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+ - postwar Hungarian writers in translation (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

I'm planning to teach a course in post-1945 East European history in which
I'll be using fiction as the primary reading material. Any ideas for Hungarian
novels or short stories which could give students a good sense of the
postwar Bulgarian experience? Any and all suggestions are welcome, although
all books must be available in English translation. I'm familiar with Konrad's
works, but otherwise know very little of Hungarian literature.

Thanks for your input!
+ - Getting your car Insured in Hungary (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

I am travelling to Europe soon and one of my destinations is Hungary, but 
I have been rudely told by car rental companies that they will NOT insure 
their cars in Hungary. What has happened in Hungary that the insurance 
people are so uptight about ? Is their another revolution
looming <grin> ? Are cars being stolen more frequently then in other 
countries ? Can anyone enlighten me on this issue? Or do I just bypass 
this country and miss out on all it's wonders ?

+ - Wine (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

Wanted Hungarian wines for export to Asia...............
+ - Hungarian Smoked Sausages (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

I'm looking for recepies to make those hot dry salami and sausages
Hungary is famous for.
Any help would be appreciated.

Thanx  Ivan

+ - Re: "I love you" in many languages Re: Please help tran (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

Ich liebe Dich!!! (German)
+ - Feb 24 Performance-Tanc Haz (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

On February 24, 1996.  The Tulipan Hungarian Dance group of Ottawa will be
holding  thier annual concert with guest performers from Toronto and
Montreal.  The concert will be held at the De La Salle High school (first
right off St. Patrick, East of King Edward).  The evening will start at
7:00pm and run till about 10:00.  Following the performance we invite you
to a traditional Dance House Party, Tanc Haz.  

The tickets are $10.00 for adults, $8.00 for students and seniors, and
children under 12 are free.  

At the Tanc Haz there will be delicious debreceni and mouth watering
pastries for sale, as well as beer and soft drinks.  

Please join us for an evening of whirling skirts and stomping rhythms.

For more information please call or write me at:
828-1197  or  

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+ - Re: CFP- Monitors: A Journal of Human Rights and Techn (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

Since yourself operates out of an English department, I don't feel 
bad about saying that yourself don't talk American too good. Myself 
hopes that some undergrad will agree to copyedit yourself's prose. 


Bill Paredes-Holt wrote:
> Myself and several of my collegues here at the University of Texas are in
> the process of starting up a new, free e-journal that deals broadly with
> the issues of Human Rights and Technology.  Since there seems to be an
> intersection between the kinds of issues that you deal with and the things
> that we are hoping to be publishing, we thought that you might be willing
> to publicize our call for papers and/or our journal.  Thank you very much.
> And feel free to forward this cfp on to anyone else you think might be
> interested.
> ___________________________________________________________________________
>                                   Monitors
>                     A Journal of Human Rights and Technology
>                      http://www.cwrl.utexas.edu/~monitors/
>                           Call for Papers/Projects
> We are now accepting papers/projects/proposals for the inaugural edition of
> Monitors: A Journal of Human Rights and Technology. As far as we are aware,
> this journal is the first to encourage both activist and academic
> approaches to the broad concerns of human rights by focusing specifically
> on the impact of technological advance. Monitors is intended to fill a gap
> in contemporary human rights scholarship (understood as a mix of theory and
> practice) by using new information technologies to analyze the various
> forms of oppression/repression and human rights violations that have always
> accompanied the advancement of technology. Monitors will be a forum where
> the medium of the World Wide Web itself connects and enables the changing
> nature of information, documentation, activism, and human rights.
> With this call for projects for the inaugural issue of Monitors, we
> encourage submissions that focus on technology as it pertains to the
> evolving discourses surrounding human rights. Because initially Monitors
> will be available only as a web publication, we look forward to receiving
> submissions that both utilize web technology and question the utility of
> that technology for scholars and activists.  As such, we envision the scope
> of this journal to include, but not be limited to, these possible topics:
>         prisons and political prisoners;
>         torture and disappearance;
>         cultural narratives of technology and human rights;
>         travel, tourism and technology;
>         transnational/mulitnational corporate expansion;
>         developing markets;
>         labor rights and exploitation;
>         development projects;
>         transfer of technology;
>         enviro/eco-politics;
>         pollution and industrial/resource management;
>         medicine and health services;
>         genetic engineering and social engineering;
>         States and NGOs;
>         population control;
>         exploitation, representation and appropriation of indigenous peoples;
>         privatization of human rights and resources;
>         military research and development;
>         communications technologies and control;
>         internet as activist resource;
>         urgent action;
>         theoretical/philosophical treatments of technology and human rights.
>         Please send submissions and inquiries before March 31,1996 to:
>                                  or snailmail to:
>                                     Monitors
>                               c/o Joseph Slaughter
>                                     PAR 108
>                               Department of English
>                            University of Texas @ Austin
>                                Austin, Texas 78712
> Please email us before sending web projects so that we can arrange for the
> easiest method of submission.
>        (editors: Bret Benjamin, Bill Paredes-Holt, Joseph Slaughter)
> -----------------------------------------------------------------------
+ - Thank you for free publicity (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

Those butting into business of "Nemzet" can rest assured that its circulation i
extremely pleasing. Anybody can join in by subscribing or browsing at:


Additionally, at  several places in Hungary volunteers print "Nemzet" out,
it on copy machines (planted by grace of wise Soros to fool stupid
censors). Samizdat
"Nemzet" sells like a hot cake in the best tradition of "Beszelo", a la
Demszky.  Deja vu?

Nonetheless, there is always room for free publicity. Especially if it
comes from
liberal idiots, smartass Morickas, who with their clowning draw attention
of 50,000+
readers of  "Usenet" to "Nemzet". Thank you guys, keep up the good work!

Cardholding liberals are always the first to volunteer for duties of filth,
such as "AVO"
and these days "Internet Thought Police". If they are so desperate to
suppress "Nemzet",
 it must be quite something!  Worth looking up. Try it. You'll like it. Too
bad, some
readers might  think that "Nemzet" is published in the Hungarian language

Well, it isn't. English-speaking readers are also encouraged to take a
peek. They will find
an excellent  newsservice about East Europe (oh yes, in English!)-
straight out of the
mouth of Soros-supported "OMRI".  Cross-posted, but of course by their
written permission.
Funny, that an archliberal-busybody made herself a complete fool (and a
despicable liar) by
forging a "Nemzet"-issue; she stripped off the OMRI-acknowledgement to tell
on "Nemzet"
at OMRI!  Now it is up to the junior league to outdo her blunder, this time
with BLA.
Sure I can satisfy their appetite for important papers! One must feel pity
for those who
suffer if cannot  chew on papers that are none of their business. But let
me get off the
toilet  first before I "gif" them.

Why is such a desperation of died-in-the-wool liberals to censor "Nemzet",
Why is the false claim that the issue is NOT its conservative political
bent (Reaganesque
patriotism)? Who is to believe that the reason for bellyaching about
"Nemzet" is some
"cross posting" that exactly those set precedent to, and practice in front
of your very
eyes, daily, whom liberals pretend to "protect"?

Thinly disguised hate-speech by liberals is aimed at a conservative editor
who ventures to
add some paragraphs directly quoted from Hungarian dailies. As a lesson for
generation  emigres,  in need of exercising their Hungarian language, this
would perhaps
pass scrutiny of stern Thought  Police. But the damned editor dares to
annotate "sacred
news" with his/her whimsical  FREE OPINION!  Boy, oh boy!  Let's do something,
before the sky is falling!

Of course, re-printing once published Hungarian news is well known  "fair use" 
according to idiosynchratic media-regulations in Hungary. And even editors
are entitled to
have an opinion - in countries not yet gravely infected with liberal
Thought Police, that is.
Moreover, under the First Amendment of USA Constitution, people could even let
their opinion be known. At least until liberal Internet thought-police gets
around to
suffocate Free Press.

To lend some ammo to liberals for their wild accusations - lest they fail
"Nemzet" - let me re-print  below again Hollosi's "HIX" header of "SCM".
Contrary to Zoltan Fekete's pained falsehoods, it is clear that Hollosi set
the precedent
of cross-posting SCM-stuff (under HIS name!), and that he uses the Internet
"mit.edu" to distribute it.

Again, if "death wish of Internet Free Press", in style of Fekete & Comp.
would prevail,
one would have to turn to MIT  Chancellor  (who is ultimately responsible
for domain
"mit.edu") to censor their sort of deplorable activity and rid MIT of HIX.
Since this is still
unlikely to happen, the only effect of dragging "domain owners" into the
forefront is to
equate the role of Pellionisz with that of MIT Chancellor in their use of
While (strange as it seems) adding to their legend is something that
liberals appear to fancy,
 it is not necessary beyond reasonable boundaries.

Meticulous analysis of the quote below might reveal to readers that (1)
Hollosi cross-
posts SCM, (2) does it with his own name and (3) uses domain mit.edu to
disseminate it:

> -----------------------------------------------------------------------
Issue____________: *** SCM 244 ***                <<--Soc.Culture.Magyar
is cross-posted!
Date_____________: Fri Feb  9 00:16:04 EST 1996
Publisher________: Hollosi Information eXchange /HIX/         <<--Bearing
Hollosi's name!
Disclaimer_______: Authors bear full responsibility for their articles.
> -----------------------------------------------------------------------
> -----------------------------------------------------------------------
HIXWEB___________: http://hix.mit.edu/friss2/  or  http://hix.mit.edu/
<<-using mit.edu!
ARENA____________: telnet hix.hungary.com
HUDIR____________: http://www.hungary.com/hudir/
> -----------------------------------------------------------------------

Couple more brief comments, on the real issue. Those who still doubt that
there is political
censorship in HIX-FORUM, try debating there the point "Nemzet" published.
It was, that
Fencsik  contradicted Szatmari's wittness-testimony that liberal
party-chief Peto organized
 the "Taxiblocade"  coup d'etat  of '90 to overthrow the Antall-government
by force:


Better yet, try debating in HIX-FORUM the article by leftist Szatmari on
hegemony of liberal
mediahydra (an issue also quoted in "Nemzet"), for which not only Andras
Szucs but -in an
extremely clearly unethical manner- ALL USERS of the siliconvalley.com
domain are still
censored by HIX! (An effect if all mit.edu users would be censored for
Hollosi's similar
"transgression"). Political censorship imposed on occasion of Szucs' three
attempts at
Forum-posting is described in:

+ - Re: Wine (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

In article >, DGESLER > wrote:
>Wanted Hungarian wines for export to Asia...............

I wanted Hungarian wines for drinking. What's the big deal?
+ - Re: "I love you" in many languages Re: Please help tran (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

> On Tue, 6 Feb 1996, Faryde Lara Rodriguez wrote:
> > Attibabbaus in arabian

	That's pretty humorous. Not. ;-)

    * Nizar B. Dahbar \    /  "WARNING: The surgeon general has declared  *
    * Computer Science \  /    doing anything, anytime, anywhere, with    *
    * WPI '98           \/     anyone, may be hazardous to your health.   *
    * (508)831-6504     ||     Have a nice day."                          *   
+ - Conference (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

I thought it worth forwarding the following invitation:
> -------------------------------------------------------
>From: "Aniko Korenchy-TEFL" >
>To: "KET" >

August 16-19,1996
Gyor, Hungary
Sokoro Region

With the fast pace of development in Europe and all over the world, it is
becoming increasingly clear that definitive steps must be taken by all
levels of society and in all countries to encourage sustainable living.

The goal of this conference is to bring together people from civic,
environmental, religious, educational and youth groups to discuss and develop
programs and methods for sustainable development and to set the stage for their
future cooperation.

The conference will take place in northwest Hungary in several villages of
the Sokoro region. Workshops will be held during morning sessions in village
churches, and cultural, recreational, environmental activities will take
place in the afternoons and evenings. Conference participants will have the
choice for
camping, staying in hotels, or staying with families in traditional village

The following will serve as introductory topics during the workshops:
1.)The importance of bio-diversity in protecting sustainability
2.)The importance of traditional ways of living for rural sustainable
3.)Ways to change the unsustainable customs of production and consumption
4.)The use of art and culture in demonstrating the importance of protecting
the created world
5.) Recognizing the important role of religious organizations for sustainabilit

The conference will coincide with the celebration of the 1000th anniversary  of
the Pannonhalma Benedictine Monastery and will end with the recognition of
Saint Stephen's Day.

Interested people please send  their NAME, OCCUPATION, COMPANY/ORGANIZATION,
SPEAKING/PRESENTING ABOUT (must be related to conference goal/topics).
Note: The official language of the conference will be English.
Please mail your responses by April 1, 1996 to 
Sokoro Ecological Park Foundation
1996 Conference
Gyo"r, 9024
Babits Mihaly ut 7./b.
(Tel/Fax: 36/96-326-678)