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4 Washington,DC - Ecumenical Mass Aug/20/95 (mind)  17 sor     (cikkei)
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6 Re: ~~~ man-33-iso very significant female confidant (mind)  4 sor     (cikkei)
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8 Digital Compression Research in Hungary (mind)  7 sor     (cikkei)

+ - No comment! with a comment (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

Mr. Bokor's comments strike very close to home, which I find nice. There is
nothing more fun than to read a spectacular article and see in it not only
yourself, but your whole society for examples of misbehavior.
Such comments cause one to engage in a little introspection. They force you to
say: Hey, what is this going on? Is Hungarian society really such a mess? Is it
such an abject failure that all of who are interested in it, and who engage in
a thought larger than a footnote (by mistake, surely, but we do from time to
time) -- is it somehow we've missed the boat?
What is so nice is that Mr. Bokor takes society and amalgates it into mishmash.
He makes a tortilla of stuff, and then he chops it up and pulls out a piece
and says: "Here is Hungarian society and look! There's a hot chili pepper in
it, and it burns my mouth, so this must be a terrible tortilla."
Does this mean it's perfect? Of course not. Does it mean that it doesn't have
its faults? Of course not.
But to say that a society is racist is different than saying a society has
racist elements. Defining a society by a single word says that the word
describes the main tendency in the society.

What is society?
According to the Australian Concise Oxford Dictionary (1987) p. 1069: social
mode of life, customs and organization of and ordered community.
According to the American Heritage dictionary (1992) p. 1711: A group of human
beings, broadly distinguished from other groups by mutual interests,
participation in characteristic relationships, shared institutions and a common

Of course, Mr. Bokor can use Emerson's definition, where Emerson considered
that society everywhere is in conspiracy against the manhood of every one of
its members. Or, like Shelley, Mr. Bokor can be at war with society.

Can the institutions and social mode of life in Hungary be described with a
single word: racist?

> > So I thought I'd return the favor.
> Real favours do not need to be returned. They come free of any
> obligation.

Of course not, this was a personal option. Surely, and educated bloke like you
cannot deny me this option. If somebody does a favor for me, I like to return
it, as to not be rude and arrogant. This may be a foreign concept to you, and
you may indeed be rude and arrogant. I used the same style as you (not
verbatim, I admit) and you got upset, judging by your sarcastic tone. (From my
experience, sarcasm is used when friends are joking, and I can only give thanks
you are not my friend, or when somebody gets upset.)

> List the occasions when I have posted "prejudiced postings".
> List the "prejudices" I have shown.

As to why I consider you biased and prejudiced: as you stated, you
generalize (ie. Hungarian society is racist) yet posts plenty of examples to
the contrary. As of yet, you have not posted plenty of examples to the
contrary, only examples you consider as general tendencies. Since you do not
post anything but negative examples, how can I think anything else of you?

Also, how can one be unbiased by stating a society is racist. "I think society
is racist, but of course, I'm unbiased."

> If you look back at my postings, you'll find I have not commenced new topics
> but have rather contributed by taking issue with
> matters I consider false in someone else's posting(s), or
> offering information in response to a question or request.

Interesting. Getting back to Mihai Octavian Dima, he posted rather nefarious
articles relating to Hungary. You seemed to accept them, since you did not take
issue with him. In fact you can't even remember him, though he posted a couple
times a week for a long time. Surely, somebody as impartial as you, would have
reacted to  his false articles.

> Furthermore, when posting "controversial" material, or at worst,
> when challenged, I also posted citation and references, usually
> from an encyclopaedia, which I would have thought would be an
> acceptable first source.

Interesting. You only accept encyclopedic data when it serves your purpose? I
informed you about the word ignorant, then you posted how you can't take every
word literally.

> If you do feel an irresistible urge to write garbage, do indulge
> in it. It is good to get these things out into the open. Anyway,
> it seemsto come so naturally to you.

If I wrote garbage, I wrote it since it's the only thing you react to. It only
seems to come naturally, in reality, it is very hard to degrade myself to your

As to your efforts in English spelling in your last post with this subject: I
applaud your efforts, though you have a long way to go. Correct spelling does
not mean a correct content. Of course, if you were only flippant about it, I
got a good laugh out of it!

By the way, who is "Bea"? You always write about learned gentlemen.

As to my amusing you with my boorishness: well, I try my best.

As to my boorishness: if it came from a person with more intelligence and less
bias, and if I respected the person, and I offended the person, I might be
ashamed. Seeing as it only came from you, I consider it for what it's worth: a
nice compliment.

I'm boorish, but you call a society racist, yet say you're unbiased.
I'm boorish, but when I use a dictionary to help you, you don't want the help.

If you're trying to counter white-washing history, you may try Elie Wiesel's
style. Even you may have heard of him. Although I haven't read every article or
report he's done, he does not seem to be sarcastic. Maybe that's why he has
more respect than you.

+ - history of the Magyar (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

Can anyone recommend a recent, brief, concise, and accurate history of
the Magyar people ? Thanks.
                            Matt Kovacs
+ - segitseg (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

en egy exchange student vagyok az usa-ban michigan-ben.a nevem s. peter.
szeretnem megtalalni vancsai julianna tanarno e-mail cimet. koszonok 
minden segitseget

+ - Washington,DC - Ecumenical Mass Aug/20/95 (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

It is a tradition in Washinton,DC, that members of The Hungarian 
Reformed Church and Roman Catholics gather together on August 20th, to 
celebrate  Saint Stephen's Day. 
King Stephen the Saint, first king of Hungary, established 
Western Christianity as official religion, was the founder of the modern 
western style Hungarian Christian state. 
He was crowned in the year of 1000 A.D.   

11am Sunday, August 20th 1995, 

Chapel of the Wesley Theological Seminary
4500 Massachusetts Ave, N.W.
Washington, D.C.

+ - Re: The "Goncz Law" (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

In article > , 
>PS:  Apropos, Tamas, en is javasolom, hogy menj a politikaba odahaza,
>sajat, uj partoddal.

Ki fizeti meg a reveszt ?

(egy uj part kiepitesenek koltsegei, reklamhadjarat stb.)

Ha leteszed az indulashoz szukseges  ket-haromszaz milliot,
akkor maris orokos tiszteletbeli parnelnoknek tekintheted
magad es masodik helyen indulhatsz a partlistankon.. :-)  :-)

Ha meg tobbet adsz, rolad nevezzuk el a partot...

>Persze akkor aztan vegleg le kene mondanod a "viragnyelvedrol". ;-)

Gondolod nem banyasznak elo regi dolgaimat a HIX-archivumbol ?
Eleve, ousider-kent indulva, ha realis konkurencianak tartananak
a hatalmon levok, a nyakamba zuditanak az egesz magyar sajto
minden piszkat-mocskat. Ez kizarja azt, hogy az ertelmisegi sza-
vazobazisra epitsem a programomat.  Videken viszont lehet, hogy
tobbet er el az ember egy rovid es frappans odamondassal, mint
egy feloras politologiai kiseloadassal a demokraciarol meg a neprol.

+ - Re: ~~~ man-33-iso very significant female confidant (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

Hi Robert.  My name is Julie.  Your use of confidant intrigued me.  I'm
27, married as well, blond, blue-eyed, well-educated, into weight-lifting,
running.  You must have some interesting secrets to need a significant
confidant.  Drop me a line!
+ - More Countries May Soon Join CEFTA (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

Per Reuters, CEFTA (Central European Free Trade Agreement) may
soon be modified to allow admission of a new member - Slovenia.  
CEFTA was established by Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic and Slovakia
in 1992 to promote free trade among the member countries by eliminating
or reducing tariff duties.  Apart from Slovenia - Romania, Lithuania,
Latvia and Estonia have expressed their interest in joining the
	 Poland's trade with the other CEFTA countries grew to
US$1.7 billion last year from US$1.3 in 1992. In the first five months
of 1995 it totalled already more than US$1 billion.
    It is expected that during a meeting of state officials of the
member countries in Warsaw on August 17 and 18, duties for so called
medium sensitive industrial goods will have been lifted by the year
1996.  Tariffs for more sensitive goods will have been cut by 50% by
1997.  Finally, trade barriers for the most sensitive goods like steel,
textiles, certain chemicals, paper and cars will remain effective until
the year 2000-2002 depending on the product.
+ - Digital Compression Research in Hungary (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

Is anyone aware of research being done in Hungary in Digital Video and/or 
Audio compression, particularly MPEG.

Please reply by e-mail to 

Frank L Laczko Sr.