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+ - Re:Romanian origins (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

Kedves Szaszvari úr,

Hmm... Elmagyarázzon a Csodászárvast és Hunort és Magort nekem...


Peter Chong
+ - Origins of surname "Magas" (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

     I am writing on behalf of a friend with the surname MAGAS.  She
was told that this name has Greek origins even thought her father was
Hungarian who lived in south Ukraine early this century.  Can anyone
shed some light on this or suggest where I may find further information?
What are the origins of MAGAS and where are they from?
      Thank you.
+ - Re: Another example of Slovak intolerance (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

Juraj Ziska > wrote:


>Foreign investments are for Hungary at 7 billion USD level, for 
>Czechia at 5 billion USD level and for Slovakia at 300 million USD but 
>I could see just few days ago at NBC that folks from the whole world 
>gathered to Magyaria to build housing for those poor people so they 
>should have somewhere to live (and notice, not to Bosna or Albania but 
>Who seems to have real economical problems?

Too bad we weren't talking about economic problems! (For your info. I was 
originally trying to point out that I pulled my reference about P.M. 
Meciar accusing Magyars for Slovak problems from the EB 1994 yearbook.)
>Maybe the Magyar government is, in a classical manner, supporting 
>and encouraging the Magyarish nazism just to create distraction from 
>the domestic problems.
>You must have heard about a guy named Hitler and he was once running 
>the same race as the Magyar government is running now: screaming 
>highly about pretended local, life and survival threatening, terror 
>against the German minorities elsewhere, having nothing but a justice 
>on his mind.

I'm not sure I would call it "Magyarish nazism". However, it is true that 
until fairly recently, most of the Magyar public was rather neutral about 
the fate of the Magyar minorities in Slovakia, Romania and Yugoslavia. At 
that time they wanted to fix up the economy. However, nowadays, the 
question of the Magyar minorities has regained some importance in Magyar 

>Nobody is questioning the credibility of the EB but you must realize 
>that it is made by "only humans", and they may un-willingly 
>misinterpret - or simply market in a bad will created 
>I don't say that they are never right, but I don't believe that 
>everything there has a dignity of the God's word.

If you believe things are like that, then maybe we shouldn't believe 
anything and become anarchists! :-)

>> sense, say if the Slovaks of Hungary (there aren't a lot of them
>> mind you) were being hypothetically mistreated by their Magyar
>> masters (God forbid!) and Bratislava pay attention to their
>> hypothetical mistreatment? 

>On this point there are, sadly enough, just too many maybe's and 
>'WHAT IF's. 
>The FACT is anyhow that 1918 when Magyaria was created was about 1/3 
>of the population of that country non-magyars and even after WWII had 
>Magyaria still a Slovak population of about 500 000.
So? My point was, ah never mind... You missed it...


>What are YOU? 
>Are you a Chinese or a Canadian? Are *you* living in a foreign 

No, wait. What's your nationality? (But since I don't have time, I'll 
answer my side first) 

Since I was born and have lived here all my life, I am Canadian de jure 
and de facto. However, my parents and ancestors were Chinese and I can 
never forget them and their heritage. While I can't speak Chinese and in 
many ways I look at some modern Chinese (e.g. Li Peng and Jiang Qing (Mao 
Zedong's last wife) with disgust, there are things I can only respect and 
admire. The inventions such as gunpowder, silk, ice cream, the compass, 
the sirrup, the rocket. The high Chinese culture with its monuments and 
buildings (e.g. Great Wall) and its history with many glorious moments 
(e.g. In the 7th century Chinese power extended from the Pacific to the 
Aral Sea.) Do I have to be Chinese to admire my ancestors' past? 

>The survival instinct of the normal people is always stronger than any
>official bullshit. 
>Could Magyars ever show one single presentable and "valid" refugee 
>from any of the magyarish primary targets: Rumania, Ukraine or 
>Slovakia *then* you should really see what the public media hell is.

In the days of Ceaucescu (1980s), many Transylvanian (Romanian)- Magyars 
fled the brutal and ruthless ethnic genocide preached by his government. 
But Ceaucescu, wanting to hide this policy called it systemization... If 
*you* didn't want to flee a country where they send bulldozers and cranes 
to wreck your house, while they relocate you in a place you didn't want, 
then I don't want to know you...
>> Anyway with any country in the world, there is a big difference 
>> between de jure and de facto. By law according to the Slovak 
>> constitution (I'm indirectly quoting you), the Hungarian minority 
>> is allotted the same rights as the Slovak majority. 
>> Fine, but in practice the Magyars are treated differently. 
>Could you please be more specific?

 What's on paper (de jure) and what is acutally being done (de facto)
>> Let's face it! In the U.S. by law all citizens regardless of 
>> sex, race, creed, whatever are treated equally but why the hell in 
>> practice is there such stupid things like affirmative action (where 
>> blacks are allowed through this law to gain easier access to jobs 
>> whereas the whites are subtly discouraged by being given tougher 
>> entrance tests and the like?) 
>So you don't like Afro-Americans.

That's not my point, my friend. Its about equality. How would you feel if 
(I assume you're a white male) an Afro-American, Asian or woman of any 
race (in other words anyone except a white male) got a job just because 
(s)he was non-white. For your info. the affirmative action law gives 
non-white (I forgot to mention that originally. Sorry) an easier time of 
accessing jobs by forcing companies to hire a set quota of these social 
groups regardless if they lack qualifications or do poorly on an entrance 
test compared to a white male also looking for that job. I myself am 
Chinese and maybe it would seem strange for me (by your logic) to 
complain. The only thing is that I have a lot of friends including 
blacks, whites as well asians who are all very bright and kind people. As 
a Chinese I would feel both angry and guilty if I got a job just because 
the company needed more Chinese people while a white friend or just a 
white stranger was refused because he was white. Now put yourself in the 
shoes of this stupid law as a white man? I can't see you not getting 


>But of course, should they be able to create a Great Magyaria by 
>working harder and talking less it should certainly be something 
>memorable, admirable and absolutely a proof of a *real* greatness (and 
>for sure more timely).
>Then, is your Count (whatever he was) just condemning the 
>magyarization or is he stating it clearly and once for all that there 
>is a difference between real magyars and fakes?

My friend, READ! Magyarization! Remeber this! All he was saying was that 
just because you speak Hungarian doesn't mean you are Hungarian. If 
you're a Slovak, or a Serb or a Romanian or a Ukranian or a German or 
even Chinese (like me who can speak Magyar) who can speak Magyar, you're 
still not Magyar!
>The *original* magyars were the most (the only really, in the modern 
>sense) asian of all uralian tribes which settled in the Western 
>Europe, but the "magyars" of today have hardly any genetical marker 
>which could confirm their Uralian origins - even compared with the 
>Finns and Estonians!
>Considering the Turk rule of Magyaria it clearly shows that there are
>*practically* no *ethnical* Magyars left in that country. 

So, what's wrong with being Asian? And anyway, what's your point? t 

>This was too serious. 
>What about something entertaining - read HUNCOR - in one article you 
>can read about how Serbs are naughty and bloodthirsty as opposite to 
>the magyar doves while another is reminding us that it was magyars (!) 
>who beated Serbs in the WWI and shall so beat them again and third 
>complains how un-peaceful the Central Europe of today is and promisses 
>that if only magyars were holding the whip, everything should be 
>Juraj Ziska


Read ya later

Peter Chong
+ - Re: Origins of surname "Magas" (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

It's definitely Hungarian and means "Tall" and could very well be from
that part of Hungary that is now controlled by the Ukraine.  Hungarians
call it Karpatalja.
Visit my homepage!  http://mason.gmu.edu/~achassel/
+ - Hungarian email pointer (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

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+ - Re:Romanian origins (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

In article >,  says...
>Hmm... Elmagyarázzon a Csodászárvast és Hunort és Magort nekem...

Hmm, didn't I cite a source for you? I'm sure it'll be explained in 

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