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+ - Re: Looking for a friend (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

> On Sun, 5 Feb 1995, Vanessa Whitaker wrote:
> >         I have a friend who is attending the Medical University of Debrecen
> > He does not know how to use the e-mail system and standard mail often takes
> > six weeks or more to arrive.
>         That's odd.  It takes little over a week for mail from my relatives t
> arrive.
>         Norb

Mail can be fairly erratic, especially from/to the country areas. (3 weeks
not unusual)
Videocasettes have been lost (on the way there) several times.
(there again, a friend received my christmas card on the 19th
of January in this country, sent on the 18th of December, honestly)

+ - College Park, MD - Hungarian Tanchaz and Folk Music (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

By      : TISZA Ensemble - Traditional Hunagrian Music and Dance

Place   : Starting Point Dance Studio . From I495 take Route 1 South
          toward College Park . After passing the UM complex , make a left
          onto Calvert Rd. The studio is in the first building on your right,
          behind Clean and Lean Laudromat/Fitness Center

Time    : 7:30pm until 10:30pm

Date    : Saturday, February 11th

Adm     : $4 ($3 for Tisza members)

 Tanchaz starts promptly at 7:30 with 15 minutes of instruction in basic
 elements of Hungarian dancing, followed by 45 minutes of instruction in a
 traditional Hungarian or Transylvanian dance.  Dancing to live and
 recorded music ends the evening.  The basic steps of many of the dances
 will be demonstrated in a special teaching circle while each dance is
 going on.

 You may bring food or drink .  Please bring folk-dance
 shoes or other footwear that will not damage the dance floor.

 Next Tanchaz date is March 11, 1995 (2nd Saturday of the month).
+ - Re: Looking for a friend (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

On Wed, 8 Feb 1995, Eva Durant wrote:
> > It takes little over a week for mail from my relatives to arrive.

> ...(there again, a friend received my christmas card on the 19th
> of January in this country, sent on the 18th of December, honestly)...

        I guess mail is just another one of those things which will take
time to fix (like phones...).  BTW, wasn't Hungary at a time known for
its excellent mail service?


Norbert Ja'nos Udvardy Walter      | "The folly of mistaking...a torrent of
Fort Worth, Texas, USA             |  verbiage for a spring of capital
Internet:          |  truths, and oneself for an oracle, is
FidoNet:   1:130/911.6212          |  inborn in us."        -- Paul Vale'ry
+ - Re: Went down in flames (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

On Sun, 5 Feb 1995, Greg Grose wrote:
> "My response to the interrogative was in the affirmative"
> should probably have a different translation than
> "I answered yup"
> But it's an art, not a science, so whatever works, works...

        True...I guess when translating slang with non-slang, the
translation should be marked as slang (I think that's the convention).


Norbert Ja'nos Udvardy Walter      | "The folly of mistaking...a torrent of
Fort Worth, Texas, USA             |  verbiage for a spring of capital
Internet:          |  truths, and oneself for an oracle, is
FidoNet:   1:130/911.6212          |  inborn in us."        -- Paul Vale'ry
+ - Documents of King Louis Anjou the Great (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

Anyone out there:

I need texts in the original language of  documents (treaties, charters, etc.)
 issued by King Louis Anjou the Great from about 1371 to his death.  Please
 direct me to person, institution or books from which I might get copies of
 these texts.

Thank you in advance.

Aleksandras Radzius
P.O. Box 22696
Baltimore, Maryland 21203
telephone: (410) 550-1475
FAX:  (410) 550-1849
+ - Be1kesi Fallout (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

Dear fellow-listmembers,

 Hungary has been in the news quite a bit here (in Prague) recently.
 On Monday, when I bought the daily and weekly that I try to read regu-
 larly, each of them had an article about Hungarian issues in a fairly
 prominent place.

 In _Lidove noviny_ Atilla Lova1sz considers the removal of La1szlo1
 Be1kesi.  Probably there's nothing much new in the editorial, but
 here's a summary:

 The speed with which Be1kesi was dumped surprised even those observers
 who were predicting changes, and is a signal of Horn's victory in the
 internal party quarrels over economic policy.  The conflict is between
 party leadership and economic experts, and was visible already during
 the campaign when it was clear that the pre-election party program
 simply couldn't be carried out.  When Horn created a separate ministry
 for privatization he signalled his support for the opponents of the
 economic "experts".

 With Be1kesi's departure all guarantees of the fulfillment of the eco-
 nomic reform program, which he designed, disappear.  More room for
 maneuver is opened up at the top level of the party for politicians
 "of the old stamp" who have already, in half a year, committed a num-
 ber of lapses:  the directive changing of the heads of the state
 media, the delays in beginning the economic reforms linked with rein-
 ing in the state budget, postponing the question of liberalizing
 energy prices, and braking further privatization.

 Be1kesi's departure has caused consternation in financial circles,
 people are predicting a Mexican disaster, with the difference that
 there's no "big neighbour" to pull the chestnuts out of the fire.

 Lova1sz then concludes:

 "The predecessor of the present cabinet, the conservative government
 of Jo1zsef Antall also made its first big mistake a few years ago by
 removing the minister of finance and changing the director of the cen-
 tral bank.  Gyula Horn has not learned anything, he is making the same
 mistake for which his predecessor paid.  Right now, however, it must
 be paid for by a country which had for ten years the reputation of the
 first reformer of so-called "real socialism".  One can only hope, that
 it is a mistake coming from a lack of ideas, and not an organized
 return of the totalitarian structures."

 The weekly _Respekt_ also deals with the Be1kesi resignation, in an
 article prepared by their regular Budapest correspondent, Maciej

 He sees the public reasons for Be1kesi's departure in two cases
 involving privatization, the HungarHotel deal already much discussed
 on this list, and an earlier incident around the privatization of the
 dairy plants in Gyo2r, where in the end thanks to Horn's personal
 intervention a Hungarian consortium won out, in spite of the fact that
 the offer presented by foreign investors was much more attractive.

 Deeper roots for the departure of the ex-minister lie, according to
 Szymanowski, in the personal conflicts with the PM, dating back to
 Be1kesi's criticism of Horn's draft program before the elections, and
 the likelihood that Be1kesi might be chosen premier in Horn's place
 (Horn was then still in hospital, from which Szymanowski says he
 checked himself out early, against the doctors' advice--with medical
 consquences he still feels today).

 Yet deeper roots go down to the still-secret program for so-called
 "national modernization" which has just been finished.  The program
 involves a three-year plan for an overall transformation of the admin-
 istrative and governmental system.  Finance, especially taxation, the
 banking system, and health and social insurance, would also be
 seriously affected by these changes.  Besides that the program would
 have many directives affecting international trade, currency regula-
 tion, economic competition, selection, small and medium-sized
 businesses, agricultural policy, means for suppressing the "grey econ-
 omy", preservation of public order and civil defence, ecology, and
 bringing the legal system into line with the European Union.

 Be1kesi's efforts to be placed at the head of the special "Office of
 Modernization", created this January to put the program into effect,
 failed.  It is also known that Be1kesi was against certain of the
 chosen solutions.  What precisely were the points of disagreement, and
 whether by any chance this wasn't the main reason for Be1kesi's depar-
 ture, will become known in April, when the premier will present the
 program to Parliament.  Until then, the only publicly-known words of
 the text are the opening lines:  "Not for distribution, not for
 reference, not for publication, not for the press".


 Hugh Agnew
+ - Re: The Fate of a Hero (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

Regarding Csaba Zoltani's news:

>An updated version of a book first published in 1982 has come out and
>can be highly recommended to the readership of this Discussion Group. It
>        Kati Marton, Wallenberg: Missing Hero
>        Arcade Pub., New York, 1995 (paperback)

To those why might not be familiar with Kati Marton ...

She is a former ABC TV foreign correspondent who appeared on the nightly
news quite often during the mid-late '80s and from her very slight
accent (cute, really) I immediately suspected a Hungarian background.
Sure enough, she turned out to be the daughter of Endre Marton, the last
Hungarian correspondent to one of the major American wire services (UPI,
or AP, I don't recall now), well into the dark '50s.  Kati is also the former
wife of ABC anchor Peter Jennings.  Peter had Mr. Endre Marton on air
on one of his news shows commemorating some anniversary (30th, I think)
of the 1956 Hungarian revolution, interviewing him.  I remember it quite

BTW, I wish Kati was back in news again because in her European reports
she proved herself far more in tune with the European, especially
Central European psyche than the typical foreign correspondent.
I figure she also must feel quite Hungarian if she insists calling
herself Kati, instead of Cathy.  She even pronounced her name at the end
of her TV reports "the Hungarian way".

And that's my small talk for the day.

Joe Pannon