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+ - RI-804i Clinton-Interview on NATO and Russia (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

20 March 1997

      RI-804i  'Clinton-Interview on NATO and Russia'

from Ambassador for Mankind

Message # RI-804i for Internet

Currently, there is a meeting of Russia and the USA
  in the town of Helsinki,
   with President Boris Yeltsin and President Bill Clinton.

 (see also RI-803i 'Yeltsin-Interview on NATO and Russia' 20 Mar 97)

Telepathic Interview with American President Bill Clinton,
 on 20 March 1997, 09:57 GMT,
 ordered by Ambassador for Mankind.

 (see RI-771i 'Use of Telepathy' of 4 Jan 1997
      http://Art-Org.com/ri-bulletins/ri-771i.htm )

[Auditor:] What are you and NATO trying to achieve with Russia?  LFBD

"Making it into a country
  which will constitute no threat
   to the NATO-countries, or to the rest of the world."

[Auditor:] Are you withholding [not telling, holding back]
            anything about this from Koos [Ambassador for Mankind]?

"I also want to keep communism low in Russia
  and make it further unwanted
  and make it disappear altogether."  LFBD LFBD

[Auditor:] What are you and NATO trying to prevent Russia from?

"Russia dominating the NATO.  F

"Russia preventing possible actions of the NATO.  F

"Russia turning communistic again."  F

[Auditor:] Are you withholding anything about this from Koos?

"I want to put a strong bar against
  these things occurring in the future.

"I want to bind Russia into the NATO,
  so that Russia is a valuable and reliable partner in the pact.

"Yeltsin is a respected partner for me
  whom I like to deal with.

"He expects support from us,
  and I and the NATO expect support from him.  LFBD

"I am trying to prevent Russia from being out of balance:
    Strong in defense
    weak in national economy.  LFBD

"If this remains so,
  Russia cannot be a reliable partner."

[Auditor:] What are you and NATO trying to achieve with Russia?

"Making Russia into a strong ally
  against any possible Chinese aggression."

[Auditor:] Are you withholding anything about this from Koos?

"America has plans to invest
   in the development
    of (peaceful) industry in Russia,
  in order to make Russia
   a strong partner in all aspects."  LFBD

[Auditor:] What are you and NATO trying to prevent Russia from?

"From being strong one-sidedly and therefore unstable -
  as I said.  LFBD

"And the NATO-countries
  want to have
    Russia also as a strong business partner
     and they want the people in Russia prosperous."

                 'Bill Clinton'

                                      Total session time: 1 hr 11 min

                               Highly specialized Telepathic Auditing
                     at 700 US $ per hour, makes 957 US $ total cost.

[The abbreviations LF(Long Fall), LFBD(Long Fall Blow Down)
 and F/N(Floating Needle) describe reactions on the E-meter,
 indicating mental charge (LF, LFBD), and release of charge
 completed (F/N).
 "LFBD-F/N" = truth found out. "ind" = indicated to the person.]

(See RI-610i 'Understanding the E-meter, correctly' of 26 June 96
     RI-648i 'Simplicity of E-meter use, by UNDERSTANDING it' 1 Aug 96
     RI-687i 'Notes on E-meter use and Solo-Auditing' of 4 Sept 96
     RI-771i 'Use of Telepathy' of 4 Jan 1997)

Koos Nolst Trenite - Ambassador for Mankind

Copyright 1997 by Koos Nolst Trenite

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References (available at the Library http://Art-Org.com ):

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   (about RI-Bulletins)

  RI-380Ri 'Obtaining Truth from the RI-Bulletins' of 1 Nov 1995
  RI-50RQi 'RI-xxxi series Archive - Content and Use' 28 Dec 94
               Revised and Replaced on 6 March 1996

These and other RI-Bulletins can be obtained

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+ - Le HUNS OR LE MONGOLS (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

gABOR try a good school (dont you ever go to Austria again).
+ - Re: Thank you Ines (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

Istvan Lippai wrote:
> Ines Weber > wrote in article
> >...
> > RT765 wrote:
> > >
> > > This must be a fancy way to say that you and your ancestors were HUNS.
> > > Remember, you are a Barbarian by blood.
> >
> > No, no my friend,  this is a fancy way of saying that YOUR ANCESTORS
> > were the dirty, illiterate, ignorant, still living in trees servants of
> > these "barbarians"".
> Dear Ines,
> Thank you so much for taking up for us.  I also believe that this 'thing'
> is far below your intelligence, and not worth your time.
> Best regards, Istvan

Thank you Istvan,

Sorry, Long time no talk.  You should see the garbage he's posting on
s.c.Romanian.  Unfortunately he's dealing with a different audience
there (remember what I wrote to you recently about that?)

In any case, you are probably right.

Best wishes

+ - Re: NATO, the USA and Ukraine * Other considerations (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

D. Smegma wrote:
> Andrei Popov wrote:
> >
> > Tell me for God's sake: what the ***k does Russia need in Poland?!
> >

----------------8< snip 8<------------------------------------------

> >
> > What did it need for past fifty years, and before that for about 150 years?

umm... a 'buffer zone', maybe?

and before that, an empire, just like all the other good little ruling
families of
Europe had?

oh, and let's not forget warm water ports, eh?

--------------------8< more snip 8<-----------------------------------
>   What did Russia need in Ukraine, Baltics, Caucasus, Finland, Czechia
> and Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, Moldova, Bulgaria, etc.?
>   And now you wonder why Eastern Europe is crawling for any hope of
> salvation from the political monster next door who's been bathing in the

well, let's just hope that 'salvation' is cheaper than cold hard cash;
maybe then, western nations would be more willing to help out FSU

	larry adams
+ - Re: NATO, the USA and Ukraine * Other considerations (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

"John  Walker" > wrote:

>Strategic leverage could be gained if talks could start immediately
>between  Poland, Hungary, Ukrain, and Czeck (et al) towards the
>formation of a federal coalition between their sovereign countries.  
>The idea is to form a  benvolent union which is much as had been 
>formed to create the Republic of Poland in A.D. 1618; consisting of Poland,
>Byeloruss, Lithuania, Prussia, and Livonians.  
>It was an outstanding success resulting in a federation based on autonomy 
>and freedom of all ethnic and religious groups.It was the world's first
>republic and it was based on toleration and freedom of speech.
>Each country would retain its own sovereignty and culture but all 
>would unite into  federalism of military unity to meet the security 
>and trade demands of the new millineum.
>The object would be to retain a weak central 
>government serving the member states.
>To assure that the federal government thus formed would not eventually 
>'take over' the example of the First Polish Republic could
>be taken so that each country in the union would have veto power.

What a wonderful idea.  They could all live happily ever after
speaking Esperanto in public and "Czeck" at home.  

Mike Dolak

Subject: Re: Genghis Khan Arrives On National Geographic
From: Chris McMillan >
Date: Fri, 07 Mar 1997 21:25:58 +0000 (GMT)
Message-ID: >

In article >, Peter Suciu
<URL:mailto:> wrote:
> I'm posting this information because I thought you might be interested
in this Web sit
> e.  If you are not interested,
> please disregard.  I did not intend this message as a spam, but rather
carefully resea
> rched this newsgroup because I
> believed some readers would find this information useful. 
> *********************************************Genghis Khan Arrives On
National Geograph
> ic
> Take a spirited ride across Mongolia in the footsteps of the legendary
warlord, Genghi
> s Khan. Traveling with National
> Geographic’s writer and photographer as they prepare stories for the
magazine, visit t
> oday’s herders of the vast steppe
> in their tents and drink fermented mares milk, hear thrilling stories
from the writer 
> and photographer in the field and
> explore the life of this extraordinary warrior through an annotated time
> The site is located at:
> http://www.nationalgeographic.com/genghis/

Even better, Peter, buy the copy of the National Geographic for February.
Actually it follows on from its Nov. '95 issue. They make a wonderful read
for the novice.

Sincerely, Chris


Mrs. Chris McMillan. Tel. 0118 926 5450. Fax. 0118 966 8167. Though a
is small, its use is beyond measure. I want to be a screw. (Lei Feng).
+ - Re: Who is a Magyar, what is a Magyar ? (Was: Istvannak (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

RT765 wrote:
> All I see are MONGOLS

For heaven's sake! You are old 
enough to leave your family!

  Best wishes 

+ - Re: Who is this Ruman? (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

RT765 wrote:
> The Ruman is a ROMAN.
> Who is the Magyar? The HUN.
> Or since you may be an Austrian, Who is the Germ?
> A barbarian in civilized cloths?

Now, he's the master of a barefooted imbecil from Romania
+ - Re: NATO candidates (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

In article >, Wally Keeler wrote:
> There was no need to intervene when Hungary was not part of NATO.
> Question: Why would Hungary not consider neutrality? From Finland all the

Probably because of history and geography. 

> way down, a wide belt of neautrality could easily serve the purpose of
> stability -- it would maintain the perception that NATO is not an
> expansionary organ, reassure the East that there are no aggressive
> intentions. Neutrality has not done any harm to Austria nor Switzerland
> nor Finland. They are clearly Western, Democratic and not threatened by
> Russia. 

But then, except for Finland (which lost Karelia to Stalin) these
countries have no common border with any former Soveit republics. Also, it
would be hard to imagine (though not impossible) that the Russian army
would use Scandinavia as a route to attack western Europe. They'd have to
go through Finland, the Bay of Botten, Sweden, Denmark to reach Germany, a
la Hannibal through the back door, and even Hannibal failed. Why do you
think Stalin took eastern Poland, and not Finland? Especially with
Belorussia giving up most of its independence, the German-Polish plains
seem an easier route than the Scandinavian mountains and the Baltic sea.