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+ - Havas es a felmillio (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

Par hete volt egy hir Havas henrik rivideletu kormanyzati

"A kormanyzati kommunikacios es sajtoiroda elere korabban 
kinevezett Havas Henrik cimzetes allamtitkar felmenteset kovetoen - 
hatnapi munka utan - felmillio forint jarandosag felvetelevel 
tavozott, noha arra kertek a kabinetiroda illetekesei, tekintsen el 
ettol, annak ellenere, hogy az osszeg jogszeruen jar neki. Hirek 
szerint Havas a penzt fontos kozcelokra kivanja forditani."

Meg tudna valaki az otthoniak kozul mondani, hogy ugyan mifele cimen
szakitott le Havas felmilliot 6 napos allas utan?  Nekem ez meg amerikai
viszonylatban is oriasi penznek tunik, bar nem ez lenne az elso alkalom,
hogy az otthoni vezetoket indokolatlanul nagyvonalunak latom egymas

Kinyomoztak az otthoni ujsagok azota, hogy milyen fontos kozcelokra
forditotta Havas azt a penzt?  Valahogy gyanakszom, hogy ez is csak
olyan kifogas, mint Bokrose volt az o 12 milliojarol.  Utolag az ember
soha nem lat elszamolast rola.

Pannon J.
+ - Re: Slovakia & Sweden (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

Den 11 Dec 1995 07:55:41 GMT skrev  (Jarmo Ryyti) :


=>Therefore the calculations about 1 million citizens of Sweden
=>who have Finnish background is very well understood allthought
=>they do not speak any more their own langauge because of 
=>Sweden's policy.

So, because (according to you) one million Swedes are the descendants of
immigrants that arrived in Sweden centuries ago Finnish should be an official
language in Sweden. Even though those people don't speak Finnish (and their
families haven't spoken Finnish for maybe hundreds of years). And most of
them maybe don't even know that they are of Finnish descent. Then please tell
the British government that they must make French an official language in
Britain because of the Norman charter group that arrived in AD1066. And
please tell the Yanks that because so many people in the USA are descendants
of German/Polish/Russian/Swedish immigrants German, Polish, Russian and
Swedish _must_ be made official languages in the USA. 

You're even more stupid than I thought. If possible.

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+ - Kodaly Music Teaching Method? (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

Can anyone give any kind of information about Kodaly and his method
for teaching music?  Thanks!

+ - Re: Meaning of "Germany" (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

Ed Ponarin ) wrote:
: Piotr Wnukowski > wrote:

: >There is another, quite convincing ethymology of the word:
: >Niemcy  (Germans)
: >The word can stem from >> nie my << , which means >> not us <<.
: >Compare with >>niemy<< (dumb).

: It's not very convincing because "ne my" ("not us") and "njem" 
: ("mute") have historically different "e" sounds ("plain e" vs 
: "jat'").  Old Russian texts spelled the word with "jat'", and
: modern Ukrainian supports this with "I" ("nimec'", not "nemec'",
: as one would expect from "ne my").

In Bulgarian, which is, you will agree, closer to olden ways,'is 
not' means 'njama', a distorted version of which can be 'nema' 'niema' 'nie 
mae' that is 'nie imeet', in modern Russian 'niet'.It is very much 
possible that 'nie' was spelled with a 'jat' in olden times, or that is 
was pronounced that way long before.
And I don't see what does your Ukrainian example show, when, as far as I 
know, EVERY Russian 'ye' is 'i' or 'yi' (and every Russian 'i'is 'y', 
Kiev=Kyjiv). Tak shto nechevo. Nemec=ne nash  ochen' dazhe vozmozhno, do 
sih por v Rossii govoryat 'ne nash' na vse zagranichnoe. Ili ty vseryoz 
utverzhdaesh shto russkie byli nastolko glupye shto oni dumali, vse 
kotorye ne govoryat po russki, gluxo-nemye? Oni zhe byli okruzheny 
inojazychnymi, kak i sevodnya.
+ - Any conference to be held (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

Hi Dear netters,

Could you help me find out any conference in IT to be held in
Malaysia in the next few months? Your help is most appreciated !


+ - Re: Slovakia & Sweden (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

WebWalker ) wrote:
: Den 9 Dec 1995 08:36:28 GMT skrev  (Jarmo Ryyti) :
: =>: =>There are ten (10) Finnish speaking schools in Sweden. So called
: =>: =>free schools (friskolor) established *by the Finns of Sweden 
: =>: =>themselves.* There are c. 700 pupils in those schools.
: =>:                             ~~~~~~~~~~
: =>: I don't believe that at all. 
: =>
: =>My source is the Bulletin of Sweden's Finnish Centralorganization
: =>called RSKL-Viesti.

: And if the organization for Finnish immigrants say something then that must
: automitically be the truth. Hallelujah, RSKL-Viesti has spoken the truth.....

: I would say that official government statistics are more reliable than the
: figures given by an immigrant organization that is clearly acting in its own
: interest..... Don't try to bullshit us again, Jarmo.....

Your "sources" do not mention the teaching language. Please find such:-)

: I bet that that a number of other immigrant organizations want their
: languages to be regarded as minority languages too, such as the Turks,
: Greeks, Italians, former Yugoslavs, Poles etc etc etc.....

: =>Web Walker is talking about the Finnish minority the same way as
: =>the Turks about Kurds. 

: Please give some examples......
Look the aforementioned lines of yours. In an other thread there
is spoken about Finland as a part of Sweden. Do you not know
Sweden's own history? 

: =>So you are referring to the sources which do not mention the vital
: =>information about the schools where the teaching language is Finnish.

: Do you want figures per school? The names of the schools and the numbers of
: pupils? Why didn't you give that information to start with. You simply said
: something like "10 schools and 700 pupils". Now you start by giving the names
: of the schools, where they are located, and the exact numbers of students in
: those schools.....

Pohjoisj{rvi friskola:   14 pupils - they have permission for 
1-6 grades

G|teborg friskola: 174 pupils - all grades
Bor}s friskola: 12 pupils
Eskilstuna friskola: 37 pupils -primary school
Haninge friskola: 55 pupils
Motala friskola: 70 pupils -all grades
Tukholma friskola: 140 pupils - primary shool and middle grade
Upplands Vasby friskola: 160 pupils
Orebro friskola: 35 pupils
Uppsala friskola: 20 pupils

Most of them have economical problems. Parents of the kids try 
to sponsor them.

There is not a single municipal *Finnish school* in Sweden.
Finnish classes in stead for about 10 % of the Finnish speaking 
age groups until 6th grade. After that the municipality has
no responsibility to arrange any classes in Finnish. 

And Sweden has had time for about 700 years to arrange it!!!

Therefore the calculations about 1 million citizens of Sweden
who have Finnish background is very well understood allthought
they do not speak any more their own langauge because of 
Sweden's policy.

The Swedish speaking kids get school education from the 
municipalities in their mother tongue but the Finnish kids 
do not get.

That what is Sweden's minority policy towards her second domestic
language group. A rich country compared to many others which
have a much more liberal policy.

# In 1958,The Swedish School Administration repealed directives banning #
# the speaking of Finnish language in Sweden's schools.    However,some #
# municipalities maintained restrictions on Finnish language until 1968 #
#.................aga parem hilja kui mitte kunagi..................... #
+ - Re: FUNgarians to PUNgarians to DUNGarians (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

Mrs. Budweiser:

Looks like you belong to the family, aren't you.
Besides, what can I do you for???
Unfortunately, I can't fix the cracks on your heel, that too, runs in the 

Dr. Laszlo
+ - Re: Where are the Hungarians (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

Frank J. Straka ) wrote:
: This is one Hungarian who is here but for the most part I'm lurking.
: I must say that I really am enjoying the variouse discusions and even
: some of the flames.  One thing that really pisses me off though is the
: posting by the twit who is ashamed to be Hugarian.  I would suggest to
: him that Hungarians have not one damned thing to be ashamed of, in
: fact, Hungarians should be very proud of our past history and
: accomplishments.  I don't think that I'm the most qualified person to
: go into a long doctoral thesis and history lesson about our past, but
: I do know enough to understand that if not for the "Allies" after
: Triaon, Hungary today would be a lot different society.  I will always
: be proud of my Hungarian heritage, even though I'm not a pure blooded
: Magyar ( I'm part Magyar, part Moravian). At any rate enough said.
: Any one else have any comments??

In my view, it is equally wrong to be proud of or to be ashamed of
being Hungarian or of Hungarian origin, for that is an accident of
birth. Once place of birth and heritage is not something one chooses,
just as one does not choose one's parents. These are facts into which
one is born.

What one becomes, how one deals with one's heritage, how one treats
one's fellow human beings, these are matters where personal choice
and responsibility enter, albeit to different degrees under different
cirumstances. It is in these matters that one may have cause to be
proud or ashamed, or --- more usually --- both.

+ - Re: SCM: Hungarian abbreviations (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

  Only one I can help you out with is MSZP--it's the Magyar Szocialista Part,
or Hungarian Socialist Party.  Hope this helps.  
--Shannon Morris
+ - Re: Gay rights in Romania - again "printre codasii Euro (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

Apollonius ) wrote:
^^^^^^^^^^  how brave...what a FINE identity...

: Mr. Dorin Taranul-Hayseed wrote:
:  (Apollonius) wrote:

: >>The results left me breathless and once again ashamed of 
: >>my own country.
: >>[...]
: >>Under the current Romanian penal code, Article 200, paragraph 1 
: >>imposes a total ban on lesbian and gay relations with a prison 
: >>sentence of 1 to 5 years for any gay or lesbian sexual relationship.

: >I agree, 1 to 5 years for homosexual activities is hard punishment
: >indeed ,...

: To put homosexuals in jail, among other men/women, is a harsh punishment? 
: Are you kiding me, Mr.? It's like putting them in paradise - and at
: taxpayers' expense in top of that! ;-)
I think to put people such as yourself in prison leaves the possibility 
for making a "paradise".  Just when you think that homophobia is 
diminishing, people like this always pop up...

: >... yet, in all fairness, it is a much lighter sentence than the
: >one required by the Bible:
: >
: >	"If a man lie with mankind as he lieth with a woman, both of them
: > 	 have committed an abomination: they shall surely be put to
: >        death; their blood shall be upon them."  [Leviticus 20.13]

: And how does your Big Book sanction the disobeying of the biblical order 
: - somethimes by even creating the best "conditions" that lead to 
: breaching it - especially in the Biblic Republic of Romania?
: Just hope that the Allmighty will look down upon and sodomo-gomoraize you
: for not following the 'righteous path' ad literam.
: So guys/gals enjoy the 1-5 years vacation and have sex each night, and 
: when that's not possible, touch yourself always bearing in mind the 
: chobby boxom of our Parinte Teoctist. He, he, he...
Jesus - where do you come from?  I'm sick of people like you with their 
"holier-than-thou" attitudes who feel it is their place to judge everyone 
else.  And then to force the opinion of God onto the majority of 
readers...as far as I'm concerned, God doesn't exsist.  And as far as 
homosexuality is concerned, it is not what people like to call a 
"lifestyle choice".  It _is_ who a person is.  Homosexuality begins at a 
child's conception - and as time passes, more and more proof shows that 
homosexuality is genetic.  But it's not a defect - people are not 
physically or mentally disabled - it is only a part of their person and 
identity.  And despite that - why should it even matter to you?  Can't 
you simply accept the fact that there are gay and lesbian people, and 
that they're not going away, AND that they are no different than you?  
Why would someone "choose" to be homosexual in a world full of people like 
yourself - people throwing their useless, hateful, close-minded opinion 
around?  Why would someone "choose" to be homosexual in a 
straight-dominated world in which they will be supressed?  And finally, 
why do stupid people like you think that homosexuals are about to jump on 
top of any moving thing in their vicinity?  From the couples that I know, 
I would say that gay men are oftentimes more selective than are straight 
men.  And love is something between two people - a genuine emotion that 
does not operate solely under presupposition that someone is straight.  
Go get a clue...

: >>As the old say/lozinca goes: citeste si da mai departe/ read and pass 
: >>it on.
: >
: >By all means!
: >
: >Dorin Taranul

: I'll leave this one to Wally. He is our expert in poematomazation of 
: those hayseeds that do not follow ad literam the inquiz-administration of 
: strict biblical orders. Just hope he will show some mercyfulness towards 
: your soul.
Yeah, whatever....If I were you, I'd spend a little less time worrying 
about other people's "souls" and a bit more time concentrating on yourself.