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Based on 2000 Year Old Recipe

Housewife In New York Accidentally
Invents A Bread That Miraculously
Stops Your Appetite And Hunger

HUNZA DIET BREAD is said to beat all fad diets hands down.  It's 
the fastest, painless way to lose weight.

By Allen Perry,

Special feature writer (Champlain, NY) 
Here is a message to all you genius research scientists trying to 
find a painless way for people to lose weight.  It's been done!  
Not by a scientist, but, by a housewife.

Being hailed here as the weight loss method of the century, HUNZA 
DIET BREAD is rolling out like a juggernaught!

The bread was discovered by accident, Irene Sette, wife of a 
health researcher, was trying to duplicate a 2,000-year-old, high 
roughage bread used by the little known civilization of Hunza. 
The Hunzas were being studied by her husband.

The Hunzas are considered to be the healthiest people on earth.  
Their bread is the main part of their diet. Irene was trying to 
make this bread good tasting so that her children would eat it.

Irene succeeded in coming up with a recipe that was absolutely 
delicious. Everybody loved it. But, then a startling discovery 
was made. Just one or two very small pieces of bread would ruin a 
person's appetite for 5 or 6 hours!

At first, she became upset at this drawback. But then while 
talking it over with her husband. Scott Sette, it hit them.  This 
was not a drawback at all, but a huge benefit.  It was the 
ultimate weapon in the fight against obesity that researchers 
have been trying to discover for decades.

Irene had apparently come up with the first natural and healthy 
appetite inhibitor. Or was she the first? Could this be a 
designed bread invented thousands of years ago?

Mr. Sette is a researcher for The New York Health Institute. He 
had been studying the Hunzas for years. Now he had some questions 
that needed answered. The Hunzas have little food in the winter. 
Was the bread an ancient discovery of a hunger suppressant which 
also provided healthful nourishment to the body during winter 

I held an interview with Mr. and Mrs. Sette in their lovely home 
in Champlain, NY which is located right next to the Canadian 
border in Upstate New York.

Upon arrival my greeting was warm and friendly and I immediately 
felt right at home and everyone was on a first name basis. I also 
noticed that the Sette's were exceptionally trim, fit and 
healthy.  Our interview took place in the kitchen with the HUNZA 
DIET BREAD being prepared for me to taste.

It smelled delicious.

Question: "Scott, to what do you attribute the powerful appetite 
inhibiting properties of your wife's bread?"

Answer:  "Well, Allen, right now we're in the stage of making 
educated guesses. Theory 1 is that Irene, while experimenting 
with the bread recipe accidentally combined natural food 
substances which react together to form a natural appetite or 
hunger inhibitor.

There are also facts being uncovered that support Theory 2 that 
this bread was designed in ancient times for the express purpose 
of tiding people over, when food supplies were scarce. Let's 
start with the Hunzas who are the healthiest people on earth. I 
consider their bread to be one of the main reasons for this."

Question: "Before you do that, Scott, I would like to give the 
reader a little background of the Hunzas.  I have here a feature 
story which has been published in many major newspapers 
throughout North America."  Here is an excerpt from the article:

"The Hunzas exist isolated from the rest of the world in the 
Himalayan Mountains where they live to be 110 to 120 years old.  
They have no cancer, heart attacks, or other major disorders to 
speak of. They are active and fit to the very end.  Men father 
children at 100 years and older. Overweight people are unheard of 
because they have the perfect weight control system."

The story then relates research and fact finding visits to Hunza 
by such notables as Queen Elizabeth, Art Linkletter and N.B.C., 
The National Geographic Magazine, Frank Shor, Lowell Thomas, Jr., 
Chou En Lai of China.  Visitors to Hunza all came back with the 
same identical description of the Hunza people:

"Hunza men are straight, tall, broad-shouldered, deep-chested, 
slim-waisted, heavy-legged, and have full heads of hair.  Hunza 
women are straight, tall, slim-waisted, developed bosoms, perfect 
complexions, and luxuriant hair. Both men and women have perfect 
teeth and eyesight even at 100 years and older!  They are neat, 
clean, intelligent and friendly. And you can't find an overweight 

Hunza women at 80 look no older than North American women of 40. 
 Fatigue is virtually unknown. Hunza men over 90 years old 
repeatedly walk the mountain trail of 65 miles from the town of 
Gilgit with a full pack and immediately start to work in the 
fields again!"

The article then relates an eye-opening experiment by the world 
renowned, brilliant English surgeon, Dr. Robert McCarrison, who 
tested the merits of the Hunza diet in a controlled, scientific 
experiment on 5,000 laboratory rats.

He took the one group of normal rats and put them on the Hunza 
diet.  He then took a second group and put them on a typical 
English diet.  After several years the rats on the Hunza diet 
showed absolutely no disease, had proper weight, and were 
completely healthy beyond normal.

The rats on the English diet were overweight, diseased and had 
tumors, ulcers, bad teeth, crooked spines, falling hair, skin 
disorders, heart trouble, kidney trouble, glandular trouble and 
they were very hostile. He then took these diseased rats who had 
been on the English diet and put them on the Hunza diet.  They 
all became well!

"O.K., now we can continue. So, you feel that the Hunza bread may 
be "by design" both a hunger suppressant and a super health 

Answer:  "Yes, but if it is, there's a question, who designed it? 
 Now the Hunzas were originally soldiers of Alexander the Great. 
This bread may have been designed for the use of his far 
traveling armies. It would make sense. It's the most compact form 
of hunger satisfaction and nutrition I know of.

But, further investigation brought about some really wild 
possibilities. According to traces of Macedonian Heritage, this 
bread could have originated in Egypt over 5,000 years ago. As you 
know, the Egyptians were capable of doing many things that modern 
science cannot duplicate.

But getting back to the focal point of this matter, regardless of 
where it came from, we have it. And, it's tested and it works."

Question: "That bread smells delicious. And since we're going to 
discuss the bread, let's ask the discoverer.  Irene, how did it 
all start?"

Answer:  "Well, as I mentioned. Scott had been investigating the 
Hunzas for many years and was convinced that their bread was one 
of the major reasons for their good health. So he asked me to 
duplicate it and use it at home.

I thought it would be easy at first but it turned into a 
nightmare.  The recipes that visitors to Hunza came back with 
were either too general or did not turn into bread at all. So, I 
decided to make a list of all the key food elements in Hunza and 
began experimenting, trying to come up with a bread that would 
taste good so that our kids would like it too."

Question: "How long did it take before you were successful?"

Answer:  "Oh, after about six months of trial and error I finally 
hit on a perfect batch one summer morning. Everyone in the family 
shared some of the bread and raved about how good it was.

With no exaggeration, it was the best bread we had ever tasted.  
After eating the bread, nobody had an appetite that day and the 
kids weren't hungry for lunch which was very unusual but we 
didn't think much about it at the time.

Then we started to notice that whenever we ate the bread during 
the day we weren't hungry for our evening meal. It got so that I 
wouldn't allow anyone to eat the bread unless it was with our 
evening meal.  But, then I found that when I served it at dinner, 
everybody ate a much smaller amount of their meal.

It got to the point that if we were going out to eat or if I was 
cooking a special dinner, the bread was not allowed for that day. 
I was even beginning to get upset that my delicious bread had 
turned into a problem because it devoured everyone's appetite and 

Question: "How long did it take you to realize that what you 
really had was the all-time weapon against obesity?"

Answer:  "You know it was quite a long time. Three or four 
months.  And surprisingly, my husband was involved in obesity 
research at the time. Also, both of us had trouble with being 

There it was right in front of our noses; but, we were too close 
to it, to see it ourselves. Then one day we were talking 
to a friend I grew up with who was telling us that she was taking 
prescription diet pills to help reduce her appetite.

It hit both of us at once. We jumped up and said. "Boy, have we 
got the thing for you!" That was it.

We both were ready to kick ourselves for not seeing it before.

Both my husband and I started using the bread as a weight loss 
device and began losing weight like crazy, much faster than any 
weight loss method we ever tried, and, we have tried them all 
believe me. We then decided to call it HUNZA DIET BREAD."

Question: "Scott, according to your research, exactly how does it 
compare to some of the fad diets such as liquid protein?"

Answer:  "There's no comparison. Those diets are in another 
league, the minor league, next to our HUNZA DIET BREAD.

Fad diets such as The Zone and Protein Power are not only 
ineffective, they're downright dangerous.

When I say they are ineffective I mean; that either a person will 
not stick with them because they are uncomfortable or when the 
diet is over they'll put the weight right back on.

All of us lifetime dieters know of the miseries of the high  
protein and liquid protein (or milkshake) diets. They seem okay 
for the first few days, then they become repulsive.  You get 
"full" on these diets but not satisfied.  Then they bring on 
unpleasant complications that can jeopardize your health.

The liquid protein diet is the worst of all of them. This diet is 
really dangerous to your health and very unpleasant.  Some of the 
side effects include: fatigue, dizzy spells, bad breath, hair 
loss, oily skin, constipation and cardiovascular disorders.

All that stuff they tell you about liquid protein is complete 
nonsense.  What it really amounts to is fasting. But, they tell 
you that "in fasting the body attacks the body protein first."  
That's hogwash.

Fasting is an effective and healthy way to lose weight which has 
been successfully used by the greatest men in history for over 
2.000 years. The Hunzas fast regularly and they live to be 120 
years old.

Liquid protein actually ruins a fast. The only thing you do when 
you add liquid protein is cause problems. You have a less 
effective fast and the excess protein wreaks havoc with the body. 
All liquid protein diets amount to nothing more than a scheme to 
sell liquid protein."

Question: "I know what you're talking about, I'm what you call a 
"lifetime dieter" myself. These fad diets are just that fads, 
because as soon as people find out how bad they are, they 

Now, I like hearing about a diet that's been around for at least 
2,000 years. That rings of stability. (At this point Irene placed 
the hot bread on a bread board. It looked very appetizing to say 
the least.) Tell me about the advantages of HUNZA DIET BREAD.  I 
will get a piece, won't I?"

Answer:  "Of course, just as soon as it cools a little. There are 
primary and secondary benefits. The biggest benefit I can think 
of is that the dieter just doesn't suffer AT ALL! It's such a 
natural and powerful appetite inhibitor.

This bread satisfies both appetite and hunger. And it does it 
with only 84 calories (100 calories spread with butter) as 
effectively as most 1800 calorie full meals.

We define appetite and hunger like this: appetite is mainly the 
desire you get for food even when you know you're really not 
hungry.  It's that craving in your mouth you get that's known as 
the cold mouth feeling.

It can also be present even though you've just eaten. Your 
stomach may be full but you still crave something else. This is 
the feeling you get with a protein diet. You can stuff 
yourself with protein until you're ready to bust but the cold 
mouth craving is still there.

Hunger on the other hand is best described as those pangs of 
hunger you get or that empty feeling in your stomach that lets 
you know you really need to eat something rather than simply 
wanting to eat for the enjoyment of it.

After a slice or two of HUNZA DIET BREAD you eliminate both 
appetite and hunger. You feel satisfied and full. And, it lasts 
depending on the person up to 7 hours. For both of us it lasts 6 
to 7 hours."

Question: "What is the secondary benefit?"

Answer:  "Well, first of all each slice of HUNZA DIET BREAD is 
close to being a balanced meal in itself. So right off the bat 
you don't strip your body of nutrition or give it too much of one 
thing or too little of another.

Second, not only is the bread nutritional, but it contains some 
proven good health producing foods of the Hunzas. Also, it is 
high in roughage or fiber. It passes through your digestive 
system quickly so the actual absorbed calories are less.  You 
also become very regular eating this bread."

Question: "IRENE, tell me what it's like to eat a piece of the 
bread, that is, what do you experience yourself?"

Answer:  "OK., let's start with the eating. We suggest eating it 
while it's still warm, with a little butter. It's a heavy bread. 
I only need one slice, my husband usually has 2 slices.  Eating 
it is the first delightful experience you'll have.  It tastes 
better than any bread that we've ever eaten. Along with the 
taste, being warm makes it truly satisfying to eat.

Now, here's what its like hour by hour after you eat the bread.

Hour 1 and 2.  Each minute after you finish eating the bread 
seems like a build-up of a "fullness" feeling. It's just as 
though you have kept on eating. You keep getting fuller and 
fuller. Both your appetite and hunger are very satisfied.  You 
don't crave anything more.

Hour 3.  In hour 3 something else happens. The thought of food 
just doesn't appeal to you. It's not an unpleasant experience, 
quite the opposite. But, you don't have a desire for food in any 
way, shape or form.

Hour 4 and 5.  You no longer have a feeling of being stuffed 
or turned off by the thought of eating but, there's a kind of 
nothing feeling. You don't want to eat, and you don't crave 
anything. It's just as I said, a sort of comfortable "nothing" 

Hour 6 and 7.  Toward the end of the 6th hour you begin to 
get mildly hungry which then slowly increases into the 6th 
and 7th hour."

Question: "Now, all that for only the cost of 100 to 200 
calories.  You can't get that performance out of a 2,000 calorie 
meal can you?"

Answer:  "Right. Now you've got the gist of the whole thing.

Here's another little known thing about standard lunch hours and 
dinners. Let's say you eat a milk shake, hamburger and french 
fries for lunch, that's over a 1,000 calories. There's a lot of 
sugar and salt in that meal.

When you're done the first thing that happens is that your body 
shoots a large amount of insulin into your system to counteract 
the sugar. Your blood sugar is lowered and within an hour you 
feel hungry again and start snacking. On top of that the salt has 
made you thirsty and you gulp water or soft drinks and retain the 

On the other hand, if you try a "Weight watchers" lunch, or 
similar balanced diet, you'd have to eat between 400 to 600 
calories of cottage cheese, lean meat, and eggs to feel 
reasonably full. But, you would not be satisfied and almost 
immediately you'd be hungry again and need to consume more of the 

You can't win. There's no diet that exists where you don't suffer 
in some way."

Question: "Scott, exactly what kind of a program do you go on to 
lose weight with HUNZA DIET BREAD?"

Answer:  "There are many ways to do it. This is another benefit. 
 It's flexible.  Here are some typical plans. Each slice of bread 
is thinly spread with butter for a total of 100 calories.

Plan A:  Eat 1 slice every 5 hours of the 16 hours you're awake. 
 That's 3 slices which total 300 calories. This is the fastest 
way to lose weight I know of. It works faster for me than any 
high protein diet.

Why? You have more energy and burn more calories.  Second, the 
high fiber bread keeps your digestive system regular. Third, your 
body stays healthy. A healthy body means a properly functioning 
metabolic system.

Plan B:  Really gorge yourself with the bread. Two slices every 
four hours for a total of 8 slices but only 800 calories. You'll 
feel full all day. In fact, I doubt many people could eat this 
much of the bread.

Plan C:  Eat a slice in the morning for breakfast and a slice 3 
hours before your dinner and you will eat a great deal less.

Plan D:  Eat a slice of HUNZA DIET BREAD, 10 minutes before you 
eat your regular meal. When we do this we eat only a fraction, 
such as 1/4 of what we would normally eat. If we wait longer than 
10 minutes we don't want to eat at all.

Plan E:  Eat the bread at the end of meals that don't fill you 
up enough, such as low calorie meals. This is a perfect way to 
use the bread. You eat a low calorie meal, enjoy it, then eat a 
slice or two of bread to fill you up. Perfect! No suffering and 
no urge to snack.

Plan F:  Alternate Plan A, B, C, D. We recommend an alternation 
of the plans, but some people who just want to get the weight off 
as soon as possible will use Plan A exclusively."

Question: "Yes, Irene, you have a comment?"

Answer:  "Yes, you can really think up all kinds of ways to use 
the bread. For instance, as a housewife it's harder to diet 
because you have to prepare food for the family. I eat my bread 
exactly 2 hours before I am going to prepare a meal.  That way 
when I prepare the meal I am in the 3rd hour where food just 
doesn't hold any interest for me. No way am I tempted to nibble 
or taste."

Question: "Irene, you all look very healthy. Is it because of 
the bread?"

Answer:   "That's a big part of it. You feel better and look  
better after you start eating this bread. You know my daughter, 
besides having a weight problem, also had a mild case of acne, 
and since she started eating the bread her skin has completely 
cleared up."

Question: "Scott, how many pounds can you lose a week
using this bread?"

Answer:   "The exact number of pounds depends on the person's 
size and metabolic rate. Using the bread I lost 11 pounds and 
Irene lost 7 pounds in the first two weeks.

The point is, as I said earlier, that our experience shows that 
you lose weight faster on this method than any other method that 
I know exists."

Question: "That's a lot of weight to lose in such a short period 
of time. Irene, I see you're cutting the bread. It's strange to 
say, it even looks like it would fill you up quickly."

Answer:  "You'll soon see for yourself. Take a piece.  Spread a 
little butter on it and enjoy.

I had a slice with butter. The bread was medium brown and  it was 
a heavy bread. It had a very appealing grainy texture and when I 
spread the butter on the warm slice it melted into the bread and 
made my mouth water.

I took a bite. The delicious taste of the bread filled my mouth. 
You could tell that it was hearty, full of substance, chewy, and 
I could just tell it was good for you. Perhaps our bodies trigger 
an instinct that lets us know what's good or bad for us.

White bread gives you an empty feeling like you're biting into 
cotton compared to this bread. It was indeed the best bread I 
ever tasted. I devoured two slices and felt very full and 
satisfied. I looked at the time. It was 1:25 pm."

Question: "You weren't kidding were you? That bread is out of 
this world. It just gives you what you crave. I can't put my 
finger on it."

Answer:  "The best part is yet to come. Let me know what you 
experience by calling us in about 6 hours."

Question: "I'll tell you my appetite is just about gone right 
now.  I see what you mean by the build up effect. I feel like I 
have just eaten a full course meal. But now, how can other people 
get the bread?"

Answer:  "We originally felt the best way to make the bread 
available to the public was to contract with a reputable food 
processor to prepare and package the bread and then distribute it 
for us. But that turned out to be unbelievably expensive and the 
red tape involved in getting a food product on the market wasn't 
something we wanted to get involved with.

So we decided to just publish the recipe for anyone else who'd 
like to make it at home."  To order a copy, all you have to do is 
write "HUNZA DIET BREAD" on a piece of paper and send it along 
with a check or money order in the amount of $7.00 to:

Westport Publishing
1320 Route 9
Champlain, N.Y. 12919

Question: "Sounds great! And thank you for your hospitality it 
was very nice meeting you."

Answer:  "You're very welcome." At 7:30 p.m. I phoned the Sette's 
with the results of my post bread eating hours. It went like 
clockwork, exactly as they had told me. I wasn't hungry for 6 
hours. Their bread really is great. I am truly impressed."