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+ - Re: 1100th Birthday This Year! (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

In article >,
T. Kocsis  > wrote:

Stuff deleted
>That's true.
>>1100 years...is that age of Budapest or of Hungary?
Stuff deleted

>Budapest is much younger city , hundred something year old,  two
>town were joined together Buda and Pest. Our old, original capital
>was Sze'kesfehe'rva'r. Buda was chosen as capital later (It was es->tablished
by the Romans and was called Aquincum then).

Almost. Budapest was established in 1873 as a union of THREE cities. Buda, Pest
and O'-Buda (this latter was Aquincum in Roman times)
+ - Re: Hungarian Smoked Sausages (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

 (Ivan V. Mandasek) writes:

>I'm looking for recepies to make those hot dry salami and sausages
>Hungary is famous for.
>Any help would be appreciated.

Alas, it is not as simple as getting the recipe.  

For the best salami, you need the dry meat of old sows.  Of course you can
use succulent pork that is commercially available, but this will make your
salami too watery and prone to spoiling.

To dry the salami out, one needs climate-controlled storage facilities that
mimic the old cellars, down to a culture of a specific species of mould
that grows on the outside and contributes to preserving the meat through
speeding up drying and the production of antibacterial substances.

I think that making fresh sausage is easier.  You can use pork mince 
from the supermarket, and mix it with salt, paprika powder, ground black
pepper and crushed garlic.  The traditional method of preservation is not
very suited to a modern household, as there are few woodfired stoves with
chimneys big enough for sticking your sausage into.  (Or you need to build
a smokehouse: a shack with a slow fire of wet woodchips and ducting that 
channels the smoke to the meat but not the flames.) You are probably 
better off just freezing the sausage and grilling it in portions as you
use them.

And, of course, so far I assumed that you can buy guts for sausage skins,
have a sausage filler, and you are skilled in that technology that looks 
much easier than it looks.  If not, just go for the skinless little grilled
sausages that are widely used in ex-Yugoslavia (chevapchitsa) and that are
very similar in flavouring to the Hungarian cooking variety: fresh sausage
mix with the flavouring described above, shaped into thick finger length
pieces and grilled preferably over charcoal.

But I would expect Hungarian-style salami and sausages to be available 
commercially in your local supermarket or delicatessen.  At least in 
Australia we have reasonably good imitations of Csabai (fresh smoked 
sausage) and less genuine salamis.

Jo' e'tva'gyat (bon appetit) !

George Antony
+ - tova bb analphabe ta (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

e'rdekes folyoiratot tala'ltam: KOTOTT KEVE, mely minden ho'nap elso" e's
harmadik szerda'ja'n jelenik meg...az un MMMJ alapaitva'ny-tol, 2740 Abony, 
Ujszaszi ut 18., kiadva'nya...

ismeri valaki ezt as ujs'agot? irok: Kiraly Izabella, Szathmary Atilla, 
Baraba'sa Tama's, Badiny Jos Ferenc, Varga Be'la, Csornai Istva'n, Szemercy
L. Zsigmond, Sokoray Laszlo, Kesthhelyi Zsolt...

ismeri valaki ezt a lapot?

+ - Naturland Reszvenytarsasag canadaileanyvallalata keres (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

Naturland Canada a subsidiary of Naturland Hungary is looking for
distributors of our line of herbal health products.  These are all
Hungarian best sellers. We have herbal arthritic creams, massage lotions
for arthritis and sports injuries, arnica cream and Swedish Bitters. For
more information e-mail .
+ - Re: tova bb analphabe ta (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

In article > AND Books, 
>ismeri valaki ezt as ujs'agot? irok: Kiraly Izabella

Khm, én hallottam egy abonyi kézimunkatanárnőről, akit így hivnak,
csak neki van egy B betü  a vezeték- es keresztneve között.  Ha ő
lenne mégis az, akkor én a helyedben inkább nem venném ezt a lapot.

(Nem elsősorban azzal van a bajom, hogy a hölgy most éppen fasiszta,
hanem azzal, hogy '89 előtt kommunista volt az egész családjával egye-
temben, az 57-es abonyi téeszesítés az ő nevükhöz füződik, valamint
később számos megyei (pártbizottsági és gazdasági) funkciót viselt a

+ - Gidai, jobboldal (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

Tisztelt olvasok:
     Nagyon is vitathatonak talaltam  Balogh Eva elmelkedeset Gidairol, a
     jobboldalrol. Nezzuk sorban:

     "Kozgazdasznak mondja magat (Gidai), de ... realis erzeke a nullaval
     egyenlo".  B.E.-nak tudnia kell hogy G. egy komoly intezet igazgatoja,
     es Magyarorszagon tekintelyes szakembernek szamit. Na most, ha B.E. is
     szakember, akkor nyilvan nem ezen a Forumon kell vitatkoznia vele. Ha
     viszont nem, akkor a helyeben szerenyebb lennek. Mert nezzuk a tovabbi

     "Gidai a jobboldal kozgazdasza es mint ilyen termeszetesen mindent
     ellenez, amit a jelenlegi kormany csinal".
     Szerintem, talan kozelebb allna a valosaghoz, ha ezt a mondatot igy
     Gidai (mindent) ellenez, amit a jelenlegi kormany csinal es mint ilyen
     termeszetesen a jobboldal kozgazdasza.

     B.A. nagyon aggodik, hogy " a jobbratolodas elkerulhetetlen".

     Talan ez nem is lesz olyan tragikus a magyar nepnek. Vagy B.E. nem
     tudja, hogy milyen allapotok uralkodnak otthon a baloldal uralom


     "Nincs sok kulonbseg a jobb- es a baloldal kozott".
     "Neha... ossze lehet cserelni Torgyant Thurmerrel"

     Eleinte igy reagaltam:
     Ejnye-bejnye, ezt azert remelem nem gondolhatta komolyan B.E.?
     Mindenki tudja, hogy otthon a jobboldal legnagyobb politikai
     vetelytarsa - az uralkodo  baloldal!
     Sajnos, kisult megis komolyan allitja B.E., mert "...mar honapok ota
     mondogatom" ezt.

     Hat akkor ez B.E. nagy naivsagara vall. Igaz, mostanaban ilyen
     szoveggel etetik otthon is a nepet egyetlen egy cellal - lejaratni a

     Legalabb itt, a szabad vilagban, ne etessuk a Forum olvasoit ezzel a

     Udv, istvan
+ - Humor (unintended) from Romania (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

from TELEGRAMA - Daily News Synthesis #19, February 19, 1996 (fwd)
produced by The Foundation for Communication Strategies in Bucharest:

8. A Publishing House in Pitesti started printing a 10 volumes work, a
   research made by professor Tudor Diaconu and doctor Ilie Stanciu,
   for over 30 years.  This monumental work stands for the idea that
   the first language, the one that primordial pair Adam and Eve were
   speaking, was no other but very ancient Romanian./.(56)
+ - Re: "I love you" in many languages Re: Please help tran (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

In article >,
    (MMeyer0) wrote:
>Nakupenda in Swahili.

In Swedish   jag älskar dig
In Soumi Finland  mine raakastan sineua
In Denmark  jeg elsker dig
+ - Action Alert against Education Law in Romania (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

(Unitarian Church in the USA conducts a "Partner Church" activity with Unitaria
Churches in Erdely/Transylvania/Romania. Beyond their direct help of Partner
Churches with tractors, funds, gifts, spiritual and emotional support,
etc., they now
decided to wield their political clout against oppression of Hungarian
in Romania. Noteworthy is the fact, that  this Unitarian Partner Church
in USA and Canada is almost exclusively non-ethnically based; their
"American" and "Canadian" members are free of, and well beyond, any ethnic bias

Please respond to their "Call for Action" with full support!

Message transmitted, upon their request, by
Dr. Andras J. Pellionisz)

UU Partner Church Action Alert

                  Call for Action for Human Rights in Romania

                       by the Executive Committee of the
                   Unitarian Universalist Partner Church Council
                      in Washington D.C.  February 3, 1996

   The Unitarian Universalist Partner Church Council, an independent
affiliate of the Unitarian Universalist Association of the United
States and Canada, notes with gravest concern that the Romanian
government has enacted an Education Law denying native language
education to ethnic minorities.  Unitarians of Romania, with whom our
180 churches and thousands of members engage in partnerships of great
mutual benefit, and whom we regard as close kin, report to us that
they feel this law is the most serious threat to their human rights in
this century, and could lead to the obliteration of their culture and

   We note the action on this matter by the Transylvanian Unitarian
Ministers' Association, meeting in Brasov in November 1995, in which
our partner clergy expressed solidarity with those who have spoken out
against the Education Law, including several who have undertaken
hunger strikes.

   This action by the Unitarian ministers in Romania and many
communications from our partner churches demand our immediate and
active support.

   Therefore, the Partner Church Council pledges to:
   o  Express our support through official communication to the
      Unitarian Church in Romania in their struggle to repeal the
      Education Law.
   o  Prepare and disseminate to all our member individuals and
      congregations a background and position paper on the Education
      Law and ethnic-Hungarian human rights in Romania.
   o  Communicate forcefully our opposition to the Education Law by
      organizing public witness at embassies and consulates of Romania
      in the United States and Canada.

   As Unitarian Universalists in the United States we formally request
the Board of Trustees of the Unitarian Universalist Association and
UUMA executives to endorse and support this public witness, and to
direct the UUA Washington Office to communicate to the U.S.  Congress,
the State Department, and the President the conviction that until the
Education Law is repealed and ethnic human rights are more effectively
protected, the United States should deny Romania Most Favored Nation
status and oppose its membership in NATO.

   As Unitarian Universalists in Canada we urge the Board of Trustees
of the Canadian Unitarian Council to communicate to the Canadian
Parlaiment, the Minister of Foreign Affairs, and the Prime Minister,
the conviction that until the Education Law is repealed, Canada should
oppose Romania's membership in any body that respects or guards the
human rights of the citizens of its member nations.

   We formally request the International Association for Religious
Freedom and the International Council of Unitarians and Universalists
to become actively involved on behalf of religious freedom in Romania
by joining in a letter writing campaign and public witness against the
Romanian Education Law.
              Rev. Dr. Peter Raible, STD
              President, Unitarian Universalist Partner Church Council

                                 PLEASE POST!

             What is the essence of the Romanian Education Law?

   Background:  In 1948 the communist government of Romania
nationalized church properties of the minorities: 1500 schools and
universities (among them 35 Unitarian schools) social and cultural
institutions, libraries, and church endowments for retirement.

   After 1989 the new Romanian government promised to improve the
situation of the minorities and to give back to the churches their
confiscated properties, as has happened in many other formerly
communist countries of Europe.

   Instead, the new Law of Education has legitimized the confiscation
of these properties by the communist state and has excluded any
possibility of returning these institutions to their lawful owners.
These institutions have been renationalized.  And by exempting the
Romanian Orthodox Church properties from this renationalizing, the
Romanian government is applying this new law in a discriminatory

   By preventing the minorities from re-establishing their own
educational system, one of the oldest in Europe, the law curtails the
2 million Hungarian-speaking citizens of Romania from exercising their
human rights to study in their own language at all levels, and their
collective right to nurture their cultural and religious identity.
These rights were granted in the Peace Treaty of Trianon in 1920 by
the great powers (including the USA) and have been reaffirmed by many
international accords.

            The UU Partner Church Council requests your help!

                       Please circulate this material!

   Urge members of your congregation to send letters of protest
(individual or signed by all members) to President Bill Clinton, Vice
President Al Gore, your Senator, Congressperson, etc.  Using the UU
Patner Church resolution as your argument, ask them to protest against
the Education Law of romanian President Ion Iliescu and the Romanian

   Unitarians traditionally have acted on behalf of the oppressed;
this is a crucial time in which you can make a difference!

                    Please pass this on through the Internet!

Ask the following government officials to protest the Romanian
governments (and President Iliescus) Education Law.

U.S. Addresses:
o   Your two U.S. senators
o   Your U.S. Congressperson
o   President Bill Clinton
    1600 Pennsylvania Ave. NW
    Washington  DC  20500
    FAX: 202-456-2461
o   Vice President Al Gore
    Old Executive Office Building
    17th St. and Pennsylvania Ave NW
    Washington  DC  20501
    FAX: 202-973-2600
o   Secretary of State Warren Christopher
    403 Dirksen Senate Office Building
    Washington  DC  20510
o   Congressman Newton Gingrich
    Speaker of the House
    2428 Rayburn Office Building
    Washington  DC  20515
    FAX: 202-225-4656
o   Senator Robert Dole, Majority Leader
o   Senator Thomas Dashle, Minority Leader
o   Senator Jesse Helms, Chair of Senate Foreign Relations Committee
    (FAX: 202-228-1245)
o   Senator Richard Lugar, Chair of European Affairs Subcommittee
    (FAX: 202-224-0836)

    Address for all members of the Senate:
    The Honorable Senator ______
    United States Senate
    Washington  DC  20510

o   Congressman Tom Lantos
    Chairman of the Congressional Human Rights Caucus
    400 El Camino Real
    San Mateo  CA  94402
    FAX: 415-375-8270

o   Congressman Richard Armey, Majority Leader
o   Congressman Richard Gephardt, Minority Leader
    House of Representatives
    Washington  DC  20515

Canadian Addresses:
o   Your Member of Parliament (800-667-3355)
o   Minister of Foreign Affairs (Hon.) Lloyd Axworthy  FAX: 613-996-3443
o   Prime Minister (Hon.) Jean Chretien
    FAX:  (9:00-16:59): 613-941-6900
          (17:00-8:59): 613-995-0101

In addition, be sure to share this document with your UUA district's
UUA Board member (listed in the current UUA Directory) and urge him or
her to carry out the UUA Board of Trustees actions outlined in this