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A nagy eerdekloodeesre valo tekintettel
kozzee teszem a megfejteeseet a maasfeel
hete megjelent rejtveenynek.
Sajnaalom,hogy senki nem szoolt hozzaa.
Nem tudom, neezitek-e,szeretitek-e a 
Lyukasooraat,ezt a jaateekot ugy jaatszaak,
hogy keerdeeseket tesznek fel,
ami kozelebb visz a megfejteeshez.
Meeg keet alkalommal proobaalkozok uj feladvaanyokkal,
utaana feladom,ha senkit nem eerdekel.
Orulneek,ha partnerek lenneetek benne, tisztelt
irodalomkedveloo HIX-esek.
Paar hete eleeg aktiv volt a rovat,most valahogy leult.
Ebbe booven belefeer egy kis jaateek.
Nade a megfejtees:



Mit az oosz vetett vaankosul
az avar burkaan feltolul
a fuu,oly gyengeed,olyan uj,

mint feszuloo rugyek,ahogy
turelmuk fogytaan
leteepik inguk,mint a sok
aleelt eelooleeny vak napok 
nyugeet ledobvaan:

robban a kedve:
a Veegtelen vaagya rohan
az eerben,veerben boldogan 

Hogy lehetneel haat egymagad
nyugodt e laazban,
mely tisztuloo egek alatt
mindenben izzik,laangrakap,
s termeekenyitve szaarnyal?!

Add aat magad,csak ez segit
nyiltan, egeeszen:
Meely orveenyekbool egekig 
sodroodj,szaarnyalj,haloodva is 
eeletre keeszen.

Remeelem, tetszik a vers,ees remeelem kedvet kaptok
egy izgalmas ees tartalmas jaateekhoz.
Bucsuzoul egy aaltalam kedvelt neegysoros
kovetkezoo feladvaanyul.
A keerdees,ki a koltoo.
Mivel een semmit nem tudok roola, ha vki ismeri,
akaar eeletrajzi adatokat is kuldhet akaar nekem,akaar a HIX-re,
ahogy gondolja.

A leet iraasaat ne betuuzd,
mert ugy van irva,hogy ne eertsed,
s a vaagyaid magasra tuuzd,
hogy soha ooket el ne eerhesd.

Udv mindenkinek:
+ - November Wisconsin Experience (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

               If you received this letter and do not want future
mailings please type " remove" in the subject and we will
gladly remove you from your our mailing list,  otherwise be
my guest and enjoy this letter.  As we do every month we
are giving something away.  This month we are giving
away two cutting boards.  Just put "cutting board" in the
subject and when we draw on the 20th you could will win 
one. Last month the winner of the footlocker was from
Milwaukee Wisconsin. Good luck to you all!
            Thank you!
                  The Wisconsin Experience        
           Here it is November and we are proud to 
submit another issue of The Wisconsin Experience for your 
reading pleasure!  The snowflakes are slowly swirling and 
blanketing the great northland, and if you listen very carefully, 
you can almost hear the sleigh bells! Just because the year 
is winding, down does not mean the fun is winding down. 
We'll roll out the red carpet and put on a pot of hot chocolate, 
and await all of you who want sample the winter wonderland 
that is northern Wisconsin!
            Somewhere between heaven and paradise 
lies Vilas County and what a feast for the senses!  With a 
multitude of lakes and pristine rivers, the choices for fun and 
recreation are limited only by your imagination.

           On the 27th come help Boulder Junction light 
its town Christmas tree.  There will be carolers, sleigh rides and 
of course a visit from the jolly old elf.  For more info on this Yule 
time delight, please call 715-385-2400.

          Also on the 27th at the Boulder Junction Community 
Center the 5th annual Lioness Christmas Craft Fair gets under 
way with a wide assortment of handmade gifts perfect for all your 
holiday gift giving needs.  Please call 715-385-2400 for complete 
          Following Highway 47 southward through the 
heart of the Northern Highland State Forest. Oneida County 
sprinkled with azure lakes offers the visitor some of the best in 
natural beauty, what a perfect formula for rest and relaxation. 

         For all you jazz lovers, the Holiday Acres Resort 
near Rhinelander will sponsor the Thanksgiving Weekend of Jazz.  
Located on the shores of Lake Thompson this event promises to 
serve up delights for both eye and the ear.  Some of the best jazz 
musicians this side of Chicago will congregate here for this two-day 
jam session, starting on the 27th.  The number to call is
1-800-261-1500 for additional details. 

         Lincoln County lies southward with Highway 51
running its length north to south. Blessed with thousands of acres 
of county forests and 281 natural lakes, Lincoln County should rank 
high on the list of the most demanding hunter or angler.

          Sara Park, on the 27th is the site for the Tomahawk 
Area Fish Unlimited Wild Game Feed with various types of game 
being served, I am sure this event will please the most discerning 
palate. Please call 715-453-4093 for more information. 

         Come help the good folks in Tomahawk 
celebrate the opening of the whitetail season as they hold a free 
venison feed on the 20th.   For all the delicious details, please 
call 1-800-569-2160.
          Turning westward, Taylor County tempts us with 
such natural delights as the Chequamegon National Forest that 
covers a third of the county.  In addition, there is great fishing in the
numerous rivers that crisscross the county. The Miller Dam
Flowage, the largest body of water in the county, is a prime spot
for sportsmen, vacationers or anyone who wants to experience
northern Wisconsin at its best.

           The Taylor County Fair grounds on the 7th-8th 
is the site for the " County Affair" a craft show featuring artists and 
artisans from all over the area, please call 715-748-3906 for all 
the details. 

           On the 27th, Santa Claus takes time out of his 
busy schedule to help the folks in Medford with their Lighting of the
Lights.  This annual event includes caroling and related holiday 
fun, the number to call is 1-800-257-4729 for all the fun filled facts. 

            Following the compass northward, Price County 
is next on our list.  Beautiful Price County with 18 thousand acres 
of lakes and streams and 310 thousand acres of national, state 
and county forests open to the public. To the northeast, 
Chequamegon National Forest with its entire natural splendor fills 
that corner of the county. It is a wonderful spot for that next vacation. 

           The annual Fifield Sno-Drovers Wild Game Feed 
kicks-off on the 23rd at the Moose Jaw Resort near Park Falls 
starting at 6pm.  These folks really know how to put on the ol' 
feedbag, so if you do not want to miss a good time with great food 
call 715-762-3028.
           And now for something completely different.  This month we 
also have 4 skate cases to give away. You can enter the give away
by just typing skate in the subject and maybe you will win. First however
answer this question. What year did Wisconsin become a state? Put
the answer in the body of your skate case entry. Nowback to the 
events in northern Wisconsin.
           For something a little more domesticated, you 
will want to attend the Holiday Tea in Phillips on the 14th. There 
will be homemaker's displays, arts & crafts, an old fashion 
cakewalk, live entertainment, door prizes and raffles call 
715-339-2221 for all the details.

         Sawyer County ranks as one of the prime 
destinations in northern Wisconsin.  Hunting, camping, fishing it 
is all right here, the list of great things to see and do is nearly 

           On the 11th in Hayward, a unique celebration, 
the " Veteran's Day Pow-Wow" is being held at the LCO tribal 
reservation.  To honor those who served in all American wars 
there will be Native American dancing and singing and a 
ceremonial feast. Please call 800-724-2992 for more details.                   

           From the ragged shores of the Apostle islands, 
to the isolation of the Chequamegon Forest, Bayfield County is 
breathtaking. No vacation to Northern Wisconsin would be 
complete without a visit to Bayfield County.

           The little town of Cornucopia situated on the shores
of Lake Superior will hold its annual turkey feed at the 
Cornucopia Town Hall on the 22nd.  A rather unusual event will take 
place in Oulu on the 7th, called a Christmas Glass Show, featuring 
many fine examples and demonstrations of the ancient art of 
glassblowing. This might be the place to find that special gift for 
that special someone. The number to call for more information 
is 1-800-685-8969.

        Imagine the perfect getaway spot, the one you 
thought did not exist, a place both filled with natural wonder and 
great outdoor recreation.  No matter what the season Douglas 
County has something special for every one.

          Just a few miles west of the Brule River State 
Forest you will find the little community of Lake Nebagamon.

           On the 21st, the Kids in Nebagamon Craft Fair will 
be held in the town Auditorium. There will be 37 artists from all over 
the area presenting their wares, please call 715-374-2283 if you 
wish to know more.

          The lakes of Washburn County are not only 
numerous, they also provide the quality of habitat needed for 
birds such as the great blue heron, pileated woodpecker and 
several types of birds of prey. I am sure the memories made 
here will be ones that you and yours cherish  forever.

          On Nov.1st be sure to come to the 
Badgerland Civic Center attend the Indianhead Rifle & Pistol Club 
Grand Buffet. The proceeds from this fund-raising event go to 
various local youth programs and conservation groups, the 
number to call for further information is  715-635-2319.  On a 
cultural note the Theatre in the Woods will present a performance 
of "Other Peoples Money" from the 6th to the 8th and again from the 
13th to the 15th .    The Indianhead Arts Center in Shell Lake is the
place and the number to call is 715-635-7120 and ask for Patti Fox.
          There are many words that can paint a picture 
of Barron County. Such words as spacious, pristine and 
untouched come readily to mind.  It is true that these words do not 
really do justice to the landscape. There is but one way to 
experience Barron County and that is to come to Barron County.

          At the Barronett Civic Center on Nov the 14th 
you are welcome to attend the Hunters Ball starting at 9pm. For 
some of the best in dancing, music and all around fun  please 
call 715-635-8752. 

           St. Croix County is rather a paradox. So close to
 a metropolitan area,  yet it retains the qualities that make it an 
excellent choice for that weekend getaway.   The St. Croix has the 
distinction of being the only river on the planet that is protected in 
its entirety.

           Serious antique hunters will want to be in Hudson on 
the 7th and 8th  as the Women's Club Antique Show & Sale gets 
underway at the Oak Street Gymnasium. This annual show draws 
dealers from throughout the Midwest, please call 715-386-841 for 
more information.

            Santa Clause leads the way at 7 pm as the folks
 in Hudson light-up Lake Front Park in the annual Light up the 
Night festival on the 27th . The number to call for more details on 
this yule tide tradition is  715-386-8411.

          This is a small sampling of the many great things
to do and see this month in Northern Wisconsin.  Any time is a good 
time to come north and have the Wisconsin Experience!  Thank you 
for being with us. Take time for your family and yourself.  Come North
and refresh your life.  Talk to you next month.
            If you wish to be removed from future mailings, please
reply with the subject "Remove" and we will remove you from
future mailings.