size
  computer systems and networks.
  Inexpensive, fast, reliable and easy to setup.

- UMAX ASTRA 1200S Flatbed 9600 dpi 30-Bit________$ 542.70
  High quality Scanner. Comes with photoshop Full
  version (value: $500+). Handles more than 1 billon
  Colors and 9600 dpi.

- RICOH RDC-300 Digital Stil Camera System________$ 388.40
  Comes with 4MB Internal Memory, Case, Cables and Software
  Take pictures and tranfer them to the computer.

- HP LaserJet 6PXI 8PPM 600DPI 2MB PC_____________$ 816.90
  New Laser Printer from HP. 600 dpi. Up to 8 Pages
  per minite, and 2 MB of memory.

- SEAGATE ST34572N Barracuda 4.55GB SCSI__________$ 614.40
  If you need high performance and quality drives to
  run your applications, this drive will be you
  solution: 8.8/9.8ms 7200 RPM 4.55 GB.

- WESTERN DIGITAL AC12100 2.1GB Ultra DMA_________$ 179.50
  The new serie of Ultra DMA Drives from WD.
  This small drive will deliver up to 33.3 Mbps of

- Kit #29 Motherboard Upgrade Kit_________________$ 374.20
  Featuring: AMD K6 166MHz MMX CPU, M Tech R549 Pentium
  Motherboard, 512KB of cache, 32 MB EDO memory, 2MB
  Graphic Card and SoundBlaster Sound Card.
  Everything tested and configured. 

- WESTERN DIGITAL Caviar 6.4GB Ultra DMA__________$ 313.20
  The latest Hard Drive from Westrern Digital. 6.4 GB of
  capacity, 33.3 Mbps of transfer rate (supports Ultra
  DMA mode), 9.5 ms average access time and the experince of
  Western Digital backing up the drive.


- Kit #15 Upgrade motherboard Kit_________________$ 399.90
  Featuring INTEL 200MHz MMX CPU and the high performance
  M Technology R534 Motherboard, with 512 Kb Cache
  Upgrade you system with full MMX features!!!

- Kit #23 Upgrade motherboard Kit_________________$ 270.00
  Featuring Cyrix M2 200MHz CPU and the high performance
  M Technology R534 Motherboard, with 512 Kb Cache
  running at 75 MHz!!.

- Kit #22 Upgrade motherboard Kit_________________$ 311.50
  AMD K6 200 MHz CPU w/MMX technology, plus the highly
  recommended M.Technology R540 motherboard with INTEL
  TX chipset and Ultra DMA hard Disk controller (up to
  33.3 Mbps)

- Kit #6 Upgrade Motherboard Kit__________________$ 230.80
  Get your computer up to full Speed!!
  Performing Cyrix P200+ CPU and M technology Mustang R534.
  Try it and love it.


******  $50.00 Mail-in Rebate from US Robotics  *******
- US Robotics 56K internal modem__________________$ 193.70
- US Robotics 56K external modem__________________$ 213.20
- US Robotics 56K internal + voicemail____________$ 213.20
- US Robotics 56K external + voicemail____________$ 232.70
******  Prices BEFORE the $50.00 mail-in rebate  ******

- AcerOpen 56K internal with voicemail____________$ 101.10
- AcerOpen 33.6K internal with voicemail__________$  66.30
- CREATIVE LABS Modem Blaster 56K w/voice_________$ 104.40
- Diamond Supraexpress 56K internal Modem_________$ 145.20
- Diamond Supraexpress 56K external Modem_________$ 136.50


- 4 MB, 72 pin, 60 ns, EDO non-parity_____________$  13.10
- 8 MB, 72 pin, 60 ns, EDO non-parity_____________$  23.90
- 16 MB, 72 pin, 60 ns, EDO non-parity____________$  49.99
- 32 MB 72 pins 60 ns EDO_________________________$  84.99
- 4 MB, 30 pin, 60 ns, parity_____________________$  19.80


- Intel Pentium 120 MHz___________________________$ 105.30
- Intel Pentium 133 MHz___________________________$ 104.70
- Intel Pentium 150 MHz___________________________$ 114.90
- Intel Pentium 166 MHz MMX_______________________$ 141.80
- Intel Pentium 200 MHz MMX_______________________$ 246.00
- Intel Pentium 233 MHz MMX_______________________$ 338.20
- Cyrix P-166+ MHz Low Voltage (2.8v)_____________$  69.40
- Cyrix P-200+ MHz Low Voltage (2.8v)_____________$  84.99
- Cyrix M2 166 MHz MMX____________________________$  99.99
- Cyrix M2 200 MHz MMX____________________________$ 124.99
- Cyrix M2 233 MHz MMX____________________________$ 296.90
- AMD K5 PR-166 MHz_______________________________$  96.70
- AMD K6-166 MHz__________________________________$ 134.10
- AMD K6-200 MHz__________________________________$ 183.00
- AMD K6-233 MHz__________________________________$ 409.40


- M Technology M549 TX motherboard________________$  79.99
- M Technology R540 TX chipset 512 KB_____________$ 103.60
- M Technology R534F (for Cyrix P200+) 512 KB_____$ 122.10
- ABIT PX5 TX 512K JUMPPERLESS____________________$ 112.20
- ASUS TX97 TX 512K_______________________________$ 168.20


- Western Digital 1.6 Gb__________________________$ 159.30
- Western Digital 2.0 Gb__________________________$ 182.60
- Western Digital 3.2 Gb__________________________$ 213.50
- Western Digital 4.0 Gb__________________________$ 251.00
- Western Digital 4.3 GB (Ultra DMA)______________$ 260.40
- Western Digital 5.1 GB (Ultra DMA)______________$ 359.60
- Western Digital 6.4 GB (Ultra DMA)______________$ 313.20
- Seagate 2.5 Gb__________________________________$ 189.00
- Seagate 3.2 Gb__________________________________$ 224.70
- Seagate 6.4 Gb__________________________________$ 372.10
- QUANTUM Fireball 1.6 GB (Ultra DMA)_____________$ 167.60
- QUANTUM Fireball 2.1 GB (Ultra DMA)_____________$ 195.90
- QUANTUM Fireball 3.2 GB (Ultra DMA)_____________$ 218.20
- QUANTUM Fireball 4.3 GB (Ultra DMA)_____________$ 269.80
- QUANTUM Fireball 6.4 GB (Ultra DMA)_____________$ 379.40
- JTS Champion 2.0 GB_____________________________$ 149.99
- JTS Champion 2.5 GB_____________________________$ 176.80
- JTS Champion 3.0 GB_____________________________$ 207.80


- CREATIVE LABS 3D Blaster 4 MB RAMBUS____________$  94.80
- DIAMOND 3D 2000, 2 MB EDO_______________________$  58.60
- DIAMOND 3D 2000, 4 MB EDO_______________________$  97.40
- DIAMOND 3D 3000, 2 MB VRAM______________________$ 109.20
- DIAMOND 3D 3000, 4 MB VRAM______________________$ 187.00
- TRIDENT 9680 PCI, 2 MB DRAM_____________________$  31.10
- ATI All-in-wonder, 4 MB DRAM____________________$ 220.30
- ATI 3D PRO TURBO PC2TV 8MB SGRAM________________$ 167.00


- Digiview, 15", 0.28 mm, digital control_________$ 207.00
- Digiview, 17", 0.28 mm, on screen control_______$ 425.50
- Viewsonic Optiquest Q17, 17" 0.28 mm____________$ 474.80
- GOLDSTAR 17" .39 mm on digital control__________$ 299.00


- MITSUMI 24X Internal CD ROM Drive_______________$  74.99
- MITSUMI 16X CD ROM (up to 2.4 Mb/sec)___________$  69.90
- MITSUMI 8X CD-ROM (1200 Kbps transfer rate)_____$  55.20
- NEC 6X4 (holds up to 4 CD ROMs! runs at 6X!)____$  74.99
- ESS 1868 PnP Sound Card Full Duplex_____________$  30.00
- SoundBlaster AWE64 IDE PnP PC___________________$  94.60
- SoundBlaster 16 IDE PC Sound Card_______________$  48.50
- WAVE BW-115H Speaker System 180 Watts___________$  24.99

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                  Or give us a call at 1-800-779-8461

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+ - Ujhullam Filmklub/5 (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

Az UJHULLAM FILMKLUB szeretettel var mindenkit
         szerdan, nov.19-en este 7 orara a Dominikanus Hazban
            (Pecsi Kult. Kozp., Szinhaz ter 2., Pecs) 
                      tartando filmvetitesre
                 A film cime: MESSIDOR (A.TANNER)       
               A vetites utan beszelgetes a filmrol
+ - Re: *** HIX KULTURA *** #424 (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

>Felado :  [Hungary]
>Temakor: Konyvbemutatok ( 26 sor )
>Idopont: Mon Nov 10 08:07:55 EST 1997 KULTURA #424
>- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
>Akit az uj konyvek erdekelnek, az Irok Boltja nehany konyvbemutatoja:
>Nov. 12. Kollar Jozsef: Kiuzetes (Seneca)
>         Terey Janos: Termann hagyomanyai (Seneca)
>Nov. 13. Konrad Gyorgy: A lathatatlan hang (Palatinus)
>         Bemutatja: Komoroczy Geza
>Nov. 17. Marcel Proust: Almok, szobak, nappalok (Filum)
>         Vendegek: Forgach Andras, Lorant Zsuzsa, Rez Pal
>Nov. 18. Polanyi Karoly: A Nagy atalakulas - Korunk gazdasagi es politikai
>         gyokerei (Meszaros Gabor kiadasa)
>         Vendegek: Pataki Gyorgy, Vajda Mihaly
>Nov. 19. Pierre Szekely Peter: Tiltott istenek (Palatinus) Bevezeti:
>         Mojzer Miklos, a Szepmuveszeti Muzeum foigazgatoja
>Nov. 20. Nagy Attila Kristof: Fecseg a mely (Seneca)
>         Tizenket ismert szemelyiseggel, iroval a radioban elhangzott
>         beszelgetesek
>         A konyvbemutatok mindig du. 4 orakor kezdodnek
>         (VI., Andrassy ut 45.)
>         Jo olvasgatast, teazast az erdeklodoknek:  Charlie

Kedves HIX Kulturasok-
Mivel en az USA-ban lakom, nehez magyar szovegekhez jutnom. Tudna-e nekem
valaki ajanlani egy cimet vagy WEB-cimet ahol megtalalhatnam az uj magyar
konyveket. Engem leginkabb uj regenyek (pl. Konrad, Eszterhazi Peter, stb.)
vagy magyar kulturaval es gazdasaggal (szociologiai szempontbol) erdeklodo
konyvek erdekelnenek.
Kuldenek a magyar kiadok hirdeteseket? Hogy lehetne azokat megkapni?
Rita Keresztesi-Treat
New Mexico, USA
+ - Mediapedagogia (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

Kedves KULTURAsok!
Remelem van erdeklodo a tenyleg rendkivul erdekes tema irant:
megjelent Jona David baratom "Elmelkedes a mediapedagogiarol" c. konyve.
En csak a boritotervet es a szerkesztesi munkakat csinaltam (ingyen...),
de tenyleg jo szivvel ajanlhatom.
A konyv az Art'hur Kortars Muveszeti es Kulturalis Alapitvany kiadasaban
jelent meg (ami mi vagyunk :-) ).
Az erdeklodok ne rostelljenek egy emilt dobni!
Barati udvozlettel:
Windisch Jozsef